Submissive College Life Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age. This story continues where it left off from Chapter 1.


I walked across the campus grounds heading for the alumni dinner that I was asked to attend. Trying to walk briskly to avoid being seen as little as possible, wearing the scanty maid’s uniform that Miss Riley gave me to wear. I could feel the breeze tickling my clitoris and my perky nipples, as I felt myself reaching a fever pitch as I approached the door.

Miss Bannister answered the door as I was blushing profusely, while her eyes appraised my scantily clad body approvingly. “Come in Miss March, we are about to begin dinner.”

I followed her into the dining room where Miss Riley and 2 women who were in their early 40’s and one was in her late 50’s, watched me as I was led to the table.

Miss Riley stood up, and said, “Hello Julie. I would like you to meet our guests of honor. She grabbed my arm and guided me to the first lady.

“This lady before you is Miss Carol Richards. Carol this is Julie, who will be assisting us tonight,” she stated.

As she walked me to the next seated lady, I felt a hand slip under my skirt and squeeze my ass. I blushed but looked at the next woman, who was introduced as Miss Charlene Richards. She looked about the same age as Carol did, and that they had the same last name, surprised me. Both women were rather slim but very pretty. When Miss Riley led me to the next lady which was older, I felt fingers slip between my legs from behind, and slid through the slit of my pussy. I could feel my already hot pussy gush even more. Then I was introduced to Miss Cindy Richards, who gave me her hand to kiss. She had a few extra pounds, but looked beautiful for her age. Then I was led to the kitchen, where Miss Bannister was awaiting us. I kept wondering about all three women having the same last name.

Miss Bannister explained, “These are the women we need to impress tonight, for their endowment will mean a lot for this college. And I know you look puzzled Julie, but Cindy is the mother, and Charlene and Carol are her daughters. They all attended this college, and Cindy is a very rich woman, making millions in the lingerie business. Her husband passed away years ago leaving her a fortune and the business. As a matter of fact, your uniform that you have graced us with tonight is her creation.”

Miss Riley added, “We will need you to attend to anything they may need tonight. We have a staff to serve the dinner, but you will obey anything that is asked of you tonight. We can help you graduate from this school, if you persuade these women to donate. So let’s go out and have dinner and see what develops, shall we?”

The three of us returned to the table, where I was seated between the mother and Miss Riley. The table was at least 12 feet long by 6 feet wide I surmised. Soon we were eating, the conversation mostly about our college and world affairs. I seldom spoke unless I was spoken to, but looked down at my food picking at it. But I was aware that Cindy made sure to put her hand on my thigh or rub her legs against mine as often as possible as she remained very close to me.

When dinner was completed, I was surprised when Cindy Richards placed my right hand into her lap. She had raised her skirt and my hand rested on her panties. She guided my hand up and down over her mound, then took her hand away. My fingers acted on their own will and continued to caress her through her panties. Then I felt Miss Riley reach over and pull my bodice down, freeing my breasts. All the women at the table watched as she reached up and began to tease my nipples. I sat like this as still as possible, turning Mrs. Richards on with my hand as Miss Riley pinched and pulled my hardened nubs.

I soon felt hands on my face from behind, as Carol Richards pulled my face around. She placed her lips on mine, kissing me hard. Her tongue soon found it’s way into my mouth, and I began squirming from the heat of my body turning me on further.

Then Miss Bannister clapped her hands, bringing me out of my contented stupor. “Okay ladies, it’s time for dessert. Miss Marsh will have her dessert now!”

Miss Riley had me stand, as she removed my uniform. I was stripped of my modesty, as I stood there being observed by five women who needed my services. Then she guided me along into her parlor, with the ladies following. I was taken to a large settee, where I was placed on my knees before them.

I watched as all five women began to disrobe. My eyes followed their movements as soon underwear, and then breasts, and then finally their pussies were revealed. Then all five women walked over to the settee, and sat down. I was directly in front of the mother, as she slowly spread her legs for me. She slipped her finger over her pussy, and then beckoned me closer.

I now was so close, I could smell her womanly scent. She stuck her finger inside her, then pulled it out and tasted it. I watched as she seductively bostancı elit escort bayan teased me, and I could feel my heated pussy begin to drip. My passion for her seduction was too much, and I leaned forward and kissed her mound. Her hands soon enveloped my head, as I kissed her thighs and her pussylips.

