Sumangali’s Sexcident

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There have been many Indian stories here but not many from southeast asia. Here is a true story of mine coming from the Lion City.

I am Sumangali (the one blessed with long marriage life). However, my marriage life didn’t last more than 11months. I fell in love with my professor when I was in the teacher training school and got pregnant at the tender age of 19. Against the wishes of my family and relations I married him and moved in with him. When my son Suresh was born my husband dumped us both and ran away. With no family and friends to turn to I was stranded with Suresh as my only companion in my life.

Now the age of 38 I am living in a 1 room apartment with my 18 year old Suresh. We have been here and I am working at the same school since Suresh was born. He currently studies in a polytechnic. He has been grown up to be a fine young man I should say.

Due to my family genes I’ve been always a large framed girl. Not fat but a bit fleshy and big boned. My parents are tall and I followed suit. As I attained puberty at the age of 12 my height shot up, my hips widened and my chest started developing more than other girls my age. My grandmother and mother are blessed with curves and the blessings followed me too. We are Indian women built like the Amazon women with curves which have brought us lots of attention.

Despite the attention I have received I have been always a rather conservative Indian woman. As a result of the way the women in my family are built my upbringing was rather strict and the only mistake and the biggest mistake in my life was the accidental teenage pregnancy. I was always made to dress and behave modestly and traditionally. I was never allowed as a child and teenager to wear sleeveless tops or shorts even at home. Not to mention short skirts. I was always made to wear skirts that cover my knees and long pants at all times. This habit has caught on despite the years have passed. Even now when I am dressed in saris I ensure that I tie it 2inch above my navel and make sure that my hips are not exposed.

My sari blouse (ravikai) are tailored to be rather high neck so as not to show any hint of my ample cleavage and covered at the back as well. This is not only for modestly but also for comfort purpose to support my well endowed chest . My most comfortable attire has to be Salwar Kameez with baggy pants and long loose tops. They cover me perfectly and hide all my lady lumps especially when I am sharing a small space with a young man.

When Suresh was a kid I used to bath him and my colleagues used to share stories with me where they bathe their kids in their nude. But I found it so strange and weird to share the bath nude with your baby. I always was dressed when I bathed him till the age of 3. Even when I was dressed I made sure that I don’t get wet. At times Suresh playfully will splash water at me, causing my clothes to get drenched and stick to my body. The wet clothes will clearly show off the outline of my body clinging onto me like second skin. I will get very uncomfortable and tie a towel around me. When Suresh turned 4 I made sure he wore his undies when I bathed him and taught him to wash his privates on his own. At the age of 6 when Suresh started schooling his was bathing and clothing all by himself.

As he grew older I became more cautious about the way I was dressed especially when he was around. I used to wear night dresses till Suresh reached the age of 6. I realised over time that when I sleep overnight my dresses ride up exposing my legs and there have been times the dress come up all the way to my thighs and as a result my panties can be seen. Hence I switched to wearing baggy tops and track pants to ensure my modesty.

As Suresh attained puberty I realised that his natural curiosity towards girls grew. I realised that he starting noticing women more actively and I became more careful to cover myself. Even though, I was his mother I gradually notice that he looks towards me lacked the innocence he used have and I gradually avoided hugging him or kissing him unnecessarily. I could feel that he didn’t often look at my face when he talked to me and his eyes often travelled down south. He started taking longer showers and I suspected that he started to relieve his sexual tensions in the shower. I stopped drying my undies in the bathroom. I made sure that I took them out when he showered.

I never used sexy lingerie and always wore ordinary full cup bra for support and that too in standard nude shades or black. Even my panties were normal boy cut or girdle to help me shape my tummy. However for a boy his age any women’s underwear was heaven and being his mother I didn’t want him using my bra or panties for his pleasure.

