Sue Ann (Swan) Ch. 02

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Cute Asian

I am finally ready to release chapter 2. The most common comment on my first submission was that it was too short. This one is a bit longer. Also I missed a few typos in the first chapter, so I set this aside for awhile when it was done. Then went back and proof read it carefully. So hopefully I caught all the mistakes this time.

I really appreciate the comments especially the ones that gave me such good advice. Please continue letting me know what you think.

++Private No-one++

Swan and I remained close and we often spent time doing normal brother and sister things, until the summer break after I graduated high school. My father was a traditionalist and every year he insisted on taking a two week summer vacation with the family. The problem was he always chose some place across the country and since we never had the money to fly, we always drove. My father felt that it gave the family time to bond.

The year before I graduated, my older sisters except for Swan were all moved out and Swan and I had jobs that would not let us have the time off so my mother and father went with my two younger sisters (I told you I came from a large religious family). Sadly, that was before the sleep over and before I realized how sexy Swan was. The summer after I graduated I planned to use the same excuse that I could not get off work hoping Swan and I could be home alone again. That way I could try to peek on her again or maybe more (at least in my fantasies). Swan however, had other plans.

A few months before the trip, she had finally decided what college she wanted to go to and had started the paperwork for entrance. In addition she had decided that she wanted to go on one last family vacation before going off to college. So she quit her job and made arrangements to go on the family trip. My father was ecstatic. When Swan told me about it she pointed out that if I stayed home I’d be all alone and she also pointed out that she would have no one to really hang out with. My younger sisters were 9 and 12 and while Swan and I enjoyed playing games with them, we also enjoyed more intellectual discussions and debates with each other. So after some begging on her part and pretending that I didn’t want to go on my part I agreed to talk to my boss and get some time off. Since I had been working there since I was 15, the manager didn’t even argue about.

When we took these trips, my father would always take the scenic routes and plan lots of side trips (like the corn museum) so in order to stay on schedule we often got up well before sunrise to get on the road. That worked out great for us because my mother and father were both early risers, so they were happy to be on the road by before sunrise. My sisters and I were all night owls and typically during the summer didn’t go to sleep until midnight if not later. So we would shower before getting ready for bed and when it was time to get up in the morning we just climbed in the van and went back to sleep. We would finally wake up around 9:00 or 10:00 when we would stop for breakfast.

The night before we left we packed everything in the back of the minivan and setup ‘our seats’ with pillows, blankets, books, walkman and tapes, travel games, and anything else we thought we might want or need. My younger sisters would tend to get more rowdy, so my parent made them sit in the front row of the minivan and Swan and I shared the back row which was a little larger so we had a little more room to stretch out. Using the excuse that it would be easier to get us all up in the morning, my sisters and I all made pallets in the family room the night before the trip. As usual, we played board games until after 11:00 (none of which I won) then decided to try to get some sleep.

Hoping to take advantage of the situation, I had setup my pallet next to Swan’s hoping she would fall asleep first. My younger sisters were already very tired and quickly fell asleep. Swan and I stayed up a little longer talking about the trip and how nice it was to have the summer off for a change. Eventually Swan was yawning more than talking, so we said good night. I waited what felt like forever until I heard her breathing become deep and steady. There was a night light on for my youngest sister so I had a pretty good view of Swans chest rising up and down. I waited a bit longer then stretched out my left arm and brushed my hand across the top of Swan’s nearest breast. I didn’t really feel much more than the sheet and night shirt that was covering it but I imagined I felt a lot more. Seeing no reaction from her I rested my hand a little heavier on her breast. This time I clearly felt the swell of her breast and her breathing push against my palm. My other hand slid inside my loose shorts that I sleep in and I started to stoke my cock as it grew rigid. I slowly rubbed my left hand in a circle on top of Swan’s breast until I felt her nipple harden against my hand. I was going very slow and gentle because I didn’t want to wake her up. Meanwhile my right hand was steadily rubbing my cock. I had felt up other girls, but the illicit nature of her being asleep and even more that she was my illegal bahis sister quickly caused pressure to build until I exploded with a mind numbing orgasm. I was so tired that I fell asleep with one hand under my blanket and inside my shorts, on my slowly softening cock and the other resting on Swan’s soft breast for all to see. I got very lucky because at some point during the night Swan rolled over on her stomach and when our parent’s woke us up my hand appeared to be resting innocently across her back.

