Su-Ann’s Sister’s Wedding

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Su-Ann had been attracted to her sister’s boyfriend ever since she had met him, but she had never made any advances to him. By agreement, neither sister would hit on the other’s boyfriend while they were dating.

Janeane confided in her sister that Johnny was the best lover she ever had and could do things with his fingers that no one ever came close to. Su was fascinated. She had always had a friendly rapport with Johnny. She thought he and Janeane made a good match, but she joked to him that if her sister had not started dating him, she would have made him ‘a very happy man’.

But Johnny always been devoted to Janeane and Su-Ann would never get far if she tried.

Over the past few weeks, Janeane had been very preoccupied with the details of her approaching wedding. Johnny’s best man, Bevan had a crush on Su-Ann. While she flirted with him, she also made it clear to him it would never lead anywhere. He was delighted to have her as his partner throughout the wedding and reception.

As the day approached, Su Ann began to work on an idea she had. She called Bevan and arranged to have a cup of coffee with him. She asked Bevan about the bucks party he would arrange for his friend. She found out it was to be the approaching Friday night and that it was all arranged. He kept the details to himself, as he did not want unwelcome guests, particularly of the feminine kind.

She agreed that it was a good idea and that he was a good friend to keep to his promises.

Thinking quickly, she told Bevan that a good friend of hers who had a few dates with Johnny some years ago, wanted to see him once before the wedding. The only time her friend had was the morning of the wedding when she would be in town during the morning and be flying out at around 2 o’clock, the same time as the wedding.

‘Who is it?’ Bevan asked her.

‘Johnny can tell you but she wants it to remain a secret until she has seen him. No-body can tell you before the wedding. That way you can’t accidentally let out any details and Johnny will thank you for arranging such a nice surprise for him. If you can make sure they have about twenty minutes together before driving him to the church, I would be very grateful. I’ll make sure we have the best time at the reception. Is that a deal Bevan?’ she asked putting her hand over his.

He became flustered. Although they had flirted plenty of times, she had avoided any physical contact. Her hand on his made him flush deep red.

He stammered, ‘Sure Su-Ann. I’ll set it up for your friend and tell you the details.’

Bevan was as good as his word. Johnny was fascinated and was racking his brain to try and remember who might have liked him in High school, and who he had felt up when he was partying and drunk, but any memories were vague which was exactly what Su-Ann wanted.

On the day of the wedding, as the hour approached, Johnny was almost ready for his wedding and Bevan was waiting in the limousine reading a magazine, wondering what Su-Ann’s friend was like.

Johnny heard the quiet knock on the door. He answered, and saw a tall girl wearing a short mustard coloured skirt and matching top, with black stockings and mustard 4 inch high heeled shoes, but his biggest surprise was the mask she wore.

‘Hi Johnny. Surprised? Well the surprise is going to last a bit longer.’ Su-Ann spoke with a lower pitch than her usual voice and to further throw him off her scent, she mispronounced her ‘r’s

Johnny tried to identify the voice but was unable. He racked his brain to remember who spoke with that strange sounding ‘r’ in ‘surprise’, but couldn’t find it.

‘Who are you? I’m bostancı escort bayan embarrassed that I don’t know who you are and you do know me. I’m at a complete disadvantage here.’

‘Don’t worry Johnny. You probably wouldn’t remember me if you saw me. My second name’s Sally, and that’s what every one calls me these days.’

Still there was that funny sounding ‘r’.

‘I called in to have a last long cuddle with you before your wedding. I think Janeane and you will be good together. Bevan tells me she is your first girlfriend.’

‘Well you’re welcome to have a cuddle.’ said Johnny.

‘Before we do, I’ll take off this mask if you put on this blindfold. A little more mystery for you if you’re game.’

Johnnie hesitated. What could this mystery woman have in mind that she has a blindfold ready? He was getting excited at the thought, but her timing was very unusual to choose his wedding day. The longer Johnny thought about it, the more he knew he would play along.

Somewhere on her body she produced a black blindfold and it was a very elaborate one. It had 2 loose pads sewn on the inside to completely cover his eyes and he found himself unable to see anything at all as she tied it behind his head.

