Summer Time Ch. 02

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Part 1- left off the Saunderson sisters were excited about their trip to Europe. Also they found out how hot their mother was, when she had them make out with each other on the couch, while she brought herself to several mind blowing orgasms. In this chapter of the Saunderson Naughty chronicles, the girls invade London England. Here they will be introduced to other wonderful but highly sexual explorations. Again all comments are welcomed. I am soo glad everyone enjoyed the last chapter. All of your emails were received with smiles. I just wish I was able to send each of your who responded a personal letter of thanks. Again sit back and enjoy this next exciting chapter. This chapter is going to be a lot longer than the first, since the first chapter was just a test run of my writing talents. In sub note- This story has something for everyone’s erotic likes.


The alarm was going off, and Loranna was once again the first to arise, only this time not from her bed, but from the covers of her sister’s warm cozy cotton paradise. “Juliette, you have to get up now!” Loranna spoke in a loud voice.

“Why don’t you talk a little louder, you dream destroyer. The other half of the free world did not hear you.” Grumbled Juliette, in response to the rude wake up call.

“Well excuse me, little miss Sleeping Beauty, but the airport taxi is going to be here in an hour and we have to get ready for our trip.” Loranna retorted back at her grumpy sister that laid there with the covers now covering her head, in hopes that she would be left to sleep for a little while longer. Loranna not wanting to be late to the airport grabbed the covers and yanked. She succeeded in uncovering her sisters half naked body.

“You little bitch! Can’t you for once let me sleep till I have been fully rested?” Juliette yelled in protest of this atrocity.

“No! You big cow, if we are not ready and at the door in a half an hour, we are going to miss our flight. Now get your lazy fat ass out of bed and start getting ready, or I will simply go to Europe by myself.” Loranna stated back at her.

Though she was not fully awake and still feeling grumpy from the awakening she received, Juliette stumbled and grumbled out of bed and started to get ready. They had already had their bags fully packed and checked the night before, so all they had to do was to eat breakfast, shower, and get dressed. Cynthia had been up for an hour and was downstairs tinkering in the kitchen, getting the girl’s breakfast ready and also packing them some snacks for on their flight.

Loranna was the first to come downstairs to the kitchen. “Good Morning Mom.” Loranna greeted her mother, and bent her head in further and whispered how hot she looked in her negligee’ and licked the outer part of her mother’s ear. She also slid her hand down and up the inner part of the nighty to find her mother was not wearing any panties. She dipped her finger into her mother’s awaiting pussy, and felt how hot and creamy it was. She pinched and rolled her mother’s clit between her thumb and pointer finger, all the while whispering little hot nothings into her ear. This caused her mother’s temperature to rise, and her eyes roll back into her head, from the pleasure this brought her.

“Oh God Loranna, don’t stop sweetie, your making mommy feel soo good baby.” But as the tease that she sometimes was, Loranna stopped just short of sending her mother over the pleasure edge, and went and sat at the table and began eating her cereal and bananas. Her mother pouted and looked at her with a how dare you leave me so unsatisfied look in her eyes. Juliette strolled in next.

She took a deep breath and lust filled her eyes. “Someone is horny this morning. I smell fresh wet pussy.” Juliette said and walked in the direction of the sweet scent. “Mmmm Mom, you smell sooo fucking good.” Juliette purred into her mother’s ear. She then kneeled down and lifted her mother’s flimsy nighty and noticed that her pussy was swollen and glistening. “I must have a taste. Since I wont be seeing this gem for a month.” Juliette said erotically, and with that her head disappeared into her mother’s awaiting cunt.

It took everything Cynthia had to stay vertical. She grasped the counter and held on, while an orgasmic wave washed over her entire body. This made her moan loudly.

Loranna watched momentarily at the hot sight in front of her eyes. Her sister licking and sucking on their mother’s now sopping wet pussy lips and engorged clit. She got up and walked to the sink. After placing her dishes into the sink, she walked away and went back upstairs to take her shower and to get dressed.