As much as I covered myself, Suresh was only dressed in his shorts at home and always walked around bare chested. I have always admired and adored him and tell myself that he has grown to be a fine young man. Despite being a mother and conservative illegal bahis women I too have my needs. Every woman is at her sexual peak from the age of 30 to 40 and now at the prime age of 38 I found myself to be alone with no male companion to satisfy my need for love and lust. For the past couple of years my fingers and my shower head have been my sole companions to satisfy my need. I waited for times Suresh leaves home and then I will have my shower and at the same time quench my itch for lust. I’ll place the showerhead between my legs and enjoy the warm stream jet of water hitting my sweet spot. With my son not around my gentle moans gradually grow louder as I reach my climax and reach an orgasm. Being a “virgin” for a long time after Suresh’s birth has allowed me to remain tight for a woman my age.

I had the tendency to admire myself in the mirror to see how well I have matured over the years. Even though I have always been on the bigger side the arrival of Suresh has gifted me with more womanly roundedness and age had added on softness as well. At 178cm and 80kg, I still managed a hourglass figure with minimal exercise and diet, My hips are wide and round at 45inches the last time I measured. My ass is on the fleshy side and my thighs a proportionate for my lower half. I’ve a slight hint of tummy with deep navel. Tapering upwards to a slightly smaller waist compared to my hips at 32inches. My top is well equalised by my ample bosom at 38inches D cup with very minimal sag thanks to the fact that I never go braless. Rather a pleasing sight for a 38year old single mother.

Suresh and I hardly went out as either I will be at work or he will be at school and over the weekends he will be out with his friends or will be sleeping at home. Ever since he went to polytechnic we have been spending lesser time together. To break the monotony we decided to go for a Tamil movie at the Golden Theatre. It’s a huge cinema with 700 seats. As it was a week day after there were hardly 10 people scrambled all over the place and the movie was already running for 3 weeks and that would have explained the poor turnout as well.

I was dressed in a red kameez with white baggy salwar and matching white shawl. It was a rather thin silky khameez that flowed over my curves like water. I wasn’t expecting the cinema to be cold as the weather has been rather warm for the past few days but due to small number of patrons the chilliness was creeping in. All I had was the thin shawl to cover myself. Suresh and I were seated towards the back of the cinema as they were the best seats and the nearest couple were 5 rows in front of us.

Soon the lights dimmed and the movie began. It was Suresh’s favourite hero’s movie and he was all excited but I wasn’t really a movie fan and no thanks to the coldness I couldn’t keep still and rubbed my palms to keep warm. Suresh must have noticed it and asked if I was cold. I said not really even though I begun to lightly shiver. He put out his left hand and grabbed my right hand and gave it a gentle rub. His fingers caressed my hand very gently from the wrist to the tips of her fingers to warm me up. The warm feeling gently sent a shiver down my spine. Suresh asked how I felt and I whispered that I was feeling better. I slightly moved towards my right and put my left hand across his right hand and he gently rubbed my forearm. My right thigh was touching his left thigh. I became aware of it through the thin material of my thin pants and it was erotic. I knew it was wrong to harbour such thoughts but I had no control on that.

I was feeling more like a woman than his mother at that point of time. The touch of a male even though he is my son was too overwhelming to ignore. He was gently stoking my right arm and I turned to looked at him. He was still engaged with the movie and I stroked his hair and rested my head on his left shoulder. He looked down at me asked if I wanted to leave. I said no I am ok and told him to continue to rub my arm to keep me warm. As his hand moved up and down my right hand his fingers gently brushed my waist and an electric current ran through me. I moved a little closer to him and as a result his fingers came in contact me my waist with every move his fingers made. This was the closest I have been with my young adult son ever since he was 3 years old.

Suresh stopped suddenly and moved away. I believe that he was getting slightly uncomfortable. I told him that I was still feeling cold and not to stop and pulled him closer to me. As a result his left hand was in total contact with my fleshy tummy and was resting there. I looked around to see if anyone saw us but anyways the theatre was in darkness.

Suresh slowly started rubbing my tummy with the back of his hand .The feeling was exhilarating. As the kameez material was thin his every touch was s like touching my tummy directly. By shifting myself ever so slightly his fingers were inches away from my chest. I was nervous but I was not in control illegal bahis siteleri of myself. My breathing got slightly heavier. Here is my son whom I had given life to and now his lightest touch was giving me erotic thoughts.

