Sue’s Lesbian Seduction

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I was seduced while in college when I was 19 years old. I was traveling to a hospital as part of a group to do some case study work for my degree in nursing. I was with nine older ladies. I thought were all part of either the hospital or the college. After spending two weeks working in all sorts of jobs at this hospital, we decided to go out and celebrate one evening. We went out, had dinner, and went to a few bars to have some fun.

What happened was essentially a “rape” by these women because once they got me back to the dorm room on campus where we were spending those two weeks, they proceeded to get me drunk. I passed out from the alcohol they continued to give me.

Several of these women picked me up and sat me down on a coffee table where they started to remove my skirt and blouse. They were standing around with drinks in their hands and several of them moved up close to me to undress me. I remember being on my back on the table and having these hands all over me. I remember telling them “please kartal çıtır escort don’t do this.” I was scared to death when I felt the zipper on my skirt being undone. All I could do was say “no.”

When they had removed my panties, the ringleader got down the floor in front of my thighs. My legs were pulled back to my chest and they held me on the table for her to have what she later referred to as “taking her turn” with me orally. They placed a rolled up towel under my bottom to prop me up higher so I was off the table and my head was downhill. From this position, I was completely vulnerable and exposed and they took full advantage of that while they held me down by my wrists and ankles.

All I was allowed to keep on was my girdle and nylons. I remember tossing my head and clenching my toes while this woman worked me over pretty hard with her tongue. The others just hovered about the table and cheered this woman on as she ate me. When she finished, she got up.

Another kadıköy yabancı escort woman moved in and started eating me. She was a real pig about it, slurping me pretty violently. It went on for hours. One would force me into an orgasm by eating me and then I would have that orgasm and shake. Then another would take place eating me.

All of the women in that room that night had oral sex with me. I was forced into giving them my orgasms. It didn’t matter that I was young. They loved that because I could not resist them.

After they finished with me, I was allowed to sit up on the table and get my composure back as they poured me another drink and I had to endure everything yet again while laying on the coffee table. They just ate me over and over and I was powerless to stop it.

Since there are so many of women in the group, this went for hours. They played “ping pong” with me sexually. Two or more of them got between my thighs and ate me out at the same kadıköy genç escort time. Even though I resisted at first, I could not hold out against two or three women licking and sucking my pussy at the same time.

I rocked my head back and forth, asked them to stop and then rocked my head some more. I kept saying, “You shouldn’t be doing this to me!” But the women just moved in close to me down. Eventually my body responded against my will. My toes began to clench, my big toe crossing the second toe. Finally, I started to grind my pussy against the face of the woman eating me out.

These women were so much older than me that I felt intimidated and gave in once I was surrounded at the table. One woman, a dyke called Brenda, had a tongue stud with a long post with little spikes on the stud ball. She gave me my first wild, screaming orgasm. They also used a battery powered “egg” with a thin cord. It was buried in my cunt and turned on to a low setting while they continued to eat me out.

When they finished with me her, 4 hours had gone by. I had been eaten by all the women, sometimes together three at a time, giving me huge orgasms. I felt sick with shame. But after that, I often went back to the group, having become addicted to the sex. I eventually became a lesbian sex slave to two of the women in the group.

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