Still half asleep we all rolled up our pallets and each in turn stumbled or staggered into one of the 2 bathrooms on the main floor to get dressed for the trip. Then we all piled into the minivan and other than my parents we all immediately went back to sleep. I started to wake up a few hours later with the sun in my eyes, but I was very comfortable so I just took my time regaining consciousness. As I did I slowly realized that Swan’s legs were tangled up with mine and I felt her soft shins against my lower thighs. Not wanting to lose that feeling I remained still until she woke up 20 or 30 minutes later.

By then my younger sisters were stirring too so my father announced we would be stopping for breakfast. The rest of the day was your typical family trip with my parents chatting all day and with my sisters and me playing a variety of travel games or reading and even occasionally napping. When we stopped for supper we also found a motel. As usual for us kids the important feature of a motel is a pool and the important thing for our parents is the cost. So we ended up in a motel that was relatively unoccupied but had a small pool.

By the time supper was done and everything was settled in the room, we still had a couple hours of light left. So my sisters and I all decided to go swimming while our parents rested in the room. Swan and I promised to keep an eye on the younger ones but we had all been swimming since we were very young so we could all just relax and have fun. I’d love to tell you that Swan changed into a really sexy bikini but as I stated earlier, our parents were very religious and the girls all had one piece suits and while I had swim trunks, I was also required to wear a t-shirt (as I said VERY religious).

What I can tell you is that Swan’s swim suit was a few years old so it was a bit small on her. She was able to avoid our parents noticing because she wore a robe over it when not in the pool. Being the only guy, I changed into my swim suit first then waited out by the pool for my sisters to join me and it is a good thing I did. I was in the pool treading water when Swan and my sisters arrived and Swan set her robe on one of the chairs by our towels. As I watched her slip off her robe I noticed just how small her suit was. The first thing I noticed was her breasts being pushed together and up forming a deep valley of cleavage. The second caused an instant tent in my swim trunks. Between her legs her pussy lips were outlined clearly as the fabric was pulled tight against them and just as thrilling was a few wisps of neatly trimmed hair visible along the edge of her suit. I dove underwater and swam to the edge using that time to adjust my cock trying to hide the tent. I pulled my trunks down just a little to trap my hard on under the waistband. I hoped my t-shirt would keep it mostly hidden from view.

All 3 of my sisters dove in the pool and we began playing typical pool games. One game my younger sisters loved playing was jousting. I’ve don’t know what it is really called but that is what we called it. My youngest sister sat on my shoulders and my other little sister sat on Swan’s shoulders and we would try to knock the others over and they would try to knock us over. Due to me still trying to keep my hard on from escaping my waistband and causing a tent in my shorts, my youngest sister and I lost most of the time that night. After awhile we decided to play Macro Polo. This was the game I was hoping to play from the start.

(In case you are unfamiliar with the game one person is ‘it’ and has to keep their eyes closed. That person calls out ‘Marco’ and everyone else has to reply ‘Polo’. Then the person that is ‘it’ has to try and grab and identify someone. If they get it right the captured person becomes ‘it’. As long as you keep your eyes closed you can use any tactic you want.)

I volunteered to be ‘it’ first and tried to focus on ‘capturing’ Swan without making it look like I was targeting her only. I would be too slow to catch my younger sisters and when Swan was close I’d lunge for her. The first few times, I nearly captured her. Once my fingers barely missed but dragged along what felt like her breasts. My thoughts were confirmed by the giggles of my little sisters and the gasps from Swan as she dove backwards and sideways to get away. After a few minutes I felt that I had Swan cornered so I dove underwater intending to wrap my arms around her waist or legs as she tried to dive away. I was then going to push up out of the water causing her to lose balance or ideally be wrapped in a bear hug that she could not escape. I was expecting her to dive one direction illegal bahis siteleri but she leapt the opposite direction. So instead of grabbing her waist or both legs, one of my arms circled her waist and the other came up between her legs as I pushed up out of the water her pussy pressed hard against my arm and to keep herself from falling backwards she threw her arms around me and pulled my head into her breasts. It was only for a few moments but I was in heaven. When we both realized she was fairly caught and that she could not get away, I identified her and reluctantly released my grip.

