Summer Love

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That wonderful Summer of discovery

I was 18 and a tomboy, if that term is still used. I climbed trees, ran races, played ball with the boys, rode a bicycle every day and loved my life, my family and my friends.

I knew far more boys than I knew girls, but it never seemed important to me. I went where I wanted to go and with the people I wanted to be with.

I was close to graduation from high school when my first boyfriend decided it was time for him to get laid.

He didn’t care much what I wanted, all I heard from him for weeks was, “when are we going to do it?” I was getting bored with it, but I liked being with Tom, his name was Tom, and we went to nice places and he treated me pretty good.

So, during the Spring of my senior year in high school, I agreed to give it up. I knew enough to not get carried away with the passion of the moment and end up preggy.

I made Tom tell me what he wanted to do, I made him tell me what he expected before, not after we got naked, long before. It was kind of like foreplay to me, I wanted to be loved, I craved his touch, but I was careful what I let him touch.

It was a Saturday night and we were parked out by the coast in the back of his father’s car, we were very passionate. I found myself very wet and wanting his attention.

I relaxed and let him do pretty much what he wanted. He seemed to realize that this was his big moment and all I said was don’t make me pregnant.

The tender loving ended shortly thereafter as he pushed himself between my thighs and shoved his penis up into me. I offered little resistance because I really wanted to feel him inside me. I think he was inside me for about 20 seconds when he exploded, pulled back and sat panting next to me on the seat.

I guess he must have left most of his load on my vaginal lips because the mess was excessive. I cleaned myself up while he lit a cigarette and relaxed from his great accomplishment.

No condom, no holding me, just the epitome of wham bam thank you ma’am. He did offer me a drag on his cigarette, but I declined.

The next thing I knew we were sitting out front of my house and he was opening the door, biding me good night. Wow, what a wonderful experience. I was crushed. I felt nothing now.

Yea, he was my boyfriend and now all his friends would know I let him have his way with me, turns out to be a one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

The very next day, his best friend wanted to meet me after school. I was a little miffed that Tom felt he could pass me around, so I asked him why he did that. He got all defensive and told me it was ok for me to see other guys, he wanted to see other girls.

Wow, true love really knows no bounds. I met with his best friend and that’s exactly what he wanted. I asked him why he thought I would go with him. He said Tom told him I would give it up because he was a good friend. I didn’t even know this guy, I told him to fuck his fist.

This was to be a cross roads in my young adult life. I had to make a choice now, be a slut and go with any guy who wanted me, or back off and be my own girl. What did I want? I really had to figure this out and I had to do it quick. I really didn’t know what it felt like to have good sex, but I knew my body wanted something.

I decided to try another guy out. Perry had been bugging me for a date the whole school year and I wanted to see if it was any better or at least different.

Perry came over to a place where I baby-sit some younger kids one night the following week and we proceeded to make out on the couch. I expected the push from him to do it and my body was telling me I wanted him to do it.

My mind was not so sure, but I listened to my body and let him get his hands inside my panties. He went right by the hot spot and spent all his effort trying to force a finger up into me. I was not being easy to enter, and he was beginning to hurt me a little.

I stopped him finally and told him it was painful. He looked at me and said his dick hurt too. Taking it out of his pants he showed it to me, it was my first actual look at one and it was kind of ugly to me.

Perry said, “take a hold of it”, “put it in your mouth.” I looked at him with some incredulity and then looked at his throbbing penis. One of the girls at school had told me about jerking guys off and I thought maybe I would try that. I didn’t want him to be in pain, and I didn’t want him to hurt me anymore.

So, I started to play with his penis and that lasted maybe 30 seconds before he spit all over me. Once again, the guy was satisfied in less than a minute and I sat there covered with his spuge and wanted something I had no clue how to get. He was gone before I got cleaned up. So much for guys, I was O for two. Was I a loser?

I decided to find out more about this sex thing. All I knew for sure was that it left me feeling worse than I did when I started.

Sherry, the girl that had told me about jerking guys off, had a good laugh when I told her what was going on and then felt for me enough to agree to escort bostancı teach me a few things. She lamented that guys just didn’t get it about girls. They only got what to do with their peckers.