‘Now that you can’t see what’s happening, you’ll have to follow my instructions immediately as you’re expected somewhere else very soon. Now stand still with your hands behind your head. That way the hug you get will be all my doing.’

He nervously waited with his hands laced behind his head as instructed, thinking Bevan must have arranged a surprise for his wedding day.

Su-Ann put her arms around her brother-in-law to be, and kissed him firmly full on the lips, holding still and not moving for 10 long seconds before she began licking his lips with the tip of her tongue. He could feel her hands on his neck and gradually releasing him and lightly sliding her hands down his back, she lightly pinched his buttocks while continuing the kiss.

Both were breathing very heavily as she stopped kissing him. She remembering to keep the pretence of the mysterious stranger out of his past, lowering the pitch of her voice she said, ‘Keep perfectly still. I just want you to remember the girl who had a crush on you in high school. In those days, you didn’t know I existed. I think you will remember me after this.’

She released him and waited for another moment of silence, she knelt down in front of him and lowered the zip of his black pants he would be wearing when he married her sister within the next half hour. She groped in his pants for his penis and found a hardened rod that was difficult to release from his underwear.

Undoing the belt and the top button of his trousers, she lowered his pants and stretched his underpants far enough to release his swollen cock, through the hole in his ‘Y’ fronts. She marvelled at its dimensions and imagined it reaming in and out her of sister’s cunt over the last year or so and probably for the next few years at least.

She became determined to taste it, smell it, feel it and experience it in any way she could in the short time they had. She held it in her hand and was about to place her mouth over it.

‘Sally, You can’t. You mustn’t. Oh God Sally. Whatever you do, don’t stop.’

As he felt her mouth close over the head of his pulsating cock, he started moaning loudly. She began licking it like an ice cream. She continued licking it until she could taste the sweet pre-cum oozing copiously from the end of his throbbing penis. Her hand remained holding it at the base as she removed her mouth and turned away.

She commanded ümraniye escort him ‘Stand still Johnny,’ as she turned her back to him, released his penis and reached her hands behind him and moved his hands under her top so he was holding her firm round but smallish tits from behind her back.

Then she grasped his cock again and moved it close to her sopping little cunt and moved it around until the head of his rampant cock located the opening of her hungry sex. She slowly backed onto him as his penis disappeared 4 inches into her.

She said ‘Perfectly still please,’ as she milked his cock with nothing but the twitching muscles of her very athletic vagina. The slowly moving hands on her tits and the sensations between her legs, pushed her over the edge and she realised her sister’s husband-to-be was making her come.

But the talented movements of her twitching cunt had pushed him to a point where he lost control of his actions. He slid his hands down to Su-Ann’s hips and pushed his cock into her to the hilt, then began fucking her like a wild dog fucking a bitch in heat. He howled as he ejaculated gush after gush of cum deep into her tight little cunt howling like a wolf in the wild.

Suddenly aware of the time passing, she said ‘It’s time for you to go and get married Johnny. You can take off your blindfold now.’

He removed his blindfold and she stood in front of him smiling and saying, ‘Hi Johnny. It’s me. I suggest you don’t tell Bevan or anyone in case the rumour finds its way back to Janeane. See you in church.’

The look on his face was priceless. He couldn’t believe he had just fucked his beautiful sister-in-law to be.

She handed him a box of tissues and said, ‘Clean yourself up. You can’t get married smelling like sex.’

She walked away and disappeared into a toilet to smear off the semen dribbling down her legs before getting a taxi to the wedding.

Ten minutes later, as Janeane was driving to the church in the wedding car, Su-Ann sent a text to her sister’s cell phone and with the message, ‘I’m at the church. My shoes are repaired. Sorry I’m late. Couldn’t be helped. Can’t wait to see you. Su. . . x 🙂

Johnny was still on shaky legs when he arrived at the wedding a few minutes before Janeane, but held himself together to answer, ‘I will,’ on cue.

Janeane and the photographer had chosen the pagoda in the gardens for the place where most of the photos would be taken. As Su-Ann and Bevan walked towards the pagoda with the bride and groom, she tickled the palm of his hand and took the occasional opportunity to feel his butt when she thought no one was watching.

