Summer Days Ch. 02

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This is Part 2. Read Part 1 for more descriptions and so you know what’s going on!!!


“Hello?” I heard my older sister Jessica yell from downstairs. I was half naked; her boyfriend Chris completely naked, sitting there with the same look of shock on his face as was on mine.

“Hide under the bed!” I whispered quickly, grabbing my shirt and throwing it back on; running to the bathroom to clean up quickly before my sister suspected anything. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Chris running into my closet. “That’s not the bed,” I grumbled quietly to myself. I washed myself quickly and brushed my teeth so that when I had to face my sister it wouldn’t be totally obvious that I just gave her boyfriend of 5 months head.

“Clair? Are you home?” Jessica yelled, coming up the stairs. I heard her drop off her stuff in her room before clanking down the hall to our bathroom.

I opened the door and smiled. “Hey!” I replied, probably to excited to see my sister. We didn’t really get along. “How was work? Thought you were there until close,” I rushed; my stomach churning.

“Nah; they didn’t need me tonight. Sent me home. ” I nodded in response. Sure; tonight they send her home. “Anyways; I was just going to call Chris and then shower.”

I panicked. If she called Chris she would see that his phone was currently strewn about with his clothes; which I realized were on my floor. “You should shower first,” I said, hoping I was convincing enough. “That way he doesn’t have to wait as long for you to be ready.”

Jessica paused for a second; looking thoughtful. “That’s actually a good idea.” We stood there staring at each other. “Well, are you going to get out of the way?”

I tittered. “Of course!” I said, running to my room. Once I was in there, I closed the door behind me and leaned against it; my heart still jumping from nerves. I closed my eyes; trying to calm myself, feeling better once I heard the shower running. “Chris,” I whispered, on the off chance Jessica could hear me. “Get dressed and get out!” I whispered forcefully. He emerged from my closet and dressed quickly. In a few minutes he would be gone and we would never have to talk about this again.

He walked over towards the door; and I moved to let him out; hoping he would run out the door. How Jessica didn’t notice his car across the street I don’t know; but I wasn’t going to ask about it. Chris had one hand on the door handle before pausing; his head turned to me. I just stared back.

“Go!” I whispered again. My stomach needed to stop turning; I didn’t know how much more I could handle. Before I realized what was happening, his mouth was on mine again; his hands on my waist as we kissed passionately. About a minute later I realized I had to get him out; quickly; before illegal bahis Jessica walked in on something. I pushed him away from me. “Get out! Do you want to get caught?”

Chris grinned; his wicked grin. His grey eyes were sparkling down into my navy blue ones. I bit my lip; nervous that he wasn’t going to leave. Jessica and I already didn’t get along; if she walked in on me making out with her boyfriend? Well; that wasn’t going to help anything. “God; you are so hot,” he said, leaning down to kiss me again; his lips parting mine as his tongue started to play in my mouth. I groaned; half in passion; half in annoyance; before trying to push him away again.

He didn’t budge. Instead he did something far worse: his hands moved from my waist to my ass; lifting me up effortlessly. My legs instinctually wrapped around his waist; my arms wrapping around his neck. He carried me over to my bed; his mouth starting to move down to my neck; trailing soft kisses. I moaned quietly; I couldn’t help it. My neck was one of my main spots. His mouth travelled to my ear, whispering “I don’t care if we get caught,” his voice rough. I sighed deeply; I didn’t care at this point either. Though that was probably because I was so turned on.

Neither of us had heard the shower turn off as we continued to kiss deeply; his hands moving under my shirt and lifting it off over my head again. One moment I was focusing solely on my body; my skin tingling as his lips and tongue trailed a path along it. The next thing all I could focus on was my sister yelling “What the fuck are you doing?” I looked over at Jessica; my eyes wide in shock and worry as I tried to push Chris away and cover myself; but he wasn’t stopping.

“Come on Jess; you said you wanted to try a threesome,” he said; glancing in her direction momentarily before his tongue started working on my nipple again; teasing it and turning it harder then I could have ever remembered. I moaned quietly despite myself.

“I am NOT going to have a threesome that includes my sister. ” Jessica argued; though she was watching us intensely; and I’m sure I saw her towel drop an inch or so. “That’s sick.”

At that point I was already so turned on; a threesome with my sister sounded amazing. Jessica was pretty; with her straight blond hair; still wet from her shower; light blue eyes and tanned skin. Most of her weight was in her 34C’s, and she was currently biting her bottom lip. Something I did when I was nervous or turned on. And I’m sure Jessica was both by now. For the first time in my life; I started wondering what my sister looked like naked.

“Come on Jessica; we won’t tell anyone,” I pleaded; holding Chris’s head to my tit as he continued to suck and play with it. Jessica looked at us; clearly torn. I had never seen my sister not in control; and never had she ever second illegal bahis siteleri guessed herself. At least; in front of me.