I asked her point blank about how she felt, and I got an answer that mimicked my experience. We decided to find some answers together. Neither of us had a steady guy at that point so we went out trolling one Saturday night. We decided to get out of the High School kids and maybe find something a little more mature.

We looked pretty good and got into a dance hall that catered to men from the nearby military base. They were a lot more polite, less aggressive and a lot more fun to be with.

We let ourselves be passed around the club for a while, drinking soft drinks, dancing and flirting with as many guys as we could. It was great fun and Sherry and I had a really good time. Sam asked me out for a date the following weekend and I agreed to go out with him.

Sam’s friend Peter agreed to take Sherry out too and the double date was set. We giggled all the way home about our military men and how maybe they could show us a really good time.

The following weekend Sherry and I went down to the club and met our dates. They took us to a nice restaurant and bought us some wine with dinner and talked and talked. They were both from other cities and towns, far away and here, stationed for a short term training program.

We had a great dinner and then we went dancing at the club. We danced slow songs and Sam held me tightly against him, I could feel his manhood pressing into my thigh as we moved about the dance floor. He kissed my neck and I nestled down against his broad chest. This was nice. Later in the evening they took us back to my car and kissed us goodnight. I didn’t want to leave and neither did Sherry, but these guys were being perfect gentlemen.

It was me that suggested we go park somewhere and have some “fun.” What was I doing?

They instantly agreed, and we drove out to the beach area and found a stray dune to park behind. I got out, took my shoes off, and started to walk in the sand while Sherry stayed in the car with her date. Sam took my hand and we walked hand in hand to the water’s edge.

I leaned against him and wanted him to kiss me. He stopped and turned to face me, bringing his lips to my cheek and allowing me to turn into him, we kissed softly, just barely touching lips, tongues at the ready but not fully engaged. Soft teasing kisses, then he kissed my neck and held me tight, his lips worked down between my breasts and I could feel him licking me.

I was excited and held his head in my hands, pulled him into me and pressed my breasts against his face. His hands slipped up my back and quickly unhooked my bra, his hands came to the front to cup my breasts and he pushed one into his hungry mouth. His other hand held onto my left breast and squeezed the nipple hard, it sent chills thru me, his tongue lashed out at my other nipple and he sucked hard pulling all the soft flesh into his mouth while his other hand pinched my nipple. It hurt but it felt good, I wanted more, I held his head and moaned for more.

We went back up to the dune and laid down in the sand, his hands were firm, and they felt good, his lips were hot and wet, he put his tongue down my throat, licked my breasts and soon his hands found their way to my jeans. He rubbed me from the outside, he knew where to put his hands and soon I was on fire. I had no idea what to do, he was in complete control and that was fine with me.

We kissed and rubbed with me on the bottom and him on top for an hour, I was overjoyed. He had pulled my blouse up and was straddling my legs tonguing my belly, licking my navel, pushing his chin down against my jeans. All I could do was thrust and heave into him. I was really into him, writhing with joy every time his tongue found a new spot.

He went down between my legs and cupped my vagina entrance with his mouth and blew hot air thru my jeans, I was going wild, I reached down and unbuttoned my belt and the top of my jeans, reached under my butt and pushed them down away from my waist. He responded by pulling them down, along with my black panties, exposing my mound of pubic hair to his hungry gaze.

He sat up and took off his own jeans and shirt, laid down on top of me and started to kiss me deeply, my thighs parted to allow him access and I could feel his manhood pushing on my belly. I raised my knees and he slid down between my legs and suddenly I felt him enter me. I was wet, soft and open to him, but I was tight, my passage was narrow, and he was gentle with me.

He took forever getting all the way in. Slowly pushing then pulling back and slipping back into me was an incredible sensation. I wrapped my legs around him and wouldn’t let him move, I was filled up finally and it felt great.

Suddenly he got frantic and pushed up and away from me, breaking my leg hold on him and pulling out of me. He was up on his knees and his face was pained, then I saw what was ümraniye escort happening, his penis was squirting his seed all over my belly, he came back down on top of me and started crying and apologizing for what he had done.