His hand moved vertically north and came into the lightest contact with the bottom corner of my right breast. I allowed his fingers to touch my breast and I was surprised that I wasn’t even ashamed of allowing what was happening.

I then pressed my breast ever so lightly on his fingers. It was an incredible feeling, the touch his young fingers on my ripe full breast. I gently wriggled under his touch letting his fingers move ever so lightly on my breast, slowly covering the entire surface area. I was wearing a normal full cup black bra under my kameez and I never wore padded bras as I never had the need to. As his fingers moved to the top half of my right bosom the feeling got even more incredible. I continued to wriggle and I let his finger tips move and roam on the swell of my full right breast. The feeling was heavenly just like how my husband touched me when he first deflowered me. I took my left hand and placed his right palm to cup my breast lightly. I turned to my right, and this movement to ensure that my breast was in the grasp of his palm even though it was more than what he can handle.

That was the point of no return. This was beyond any mother son relationship and the biggest sin that I could do. I place my hand over his and pressed it once cupping my breast. And I pressed it a second time, slightly increasing the pressure. Suresh froze and wasn’t looking at me. He didn’t know how to react to a woman’s touch and further more if the woman was his own mother. I moved closer to his left ear and whispered.

“I’m just starting to feel warm. Don’t you want to comfort your mother? As the man of the house it’s your duty to take care of the woman at home” and I sat up straight on my seat” I took the thin shawl and threw it over me like a blanket. After couple of minutes I gently felt his shivering right hand resting on my rounded fleshy belly and rubbing its softness over my kameez. His fingers gently and shiverishly moved towards my left and a surprise was awaiting him. His exploring fingers found my kameez was partly opened. I had unhooked the top few hooks as I had covered myself with the shawl. His wondering fingers easily came in contact with my bra.

As my son’s fingers started moving up upwards over the bra, he had another pleasant surprise. The bra was loose and started moving along with his fingers. I not only unhooked the kameez had loosen my bra as well. My breasts were now free for him to fondle. The very breast that he used to suckle to stay alive was now his to play with. He quickly retracted his hand as he was afraid to touch his own mother’s chest. What was more intimidating was the fact that I was making myself accessible for him to fondle and he wasn’t expecting this. To be honest neither did I ever expect myself to be such a cheap woman.

I took his right hand and put it inside my kameez and under my bra and gently squeezed my bare left breast. I gently closed my eyes and a shudder ran through me upon his touch.

He continued to gently squeeze and his fingers roamed towards my nipples. He gently rolled it between his finger and my left nipple grew harder and bigger. He went on to gently massage my left nipple and slowly squeezed the base of my left bosom. I was breathing slightly faster now. He placed more pressure on his touch and played with my nipple like new found toy by a baby. I moved closer to him and he moved on to my right breast. Suresh lifted my bra away and yanked my kameez open.

My modesty was now only protected by the thin shawl over me. He looked around to see if anyone noticed us and quickly placed both his hands on my both breasts. He massaged bosoms much harder and I winced slightly in pain. Even though it hurt I asked Suresh to press on.

I worked my right hand down his lap and felt his hard on. My own flesh and blood was having a raging hard on touching his mother! I felt odd touching his private region which I have not seen since he was 3 years old and now his was 18! Being a conservative woman who has never exposed my,self to anyone other than my husband here I was almost topless and on the verge of exposing my bare breasts to my own son in a public place. Driving my inhibitions away I slowly put my right hand and pressed it down a little more on his bulge and then slowly curled her fingers around his stiff cock, still fully clothed. Suresh stopped suddenly but I whispered him to go on and he went back to fondling and teasing my nipples. My fingers curled around his cock and gently squeezed it.

We kept on doing this for a while like two teens in heat. I was now as much full of love as with lust. I looked up at him and Suresh looked into my eyes. I had shyness, lust, passion and love all rolled together. I gently canlı bahis siteleri moved toward him and suddenly the lights were brightening for an interval break. We quickly moved apart and resumed our normal positions. I quickly ran out with my hand over my chest before anyone could see me.

