Summer Interlude

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Laying my hand upon my brow, I try to aide my sunglasses in facing the glare of the sun. Its such a beautiful day, its hard to complain and I’m not really, just overly excited about your invitation to meet for lunch.

The restaurant is new but we’ve agreed to a late lunch so that the crowd has thinned and we don’t have to worry about too many added distractions or having to raise our voices over nearby banter. As I worked my way through, I saw that most of the remaining customers are enjoying the last of their meals or chatting over coffee or an early cocktail.

At the reception area, they indicated I should try looking for you on the terrace which is where most of the patrons have chosen on this warm, sunny afternoon. The surrounding chatter died away as I entered the plaza and step out of the way of a waitress heading in with a tray. Looking around, I’m taken by how many plants and small shrubs are placed throughout the terrace area. Hardly looking like a restaurant and more like a park or common tucked away on a side street.

I finally spot you in a distant corner, half-hidden by a large flowering plant. You haven’t noticed my entrance as you are speaking with the waitress while glancing back and forth at the menu in your hand. Walking to you, I’m struck by the fragrances of the greenery and flowers that outnumber the tables and remaining diners.

I see you flash a smile at the waitress, which is quickly returned, as you hand her the menu. You still haven’t noticed me but I am studying you as I draw nearer.

The peach silk blouse is a perfect compliment to your summer tan and the mood I find myself in. Coming around the corner, I’m able to see the rest of your outfit: short light colored flowered skirt and beaded, flower shaped of course, flat sandals. Your finger and toe-nails look to be mandarine in color, which matches nicely with your top and the colors in your skirt and shoes.

I don’t know if you picked this table deliberately but it strikes me as the most coveted location. Surrounded by waist-high plants, its almost cut off from the rest of the restaurant. The few nearby tables are either empty or placed so that the occupants’ attention is directed away from this corner. Currently, there is only one couple maltepe anal escort within hearing range and they seem preoccupied with their meal.

I smile and literally bounce up to you as you finally see me approach. Rising, we meet with a soft kiss that we often exchange in public. Your hand on my elbow guides me to the chair nearest yours as we exchange hellos and the hunger in our eyes.

“I love this place! How did you manage to get this table?”

“Oh, I have my ways,” your smile increasing, “I hope that it puts you in the proper frame of mind with me. I’ve also taken the liberty of ordering for us and I hope you don’t mind.”

Before I can answer, the waitress somehow appears over my shoulder and is filling my wine glass. She looks to you, with a slightly chagrined look, “I’m sorry but the chef will need a little extra time on your order. If you’re in a rush, I can suggest something else.”

You wave her concern away, giving her another smile. “Oh, no need to rush anything. Its too fine of a day for that and we’ll enjoy our wine and perhaps have more with the meal. This is our afternoon together and I am in absolutely no hurry for it to end.” The waitress nods and disappears as quickly as she came.

I sip my wine and glance again about me. Leaning forward, I place my hand over yours and thank you again for calling me. I feel your foot brush against my leg as you tell me that its your pleasure and that we should do this more often.

I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you and neither of us speak for several minutes. “What are you thinking?,” you ask and I just shake my head as if startled from a nap.

“I was thinking how gorgeous you are and how perfect this day is. I love you and can’t believe that I’m here with you as if in a dream.”

Your reply comes in the form of a soft smile and another brush of your foot along my calf. I feel your toes wiggle over my bare skin and a sudden thought, no an unstoppable impulse, overtakes me. I reach down and take hold of your foot with my hand.

Pulling your foot up and into my lap, I caress the arch with my finger tips. Carefully, I remove your sandal and begin to massage the instep and fleshy bottom before your toes. My kurtköy ucuz escort thumbs making small circles as they knead and apply tender pressure.

I watch your face as my fingers travel up until they reach the valley guarding your toes. I slip my fingers between them, then closing them as if I was holding your hand and not your foot. Lifting it off my lap, I slide to the ground before you.

Kneeling there, I bring your foot to my lips and, starting with your big toe, I kiss each of them. Big toe to little, then little to big, each receiving a kiss in turn. Its only when I return to your big toe that I open my mouth and take it.

I wrap my lips around it and suck it softly. Pulling my fingers back to give me more room to take it fully. Trapping its entire length in my mouth, I suck harder with my eyes finding yours.

Your eyes tell me what I already know and intend, and I use my tongue to further bathe your toe. Then drawing my lips back so I can plant another kiss at its apex. I shift slightly and take your second toe, wetting and tonguing it as I did the other.

I treat each toe in a similar manner, individually. Only after they are all slick and shiny do I take multiples. The two littlest ones first. joined shortly by the third. Sucking and licking, licking and sucking.

I trade the last three toes for the middle ones. I see you smile as you wiggle the big and little toes at the corners of my lips. Pulling back, I let my tongue navigate between and around each of your digits. My hands cradling your foot while I worship it with my mouth.

I kiss your instep over and over between short light licks. I feel you retract your leg a bit and hear you giggle as I find a ticklish spot. I don’t stop but instead hold your foot firmer so that I don’t miss an inch in my desire to taste and caress all of you.

With the bottom of your foot now wet with my saliva, I press my face to it. Rubbing it over me. Breathing in to add the scent along with the sensation to my memory.

I open wide and take the heel into my mouth, my tongue grazing the surface that I’ve captured. With a kiss, I extend my tongue into the shallow curve below your ankle bone. Then around to the outside and flatter kurtköy yabancı escort valley that opposes it.

I want to explore your ankle as well as your arch but your big toe calls to me. Silently but insistently, I find I need it back in my mouth. Filling me and yet the right size for sucking.

A movement catches my eye and I move my head a few degrees to confirm its source. From the nearest table, two sets of pupils stare back at me. The couple who had been engrossed in their meal when I arrived are not engrossed in watching me with my meal.

Ignoring them, I lift your foot again and take your toe. As my lips begin to move over it, you push it forward. No longer patient for me to work at my own pace, you want and need it too.

My head bobbing now, sucking with a desire that is burning my brain. Taking it completely then pulling back while sucking as hard as I can. Applying pressure to increase your pleasure.

As I push my head forward, I use my tongue to swirl around it before again clamping down and sucking, sucking, sucking upon it.

“That’s it baby, show me how you like it. Get my toes nice and wet and clean.”

I hold your foot before my face. Your toes wiggling and calling me back. With a smile at you, I spit on them before opening wide to take all five at once.

With them all accounted for and thrust into my mouth, I’m free to run my hands up your calf. Caressing your firm flesh as I loudly salivate and slurp, with a soft grunt as you force them deeper into my mouth.

Its only when I feel your touch do I even think about my surroundings and what I am doing. Knees sore on the hard ground, my eyes shift to see you leaning above me. As you begin to speak, I feel your toes retreating from my lips.

“Our meal is here. You may get up now.”

Retaking my seat, the waitress places our plates before us. She avoids looking at me but I sense that its not out of complete abhorrence of my actions. Perhaps she is a bit embarrassed at them, or at my choice of timing, but she is definitely not upset.

As she turns to go, you call to her as I let out a small gasp. Your wet toes having pushed in between my legs and straight into the thin panties covering my sex. She’s far enough away from our table that she has to see where you have placed your foot.

“We’ll want to see the dessert menu after we finish. But be sure to bring another bottle of wine first.”

She nods to acknowledge your order but she is looking under the table. At the movement of foot, toes and pussy pressing together.

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