“She makes a good student, doesn’t she Mrs. Richards,” stated Miss Riley. “She will definitely get ahead in this school!”

I soon had my tongue busy, pleasing this older woman. I knew that to please her was to help out our college. I teased her clitoris, nibbling and licking it. She in turned pulled my head tighter against her. Then I felt someone behind me. Fingers started slipping into my pussy from behind, but I didn’t know which lady was pleasuring me. My tongue and lips then worked my beneficiary harder, as she squirmed around on the sofa.

Then I felt her raise her ass off the sofa, and she said out loud, “What a sweet bitch you are Julie. Lick that cunt. Lick it harder!”

Her wish was my command, my tongue rapidly moving up and down over her clit. She raised up one last time, then I tasted her essence on my tongue. I lapped the nectar up as I felt those fingers from behind me rubbing my clit harder, and I came with Cindy. I kept with her body movements until she finally shivered, and then sank back into the cushions. My pussy kept pushing back onto those fingers until I finished my orgasm.

I pulled myself from between her legs, and looked behind me to see Miss Bannister. I smiled as I was laid down on the floor by Cindy’s two daughters. Then I watched as Carol stood over me, then lowered herself, facing away from my face.

I was surprised as she sat forward, and she hovered about an inch from my face. But she had her ass directly over my face. I thought this must be an oversight on her part, until she reached back and spread her cheeks. My eyes took in her anus, which was so close to my nose. I could smell it, which really didn’t have much of an odor to my great relief. As I stared, she brought it closer.

Carol urged me, “Go on Julie. I know you want to. I want you to love my ass you sweet slut!”

My tongue tentatively slid up to her pucker, and the taste was a little stale, but otherwise not bad. My instincts took over as my tongue now circled her anus, while she moved her ass back and forth over my face. While I was doing this dirty deed to her, I felt her sister sitting on me, and I felt our two mounds against each other. Charlene began to grind her pussy against mine, which once again was making me hot, as I raised my hips to meet hers.

I could hear the two sisters kissing, and I imagined that they were rubbing breasts as my tongue slipped past her sphincter, and slid deep inside her. All three of us were moaning as I teased her anal canal teasingly. Then while Carol was sliding on my face, she slipped back and my tongue went from her anus right into her pussy. She was pushing on my tongue, and I was assailed with her sweet juices. I lapped at them as I could feel my pussy and legs getting wet. I knew Charlene was having her climax, and I in turn had mine with her. We gyrated and soon Carol lifted off of me so I could breathe once again.

My rest was shortlived, as Charlene took my place. She placed her pussy above me, and I reached up and put my arms around her thighs, and brought her to my lips. Then I groaned into her pussy as for the first time in my life, a woman was actually licking my own pussy. I was surprised Carol would do this, but as I began to slide my tongue into Charlene’s soaked mound, Carol whipped her tongue over my clitoris. We kept at it for quite awhile, my face full of Charlene’s wonderful sex, while enjoying Carol’s expert manipulations to mine.

But all too soon good things come to an end, and while Charlene drenched my lips and face with her nectar, I felt Carol take my juices from me. The two sisters collapsed on the floor next to me, then they both began to kiss me, sharing our juices together. We felt each other’s breasts and pressed tight against each other.

I soon looked over and saw Miss Riley and Miss Bannister in a 69. I was surprised to see this, but it was so erotic that it was something I wanted to do. I looked over at Mrs. Richards who was on the settee next to them teasing her pussy with her fingers while watching them perform. She saw my hungry eyes, and got up and came over to me. I laid back down, where she turned around, and we too started to pleasure each other in a sweet 69. I was slipping my tongue up to her anus, and teased it with little circles and swipes, as she moaned while attacking my mound.

I happened to peak over her hip and saw Miss Bannister and Miss Riley in the throes of orgasm. They were both larger women, and the sight of their hot bodies together caused me to orgasm into Cindy’s mouth. She kept riding my face as I slid my tongue now into her pussy. I was surprised to feel a hot breath bostancı çıtır escort over my face, then gasped when her daughter Charlene stuck her tongue right into her mother’s ass. There we were working her mother into a frenzy, while she in turn dove harder into my mound. Watching her daughter plunge her tongue into her anus had my continually coming. We would flick our tongues together, then return to pleasing her mother.

