Summer Shore Sex Pt. 01

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The summer after I graduated high school, I went to stay down the shore with my mother, brother Tim and my brother’s friend Ed for a weekend. We were staying with Mr. and Mrs. Carsillo (my mom’s friend) and her husband, their daughter Valeri, and their daughter’s friend Jenny. My brother and his friend were both 16 and in the same grade as the two girls, so they already knew each other, but didn’t run in the same circles. When we got to the house, we got our rooms (the two boys together, the two girls together, Mr and Mrs Carsillo got the big bedroom, and my mom and I each got our own rooms). I could already see it was gonna be a long weekend as there was only two bathrooms and I had to share the main bathroom with the four other kids. The master bath was connected to the main bedroom and the room my mom was using.

After getting all ready to go to the beach, we took two cars. I drove my mom’s car with the other kids and the adults all went together. We got to the beach and picked out a nice spot away from most other people. Tim and Ed immediately ran off to do their thing and attempt to hit on girls.

I took out my cd player and laid out my towel. As I lay there with my shades on, I watched the women strip down to their bathing suits.

Valeri was wearing a floral print bikini and had long dark brown hair to go with her dark eyes and completely tanned athletic body. Jenny had on a navy blue bikini and had milky white skin and long red hair. They couldn’t have looked any different. Jenny being the go-getter of the two insisted they take a couple chairs and go tan down by the water to see hot guys. Mr. Carsillo looked like a Hawaiian tourist and sat reading the paper. My mom had just finished taking her shirt off and was about to undo her shorts when she stopped abruptly and laid out on her towel. I turned my head to see what made her stop and saw Mrs. Carsillo stepping out of her shorts and sitting down into a chair next to her husband.

She looked amazing, red bikini, long dark hair and completely tanned like Valeri. She was also in great shape and unlike Valeri, who was about a 34B, she had a nice full 36D. My mom was obviously self conscious, since while she was pretty and large breasted herself, she was nowhere near as bold or fit as Mrs. Carsillo.

I tried not to stare at Mrs. Carsillo and just focus on my music. I must’ve fallen asleep, because I woke up to an argument between Mr. and Mrs. Carsillo. My mom and the kids were packing up and she was using her eyes to rush me along as well. We all squeezed into one of the cars and left Mr. and Mrs. Carillo behind. I had overheard conversations between my mom and Mrs Carsillo that she argued often with him, but had never seen it in person.

When we got back, mom told us all to get ready to go to the boardwalk. We were going to play mini golf before walking around and having dinner. It was only about 2pm, so were a couple hours ahead of schedule. I didn’t really want to wander the boardwalk for so long, but I reluctantly agreed to go anyway. As it was finally my turn to take a shower, I was disappointed to find no hot water left. I wasn’t taking a cold shower, but everyone else wanted to go. I insisted they go and I would get a ride with Mr. and Mrs. Carsillo. My mom didn’t want to argue with me and took the other four with her.

I sat outside listening to my music for about a half hour before I went in to try the water. Thankfully the hot water was restored. I figured I’d take this time to jerk off too. I couldn’t get the images of Valeri and Mrs. Carsillo in their bikinis out of my head. A combination bahis firmaları of the warm water and the warm sun shining down through the window behind me felt really good as I stroked my cock. I was so hard and every stroke felt great until I shot my load against the translucent shower curtain.

As I exhaled from my final burst, I heard the bathroom door slam shut. My eyes popped open and shut off the water.

“Oh my god, is somebody in here?” a woman’s voice asked.

“Mrs. Carsillo? Is that you?”

I could make out the outline of her body through the curtain and just stood there frozen.

“Rick? What are you doing here? I thought everyone was gone,” she said as she danced around a little bit.

“I had to wait for the hot wa . . .”

“Sorry, hun I have to pee really bad,” she blurted out as I heard her unzip her shorts and saw her dash to the toilet next to the shower.

I quickly pulled the curtain over further to ensure she couldn’t see inside. I just stood there and listened so I would know when she was finished and I could get out to grab a towel. I didn’t hear anything.

