Surprise Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

Disclaimer: I recommend you read Chapter 1 first, although this isn’t strictly necessary. All characters are aged 18 years and over. All characters and events are products of my imagination (or are they…?). Any similarity to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. I have longer stuff in the pipeline if you’re interested.


I woke alone that morning, disappointed that after my 19 year old sister Alex’s surprise visit in the middle of the night she wasn’t here with me as I awoke. “That was one fucking epic blowjob though.” I mused as I replayed the incident in my head. Following a fight with my girlfriend Sandie, who’d promptly left vowing never to return, I’d dreamt of the most amazing blowjob. The blowjob turned out to be real however, and I’d initially thought Sandie had returned in the night, until my sister had said, “Surprise, big brother. You owe me one now. I’ll collect in the morning..” We’d fallen asleep straight afterwards, and now I was awake I was disappointed and a little worried she wasn’t here. Did she feel guilty or ashamed I wondered. Or was she perhaps nervous about facing me this morning. For my part, I realised I’d had a bit of a thing for Alex ever since I first noticed she was growing tits. I guess I should have felt guilty, but I didn’t. That blowjob fucking ROCKED!

Before long I could smell the unmistakeable aroma of cooking bacon drifting through the house. The folks were away on their winter vacation so I knew it could only be Alex making breakfast. “Shit!” I thought, “I bet she burns it again!” It had been a long time since I’d sampled güvenilir bahis anything prepared by Alex and the prospect didn’t fill me with hope. I recalled her cooking skills being pretty mediocre. “Not like her fucking blowjobs though”, I chuckled to myself as I recalled once again last night’s joys.

My reverie was short lived though as a small bundle of naked joy bounded into my room and leapt on top of me, knocking the wind out of me. Before I could recover, Alex whipped the bedcovers off and announced, “Get your lazy ass out of bed mister. I’ve made your favourite breakfast, and it’s ready right now!” With that, she skipped out of the room trailing the bedcovers behind her, leaving me naked in my bed, once more alone. “I guess she’s ok with what happened then” I said to myself.

Pulling on a pair of boxer shorts, I followed my nose and the scent of food through to the kitchen diner, where there was a plate of pancakes and bacon waiting for me on the table along with a glass of OJ. Alex was sitting on the couch wrapped up in my bedcovers concentrating hard on the television. I started to talk to her about what had happened last night. “Alex, I need to…” “SHHH, I’m watching this you jerk” interrupted Alex. I couldn’t see what she was watching, and I really couldn’t care, I had bacon on my mind as I sat down at the table and started tucking in. “Wow, Alex learned to cook” I realised as I wolfed down a perfectly prepared breakfast and washed it down with my OJ. “wow, freshly squeezed” I realised to myself, “fucking nice job, Alex”.

“Thanks, sis, that was delicious” I complimented as I gathered up the plates and stuck türkçe bahis them in the dishwasher for later. I turned round to face Alex and asked her, “Where did you learn to cook so well, sis?”

Alex merely unwrapped the bedclothes from round herself, leaving her spectacularly naked. As she spread her legs, showing off her neatly trimmed little beaver, she replied, “Enough small talk buster. You. Owe. Me. Or had you forgotten? Get busy!”

“Wow” I thought, “I like this new confident Alex”… Gazing on her perfect nakedness, I decided right then and there that there was no way I was denying her wishes and desires. What a gorgeous creature she’d become, and right under my nose too. I moved to the couch an dropped to me knees in front of her. Even before I got really close I could smell her arousal, the red flush on her breasts and upper torso confirming it. I gently moved my head between her spread thighs and inhaled her intoxicating scent. Moving closer I heard her breath catch in anticipation, but denying her, I slowly started gently nibbling my way up one thigh, and down the other, missing her pussy completely.

I repeated this several times, and then slowly made my way down the outside of one beautiful pussy lip and back up the other. I took my time, recalling how maddeningly patient she was when she was working on my dick, and I vowed to give her the same slow build up. I explored every inch of the outside of her pussy, avoiding any direct contact with her hole or clit and slowly I felt her start to rock her hips towards my mouth every time I got close. It was time!

Starting at her ass I slowly dragged the flat of güvenilir bahis siteleri my tongue the length of her pussy then gave her clit a swipe with the tip of my tongue before moving back down and starting again. Repositioning myself, I spread her lips wide with my thumbs and sank my tongue into her moisty hole as far as it would go, savouring in the taste of her delicious nectar. Keeping her lips spread, I went to work on her pussy, getting to know it inside out yet not spending too long in any one place. Time seemed to stand still as I teased her mercilessly, not letting her orgasm by easing off ant time I sensed she was getting close. “NOW!” I thought, “Now it’s time to bring out the big guns”. Moving my right hand down I slowly inserted two fingers into her, palm upwards, whilst fastening my lips round her clit. In this position I began tongue lashing her clit remorselessly while curving my fingers upwards and stroking the front of her pussy wall and looking for the infamous G-spot.

The effects were both instantaneous and violent. I’d spent so long slowly building her pleasure that this sudden onslaught was too much. Her hips started bucking furiously as her orgasm hit. I never let up, redoubling the efforts of both my tongue, and the fingers working inside her. Suddenly she slapped me hard around the side of the head and tried to push me away as she squirted right in my face. I tried to catch it in my mouth, but she’d turned on her side, huddled up in the foetal position, breathing heavily and hiding her head in the bedcovers. I stroked her back and shoulders as her breathing slowed and as she was falling asleep. I heard her murmur softly, “Surprise, big brother.. I’ve never ever squirted before.” I took one last long look at her beautiful naked, sleeping body as I pulled the bedcovers around her and let her sleep off that massive orgasm I’d given her.

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