Suburban Submission Ch. 03

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The following is a work of erotic fiction featuring lesbian submission and domination. It is a short story directly following Suburban Submission Chapter Two, which I recommend reading before this. Chapter Four will be back up to the usual length, but I liked this bit of the story so much I thought it could stand alone…

Jenny arrived at home before anyone else, and ran straight into the shower. Under the hot spray, she scrubbed her hair to get out the mud and grass that had been rubbed in as she was fucked on the ground by Karen and her friends. Once her hair was clean, she took her favourite shower cream, with ylang-ylang and cinnamon, and began to clean herself. Her hands roamed over the body she had spent so many years keeping in shape, cleaning her breasts and between her thighs with extra care.

Slowly, as her head cleared, she became aware of messages from her body – the dull aches in her pussy and her ass; the stretched muscles in her thighs and her jaw; the mild tingling of her shoulders. Looking around, she saw a slight pinkness to her shoulder blades.

Well, at least that was something she could work on, she thought to herself. Shutting the shower off, she wrapped herself in a towelling robe and went through to her bedroom.

Jenny sat on the bed with her best moisturiser for her face, and rich body butter for the rest of her. After delicately stroking the moisturiser over her high cheekbones and smooth forehead, she flipped the robe off to sit nude on the bed.

She took the body butter, and began to thoroughly smooth it into her skin, rubbing the creamy substance into the slightly sensitive skin of her back, where she had caught the sun. Then, she rubbed it over her arms, before moving down to her breasts. She sighed slightly – she had always been proud of her boobs; always jutting upwards, firm and proud. She had taken good care of them, wearing well-designed support underwear, and regularly using body butter or other creams to keep the skin supple.

Jenny had thought that only her husband would see her naked breasts after they were married, and kind of liked the idea that they were special to him. But now, they had been admired and caressed by a group of women – strangers, apart from Karen. She wasn’t really sure how she felt about that really – she knew she should have hated it; she should have been angry – insanely angry – but she couldn’t deny how good it had felt; how many orgasms she had had as the women played with her body.

Jenny had never had a sexual thought about women before, and wasn’t really sure how to handle what she had experienced today. Despite what it looked like she was doing in the video that Karen had dug up from her past, Jenny had really been pretty unaware of what was happening that night. She and her friends had gone out in the city, gotten drunk with a bunch of guys, and ended up smoking dope and kissing each other. And more…

But that had been drunken stupidity, a bit of a laugh at the time, and a huge embarrassment afterwards. Jenny had thrown herself back at Kyle after that night, quickly marrying him, and never really dealt with the experiences which she had had.

She certainly göztepe genç escort had never looked at another woman sexually before, but these last two days – especially today! As she ran greasy fingers along her smooth legs, Jenny remembered the bodies of the women that afternoon – Karen’s dark figure holding Jenny naked on her lap; the mature softness of Mistress Mort; the long legs and small high breasts of Mistress Gray; and particularly the curved pertness of the beautiful young Miss Quick…

Jenny’s eyes had closed, and she lay back on the bed, the fingers of one hand gently stroking between her legs…a single nail stimulating the outer lips of her pussy…advancing alongside a second finger into her already wet pussy…

Her breathing quickened as she stimulated herself, fingers pressing in until her knuckles pressed against her clitoris…

The jangling phone shocked Jenny out of her trance, and she jumped up in a panic before realising what the sound was. She took a moment to calm herself before picking up the phone.

“Hello?” she said as calmly as she could.

“Hello, Jenny” came Karen’s voice, her husky tones drawling softly. “I looked out of the front window and saw you were still all alone. And I didn’t want my close friend to be lonely…”

“Um…thank you Karen. I’m fine” said Jenny, a little too quickly.

“Really? Because you sound a bit out of breath – what were you doing?” came the reply.

“Just, um, showering. My hair was all grassy,” said Jenny half-truthfully.

Karen wasn’t fooled at all. “Really?” she asked again, wonder in her tone. “Because I think you were doing something else…”

“I was… Moisturising – I’m a bit sunburnt on my shoulders,” said Jenny desperately.


Jenny didn’t answer.

“And where were you ‘moisturising’ when I called? Where, exactly, were your fingers?” came Karen’s relentless probing.

Jenny tried to think of an answer, but she knew Karen had guessed the truth somehow, just from listening to Jenny speak.

“I was… They were… In my… In my pussy, Karen” said Jenny, dejectedly.

“Ah, ah, ah!” came a warning tut.

“I mean Miss Mulder. In my pussy, Miss Mulder.”

“I knew it!” came Karen’s crowing voice. “Never try and get away with that again, my little slave-slut! I can read you like a book. Are you naked?”

Jenny nodded. “Yes Miss Mulder.” she said sheepishly.

“Have you got a speakerphone in your bedroom?” Karen asked.

Jenny had to look to see. “Yes”

“Put me on speakerphone and get on the bed.”

Jenny did this, sitting cautiously on the bedside.

“So Jenny, has Kyle seen your pussy since you shaved it?” asked Karen.

“No – he got home late last night, and was tired.”

“Hmmmm. Has he ever asked you to shave it?”

“When we were younger I shaved, before having the kids.”

“So it’s been a while then. Tell me about your sex life…”

“It’s – its fine. Good. We have sex most weekends” said Jenny with embarrassment.

“Sounds a bit stale, don’t you think? Does he go down on you?”

“No. Not for a long time.”

“I göztepe olgun escort bet you’d like him to, though.”

“Yes,” said Jenny honestly.

“Did you like it when Tessa went down on you this afternoon?”