“Mrs. Carsillo, you still there?”

“Rick, hun, could you turn on the water? It’s kinda hard to go with you right there.”

I turned on the water, “Yeah no problem, as I was saying there was no hot water before so I told everyone else to go without me and I would just catch a ride with you and Mr. Carsillo.”

“Uh Rick? could you not say anything either?”

“Sure, sorry I will just shut up now.” I just kinda stared quietly at her outline sitting on the toilet. All I could think of was how she was ‘right there’ with her shorts around her ankles. I wondered if she had any tan lines, or if she had any hair around her pussy. I felt the blood rushing back to my cock. I still didn’t hear anything except the shower. Maybe she was done already.

“All good Mrs. Carsillo?”

“Not yet,” she said with frustration.

“Is it because you can still see my outline through the curtain? If you hand me a towel, I’ll just get out of here real quick.”

“I did have my eyes closed to help me picture you not here, but yes I can make see your whole outline from your head to your . . .”

Her voice just kinda drifted off. I instantly realized that I had turned my body so that she could make out my hand slowly stroking my cock and I turned back away from her.

She picked up where she left off. “. . . Well I can see your whole outline and I don’t want you to come out here and see me half naked on the toilet.”

And then I heard the familiar sound of someone peeing. As I turned the water off, I noticed she hadn’t moved yet.

“Tell Mr. Carsillo it’ll only take me like five minutes to be ready to go.”

“He had a work emergency, he had to drive back North,” she said angrily, then got up zipped up her shorts and left.

I got out of the shower and wrapped myself up in the towel. I held my beach clothes in front of me to hide the half hard on I had, just in case she was in the hallway. As I went to enter my room, I heard a loud crash come from further down the hall and ran to see what happened. As I got to her room the door was slightly open, I made sure my towel was secure before slowly pushing it open.

“Mrs. Carsillo, are you ok?” I saw a glass shattered on the floor by the far wall and she was sitting on her bed fighting back some tears. “Let me clean that up for you.”

“Leave it,” she sniffled.

I sat on the bed next to her and just held her hand. She sniffed and then looked up at me with her eyes slightly welled kaçak iddaa up with tears. She laid her head on my shoulder and took a deep breath. I put my arm around her and held her tight.

“I’m just going to rest my eyes for a bit,” she said as she put her head down on my thigh.

She looked amazing to me, as I stroked her hair with my fingers, in her shorts and bikini top. She was more than just sexy in that moment. It was something about her vulnerability that made me want her more, but not just in a sexual way (though I had to shift her head toward my knee as my cock got hard again). After a couple minutes the back of her head grazed my cock as she got up. She stared into my eyes and I kissed her on the cheek as I got up to leave.

“You’re a strong, beautiful woman Mrs. Carsillo, just remember that.”

She looked at me with a little bit of shock and awe as I left.

“You’re old enough now, just call me Felicia.” she smiled as I turned to walk out the door. “And Rick, thank you.”

I just smiled back at her and held my towel tight as I walked out the door, not even thinking about my obvious hard on.

After I got back to my room, I put on my boxer briefs and shorts and used the mirror to fix my hair. I admired my physique in the mirror as I was 18, 6’3 and in great shape thanks to varsity track and field. After putting on a nice button down shirt. I went back to Mrs. Carsillo’s room to check her status and just as I was about to knock she opened the door.

“I was about to take a quick shower when I realized something,”

“What’s that Mrs. Carsillo?”

“I said you can call me Felicia,” she said softly as she then threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

I was surprised and while I enjoyed her lips on mine and her tongue slightly sticking into my mouth, I pulled her off of me.

“Felicia, we shouldn’t,” I proclaimed, while my inner voice yelled “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!”

“You don’t have to be all noble with me, Rick. I saw the outline of your cock through the curtain and felt it before. I know you want this too.”