I rushed into the toilet and adjusted and adjusted my bra and kameez. I looked at myself at the mirror and in front of me stood a sinner who had committed one of the most taboo sins in any religion. I didn’t know what came over me and I didn’t know how to face my son again. I thought about what had happened and what was important that as woman I needed to quench my desires in years. I walked back into the cinema hall and the movie had just begun.

I sat next to Suresh for a couple of minutes without saying anything. Suresh looked at me with the corner of his eyes and I noticed it but made no eye contact with him. Gradually I moved slightly closer to him with a slight nervousness and I realised that the hand rest was movable. It made the seats convert to a couple’s seat! That’s what we were now, a couple I felt.

I lifted the arm rest between our seats and pushed it back and moved a little closer so that our shoulders were touching and my right thigh was brushing lightly against his left thigh once again.

I took the shawl out and threw it over my front, partly covering Suresh too. I then rested my head on his right shoulder and closed my eyes. I whispered to him that I was feeling cold giving him the signal. He didn’t respond and I knew that he was nervous to touch his own mother and I placed his left arm around my waist. His hands were shaking slightly and slowly and gently he moved upwards and found my left breast. I gradually placed his right hand on my right breast and gave it a slight squeeze to urge him on. I whispered to him again to warm me up. He slowly and nervously caressed my chest and found out that my hooks have be undone once again. I led his fingers into my kameez. To his surprise Suresh realized that i did not have my bra on and his hands came into direct contact with my full, bare breasts. I had undone my bra and left it my handbag. This was the 1st time I had ever gone braless and furthermore in a public place. It was rather a strange feeling to feel the chill air brush across my bare chest and the silky material made the feeling even more erotic.

He took my fullness into his palms and gently squeezed them, The chilliness of the cinema and his touch had made my nipples taut and hard. He continued to lightly rub his fingertips around my areola and towards my erect nipples and after many years a man’s touch caused dampness between my legs. The fact that it was my son made it ever so exciting.

I turned my back towards Suresh and asked him to warm up my back. He gently raised my kameez exposing my bare back and the cold air blew on my back and sent a shudder down my spine. My son lightly used his fingertips to rub down my spine and it was obvious this was the first time he was touching a bare skin of a woman. I let out a soft moan. I quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed us. I pushed my back towards him and unexpectedly he gently kissed my naked back, the 1st kiss in years! I was afraid of moaning louder and controlled myself. His left hand was cupping and squeezing my left breast and his right fingers were roaming all over my naked back. His fingers gently travelled downwards to my round and full ass and squeezed my right cheek softly.

I moved his hand along my bare waist to my deep fleshy navel. I then very lightly and slowly directed his palm to where my moist mound is. The thought that he was touching the very place he emerged from was extremely sinfully erotic. I rested his palm over my salwar directly above my wet mound and wriggled at his touch. I closed my eyes to avoid looking at Suresh and could feel his trembling hands. I asked him if it was his first time and he said yes in a very shaky voice. With lots of nervousness he pressed my mound and i placed my right hand on his bulge in his jeans and gave it a light squeeze making him moan.

I placed my hand on his and pressed it harder between my legs allowing him to feel my wet slit over my silky salwar. I was wearing a thin material that day and underneath was a cotton pink boycut panty which was rather worn out by the years. I was sure he could feel the outlines of my wet lips over the 2 thin layers of panty and salwar.

What I did next was beyond my control and I never expected I will ever do this. I unzipped his jeans and pushed my hand in, placing it directly on his bulge covered only by his underwear. I could feel the moisture of his precum on his undies. Simultaneously I used my left hand to loosen my salwar and guided his hand in and over my panty encouraging his fingers to explore the very region he was born from. His touch sent an eclectic wave across my body and I closed my eyes and tighten my grip on his bulge. I barely managed to control myself from moaning to safe guard our modesty. Suresh slowly managed to gather his guts and slowly inserted his finger deeper into me causing my juices to flow through my panty. I buried my face into his shoulder tightly shutting my eyes.

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