Summer Fun

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It was the end of a tedious and complex last few weeks of term leading up to the exams. The stress was starting to get to everyone but that wasn’t a problem.

It was the evening of the E.O.T Presentation, an excuse for a good ‘Piss Up’ if you like. I had arranged to meet Natalie there, but I was shocked when I saw her she looked fantastic, she was wearing a knee length dress that was semi-transparent. And to say it was low cut would be taking the piss somewhat, if she were male, she could use the toilet, through the neck.

I feel I must describe Nat now. She is 5 foot 7, brown hair, blue eyes, and two great breasts, and a fine tight ass.

We arrived at the venue at 7:30 pm, Nat was there with Janine and as soon as I set eyes on Janine I got one of the biggest erections of my life, she too had a see through top on and despite the lack of a bra her firm 36D breasts were hanging ripe and her protruding nipples were ready to be sucked, below her waist she has a skirt which was 9 inches long on and If it was a cm shorter I swear I could have seen her panties.

We sat down and I was stunned when I found out that I was sat with Janine on one side and Natalie on the other.

During the dinner Nat spilt some of her coleslaw on my trousers and when she went to wipe it up se noticed that I was sporting a huge erection, we looked at each other and she grinned a sly grin at me.

Me bostancı escort bayan being a man of chivalry I instead on wiping the trousers myself, just to add I was also slightly embarrassed by it all. Whilst I was doing it Nat passed a note to Janine and they both excused themselves and left for the toilets.

I read nothing into this knowing full well that all girls go to the toilet together.

They returned a few minutes later, and returned to their meals.

What happen next didn’t stun me, I almost died a premature death with a heart attack. I was just about to ask someone to pass the wine when I felt a hand on my knee. I was just about to recover when I felt it start to slide gently to my now fully erect penis. All of a sudden it was resting on my cock and was starting to wank me. I glanced to my left to see Natalie with a huge grin on her face, and she said “you can tell me to stop if you want”, and my only memory from that point was managing to utter “no!!.

She then proceeded to unzip my fly, pull out my cock and wank it harder. After the few moments’ shock had subsided I decided it was time to take control of the situation. I decided if she was going to wank me, I was going to wank her. I was now in for the next shock of the evening, I placed my hand on her knee, but she didn’t move an inch, so I slid her dress up he leg and rolled it to ümraniye escort just above where I guessed he pants would be.

I then went to remove the pants, I placed my hand there and immediately realized why she had been to the toilet, the pants were gone and I had placed my hand on a warm moist cunt. From the feel of it she had already released some juices. After she had worked out that I knew she had no pants on, she took my hand with both of hers and began to rub her cunt with it.

Now the third shock of the evening I had been lost in the moment before I realised what was wrong with this picture, Nat was holding my hand with both of hers yet there was still an expert hand at work on my cock.

I looked now to my right to see Janine wanking me off at the same time as I was fingering Nat.

I then decided to return the favor, I then discovered that Janine had also removed her pants and by the feel of it was moistened up as well.

I then told both of them to meet me in one minute in the shower room, knowing full well it would be empty.

I made a detour via the toilet to pick p a 6 pack of condoms. When I got to the shower room I walked around the corner to see both Janine and Natalie standing naked next to each other. They said “come here big boy, we both wanna show you an evening you wont forget in a while”. Then Natalie walked over to me, took all of my escort kartal clothes off and she then knelt down and began o give me the best blow job I have ever had.

Janine also walked over and said “from now on you are in our hands!”

She said lie down face up at which point Natalie stopped. Then Nat also lay down face down and continued to suck my cock. Janine the knelt down then lay down so that her moist cunt was next to my moth and she issued the order, lick me. I slid my tongue in her cunt and began to thrust her to retrieve her juices. 30 seconds later I could feel my semen coming and I shot my hot load into Natalie mouth. Next Janine came violently into my mouth and I licked it up. Nat then said I want you to fuck me now.

I then flipped her over and slid my hard shaft into her waiting pussy, she began to groan immediately, especially as I took one of the large tits in my mouth and began to lick her nipples.

Natalie came and I could feel my semen brewing again.

Natalie said “don’t cum” then she pulled away and Janine took my cock in her mouth and said now you can, she sucked hard and I shot a load into her mouth.

She then said now I want you to fuck me. I slid her a length and began to suck on her massively erect nipples. We both came again.

Next they said we want to put on a show for you as they got into the 69 position and began to give each other head whilst groping each others capacious tits. This turned me on more than anything I had seen for quite a while.

They both came in each others mouth.

They said the best is yet to cum.


If you would like me to publish the rest, mail me.

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