She began to unbutton my shirt and kiss my chest. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them off of me and she just pulled back and sat on the bed. She began to massage my crotch with her bare foot and my eyes rolled with excitement. I let go of her wrists and she slid off my shirt and began to kiss and nibble my chest and stomach as she undid my shorts and let them drop. She licked and put her lips on my cock through my briefs. I untied her top and took it off of her. Her breasts her completely tanned with only slight sag to them. I took turns fondling each one as she pulled down my briefs.

“Mmm, now that’s a nice cock.” She then proceeded to lick my shaft up and down, kissing the tip before licking and sucking on each of my balls.

I picked her up into my arms and kissed her passionately before laying her back down on the bed. We just kissed and felt each other’s warm embrace. She would give the occasional stroke to my cock and I would kiss her ear lobe and down each side of her neck. I played with her nipples and squeezed her breasts as I kissed her collar bone. I unbutton her shorts and pulled them off. Her bikini bottoms were completely soaked through. I sucked her clit and juices right through them as she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

I untied the bottoms and let them fall away as I kissed all around her neatly trimmed pussy. The bikini tan line just made me hotter. I licked all around and felt her thighs get tighter around my head as her back arched.

“That kaçak bahis feels so good, I want you to lick my pussy so bad.”

I waited a little longer before sucking on her clit and sliding two fingers into her moist slit. Her thighs got tighter and her back arched even more and she moaned louder and louder.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m going to . . . . . . YESSSSSSS!!” Her body became limp and she exhaled deeply. “That was great, Rick. Now fuck me with that beautiful cock of your.”

With that request I turned her on her side and got behind her. I slowly slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. As I slowly penetrated her in and out, I kissed the back of her neck. I also pulled her in closely as I fondled her left breast with my hand. Our hips moving in rhythm as we fucked. At this point I was happy I had jerked off earlier because it was helping me last longer. I pulled out and put her on her knees with her face down on the bed. I softly kissed her ass cheeks, noticing she only had a slight tan light from what was probably a thong. I smacked each cheek and watched her wince with each blow. Once they were each a little pink, I spread her cheeks and began to tongue her asshole and finger her pussy.

“Oh my what are you doing?” She blurted out with surprise.

“Just relax you’re going to enjoy this,” I promised as I continued to lick around and penetrate her tight hole with my tongue.

I felt her relax and cheeks eased their tension and with a few more licks and then slid my cock in her pussy and fucked it vigorously. After several in and out motions, she was moaning again. I then pulled out and felt her juices with my hand.

“Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum again.” she protested.

I licked the juices off my fingers and rubbed some more on her asshole before sliding my cock back into her pussy, but this time after a couple pumps a slid my thumb into her asshole. She perked right up onto all fours.

“OH MY GOD, that . . .”


“OH MY . . . ” She collapsed instantly and I pulled out my cock. I laid down beside her holding her tightly.

“No one’s ever done that before. You know with my ass.”

“What did you think?” I inquired, hoping she liked it.

“It was really weird as first, but then it felt really good especially as you were fucking me and then I felt your thumb go in.”

We laid there and kissed for a little bit before we hopped in her shower together. We rinsed the sweat and sex off our bodies. We took turns rubbing each other down with the wash cloth.

As we towel dried ourselves and she stroke by cock a little, she asked, “Did you cum?”

“No, but it’s ok. I had actually jerked off in the shower before and I was more than happy to get you off.”

“In the shower? When I was on the toilet?” She gave me a very inquisitive and accusatory look.

“No, No, before you even came in, but I was thinking about you,” and Valeri I thought and kept to myself. I smiled and started to get dressed again.

She just smiled and started to get dressed as well. She put on matching lace purple bra and panties.

“At least I know what I’ll be picturing you in tonight,” I smirked.

“I figured you’d be picturing this,” and she pulled her panties down, bent over and spread her cheeks, before standing back up right and putting on a pair of khaki shorts.

“Yeah, you’re right, that’s better.”

She smiled and put on a black v neck t-shirt that was quite tight and didn’t leave much to the imagination.

It was about 4pm and we headed over to the boardwalk, after about a half hour we ran into my mom and the girls. We exchanged a look, smiled and looked away.

To Be Continued…


As always the names have been changed to protect the people in the story.

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