I held him and lamented a little myself. I was really having a good time and he was exhausted. When he had recovered a bit he wanted to leave, I asked him point blank to do it again and he said he couldn’t.

I didn’t understand, my pussy was hot and ready, and he was done. Sex was a great big disappointment. This was not going to work.

Our date mates were making out hot and heavy when we got back to the car. Sam and I grinned at each other, climbed in the car and we drove back to the club with them still making out in the back.

Sherry and I drove home, and she was absolutely giddy. Her make out session had been pretty good, he had gotten his hand in her pants and rubbed her until she had an orgasm. She had had one before by herself, so she knew what it was.

She had returned the favor by sucking on his penis and he came in her mouth. She giggled as she told me she didn’t know what to do with it. I asked her how it tasted and all she could remember was salty with a bit of flavor. It wasn’t bad, so she ended up swallowing it.

“Can I get pregnant by swallowing it?” She asked.

Nothing bad happened and it was so pleasant she licked him up as he receded. He squirmed because he was very sensitive after his orgasm and didn’t want to be touched.

All in all, she was thrilled and had made a date for the next weekend with him. I was happy for her, but now I was more frustrated than ever and wondered if maybe I was different somehow. My friend has had an orgasm and I had no idea what that was.

The week at school went by quickly and Sherry and I decided to travel together to the dance hall by the military base where she would meet her date. I figured I could probably pick up a date without too much trouble, maybe Sam would be there. We arrived, and the place was packed with dancing bodies as we made our way to the bar looking for Sherry’s date.

We both saw some people we had met before, but the field was full of young handsome men appearing to be alone. A guy I had danced with before swept me to the dance floor just as we reached the bar. We move into a tight clutch and whirled around the floor. He smelled good, danced well, and I fell right into his body and held on tightly as we moved in perfect tandem to the rhythm of the music.

This was fun. On one of our trips past the bar I saw that Sherry had found her date and she waved at me as we went by. The next time around they were gone. I hoped they were having a good time too.

My dance partner moved me to a table near the south end of the floor and asked me if I wanted a beer. I said, “sure”, and he took off to the bar. I sat at the table and watched the young guys swirling around me. Two of them stopped and asked me to dance, but I begged off telling them I was waiting for my friend to bring a drink. They were polite and moved on. That was a lot different than what I had experienced with high school boys.

The military must teach manners too. My friend returned, and we introduced ourselves, his name was Bill and he was in training at the base just like Sam. I asked him about his training and he kind of shrugged it off, saying it was just routine marching and drill, uniform changing formations, learning about how to stand inspections, clean the barracks, and clean weapons. He didn’t make it sound real exciting.

He wanted to talk about home and how much he missed it. I let him talk, he really was a talker. I learned more about his life in 30 minutes than I knew about my own it seemed.

We danced and drank beer for a couple of hours and then he said to me, “want to get some fresh air?”

I said, “yes”, and we made our way to the door. Sherry had taken off with the car, so I was on foot. Bill took my hand and we started to walk around the dance hall.

The backside of the building was covered with couples in various stages of erotic behavior. I kind of balked at the idea of walking down the middle of this cordon. It seemed like we were intruding on them. He seemed to agree so we started off in another direction.

Standing in the middle of the parking lot he turned me to face him and kissed me fully and firmly. I was surprised but pleased, he tasted good and his tongue was very long. He managed to fill my mouth with it and I closed my lips and sucked on it.

We clinched for a long time and after we separated, he whispered that he wanted to take me to bed. I stopped and feigned shock at his words, like it wasn’t what I wanted too.

He saw thru it and kissed me again. We started walking again and I looked up ahead and saw a Motel 6 sign lighting up the night. He said, “is that motel ok with you?”

I just giggled; it was all I could manage. He rented a room and led me to the door, opened it and stepped inside. It had two double beds, a color tv and a bathroom with shower kartal escort bayan and tub.

Neither one of us cared about the decor and after he closed the door, he kissed me again. His hands roamed my back and pulled my blouse up out of my jeans. He began running his bare hands up and down my bare back. He soon reached the bra clasp and freed my breasts from their grasp. Without missing a beat, I felt his hands roam down the inside of my jeans cupping my buttocks and rubbing me gently.