Loranna started the shower and once the water was hot enough, she got into the shower stall and let the hot water rush over her. It felt so good it gave her goose bumps and her nipples became instantly hard. She quickly washed and conditioned her hair. Then grabbed the lufah sponge and got nice and soapy. She caressed her body with it and spent a little longer on her nipples remembering how her sister’s mouth and hands felt on them the night before. She illegal bahis continued to wash down her body. After getting her legs and back she lifted one long and luscious leg onto the stall seat, and began to wash her pussy. She got it nice and soapy and slick. She reached further back and washed her tight and firm ass. She kept running the sponge back and forth and would let it graze her clit. It was not long, before she was cumming hard against the sponge and her hand. She rinsed off her body and quickly got out. She toweled off and went into her and her sister’s bedroom.

“What shall I wear?” Loranna asked herself. She quickly saw the perfect outfit. It was a soft lilac nylon and silk skirt and a white spaghetti strap camisole blouse. She found a pair of pumps to match and soon was dressed and ready to go. She passed her sister in the hall as she exited the bedroom.

Juliette wreaked of Pussy and her face was covered in what could only have been their mother’s sweet cum. Their parent’s bedroom door was still closed. Loranna quietly snuck into their room.

“Cynthia, is that you darling. Come back to bed sweetie. The girls can see themselves out to the taxi.” Greg said in a sleepy voice. Loranna walked over to her mother’s vanity and grabbed a bottle of perfume that smelled like wild flowers and citrus fruit. She sprayed it on her neck, wrists, and down her cleavage line. “Cynthia?? Where are you baby? Come to daddy you hot whore.” Greg cooed. He moved and when he did, the sheet that was covering the lower half of his hard sculpted body moved, and when it did it exposed a fully erect cock.

This made Loranna’s mouth water. She had seen a lot of cocks over the passed few years, but nothing compared to the awesome sight before her eyes. She resisted her feeling to go over and sink that cock deep into her mouth.

“Daddy doesn’t know what you are into.” Loranna told herself. She quickly exited their room to come face to face with her mother. “What were you doing in their my dear?” Cynthia asked, noticing that her daughter’s face was flushed red, and her eyes were glazed. ” I was just getting some of your new perfume.” Loranna answered honestly. She wasn’t about to tell her about the monster she saw between her father’s legs.

Juliette was just coming out of the bedroom, when Loranna was reaching the bottom step.

” I have to go wake up your father, so that we both can see you girls off ok.” Their mother told them and quickly ran up the stairs and disappeared into their bedroom. “Oh My God!” Cynthia yelled. “Loranna Jane Saunderson, get your ass in here now!” Cynthia screamed. This woke her father up, as well as struck fear in both Loranna and Juliette.

“What the hell did you do Loranna?” Juliette asked in a soft voice. “All I did was go into Mom and Dad’s room to spray on some of her perfume.” She answered.

“You must of done something else for her to be this pissed.” Juliette responded to her sister’s comment.

Loranna slowly walked up the stairs to her parent’s bedroom, and at the threshold of the room took a deep breath, and opened the door.

“You told me you came in here to just spray on some of my perfume. You lying little whore.” Cynthia said in a harsh tone.

“That is all I came in here to do.” Loranna said with tears welling in her eyes.

“Well explain, why when I came in here to wake your father up, he had a raging hard on and no sheet on him.” Cynthia said with anger in her eyes and voice.

“I came in, and he started calling for you. He moved and when he did the sheet fell off of him, exposing that mammoth between his legs.” Loranna said in a sad voice. ” I quickly sprayed the perfume and walked out the door, where I ran into you.” Loranna continued.

HONK-HONK!!! There came a loud horn outside, which signaled that the taxi was there to take the girls to the airport. Cynthia, believing that her daughter was telling the truth, apologized quickly and kissed her. She told her that she and her sister needed to hurry to get to airport, and to use the cell phone the minute they got to the airport in Heathrow.

The girls loaded their bags into the trunk of the cab and got into the back seat. They turned around and their mother and father stood in the door way with their bathrobes on and were waving bye to them. They blew kisses to them and waved back.

“So why was mom so pissed at you this morning?” Juliette questioned her sister. ” It was all a big misunderstanding. I walked in to the bedroom to put on some of mom’s new perfume and while I was in there, I guess dad was dreaming of mom and got a stiffy, well he started calling for her to come upstairs to be with him, and when he moved his sheet fell off and exposed his hard-on. I admit I looked at it and drooled over it for a minute, but I quickly got out of there. I guess mom thought I did something with him.” Loranna answered her.

“Did she apologize??” Her sister asked her.

“Yes. After I told her what happened in detail, she felt stupid for getting jealous and apologized.” Loranna said.

