Summer of 1988

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**DISCLAIMER. All characters are of legal age. At no time has anyone engaged in any type of sexual contact or conduct with anyone under 18. Any similarities to anyone is completely coincidental. None one has been or is under sexual duress in this story. It’s a work of fiction and contains graphic descriptions of incest between consenting adults**

My mother and father divorced when I was young. As an only child my mom would always call me her baby and give me what ever I wanted. The story really begins after I have turned 18, the summer of 1988. Most of us remember it for the heat, I remember it for another reason. She was left well off by my father so money was never an issue. We lived in a nice size home in country USA. My mom was an average mom. I can’t say she was sexy but she was my mom and I thought the world of her so to me she was beautiful. She was roughly 5’5″, strawberry blonde hair, not slim but not fat either. Her best feature were here tits. She had the most enormous tits. I later learned they were 44EE, I found this out when I started to do laundry, I looked at the tag in her bra. Hind sight this is probably why I was attracted to women with big tits. I was what I would consider a nerd. 6’00” Blonde hair, blue eyes, and skinny. I didn’t work out so I didn’t get much attention from the opposite sex.

It wasn’t uncommon seeing her in different stages of undress. I never thought anything of it. As I found myself more attracted to older women I would slow my pace when walking past her room after her bath at night to catch a glimpse of those giant, glorious, tits. I would proceed to close my door and jerk off until I fell asleep. This happened regularly. Now they say that your mother is your first true love. I can’t say that I loved her the way they mean, but she was my lust. I use to lust after those tits.

One summer I was out with a few friends after work. I got home around 10:00pm, which wasn’t uncommon for me. The house was dark except for a few lights. I called out for my mom as I entered the house. She hollered back saying she was in the tub. The bathroom was situated across from my room and next to hers. The door to the bathroom was open, another common thing in our house. She was sitting in a hot bath reading a book. She set the book next to the tub and asked how my evening was. I told her that we just hung out and talked about what we were going to do the rest of the summer. She asked me to get a washrag out of the linen closet in the hall. When I returned she asked if I would be so kind to wash her back. Being that the tub was full of bubbles I couldn’t see much.

She wet the rag and soaped it up. I began washing while we talked. I couldn’t take my eyes off her cleavage. With every motion of the rag her tits jiggled side to side. We continued to make small talk while I took my time scrubbing her back. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t aroused, but I was a typical red blooded 18 year old kid. My cock strained against my shorts. I could feel precum soaking my underwear. When I figured I had scrubbed long enough I handed the rag back to her. She asked me to stay and talk to her for awhile since we didn’t see each other much. I sat next to the tub, leaned back against the wall and faced her. I can’t imagine she had noticed my hard on at this point. We talked about everything. My plans for work, future, girls and friends. Being the nerd I was I didn’t have a girlfriend. My only source of seeing girls was in the dirty magazines I would get and the occasional movie a friend would let me borrow.

We sat like that for what seemed like hours talking. She would run more hot water when the water got cold and put more bubbles in the tub as they dissipated. When the conversation slowed I got up and went to my room closed the door and jerked my cock thinking of those massive mammaries under those bubbles in the tub. My underwear was completely soaked from precum. It didn’t take but 4 or 5 pulls and I was shooting ropes of cum. I heard the water being drained from the tub. That means that my mom would be drying off and going to her room and change. I quickly cleaned up with my already ruined underwear, put my sweat pants and exited my room to make my way to the kitchen. Mom was still in the bathroom brushing her teeth with the towel wrapped around her chest. I grabbed a soda from the fridge and made my way back to my room. I slowed my pace as I always did and found mom standing in front of her dresser putting lotion on her tits. I can’t be sure but I want to say she caught my gaze.

Later that following week I was out with some friends again. After work we would get some cigarettes and head illegal bahis to the local park and hang out by the river and toss stones in the water. I got home around 10:30. I called out to mom as I entered the dark house. She told me she was in the bathroom. As I ascended the steps to the kitchen from the mudroom she asked me to grab her bottle of wine and bring it to the bathroom. I found mom sitting in a bubble bath with an empty glass of wine next to the tub and a book on the floor. I filled her glass and began to leave. She asked if I would be so kind to wash her back. Not an uncommon request so I obliged.

As before I took my time staring at her massive cleavage, watching her tits jiggle with every movement of my hand. Once I figured I was done I handed her the washrag. She asked me to stay and talk while she soaked. All I could think about was going to my room and jerking my cock. We talked about what I wanted to do as a career. Undecided I just worked my way out of that conversation. When she realized I had not figured out what to do with my life she simply told me “its nice having you around the house. So I don’t mind if you don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.” We sat there and talked while she sipped her wine, as the water cooled and the bubbles dissipated she added more of each.