“Jess,” Chris whispered; pulling lightly at my nipple with his teeth as I moaned. “Come on babe, you know you want to. I can tell you do.” He looked up at Jessica before kissing my mouth again; deeply; one hand disappearing under my skirt as he started to gently caress my clit. I didn’t even care if she joined or not at this point as I sighed and closed my eyes. Chris pulled away from me; but kept playing with my clit; his fingers starting to slide down my slit; before shoving two fingers deep in me. My eyes opened wide; my cunt grabbing a hold of his fingers as I felt myself cum, moaning loudly. I felt so wanton and dirty having my older sister watching over us, and that propelled my orgasm farther.

Chris looked over at Jessica. “Come on,” he urged now, voice hoarse and filled with lust. I turned just in time to see my normally conservative sister drop her towel and walk over towards my bed, biting her lip as she stood over Chris and I. I smiled widely at her as Chris continued to fuck me with his fingers.

He kneeled on the bed now; still at a position where he could finger me, but now he grabbed my sisters head and pulled her closer, kissing her. I lifted a finger and tweaked her nipple; grinning when she looked down at me in shock. “Come here sis,” I whispered. She looked at Chris; hesitant, before laying down next to us on her side. I smiled and moved my mouth over to her neck; kissing it. I had only fooled around with one other girl before, and I was sure my sister had fooled around with none. So this would be pretty new to both of us. I moved my mouth up to her cheek, kissing until I got to the edge of her lips. I smiled and brought her head to mine, pulling her in for a soft kiss. Our lips pressed together; moving slowly with caution. I felt Chris take his fingers out of me, and out of the corner of my eye he was stroking himself now.

Jessica and I started kissing more passionately, her tongue teasing my lips before entering my mouth. I giggled and caressed her tongue with mine, and she laid down on top of me. I could feel my sisters tits mashed against mine; feel her nipples getting hard. My cunt was sopping wet at this point; I wanted nothing more than someone’s tongue or a cock inside me, soon. My sisters hands started to move around my body; gently squeezing my tits as they explored me. I moaned; maybe my sister did know what she was doing. I felt someone push my skirt down; before pulling it off completely.

Jessica started to kiss my stomach, moving down closer and closer to my pussy. Her bright blue eyes looked up at me; asking permission. I looked down at her, pleading for her to. Her kisses stopped just around my hips. She giggled nervously; canlı bahis siteleri lifting my legs up so she could be in a better position. I watched her as she took one finger and gently started playing with my clit; making me moan. I watched as Chris stood up; behind her; and started to finger her. My hips lifted slightly; knowing what he was about to do.

Chris took his cock in hand, gently pushing it into my sister. At the same time, my sister took my clit with her mouth and sucked gently on it. The three of us moaned in pleasure. As Chris started to pound my sister from behind; her tongue became wild on my cunt. It slid up and down my slit; in and out of me, wrapping around my clit. By the time she was fucking me with her tongue I was almost approaching an orgasm. My hands were pulling at my nipples; aching to get off. Jessica grabbed my ass and stuck her tongue as deep as she could inside me, wiggling it around slightly; and I grabbed her head; holding it into my cunt. I screamed, eyes rolling as I came all over my sisters face. She just licked her lips as Chris continued to fuck her.

I moaned, skin still tingling with pleasure and moved to the edge of the bed where they were, playing with Jessica’s clit while I kissed her deeply; tasting my own cum in her mouth. Her arms wrapped around me as her body started to stiffen. She let out a loud moan, and I could tell she was cumming. I held onto her while my fingers worked quickly on her clit. She gasped for breathe and slumped onto the bed, as Chris pulled out. He looked at me. “She usually cant last that long,” he explained, staring at me in lust. I giggled and laid down next to my collapsed sister, waving a finger to get him over to me. He didn’t need to be asked twice.

He was on top of me, kissing me, within seconds. Almost as quickly I could feel him guiding his cock into me. I moaned as I wrapped my legs around him, my hips lifting to get him all the way in. Chris took no time in waiting for me to get used to him, starting to pummel into me right away. I started moaning; Jessica watching us, playing with her clit, Chris breathing heavily above me. He grabbed my ass with one hand and pulled me onto him more; and I lost it. I moaned and yelled; my cunt gripping around his cock.

“Fuck Clair!” He yelled, as my eyes rolled back. I couldn’t say anything; couldn’t have told you my own name. He kissed my shoulder as I started to feel him cum inside me for the second time that day, this time into my cunt. I heard Jessica scream with her own orgasm, fingering herself next to us. My mind was on overload as my cunt continued to cum again; screaming with Jessica. Chris fell on me; trying to keep his weight from crushing me.

We all sat there like that for a few minutes, catching our breath, before Chris pulled out of me. I moaned as I felt empty, and curled up in a ball, still on the edges of pleasure. Jessica cleared her throat behind me.

“Well,” She said as I turned to face her. “I should go shower again.” I giggled as she stood up; collected her towel and walked into the bathroom.

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