We played for another 15 or 20 minutes without anything else ‘exciting’ happening. All of us had been ‘it’ several times. Then when Swan was ‘it’ she tried something similar to my first capture of her and I think she cheated and had her eyes open because she managed to grab me exactly the way I had grabbed her. As her arm brushed my cock it started to grow hard instantly and there is no way she could not have felt it. As she surfaced she had a surprised look on her face and it was not until my younger sister called out asking if Swan knew who it was that she overcame her shock and identified me. We were just getting ready to start the next round when the manager came over and said it was sunset and time to close the pool. I let my sisters get out first so that they would be busy drying off as I climbed out and grabbed my towel hiding my hard on. As we went back to the room I was doing math in my head and thinking of anything I could to get my mind off Swan. While my sisters were inside changing, I stayed out and sat in a chair not far from the door of our motel room. I had claimed I didn’t want to get the beds or carpet wet of the room wet while waiting my turn to change.

I’m not sure how long it was that I was sitting out there but after awhile Swan poked her head out the door and said it was my turn. I jumped in the shower and put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt that I had brought for sleeping in. Typically when we go on these trips we bring in the pillows and blankets from the car and make pallets on the floor for anyone that are not getting a bed, since I’m the only guy, that typically means me. That trip however turned out different as my Mother explained after I got out of the shower. She said that Swan didn’t want to go to bed that early and didn’t want to keep my parents up either, so she asked if she could sleep in the minivan. My father immediately said no it was too dangerous for her to sleep outside. So my mother suggested I sleep out there too for protection (I have studied martial arts since grade school). Who was I to argue with my parents? Besides, the seats in the minivan were more comfortable than the floor of a motel.

I wanted to know what Swan had been thinking about in the pool but I was too nervous to ask and she must have been too because she didn’t bring it up either. We talked for awhile about plans when we were at college and dreams of our future beyond that but little else until we decided to read until we fell asleep. Although I never got past the chapter I was on. I kept rereading passages and losing my place because I kept thinking about Swan just out of arms reach in a night shirt and panties. I gave Swan the back seat because it was longer and if someone was stupid enough to try anything they’d have to come past me. The back of the minivan behind the back seat was stuffed with luggage and no one could get past that without waking me up. I know I had said that everyone in our family were heavy sleepers, however when I’m not in a familiar setting I become a very light sleeper. That left the seat where my younger sisters had been sitting as my ‘bed’. I was disappointed that I could not see or reach Swan while lying down and my mind raced through a variety of perverted ideas, but they were all sure to get me caught.

Swan turned off her book light and was asleep long before I was even tired. I waited until I felt she was sound asleep and lightly called her name to see if she was awake. Getting no response I popped my head over the back of the seat and panned my book light across her sleeping figure. Because of the warm weather she had not bothered with the light blankets we had brought for napping so her bare legs were in plain view. They seemed so soft and silky looking, but were just out of reach. Just then Swan rolled over onto her side facing away from me. The motion caused her night shirt to ride up and I saw her perfectly curved ass. I had been expecting it to be covered by wide ‘granny’ panties that I saw in the laundry but instead she was wearing a thong. I instantly went hard and reached for my cock stroking it wishing I could reach Swan’s ass without waking her. I released my cock and slowly rolled to the floor trying not to shake the minivan. Then I had an inspired idea. I quietly cleared off the seat and laid the back of the seat forward so it was flat. Then I piled the pillows and blankets on top of the now flat bench seat. In the morning I’d just claim it was more comfortable because the armrests were no longer in the way (and as it happened that turned out canlı bahis siteleri to be the truth). Now I was able to lie down and see Swan clearly as well as reach her if I dared.