By the time the photographs had been taken and the reception was under way, Bevan was a nervous wreck. Su-Ann was going to torture Bevan with every tease she could dream up.

At the wedding reception, she changed the name-tags on the table so that Bevan was sitting between her and the bride. She placed her hand on his leg and ran it lightly up towards his balls, and moved her hands away as she was about to talk to Janeane. She even whispered to her sister to play with his butt when he was making his speech on behalf of the bridesmaid and himself.

By the time he stood up to make his speech, Su-Ann had opened his zipper and had her hand inside his pants and had his enlarged cock struggling for space as she tried to free it from his jocks. She removed her hand but anyone observant enough would have noticed a brief glimpse of his stiff cock through his gaping zipper.

Su-Ann noticed her shoes, which were getting tighter, the longer she wore them. While Bevan was making his escort kartal speech, Su-Ann reached down to loosen the straps on her new repaired shoes.

She noticed the ample space under the table and as the table cloth was draped to floor level, an idea occurred to her. Under the table, she was hidden from view of diners at other tables. She quietly slipped off her chair and crawled under the table. Now was the time to really thank Bevan for arranging time with Johnny earlier that day.

When he finished his short speech and had sat back down in his seat, she started feeling his legs. This was to be the moment she could be caught out engaging in outrageous behaviour that could ruin her sister’s wedding day. Bevan looked under the table and saw Su-Ann smiling up at him. She held her finger over her lips. then winked and he kept quiet.

‘Where’s Su-Ann?’ asked Janeane.

‘She must have gone somewhere during my speech,’ Bevan replied truthfully.

The next few speeches were boring and some far too long. But Bevan was enjoying the reception more than other guests.

Hidden under the table, Su-Ann easily freed his now limp cock from his pants and spread his knees wide apart, then moved between them and went to work in earnest on him. She held the end of his soft member in her mouth while she freed his balls from his clothes with her hands.

As she began playing around with his usually private bits, she was fascinated and pleased to feel his cock swelling up and gaining weight, then delighted to feel it harden in her mouth and hand. She ran her other hand lightly up and down his legs while she alternatively licked and sucked his hardened straining cock.

Bevan didn’t know what good manners were when it came to oral sex. When he started building up to what he knew was going to be an intense climax, he thought coming in Su-Ann’s mouth would be something he should check with her about first and he didn’t want to squirt his cum all over her dress.

Then he realised he was helpless to do anything to stop Su-Ann. He was in no position to have a conversation with her in his present state. Her soft hands and expert mouth had taken him to an orgasm he needed all of his self control to attempt to act as though nothing unusual was going on while all the muscle spasms were driving him to a shuddering orgasm.

Now he had reached a point where he couldn’t stop himself from ejaculating. In a panic, he squirted several long jets of semen straight into her mouth. Su-Ann swallowed every drop, then stopped and moved away from him. He eventually caught his breath and relaxed, wondering how Su-Ann would reappear at the table as sister of the bride.

Su-Ann listened closely to the speeches and when there was a loud explosion of laughter at one of the faux pas from her father, she quickly and quietly emerged from under the table to take her place beside Bevan as if there was nothing out of the ordinary happening.

After the bridal waltz, other couples joined Janeane and Johnny on the dance floor.

Bevan said quietly to Su-Ann, ‘That was wicked behaviour from a bridesmaid under the table of the Wedding Party Su-Ann. What got into you?’

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about Bevan, but whatever you’re thinking, sounds very unseemly to me. You should forget about it straight away.’

‘But, it was the best fun I’ve ever had,’ he spluttered with a large grin on his face.

‘Well good for you, but don’t think you’ll ever get that opportunity again,’ she said.

Later, Janeane asked Su-Ann ‘What were you doing under the table during the speeches sis?’

‘I had to fix a wardrobe malfunction. What better time than when Dad is making a speech? Anything Bevan tells you is confused with his fantasies,’ she replied with a mischievous grin on her face.

It had been quite a day for Su-Ann. She was confident it would be quite a night for Janeane.

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