Cindy couldn’t handle our two tongues any longer. She pushed back onto her daughter’s tongue, as I tried to stay with her rapidly moving pussy. She grunted into my mound, then came into my mouth. I drank up her sweet offering, as her daughter now looked down at me smiling. Cindy collapsed next to me, and as I was freed from my wonderful confinement, her daughter leaned down and kissed me. Her tongue entered my mouth, tasting her mother’s juices in my mouth.

We continued pleasuring each other late into the night. I got to savor five delicious women, and in turn I was well spent from them pleasing me. Cindy Richards handed Miss Riley a big check, and the school was set for another year. I headed back to my dorm room, where I collapsed on my bed and fell into a deep slumber.

I awoke when I felt movement on my dorm room bed. I looked up to see my roommate Kristy hovering over me, naked. I rubbed my eyes as I watched her grinning down at me.

“Hi doll, I need your tongue so bad. I know you want to taste my cunt real bad,” she urged me.

I watched her looking at me with those pleading eyes. I grabbed her wrist, and pulled her towards me. I kissed her lips, then laid her on her back. She smiled at me as I crawled between her bent knees.

I laid on my stomach, still wearing my maid’s uniform from the dinner last night. I brought my face to her mound, as I smelled her sweet aroma. My tongue met her pussy, and I began to please my roommate sensously. Her fingers caressed my flowing hair, as I took my time and began my exploration of her pussy. There was no rush like the last time I was with her, it was Saturday and neither of us had any classes. I wanted her to enjoy my pleasuring her.

She blurted out suddenly, “Ohhhh doll, you are a blessing. I never knew I had such a wonderful cunt eater right here in my room. You can eat me anytime! I can learn to love your wicked tongue forever.”

Soon her pussy would hump up and meet my swirling tongue. I would kiss her lower lips, sweet little pecks, then run my tongue between them. She continued to pet and caress me, as I brought her to an blissful release while my tongue sought out her nectar. I lapped up her tasty offering, savoring the sweet juices that flowed onto my tongue.

We laid like that for a while, my face between her legs. I soon had her writhing as I used my tongue and lips to bring her to another orgasm with her body trembling. I watched her, as she mumbled alot. I knew she was on a higher plateau, and my tongue and lips were the reason.

Soon we were sitting next to each other on my bed. We held each other, as she cried on my shoulder. I was surprised by this, for this was the same woman that only two days before wouldn’t even give me the time of day. Even though she was the aggressor, I now felt she needed me and I had some kind of power over her.

She finally pulled away, and held my hands. “I am so sorry for treating you like shit Julie. I know I can be a royal bitch sometimes, but what you do to me with your tongue, just drives me wild. And your submissiveness turns me on. I hope we can be friends, and if you need anything, just let me know.”

We held hands as she kissed me this time. Then she told me, “Today is supposed to be your initiation into our fraternity. I won’t push you to join us, for if it was up to me, you would be a member without question. But Tracy is a bitch, and I am her friend because I am a little afraid of her. I know she has something really naughty set for you to do, so this is your last chance if you want to change your mind and not join us.”

“I stroked her hair and then held her close to me. I whispered in her ear, “I’m a big girl Kristy, I’ll be okay. Just be with me during this initiation, so I will be comforted knowing you are there. Let’s go get some breakfast, then find out what Tracy has in store for me.”

Kristy nodded and we kissed, and soon I was on my way to my next adventure. I was no longer afraid, for I was enjoying my life now. And whether Kristy knew it or not, I was falling in love with her…

Kristy and I had returned to our room, when Tracy came in. She was wearing a long coat, and we both gasped when she unbuttoned it, revealing what she had on underneath. Or should we say lack of much underneath.

She was wearing a black leather corset, which highlighted her large breasts. They were bulging and straining over the top of her corset. I giggled as it looked like her breasts were trying hard on their own, to release themselves from confinement. I looked bostancı elit escort down and covered my mouth to keep from laughing. She wore a strap-on over her black panties. She had also donned knee-hi leather boots. She was definitely showing her authority wearing that outfit! My panties were soaked as I watched this sexy, dominating woman looking back at me.

“Well Julie, it is time. Do you still want to go through with this initiation? If so, follow me,” she told me.