After what seemed like hours she began to let the water out of the tub. I left and went to my room. I don’t think my door was completely shut before I had let my cock loose and began to stoke it. With the door closed and my clothes in a pile on the floor my fist was wrapped tightly around my prick pumping away. I can’t say that I had a massive cock, I will say that I did measure it and it was 8 inches hard. I shot my load in a matter of seconds. Once I was complete I cleaned up and put my sweats on and exited my room. Mom had just tossed her towel on the floor and bent over to get her pajamas out of her dresser. Her massive tits swaying beneath her. Her nipples so prominent and dark pink, I literally froze. I stood there staring as she rooted through her drawer looking for her pajamas. I decided to make my way to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Mom hollered from her room “Could you run downstairs and see if my pajamas are in the dirty clothes please?” I set down my drink and ran down the steps with a quickness. Her pajamas were in the wash machine still. I took everything out and put it in the dryer. I yelled upstairs “everything was in the wash, I just put it in the dryer. They should be done shortly.” and made my way back up the steps. She thanked me and exited her room wearing a robe. I can’t say the robe was sexy, or looked good on her, but I know that it had a hard time containing her massive tits.

She came into the kitchen to get another glass of wine while I was pouring orange juice. She said,

“Why don’t you get a beer and we will play a board game, you’re 18 I will allow you to have a couple of beers at home while I am here.” I put the orange juice back in the fridge and grabbed a bottle of beer. I set the board game up at the table. Each time she jiggled the dice in her hand her robe would open a little each time. Each time she would fix it and continue to play. Each roll of the die allowed me a glimpse of her areola. My cock needed relief again.

After losing to her we wrapped up the game and decided to call it a night. I cleaned up while mom went downstairs to gather her pajamas and off to bed. There was little doubt that the wine would have her sound asleep in a matter of seconds. I made my way to my room and closed the door. My fist couldn’t get to my cock fast enough. After shooting massive loads of cum into my dirty underwear I found myself in a deep state of sleep.

The next morning I woke up and made my way to the kitchen. Mom had already made coffee and breakfast. I put some pancakes on my plate and sat down at the table with mom. “I enjoyed the board game last night with you.” she said. “I did too.” was my only response as I tried wake up still. “We should make that a weekly ritual.” she stated to me as I was putting more syrup on my pancakes. I nodded in agreement and continued to eat.

Saturday evening came around. My friends on vacation with their parents I had no one to hang out with. Mom came home from her friends around 8:45 that evening. She told me she was going to take a bath and then we could play a board game. I sat and watched TV while she filled the tub up. She took her glass of wine and her book to the bathroom.

After about 20 minutes she asked me to wash her back again. I entered the bathroom. Freezing dead in my tracks there were no bubbles. She was illegal bahis siteleri in the tub with her massive tits just on display. My cock immediately sprang into action. There was nothing I could do to adjust it. I was wearing sweat pants and everyone knows that you can’t hide anything in them. I made my way over to the tub trying not to stare at her tits. She handed me the washrag with soap already on it. I scrubbed her back watching her tits sway back and forth under the clear water.

As I continued she asked me if I enjoyed having the beer. I did but didn’t want to seem to eager so I would be allowed to have it again. She told me that I would be allowed to have beer only while she was home and as long as I didn’t abuse it. The summer of 1988 was hot, so having a cold beer on a hot night was a welcome treat. I finished washing her back and handed her the washrag. I sat and talked while staring directly at her nipples. After I decided I couldn’t take it any more I made my way out of the bathroom and into my room. I closed the door and had my clothes off in a flash. My fist squeezed my cock and I began to jerk. I laid on my bed closed my eyes and jerked off to my moms giant tits.

Now most of us have been caught by a family member jerking off a time or two. Being that it was just mom and I she would be the only one to catch me. I didn’t hear the tub being drained, nor did I hear mom get out of the tub, lastly I NEVER heard my door open. It was the sound of my moms voice I heard “Shit, I’m sorry!” Now the only thing I could think of was “she knew I was jerking off because her tits were on display and I will never be afforded the opportunity to see them again.”

As the summer progressed nothing much changed. She never made mention of the incident and did not stop asking me to wash her back. In fact, she stopped using bubbles all together and every time I was asked to wash her back, her tits were on display for me. Whenever I was done we would talk while she just soaked in the hot water. I always found it beyond sexy when the water would evaporate enough so that the tops of just her nipples were sticking out of the water. Thats when I found myself exiting the bathroom and jerking off.

Late August our central air broke. Anyone who remembers that summer remembers how brutal it was. It wasn’t a money problem to get it fixed, it was getting someone to come out at all. Obviously all the air conditioning technicians were fixing more important places like hospitals, malls and big places like that. My mom decided in the mean time she would buy a window unit and we could sleep in one room. After I installed the air conditioner in her window we closed the door and turned it on. Just standing in one spot would make you sweat. I decided to take a quick cool shower and watch TV after putting the air conditioning in. Mom showered after I and said she rented a video that we could watch it in her room.

She exited the bathroom wearing the robe that so much enjoyed seeing her in. I shut the TV off in the living room and followed her into her bedroom. She had the larger of the 4 bedrooms in the house with a king size bed, a TV and a VHS player. When we entered her room I closed the door behind me. it was considerably cooler, however it still seemed warm. I put the tape in and pressed play, I can’t say I remember much about the movie because most of the time I was trying to see her tits. With her every move they rolled around under her robe. After the movie was over I took the tape out and put it back in the container. Mom told me to get my pillow and bring it to her room. Since her bed was big enough I could sleep in bed with her. When I returned I found mom under the covers and her robe in a pile on the floor. I situated my pillow on the other side of the bed.

