Summer Job

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This story was written several years ago. I have written under other names including varihotm and varihott, so you may have seen this story before. I thought it was time to bring my stories over to Literotica. This story is partially based on personal experience.

My summer job after my last year of high school was working as a stock boy and all-around helper in a neighborhood mom-and-pop grocery store. They did a very good business on weekends, but it was typically very slow during the middle of the week when customers were few and far-between. The owner was usually off golfing during the week, so running the store was left to me and the store manager, Bob.

Bob usually was out front, waiting on customers, while I stocked shelves and did most of the heavy work, particularly spending time in the back room lifting and unloading boxes, moving 100-pound sacks of potatoes around, then unloading them into 10-pound bags. I was in good shape for the job because I spent a good part of my spare time working out at the local YMCA gym. I was just about 6 feet tall and still growing and weighed about 165 lbs, so I was lean, but had lots of hard muscle so I could do the job.

The only difficulty I had on the job was fending off the advances of Bob. Bob was gay and didn’t mind that I knew it. When nobody else was around he’d rub close to me, sometimes letting his hand move across my ass. I quickly pushed him away, though, saying “no way, Bob!” But he often persisted, so I kept having to avoid letting him get too close to me. He was a nice guy and we were friendly, but I knew I had to be firm and not let him take advantage of me. I even thought about quitting the job, but I needed the money and I wasn’t sure about how to explain my reason for quitting to my parents.

One hot, slow day in August I was moving and unloading those heavy potato sacks in the back room and getting very hot and sweaty. I took off my t-shirt to cool down, but the sweat was still dripping off my body. As I worked, I noticed Bob standing in the doorway watching şirinevler escort me. I pretended I didn’t see him and just kept working. I must admit I didn’t mind having my body admired, even though it was by a guy. It made me feel sexy.

I even put it on just a bit by stretching my arms over my head and yawning, then letting my hands move down my torso to wipe the sweat away. I knew I was driving him crazy, and I was kind of enjoying it. Then I heard the bell indicating a customer had come into the store, and I saw Bob moving off to wait on the customer. I guessed that it was good that he wore one of the store’s aprons, because it probably hid the bulge in his pants.

I thought no more about it, but 30 minutes later, Bob was by the door again. This time I didn’t pretend, but said “Hi Bob, getting an eyeful?” He looked at me awhile, then smiled and said, “You enjoy teasing me with that hot, sexy body, don’t you, Johnny? Nothing sexier than a hard-bodied guy with blonde hair and a golden tan, especially when that body is glistening with sweat. I just wish I could see more of it.” I laughed and just said, “Don’t you wish.”

“C’mon, Johnny, why not take those shorts off, it would be cooler, ” he persisted. I just kept working and ignored what he said, but then he went a bit further. “I’ll tell you what, Johnny, if I bring in some very sexy shorts tomorrow, will you model them for me? I’ll give you $20 if you do.”

Well, I was trying to earn money for college and this sounded like the easiest 20 bucks I’d ever make, so I replied, “Sure, Bob, what the hell, as long as it’s no more than that, I don’t see a problem with it. I’ll do it.”

The next day was even hotter than the previous day, so when I finished stocking shelves I was anxious to get to the back room so I could take my shirt off. And, of course, I was still wondering what kind of shorts Bob was going to have me model. Late in the afternoon, Bob turned the blinds in the store window to the closed position, put the “closed” şişli escort sign on the door and came to the back room where I was working. Again, I was shirtless and sweating.

Bob walked into the back room. “Here’s that $20 I promised, ” he said with a smile, “and here’s the shorts I want you to wear.” He handed me a sack. “I’ll go back to close down the register while you change, ” Bob said. “And remember, just the shorts, nothing else. That’s the deal.”

He walked out of the room and I slipped out of the shorts I was wearing. Standing there in my jockey shorts, I pulled some levi cut-offs out of the bag. They were cut very short, with one leg slit up to the beltline. Part of the back had been cut away. I realized I promised only the shorts, so I slipped the jockey shorts off and slid the cut-offs up my legs. They were pretty tight on me, but I managed to slip them on. They didn’t leave much to the imagination, since the only thing covering my ass was a seam up the middle, baring the cheeks of my ass on both sides.

I was feeling very sexy and wishing I had mirror so I could see what I looked like, when Bob walked in. “Jeezuz, you are one hot guy, Johnny. C’mon, turn around so I can see them from behind.” I slowly turned around, letting my hand move up my thigh as I turned. I felt sexy, very sexy and pulled what there was of a shorts leg away from my body so he could see the naked outline of my ass as I turned.

When I was turned away from him I didn’t need a mirror to know that he could see most of my ass. I could feel myself getting hard, knowing I was turning him on, knowing how bad he wanted to touch me.

I bent over and pulled the legs of the levis up so all he could see was the seam of the levis sinking into the crack of my ass. I was hot, very hot, by this time and Bob was nearly panting. “You are so fucking hot I want to rape you, ” he said. “C’mon let me touch you, let me suck your cock.”

He had taken his shoes and socks off and unbuttoned his shirt. As he talked he taksim escort took his pants and shorts off revealing a rigid 9-inch cock. “Give it to me, baby, c’mon I need it bad. I’ll give you $50 if you let me suck your cock, c’mon, c’mon, please, give it to me, give it to me.”

I turned toward him, and let my hand move over the front of the shorts, over my now hard cock. I was close to the point of no resistance, and the offer of $50 was all I needed to let it happen.

“Sure, Bobby, why not. I can make $50 and enjoy my work, so why the hell not.” I unbuttoned the levis and slowly pulled the zipper down. As my hand reached inside to touch my cock, the shorts fell to the floor. I was naked, I was hard and I was hot.

Bob come toward me, his hands reaching out to touch me. One hand moved up the length of my 7-inch cock, while the other started to caress my ass. He pulled me closer and moved his lips near mine. I turned my head away, resisting at least this advance. “Someday you’ll beg for it, Johnny, just you wait, ” he whispered, as his lips and tongue began tracing a line across my chest, down my abdomen.

One of his hands remained on my cock while the other pressed into the crack of my ass. My cock was throbbing by this time, hard, swollen, waiting to explode. His tongue reached out to touch the head of my cock, I heard myself moaning, wanting it, wanting him to suck me, wanting to cum in his eager mouth.

His tongue continued swirling around my cock as his lips parted and he took my cock in his mouth, deep in his mouth, licking, sucking, sucking, licking. Ohhh, god, it felt so fucking good, I was so fucking hot. I started cumming, then thrust my cock forward, cumming, exploding in his mouth. “Yesss, yessss, oh fuck, Bob, oh god, it feels sooo good…so fucking good.”

He was taking it all, continuing his sucking and licking, swallowing my cum as my body tensed and gyrated and my cock pumped his mouth full. As I slowly slid toward the floor, completely exhausted, completely satisfied, I watched Bob, his cum-covered face, his eyes glazed as if he were in a trance as he stroked his long cock, then erupted in an orgasm that must have lasted for a full minute, spurting cum over himself and me. His voice was not much more than a whisper, “Oh, baby, you’re good Johnny, you’re so fucking sexy and I’ve got so much to teach you.”

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