I looked over at Kristy, who gave me that ‘What the hell was that’ look. I shrugged my shoulders and followed Tracy out of our room. Kristy walked with me holding my hand as we made our way to the college gymnasium. When we got there, there were four other girls there that I didn’t know personally, but I knew were in some of my classes.

Kristy continued to hold my hand, and walked me over to a set of floor mats that they used for exercises. They were stacked up about two feet from the floor.

Kristy whispered into my ear, “Trust me Julie. Do as we tell you, don’t question us.”

I nodded, then she leaned me over the mats, removing my maid’s uniform. I was on my knees naked with my breasts on the mats. My head was over the other side of them, when I felt her grabbing my wrists. She quickly was slipping handcuffs over them, and locking them behind my back. When I turned forward, Tracy was standing before me, that damn black dildo waving before me.

Tracy then spoke with authority. She stated, “We are welcoming our new slut Julie. She wants to join our fraternity, and she will be filling her new position if accepted as ‘Head Pussy Slut’. Now fellow members, everyone get naked.”

I watched all around me as Kristy and the other four girls began removing their clothes. I also watched as Tracy took out a tube of lubrication, and began to squeeze it on her strap-on. She worked it around and all over it as I watched, and it soon was glistening. Then she walked up to me, shook it a few times, then walked around behind me.

Five naked women appeared in front of me. They brought over some more mats, stacking them up in front of me. Kristy then laid down on top of it, her hot pussy inches from my face.

“From behind me I heard Tracy ask, “Pussy slut, are you a virgin?” I nodded, then she added, “well, we are about to initiate you into our fraternity. Begin eating your first cunt!”

Kristy moved closer to me, and she pushed her pussy into my face. I couldn’t use my hands because of the cuffs, so it was up to her to feed me. I kissed and nibbled her pussylips, as she began to move harder against my face. Then I felt that monstrous dildo head touch my mound from behind. Tracy slid it up and down between my lower lips, feeling the lube and my now wet juices coating my pussy.

“Okay pussy slut, say goodby to your virginity,” she said matter-of-factly.

Then I grunted into Kristy’s pussy, my tongue slamming deep inside, as that damn large dildo plunged into my pussy. I felt intense pain and my pussy felt like it was being ripped apart as I felt Tracy’s hips slam hard against my ass. Kristy slipped her legs over my shoulders and around my neck, which in effect pinned me so I couldn’t get away if I had really wanted to. Tracy began to slide back out, as I could feel stickiness running down my thighs. I knew it was my mingling warm blood and juices, and I cried out into Kristy’s mound once again as it slammed into me. The pain was intense, as I knew my innocence was lost today.

Soon Tracy fucked me with that thing, driving it deep from behind. I felt the pain beginning to turn to pleasure, as I thought to myself that if I would ever date a guy someday, this would be what it felt like. I turned my attention back to Kristy, and started to lick her with fervor. I soon felt myself pushing back to meet each of Tracy’s thrusts, as my tongue now flicked Kristy’s hard nub.

My pussy spasmed, and I felt an incredible orgasm overtake me. I shuddered to a grinding climax, as my tongue worked Kristy to hers. I was soon lapping up her nectar, as I felt another climax overcome me. I was panting from the thrusts deep inside me, and I screamed out from between Kristy’s legs telling Tracy to keep fucking me.

Kristy was soon replaced by another girl, who knelt over the mats in front of me. She presented her ass to me, spreading her cheeks with her hands. With Tracy continuing to dominate my pussy, I slid my tongue into the girl’s anus. She pushed back at me with a rhythm impaling herself on my tongue as it rode deep into her. I could see her pleasuring herself as I watched her fingers moving up and down her mound between the thrusts of my tongue into her ring. With one last lunge, she shook her ass in my face, and came on her rapidly moving fingers, her anus clutching my tongue inside of her. Tracy meanwhile slammed deep inside me with that dildo again, as I began seeing stars because of my orgasm being so intense. I panted and gasped as my tongue slid out of the girls ass, turning to look over to see Tracy resting against me.

Tracy finally removed herself, and walked around in front of me while pointing at Kristy to go behind me now. Kristy soon stood behind me, awaiting Tracy’s commands. I watched as Tracy slowly removed her strap-on and panties, then laid down on her back in front of me.

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