Summer Switch Ch. 05c

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Big Dicks

Continued from Chapter 5B

* All sexual activity is between people who are at least 18 years old.

“You can thank Nolan by giving him his turn, finally. Sorry to keep you waiting but I know this is gonna be so hot.” Cam gestured for Nolan to come forward. He joined her at the edge of the bed and Jake and Cole continued to hang out and chat by the drinks while she and Nolan whispered about their plans. They made some decisions and beckoned the others over to them.

Cam grinned at Nolan, asking “Ready to get fucked?”.

“Yep.” He shot back confidently, “Are you?”

Cam raised an eyebrow in response to his question. “Hmm, I may follow your lead this round, but let’s get started by focusing on you”. She patted the bed and told him to hop up and he eagerly did so. “Hands and knees, puppy.” she teased him. He happily moved into position, arching his back and once again enjoying the slutty role that Cam had cast him in.

“Love this ass.” Jake was already standing behind Nolan at the edge of the bed. As he spoke, he rubbed his hands up and over Nolan’s pert cheeks. Cam had been in process of retrieving the lube to pass to Jake but stopped in her tracks, holding onto the bottle. Taking in Jake’s expression, she could see genuine lust present and knew he wasn’t just going along with this for the pleasure of his friends. His dick told the same story as his expression – he truly wanted this.

“Do you? Hmmm… does your tongue love it, too?” Jake looked up at Cam’s teasing question and just grinned in response, continuing to palm Nolan’s ass cheeks. Moving his hands to securely cradle each cheek, he first squeezed them firmly, causing Nolan to gasp and Cam to hum appreciatively. He then pressed to open them and reveal Nolan’s crack. If someone had told him, even just a few days ago, that he would be getting turned on looking at his best friend’s asshole, he would’ve thought they were out of their mind. But as he looked at Nolan’s hairless crack, that dark pink hole looked almost cute. And thinking about having his dick in that tight hot space was definitely contributing to the feelings he was experiencing. He had been hard the entire time Nolan was doing prep in the bathroom this afternoon while thinking all these things over.

Cam set the lube at the foot of the bed and stepped off to the side so she could watch both Jake and Nolan’s faces as they reacted to each other. She found herself stepping right back into Cole’s solid form. He was ready to slip his arms around her waist, his hands coming together in front to caress her soft tummy. She hummed with pleasure and enjoyed the sexy man behind her while watching her equally-hot friends in front of her. This was her fantasy coming to life and she would enjoy every second of it. She was already so incredibly wet, she could feel the slickness between her thighs. She was glad she had her leather harness on instead of going hands-free with the double-ended dildo.

“So soft…” Jake murmured in appreciation as he continued to glide his hands all over Nolan’s body – ass, legs, even wandering down to his feet. After another minute’s exploration, he leaned down so that Nolan could feel his breath on his sensitive skin. The blond man’s moans did not disappoint; part enjoyment, part tortured at the lack of direct contact, they emanated from deep in his chest and echoed around the room. He brushed his fingers across the tight pucker he was determined to relax enough to take his already-throbbing-again dick. “Can’t wait to make you scream.”

Nolan’s helpless little cry was addictive and Jake’s answering grin was almost feral in it’s eagerness. Jake’s mind flashed back to the night before, when Nolan had been sprawled across his lap, their cocks rubbing together as he penetrated Nolan’s ass with his fingers. He had immensely enjoyed Nolan’s reaction at having his prostate stimulated. When he’d told his friend that he couldn’t wait to fuck him, that thought had been enough to push Nolan over the edge, his orgasm crashing through him quickly and powerfully.

All these thoughts bounced around Jake’s mind as he pressed his lips to Nolan’s ass cheek. Like everything else about the man, his ass was beautiful – smooth, creamy, and pale skin that was almost flawless. Jake toured the area slowly, nibbling and kissing while also continue to play his hands over that smooth skin. His touch was teasing, only barely brushing through Nolan’s crack and specifically avoiding the perfect cock that jutted out below him, so stiff that it was trying to lift itself flat against his belly and failing because of it’s heaviness.

Jake found himself tempted to reach for that cock, but instead he continued his tortuously slow process of easing Nolan into receiving his first rim job. He finally switched to using his tongue, but still avoided delving right in. He lapped along the sides, slowly approaching the centre. Nolan’s moans continued and when Jake’s tongue finally, finally travelled over the sensitive skin around his tight hole, he cried out and shuddered.