As I was about to climb into bed she said “honey its too hot for you to sleep in your sweat pants, take them off.” I stood there for a second, knowing damn well she was naked under the thin blanket. I didn’t want her to see my boner so I told her that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. It wasn’t a lie, I hadn’t put any on. I normally didn’t at night. Usually I slept in just my sweat pants and T-shirt. She responded with “That’s okay, you can sleep naked. I won’t peak.” I decided to sit on the edge of the bed facing away from her. I removed my sweat pants and T-shirt and swung my legs into bed and then covered myself with the blanket so she couldn’t see my hard on.

We laid facing each other talking for the longest time. Every time she moved, or shift her massive tits would roll under the blanket. A few times the entire areola would make its way canlı bahis siteleri out from under the covers. Around 10:45pm the room cooled enough to get some sleep, however, I didn’t think I would be able to sleep. My cock hurt from being hard for so long. Mom turned the night stand light off and said good night.

I thought mom was asleep around 11:30. I was just about to grab my cock and jerk off with my naked sleeping mother laying next to me when she asked me what was wrong. In my mind what was wrong was I was 18 and in a constant state of horniness. But I couldn’t tell her that. I simply said “nothing, just not used to sleeping in bed with someone.” Now as I’ve said earlier, my mom and I have always been close. So what happened next took me by surprise. She poked my side, knowing I was ticklish, and said “well you better get used to it. I don’t think we are going to get the air conditioning fixed anytime soon. The repair man called today to tell me they were looking at getting to us next summer.” I wasn’t sure if I jumped because she poked me or because of how long it would take to get the A/C fixed.

Mom being opportunist decided to poke me again in hopes to find my most ticklish spot. It didn’t take her long to find it. Once she did she capitalized on the moment and decided to continue to tickle me. Being the lanky skinny nerd I was I couldn’t defend myself against her. She was a strong woman and I was doing everything in my power to roll on my stomach to hide my boner. She didn’t let me roll away from her, in fact she pinned me down placing one hand on my shoulder and tickling me with her free hand. I wasn’t sure if she noticed my hard on or not, but if she continued she surely would.

I continued to fight. I laughed and tried to roll away from her. I could see the silhouette of her. My eyes completely adjusted to the dark and the room being lit from the street lights outside, her figure was defined. Her tits swaying back and forth with each tickle. The more I fought the more they swayed, the more they swayed the more precum I produced. I knew I was helpless, all I could do was lay there and take it and laugh with her. Occasionally my hand would graze her tit. She didn’t pay any attention it to it, or if she did she didn’t say anything. About to roll on to my stomach with all my might mom straddled my abdomen.

My cock ever so close to her ass, her tits now directly overtop of me, I would cum if I pulled on it just twice. The more I fought the more she tickled. I tried to tickle back but couldn’t because that only left my sides open for an attack of her hands. So needless to say my hands only made it as far as the sides of her tits. She was tiring out, I had a chance to seek revenge and tickle her. When I reached up I began tickling her sides she pulled both her hands back and lurched backwards. It was at that moment my massive hard cock made entry to her sweet wet pussy. Horrified I didn’t know what to do.

I stopped tickling her and waited for the palm of her hand to make contact with the side of my face. That did not happen. I pulled my hands back so that I could block any strike that I may have coming. She played it cool for a second and then continued to tickle me, but lighter. I knew she was turned on by how wet she was. I may not have been with any girls but I read plenty of magazines. My cock remained in her pussy while she was tickling me. She did not ride me, she did not say anything, the only thing that happened was she continued to tickle me.

Deciding she wasn’t going to murder me, I allowed her to run her hands up and down my sides. At this point it wasn’t even ticking. I laid there with my hands over my head allowing her to attempt to tickle me. What I did next created what we had for the years to come. I picked my head up off the pillow, took both hands and found her right tit. I then put her nipple in my mouth.

Allowing me to do this, she leaned forward. This happened faster than it sounds but there I was sucking on the very tit I used to when I was younger. In that very moment she shuddered, and then moaned. She lifted her pussy up off of my cock and lowered it back down. She pressed both tits up to my face. I was now in my happy place her tits in my face and her pussy on my cock.

“Thats my baby, suck mommy’s tit. Let her take care of you before you fall asleep. You always liked mommy’s titty, now mommy’s tits are all yours when ever you want for the taking.”

I managed to come up for air and barely get words out of my mouth, “oh god mom, I’ve always loved these tits.”

“Yes baby, I know.” She said “anytime you want them baby, just tell me. But you will have to call me mommy when you ask.”

With that I filled her pussy up. I could feel my balls contracting the last of the cum out of them. Mom rolled off of me draped her leg over mine and fell asleep. This was the beginning of our story.

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