Jenny hesitated, but after a warning prompt from the speaker phone, admitted the truth.


“What were you thinking about when you were playing with yourself just now?”

Jenny thought about lying, but knew that Karen would see straight through her.

“I was thinking about this afternoon. I was thinking about the sex. About all the naked bodies.”

“And that was getting you hot?”

“Uh-huh. I was remembering Miss Quick’s body, and her breasts.”

“Are you touching yourself?”


“Start touching yourself, like you were earlier. Then keep telling me what you were thinking.”

Jenny’s traitorous fingers slid to her pussy, and she lay back on the bed with a sigh.

“I was remembering Miss Quick… Kneeling in front of me… Her tongue in my pussy whilst… Whilst Mistress Gray played with my bottom.”

Jenny lifted her fingers from her damp slit to run them gently across her clitoris with a soft sigh.

“What was she doing with your bottom?” asked Karen. Jenny could almost hear her grinning, but hardly cared.

“She put her fingers in. Into my bottom. Playing with me…”

Jenny was using two hands now; one to tease her clitoris, and the other to delve deep into her wet, hungry pussy.

“Did you enjoy that?” came the inevitable question.

“Yes,” Jenny replied, sighing as her fingers slid in and out between her wet lower lips.

“And what about later? When you were kneeling down with me behind you…”

Jenny swallowed hesitantly, not wanting to admit it.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes” said Jenny with a slight sob. Her fingers moved faster as the words spilled out. “It was amazing. Being fucked by you… I was so turned on… I came so hard…”

“Being watched by my friends as you came.”

“Yes.” said Jenny, her breath rising. “I was so turned on…” she repeated, arching slightly off the bed.

“Jenny, I want you to ‘Flaunt’ yourself for me… Put your head near the phone.” Karen ordered.

Jenny stopped her scissoring fingers for a moment, and then pulled them out with a pop. Karen had taught her that command earlier today – a specific position she had to adopt.

Obediently, she rolled onto her knees, placing her head on the pillows. She brought her legs up and her belly down, knees wide apart, her nude ass sticking up in the air.

“Are you in the position?” came Karen’s voice.

“Yes.” said Jenny breathlessly.

“Good. Now, put your fingers back into your pussy.”

Jenny did as she was told with a soft moan as she pushed three sticky fingers into her pussy.

“Push them in and out. Tell me how it feels”

“Oh! It feels good. So good.” In and out, in and out.

“You’re naked, on your knees for me, fucking yourself for me, imagining they’re my fingers sliding into you. Tell me how good that makes you feel.”

“Ahhh… It feels göztepe şişman escort so good… Being fucked by you… So good…”

Jenny was quickly losing herself. It was so easy for her now, so soon after Karen had blackmailed her, to just forget about that, and just enjoy being submissive to her dominant black neighbour. She could really believe it was Karen’s fingers in her pussy, driving into her G-spot, knuckles rubbing her clit…

“Put the fingers of your other hand in your mouth. Then put them behind you…”

Jenny obeyed, guessing with excitement what was coming.

“Push two fingers into your ass. Fuck your ass for me…”

Jenny gasped as she pushed the first two fingers of her left hand against the tight ring of her bottom. She focussed on relaxing her tight anus, and with just a little more effort, her moistened fingers slid inside. Now, she was pumping both of her holes; one hand behind her back to reach her ass, the other under her belly as it rubbed at her pussy.

“Have you got your fingers in your ass, Toy?” came Karen’s voice. She sounded a little breathless.

“Yes! Yes, Miss Mulder…”

“Imagine it’s me behind you…I’m pushing my fingers in your ass… Stroking your clitoris…pumping in and out of your gaping, wet pussy…”

Jenny gasped. As she masturbated herself, her neighbour’s voice washed over her, and she pictured Karen kneeling naked behind her, playing with her, getting ready to fuck both her holes at once with her strap-on dildo…

“Are you thinking of me?”

“God yes! Behind me! Ready to fuck me… Fuck me hard!”

“Do you want me to fuck you, Jenny? To slip my rubber cock into your pussy, your ass, and your mouth?”

“Yes!” cried Jenny. “I want you to fuck me so much!” she begged.

“What will you do for me, slave” asked Karen.

“Anything…please…please make me come…”

“I will, Jenny. I’ll fuck you so good, your head will spin. I’ll make you beg for more. I’ll make you my slave, and you’ll thank me. You’ll suck my pussy, and push your tongue into my ass. You’re going to do whatever I want, and you’re going to love it. Aren’t you?”

Jenny couldn’t think of anything but her impending orgasm, already beginning to crest over her.

“Yes, Miss Mulder… I’ll do anything… Whatever you want…please make me come” she begged.

There was several seconds pause whilst Jenny thrust fingers in and out of herself blindly, before the answer came.

“You can come now, slave”

Jenny’s reserve broke, and a massive orgasm swept over her. She screamed as surging currents ran through her body from head to toe, her whole being consumed in the inferno. She bucked and kicked, fingers finally coming free as she spasmed against the bed.

Jenny lay gasping, and across the phone she heard that Karen was panting too, hearing her groan as her own orgasm played out.

They lay for a minute, listening to each other breathe, before Karen spoke.

“Slave, I want you to put your pussy fingers in your mouth. Lick them clean.”

Without hesitation, Jenny did what she was told. A warm, tangy flavour filled her mouth, and she sucked greedily. Her own juices tasted even better than those of Karen, or Mistress Gray. She moaned with pleasure as Karen spoke again.

“Well, it seems you’ll have to shower again, dear. But first, we need to talk about you showing your husband some of the new things you’ve been learning…”

To be continued…

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