“Oh fuck… Again!” ankara dansöz escortlar was all he was able to verbalize. His eyes were squeezed shut, mouth open wide as Jake once again licked him with a spread-out tongue, practically all the way from his taint to his tailbone.

“Say please.” Jake demanded, his voice taunting. Nolan moaned out a word in response, something that vaguely sounded like it could possible be the word “please” and Jake gave him another exaggerated and slow lick.

“OK, quit teasing him.” Cam called out with a huge grin. Jake looked over and returned it, his gaze remaining connected to hers as he bared his teeth and grazed the ass cheek closest to the watching pair, pretending to take a big bite but in actuality, only nibbling gently. “Fuck…” Cam breathed out, finding the sight of her handsome friends incredibly arousing. Jake’s eyes were almost twinkling with humour and playfulness and she could tell he was just letting go and genuinely enjoying himself.

Jake repeated the same motion, this time locking his eyes onto Cole’s. His friend had the same reaction as Cam had, swearing under his breath. Cam was thrilled to know that Cole found this hot, with the twitching erection against her low back further confirmation of that fact. She placed her hands over his, still wrapped around her curvy belly, and skimmed over the taught skin of his muscular forearms. Cam’s large hands returned the favour, skimming over her skin wherever he could reach, returning to play with her large tits again and again as if they drew him like a magnet.

Jake took Cam’s instructions to heart, his teasing finally over. He used his hands to spread Nolan’s cheeks wide, thumbs pressing securely into the flesh on either side, exposing that inexplicably cute asshole. Without hesitation, he fell to a task like a starving man, letting his tongue get wet and sloppy as it repeatedly circled Nolan’s hole. He revelled in the noises his actions were coaxing out of his lover, feeling that the torture of extended foreplay had been well worth it. Nolan felt like he was on a completely different plane of existence as he absorbed the waves of pleasurable sensations.

Cam’s eyes swept the scene, trying to absorb every detail for her later memory. As she had joked with the guys many times, these images would be used in her “spank bank” for years, possibly decades! Nolan was still on his knees, but his arms lost their ability to hold his “table-top” pose and he crossed his forearms over the bed to cradle his head. The muscles of his arms bulged attractively as he shuddered against the sensations coursing through his nerves.

“You gonna let me eat your ass like that?” Cole leaned over to whisper into Cam’s ear and she shivered in excitement at the words at the sensation of his warm breath on the outside of her ear. He started kissing the skin of her neck behind her earlobe while waiting for her reply.

“Yesss…” she moaned, needing to close her eyes for a moment to have a break from the overwhelming amount of stimulating sights, sounds, and sensations.

“You gonna let me finger-fuck your ass?” Cole broke away from his kisses to ask this next question and then returned to his task, pressing his lips to Cam’s shoulder and continuing down her right arm.

“Mmm, definitely. Gotta get it stretched out or it’ll stand no chance of taking your fat dick tomorrow night.” Cam was glad she could have both practical and sexy motivations for wanting Cole’s fingers. She was jealous that Nolan would get added pleasure from that activity; even if she could strap on her imitation dick, there was no substitute for a prostate. Sighing in mild disappointment over that fact, but also in anticipation of getting to enjoy having Cole rim her, she allowed herself to be immersed in the pleasure of Cole’s kisses for a while longer before stepping forward to approach Nolan and Jake again.

This time she did pass Jake the lube and then moved to join Nolan on the bed, copying his position. Cole immediately stepped beside Jake to start fondling Cam’s ass, enjoying her smooth skin. He watched as Jake dribbled some lube onto his fingers and slowly inserted one into Nolan’s asshole. Nolan moaned in response, pushing his pelvis back onto Jake’s finger. Only a short while passed before he was asking for more and Jake was sliding a second finger in to join the first as Cole watched on, still caressing Cam’s cheeks and teasing her with light touches. Nolan’s moans only increased, especially as Jake curved and moved his fingers so he was stimulating Nolan’s prostate. He scissored his fingers, stretching out Nolan’s tight passage, gently preparing it. Jake’s cock twitched and shiny pre-cum gathered at the tip, as he eagerly anticipated sinking himself deep into this warm and slick space.

As much as Cole was enjoying the visual stimuli, he wanted to give Cam some attention and bent down to start teasing Cam’s butt with his mouth. He started on her smooth cheeks, giving her the occasional bite, before moving closer and closer to her hole. By the ankara saatlik veren escortlar time Jake was adding a third finger to fuck Jake with, Cole was diving in, spearing his large tongue into Cam’s hole.