The cab driver was admiring how hot the girls looked, and began to illegal bahis siteleri fantasize what it would be like to have the two of them at the same time. He was an old man and knew that they would not want to have anything to do with him.

Loranna caught the gaze of the old geezer, and whispered into her sister’s ear, that they should start making out to see what the old man would do. Her sister agreed and started to kiss and lick on her sister’s neck, and turned her head to face her, so that she could plant a long hot kiss on Loranna’s soft lips. She reached down and began to fondle her sister’s perky left tit through the silky fabric of her blouse.

The cab driver was glancing back at them, pretending to be checking traffic behind them. The girls could see the affects they were having on him. The sweat was beading off his forehead, and he was squirming in his seat. They knew his cock must have been getting if not already hard. They continued their little game for a while, until the driver could not stand it any longer.

He quickly pulled the car over, and glanced back at the girls. “My dears, I know I have no chance of making it with you two hot sluts, but all I want to do is watch each other make out and cum, so that I can make myself cum as well. I have been watching you two and my dick is soo rock hard that I need to do something or I am going to go insane.” The old man said. The two girls looked at each other and said “Oh what the hell we’re horny anyway and need to cum, so yeah old man, if all you want to do is watch a couple of horny young sluts get each other off, just to get your jollies then that is fine with us.” Juliette and Loranna said in unison.

Loranna decided that they should do 69 since it is more comfortable in that position in the back seat of the cab. The girls got into position, and soon were lapping and fingering each other’s wet pussy and it didn’t take long before they heard the tell tale signs that the old man was cumming. They quickly finished up and since it was so quick their orgasms were quick and though satisfying were meaningless.

The driver got back on the road and soon they were pulling up to the unloading curb at the airport. The old man zipped himself up and got out and helped the girls with their luggage.

Loranna went to pay him, but he declined the payment, and said they did him a favor. He hadn’t seen hot action like that since he was a young man, and that was payment enough for him. They said their good byes and the girls walked quickly to their gate. Luckily it wasn’t too far into the terminal, for the boarding process had already started.

The girls were escorted to their seats in first class, and soon a young man in a uniform came over and greeted them. “Hello! And welcome to US Airline 773. My name is Matt and I will be your personal server for the trip to London. Anything that you require, I will be happy to get for you. Would you two lovely ladies care for a soda or a glass of wine?” The server asked them, as they go comfortable in their oversized seats.

“Yes Matt, I would like a caffeine-free Diet Pepsi.” Juliette said.

“And I will have a Mountain Dew on the rocks, with a twist of lime.” Loranna said trying to sound impressive.

“Ok! You want a Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi, and you want a Mountain Dew on the rocks with a twist of lime correct??” Matt asked them.

“That’s right” The girls responded.

” I will be right back with your drinks ladies in a moment.” Matt said with a genuine smile.

“Oh! My God! He is sooo cute!” Loranna remarked, at how baby faced Matt looked.

“He’s ok, but he reminds me too much of one of those boy band goofs off of MTV.” Juliette responded to her sister’s admiration of their server. “I like the rugged look, kind of like how Hugh Jackman looked in X-Men.” Juliette said, with a dreamy look in her eyes.

The plane was loaded quickly, and soon the captain was coming on to alert the passengers that the plane would be taking off soon. The flight attendants were in the front of the room, and were going over the safety procedures and pointing out the emergency exits.

The girls knew all this, since they flew a lot in the summer, and tucked their ears into their portable DVD players. Loranna was watching Water Boy, and Juliette was watching Van Helsing. Matt was back very quickly with their drinks and when he handed Loranna her drink, she let her hand linger over his for a while and looked up into his gray eyes and smiled. Her admiration for him caused her emerald green eyes to sparkle like precious gemstones.

Matt was hypnotized by her gaze, and totally forgot that the plane was starting to taxi down the runway. “Oh Shit! Hey I have to go and sit down now, but I will be back to check on you girls once we are at cruising altitude.” Matt said and gave Loranna a quick friendly peck on the cheek and took his seat in the servants galley.

Once in the air, and the captain gave the go ahead to move about the cabin, Matt soon returned as promised to check to see if the girls needed anything. Juliette was too involved with her movie to notice, canlı bahis siteleri so he walked over to Loranna. “What is your name cutie?” He asked innocently. “Loranna.” She answered back with a smile.