I released the front button and zipper on my jeans and he pushed them over my hips. They fell to the floor around my ankles. I had in the meantime pulled his shirt up and had felt his hard and hairy chest. I had never been with a boy that had a lot of body hair, so this was very different, it was rough but silky at the same time. I pressed my face against his chest as he removed his shirt. Wrapping my arms around him I could hear his heart beating and the sound of his breathing. I was thrilled.

We soon found our way to the bed, pulled the covers back and settled naked into the cool white sheets. He pulled me to him and we kissed forever. Soon I was lost in his smell, his touch, and my own sexual desires.

I knew I wanted something, I knew where the center of that something was, and I was thinking at that point that Bill was going to satisfy that need. He seemed to be tuned in to me already, everyplace he touched me I came alive, he sucked my nipples and they answered his touch by becoming aroused and hard in his mouth. He kissed my belly, my navel, and suddenly he was kissing the inside of my left thigh.

I was lost in his touch, just waiting for the next incredible sensation. He went to the corner where my thigh met my groin and then went across to the other thigh and started there again.

My thighs just tingled; my pubic region was alive and demanding to be touched. He didn’t do that, he worked all around it, he went up to the navel again, and down to the inside of the knees, everywhere but where I wanted him. I finally put my fingers in his hair and guided his face to my pubic mound, willing and pulling him into me, I wanted to be touched.

He didn’t resist but he didn’t press either, I felt his tongue reach inside the hairs and tickle my clitoris. I went wild. I cried out, “please, please touch me.” Suddenly his mouth surrounded my clitoris and his tongue began to rake over me. He moved it around and around, then he sucked on it and I could feel him pulling it out of its hiding place.

The more he touched it the greater my sensation. This was glorious. His shoulders pushed under my thighs and I felt him reach for a pillow. He gently lifted my hips and slid the pillow under my butt. Now he had easier access to me and he went to work pleasing me more than I had ever imagined. His face slid down and his tongue entered me like a small penis. He pushed it in and pulled it out. Each stroke being finished by a long lick up across my clitoris.

Now I was getting wild, reaching for his hair, pulling his face into me, begging for an end to the torture. Then he surrounded my clitoris with his lips and flicked it rapidly with his tongue, pulling on it, rubbing it as I went higher and higher up the orgasm ladder.

Finally, my body relented, and I felt the spasm start in my toes, they curled, my knees bent, my thighs trembled, and my stomach contracted as the orgasm spread throughout my body. My first one, it was unbelievable.

This was what sex was all about, this is what I had been looking for all these months. I felt the spasm building again and the second time it was even more powerful. I felt like I was going to pass out.

He slowed down and got very gentle with me, just softly licking me and humming a little tune. I felt him rise to his knees and move his face up to my breasts where he suckled each one in turn, then moving to my lips where he put his long tongue in my mouth. It tasted sweet and salty, I suddenly realized that it was me I was tasting.

Wow. I almost didn’t feel him penetrate me because he was kissing me so deeply. He was fully inside me before I realized that he was there, and I felt my heels dig in and my hips push up against him. I was resting on the pillow and my feet were flat on the bed, I pushed up harder into him, wanting him to go deeper and deeper.

He started to move in and out, pulling his cock fully out and then pushing it back in, spreading my lips each time he began a new thrust. It was maddening. I felt another orgasm begin to form in my toes. I urged him to move faster, I thrust harder, reached for his hips with my hands and tried to pull him closer.

Just as I was about to release my built-up tension he sat up and reached for his dick. He began to stroke it and all I could do was say, “NO!” Then it was too late, I could see his white cream leaping out of the head, shooting all over my stomach. He was coming, and I was right at the edge.

I had no idea what to do, I closed my eyes and tried to squeeze my tears away. He got up and I could hear him in the bathroom, he peed, and I heard water running in the sink. He returned with a warm cloth and cleaned up his spuge. Slowly rubbing the warm wet cloth on my stomach and down thru my vaginal lips. I was crushed, I had my first orgasm and I guess I should be thrilled.

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