He reached a hand forward to tug at the protruding end of her cock as well, gently manipulating the double-ended dildo’s inner segment. With each stroke, he became more comfortable with the feeling of having a cock in his hand, albeit a silicone version. In a way, it was as familiar as jerking himself off, just at a different angle. He was glad that Cam had chosen her double-ended toy so that his movements could have more of a purpose, bringing her pleasure.

Now Jake was having a turn enjoying the view. As he watched Cole eat Cam’s ass and stroke her dick, he craved doing the same thing to his lover. Skimming his left hand over Nolan’s balls, he reached out to grab that delicious cock. However, Nolan’s responses, both bodily and verbalized, indicated he wasn’t as keen on this idea and Jake immediately let go. Jake hadn’t been sure if he’d heard “no” or “yellow”, but either way, he wanted to check in with his lover; he only ever wanted to add to his pleasure.

“Too much?” Jake asked his lover and gently stroked Nolan’s left hip instead as the fingers of his right hand stopped moving.

“Uh huh,” Nolan was able to reply, “don’t wanna come yet.”

“You got it, babe.” Jake replied. He kept his fingers slow for a minute, allowing Nolan to come back from the edge. He enjoyed running his left hand over Nolan’s soft skin, and bent over to plant kisses at the base of Nolan’s spine. Once he sensed his lover was in a less frantic head space, he started talking dirty, which he knew Nolan loved. “How do you want me to fuck you?”. His left hand gripped Nolan’s hip and assisted his rocking movements, backing him onto his penetrating fingers again and again.

Nolan gasped out a very turned-on “ahh!” to Jake’s question. He had felt so close to shooting his load a moment ago but now felt like he needed to be fucked more than anything. He had waited so long and didn’t want to wait another second. He was tempted to tell Jake to fuck him right away, to just shove in to the hilt immediately. But, he also had some strong preferences for his first anal sex experience and figured he’d need a clearer head to be able to express them. Right now he felt so caught up in a haze of hormones, he wasn’t sure he could properly speak.

Nolan started to move forward and Jake quickly picked up on his intentions and gently withdrew his fingers. Cam and Cole were also attuned to their friends’ movements and both looked up.

Nolan grabbed a pillow and turned around, holding it. “I’ve thought about this for months,” he began, “picturing it. Although back then it was with some mystery guy. But this is even better, being with my best friends. I’m so ready for this. And I wanted… I mean, I especially want, now that I know it’s you…” his eyes connected with Jake’s and his friends’ caring and calm gaze soothed him. “I really want to see your face, I want…”. He knew he was babbling but at least he was able to talk. Again Jake seemed to be completely attuned to his needs. He stepped around to the side of the bed and when Nolan turned sideways to face him, placed his hands on Nolan’s arms right above the elbow, chaffing them gently.

“That sounds perfect, I wanna see you too.” Jake’s warm chocolate gaze felt so reassuring to Nolan that he immediately relaxed into a grin.


“Abso-fucking-loutely!” Jake pressed forward, claiming his lover’s mouth in a searing kiss with a heat that made Cam and Cole melt even from a meter away. The guys seemed to realize at around the same time, as they tried to press closer to each other, that they had a huge pillow in between them and looked down to laugh at their predicament. Cam quickly jumped into action, moving into her bossy role easily. She came around to the other side of the bed and started to help set things up. She wanted to be lying right beside Nolan. Running the idea by him, she got an enthusiastic acceptance of the plan.

Cole and Jake had stepped away to freshen up, quickly washing their faces and rinsing with mouthwash. They were soon back, watching their lovers get comfortable in their pillowy piles. Cam and Nolan had pillows behind their heads and shoulders to prop them up slightly so they weren’t flat on their backs, and they each had a pillow under their hips as well. They were giggling with each other when Jake and Cole arrived at the foot of the bed.

“This feel like a weird position to be in, do you feel weird?” Although Nolan agreed with Cam that he did indeed feel kinda weird, Cole and Jake were quick to reassure them that even if they felt weird, they looked super sexy. Looking at their expressions verified they were telling the truth; they stared with all the signs of desire from dilated pupils to straining erections. All that was missing was perhaps a drooling mouth but this didn’t seem impossible given the way both men had their ankara azeri escortlar mouths dropped open.