She had stirred a little while I was adjusting the bench seat, so I waited a bit until I was sure she was sound asleep again. After a while I reached over and brushed my fingers across her bare ass. When I was sure there was no reaction I slid one finger between her legs tracing the center of her thong. There was a brief reaction from Swan and I froze fearing I was caught, but after a few minutes she was breathing deep again so I slid my finger forward some more. I could feel her pussy lips through her thong; I was refraining from stroking my cock because I was afraid that I’d either make too much noise or cum too soon. I wasn’t sure which I feared most, but I felt ready to explode just from the pressure of my shorts on my hard shaft and the excitement of feeling Swan’s hot slit even if it was through panties.

I started to slide my finger up and down her panty clad lips as I imagined her having a wet dream about me. After a few moments I quit caring if I was caught I just wanted to rub her clit until she came. I slid my finger deeper between her legs until I felt the top of her slit and knew I had found her clit. So far she did not appear to have woken up but I was starting to feel some moisture soaking through her thong. She started to breath deeper and I was about to pull away when her legs locked my hand in place as her thighs began to spasm. I couldn’t believe it I really had made my sister cum. After a few minutes her legs relaxed and I gingerly pulled my hand back and stuck my fingers in my mouth. My sister tasted incredibly sweet and tangy at the same time. As I sucked my fingers I watched her closely to see signs that she was awake and recognized what happened. But if she was, then she was a great actress because it seemed to me she was still asleep. I quickly stroked myself to orgasm and rolled over to go to sleep.

As usual, before dawn, my father was ready to hit the road. He knocked on the window to warn us he was opening the door and I was awake in an instant suddenly worried I had been caught. I gave my excuse about the bench seat and restored it to its normal position so my younger sisters could go back to their chosen spots. Swan and I went into the restroom just long enough to pee and get dressed for the day. She was smiling and said she slept great but gave no indication that she knew what happened the night before. Later that day when my younger sisters were napping, she was still smiling and I made some teasing comment about her having a good dream and she replied that she had had the best dream ever. I got scared and excited at the same time. Was she telling me she was awake and enjoyed it or did she honestly think it was a dream. I pressed for details to see if I could get a clue as to which it might be. She blushed and said she dreamed of her senior prom date and refused to go into more detail. I remembered her senior prom because she was all smiles and giggles for nearly a week afterward.

I was stunned, could I have been so lucky that she actually did think it was a dream instead of me being a perverted brother? I promised myself that I would not push my luck and I would not do that again. I can’t seem to keep any of my New Year resolutions either, so I was not shocked later that day when I found myself breaking that resolution already. What did surprise me is how huge of a risk I was taking.

Swan and I had both dozed off and were sharing a light blanket because the air conditioner was on. When I first woke up I was lying against Swan’s shoulder and she was already awake and reading. I pretended to still be asleep and shifted a couple times as if tossing in a dream. I let my hand fall to Swans thigh under the blanket. She was wearing long loose shorts so I mainly felt the fabric. I left my hand there for awhile then shifted again which ‘inadvertently’ pulled my hand higher on her thigh. The natural curve of her leg and gravity pulled my hand down between her legs. I paused again waiting for her to move my hand but she just continued to read. Then every time the minivan hit a bump I used that as an excuse to move my hand higher on her thighs until I felt my pinkie bump against the crotch of her shorts. I was really nervous and fully expected her to move my hand any minute. I forced myself to remain relaxed as if sleeping, keeping my breathing deep and steady.

Fortunately for me we hit a section of road construction that left the road very bumpy, so I used that and shortly had the back of my hand flat against the crotch of her shorts rubbing against it with every bump in the road. After a few minutes I could hear Swan’s breathing change and I realized she had not turned a page in her book in quite a while. I could feel the heat from her pussy even through her shorts. After a few minutes the construction ended and the road smoothed out and I didn’t have an excuse to bounce my hand anymore. I was going to leave my hand there just enjoying the heat against my hand but just then one of my younger sisters started talking to Swan. Swan immediately shifted in her seat and slid her arm under my hand. Since it was clear I would not be able to try that again anytime soon, I used my little sister’s talking as an excuse to ‘wake up’.

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