“God I could get lost in those emerald eyes of yours. But I am sure you get that from all the guys that are smitten with you don’t you?” He commented. Loranna felt her face blush and she turned her head and giggled girlishly. ” Yes, but coming from you, I will take that as an extreme compliment. I think you are very cute too.” Loranna said boldly.

“Are you going to be staying in London for a while, or are you changing flights and heading back right away?” Loranna asked, hoping that the first part of the question would be his answer.

“I do have a 2 day lay over, and am supposed to go see me mum and dad when this bucket of bolts lands, but after that I am free to do whatever I want. Would you like me to show you the sights of Merry ole ‘England?” Matt said showing off his strong Coughney accent. This made Loranna turn to complete jello. She loved English accents, and grew up listening to her mother play Beatles albums. ” I would absolutely adore going around town with you.” Loranna said gleefully. “Well then it is settled. Here is my cell phone number

555-2324. When we land give me about 2 hours so I can get my car and head to me parents house, and unload my gear, then call me. Can I have your number too?” Matt said.

“Sure it is 555-8110.” Loranna responded back.

“Ok! If I don’t hear from you in 2 hours I will be calling you ok. I have to go and get meals ready for lunch. Talk to you soon me luv.” Matt said and kissed her on the cheek again. Loranna was in heaven. She had never met anyone like Matt, that was so into her as a person and not just wanting to be seen with her because of who she was. Her father was a congressman and because of that, a lot of the boys in families that father’s wanted to be elected into congress reared their sons to court the Saunderson sisters. Loranna would play their little game, but then when she had enough, she would kick them to the curb and move on. It was different with Matt. She was intrigued by him soo much that she could not wait to go out with him.

Meanwhile Juliette was so involved in her movie, that she did not realize that the man she was watching on her little screen, was sitting about an arms reach across from her.

“Juliette!! Juliette!!” Loranna said in an excited voice. Her sister paused her movie and took off her headphones to see why her sister was going stark raving mad. “That’s him, your dream guy.. Huuuuggghhh JJJJ-aackkkmmmannn.” Loranna said stuttering.

Juliette looked up and it was true, Hugh Jackman, was sitting right across from them, and had been staring at her the entire time and she had not noticed him.

She smiled and mouthed Hi! Since she was speechless. He got up and walked over to where the girls were sitting and took an empty seat next to Juliette.

“Hello there! I didn’t know that they let such beautiful young ladies travel by themselves. Is this your first trip to Europe?” Mr. Jackman asked Juliette, who was shivering with the excitement of her fantasy man actually talking to her.

“Uhhh, yes it is Mr. Jackman. My name is Juliette by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Juliette, and if you don’t mind the name is Hugh. My father is Mr. Jackman.” Hugh responded back to her. “So what brings you ladies across the Big Blue?”

“We had a good grades through school and our parents bought us a travel package of Europe as a gift.” Loranna piped in, knowing that her sister was at a loss for words.

“And whom might you be ma’ lady?” Hugh asked her.

“I am her twin sister Loranna.” Loranna answered him with a friendly grin. “I am glad to meet you too Loranna. That is such a pretty name too. You girls were given proper names. They are as beautiful as you are.” Hugh stated. This made both girls giggle and blush bright red. “You two look very familiar to me. What is your father’s name?” Hugh asked in hopes that it would jar his memory as to where he had seen the twins before.

” Our father’s name is Greg Saunderson. He is a congressman. We are from Salem Massachusetts.” Juliette finally finding her voice, answered him.

“Oh Greg! I know him well I helped in his campaign last year. That’s where I know you two girls. He introduced us some time ago, when you were a little younger. He was on a business trip to England and had brought the two of you along. Even then I remember telling him, that you were going to be heartbreakers and boy was I not lying.” Hugh said as he admired Juliette’s toned body.

“I thought you were married?” Loranna said, being the party pooper as usual, when she felt that not enough attention was being given to her. “I am separated. The wife and I are having our troubles and felt that separating would be a little easier than completely divorcing. In the mean time though we are open to date other people.” He said and glanced back at Juliette. “When we land do you girls have a ride to your hotel?” Hugh said. ” Yes Daddy rented us a car for the 2 weeks that we will be there.” Juliette answered him. Would you mind if I rode with you. I hate having to have to ride in those awful cabs. The drivers are always asking me for an autograph for either their wives or daughters.” Hugh asked them.

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