“You look fucking delicious!” was Jake’s assessment. Even partly deflated, Nolan’s cock looked as perfect as always. Jake could clearly visualize spreading his partner’s legs open wider to spear into the tight shadowy space barely visible underneath his balls.

“Yes, all laid out like a meal I can’t wait to dive into.” Cole wholeheartedly agreed. Seeing Cam spread out like this, her breasts so large that gravity was pulling them to the sides, her wide hips splayed apart, had him craving taking a tour of her body with his tongue. The straps of her harness looked so sexy in contrast to her pale skin and her cock added a very wild and hot aesthetic to her already out-there look. Without underwear or swimsuits, he could see where every tattoo began and ended. She and Nolan had placed themselves very close together, with her left and his right leg overlapping each other in the very centre of the bed and Cole couldn’t help running his gaze over the blond man’s body a little bit as well.

Cam hummed happily and beckoned Cole and Jake closer with one finger. “I like the sound of that! Come and dive in, then.” Both men climbed onto the huge mattress from the foot of the bed and started crawling up towards their lovers, reconnecting with kisses. Nolan moaned at the sensation of Jake’s muscular frame being lowered onto his and his cock began to come fully back online very quickly with the feel of Jake’s right beside it. Cole was careful not to put too much of his weight on Cam, especially since he knew he had a good 60 pounds extra with his tall beefy frame, but still enjoyed all the places their skin touched. He felt the strange sensation of Cam’s silicone dick poking into his abdomen and found it wasn’t cold like he’d expected.

When Jake kissed his way down Nolan’s torso to take his dick into his mouth, Cam told Cole: “I’d love to see you sucking my dick, too.” He looked at her in surprise but didn’t immediately reject the thought. Her small hands stroked his face as their gazes met and held. She could see that Cole felt unsure, but could also sense his curiosity and desire. Putting on her strictest tone, she pressed on the top of his head and tried making it a command this time. “Suck my cock, Cole.” He gasped in surprise, feeling his dick twitch in arousal at the order. He allowed himself to be pushed down until he was face-to-face with Cam’s dildo. Turning to the side, he could see Jake fully enjoying the oral sex he was giving Nolan. His friend noticed he had an audience and winked at Cole before taking Nolan as deep as he could.

“Show off.” Cole teased. Jake pulled off and caught his breath before retorting, “Well, let’s see how you do, then.”

`Oh great,’ Cole thought to himself, `now all my friends are watching me!’. Taking a deep breath, he turned towards Cam’s dildo and gave it a tentative lick, then a second, then a third. He was again surprised at the texture, it was silkier and smoother than he’d thought, not plastic-y at all. More… velvety, although still not like real skin. These thoughts made him think about what it would be like to do this with a real cock, and the thought made his own dick pulse. He found he was getting really hard with all that was happening… Whether it was Cam’s bossing him, feeling as though he “had” to obey even though deep down he knew he could easily safeword out of it, being watched by his friends, the comparison to a real blow job, being in the submissive position of sucking off a dildo, everything was lining up with kinks he didn’t even know he had. His motions changed, became more enthusiastic, his licks firmly pulling the dildo upward every time. When Cam “ordered” him to take it into his mouth, he did, tongue swirling around the fake glans even though no one could feel or see that he was trying that out. Maybe even because no one could feel or see that he was trying that out.

Cam moaned at the pulling sensation she experienced; with each movement of the outer end of the dildo, the inner part rocked and stroked her. The internal bulb pressed against her inner walls, setting off sensations of pleasure. And the base of the toy that joined the two appendages rubbed against her clit with each stroke, the ridges in the silicone adding to the friction. Even more than the physical, the psychological pleasure was really doing it for her. As her hands gripped Cole’s tight curls, she considered what she found most sexy. Was it having this huge strong male at her service? Was it “making” him suck her off while she and their other friends watched? Was it pushing the boundaries of her “straight” friend, seeing him with a cock in his mouth? At this thought, she knew what she had to do next.

Continuing to encourage Cole to pleasure her, Cam started asking Cole about his experience being blindfolded. Did he like it when Jake sucked his cock? Did he like having Nolan rim his ass? Cole could only moan his agreement, his own cock getting harder and harder with each question, each memory her words triggered. Although Jake was still giving Nolan’s dick some attention, his friends were more interested in watching him at the moment. Jake and Nolan’s eyes both went wide as Cam started to gently rock her hips towards Cole’s face, driving her cock a little deeper.

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