Stranded on an Island with Daddy

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It had been days since she had any relief. That’s all she could think about while she washed him bathe himself in the jungle’s river. Their plane had landed in the island outskirts and they patiently awaited help. Her father, well not exactly her father per say, had crashed the plane after a freak windstorm destroyed one of the plane’s small wings.

Technically, Sean was not her father. He had adopted her when she was young after he married her mother. Although, she had not spend much time with him, after her mother passed away when she turned nineteen, they quickly became the best of friends. He was after all the only father that he knew.

But, now as she watched him pour water on his abs, she wondered if there might be more there. The tingling in between her legs definitely felt that way. She shuffled impatiently in the sand. She needed relief from the hot sun and the heat that was growing her in her more sensitive area. She slowly peeled off her clothes until she was in her red bikini.

Her father paid her no mind as she swam into the water. She swam close to the shore rocks and floated carelessly in the water. This feels so good, she thought to herself, but the strain of the bikini on her pussy lips made her squirm on occasion. As she floated in the water, she suddenly felt the water shift. She floated carelessly with her eyes closed for some time. After a while she felt the water had shifted and realized she had floated farther from the shore than she liked. It was becoming more aggressive as it jostled her back illegal bahis and forth. She looked out to the shore but she could not see her father. The water pulled her underneath. She tried to push back up but was pushed down with every attempt. Suddenly, she felt a pair of strong arms grabbing at her.

She breathed heavily. The pair of arms were not holding onto her waist as they attempted to keep her above water. She turned around and realized with relief that it had been her father that had saved her. He was now attempting to bring them both back to shore safely. She coughed relentlessly, her body contorting against her father. Her back was to him and she could not help but feel the outline of his member. Without even thinking she pressed against and breathed loudly and she felt its outline against her tight bikini bottom.

They still had some length to get to the shore and she relished in the small amount of pleasure pressing into his crotch was giving her. Her father was more concerned with getting them to shore that he did not notice her pressing against him with more force. Sometimes she would rub against him. She felt herself quietly approach an orgasm and she realized her father’s member was beginning to harden. She pressed into him even farther.

“Dont” he warned her. She turned around to find a pained look on his face. As they made eye contact, she felt him harden even more.

“Daddy, I-” the word “Daddy” set him off and he thrust into her clothed pussy roughly. He held on to her waist tighter, bringing illegal bahis siteleri her closer to him.

She rubbed against him feverishly, her climax quickly approaching.

“Stop,” he begged, “we can’t do this.” He tried to push him away but by now she was maddened with lust and held onto his arms as she roughly dry humped his crotch.

“Fuck, daddy, I’m going to come. Daddy, daddy, please… please I need you,” she moaned as she finally orgasmed. Once her breathing slowed, Sean pulled her off of him. They had, by now, approached shallow water and he stalked off to shore leaving her in a wet puddle.

Now, night had fallen and she lay on the sand on the make shift bed that they had made on their first day in the island. She still was feeling frustrated. Her father eventually came back to camp but he was quiet and when night had fallen he disappeared again. She wanted to ask him where he was going but was too embarrassed by her lustful action to say anything. So, instead she watched him walk away silently.

Her mind returned to the feeling of his member against her. The way he tried to resist her and the way she forced herself to climax against him. He had gotten hard and by the time she was done he was erect. She couldn’t help but wonder if that was because of the way she moaned, “Daddy” or begged him to thrust back into her.

God, she was wet. Her hand made it way into her moist slot, pushing back her pussy lips until her finger reached her sensitive center. She rubbed her two fingers in a circular canlı bahis siteleri motion. She moaned loudly. This was all the relief she had had since she’s been stranded here with her Daddy. She sped up her pace, making her fingers circle her clit even faster. With her other hand, she shoved two fingers into her clit.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Daddy.” Finally breathing the name of the person that was giving her body such a strong reaction. She began to hump her finger steadily, frustrated that it was not touching her as deep as she would have liked. She imagined her father erupting into her, and his cum pulsing into her crevice until she climaxed, her pussy without a doubt would be milking her cum.

Suddenly, she realized she was not alone. She opened her eyes and above her, her father was watching her feverishly. She suddenly stopped. When she saw he was erect, she smirked. Her fingers returned to their original duty of bringing her untethered pleasure. She kept her father’s eye contact as she climaxed. When she was done, she stood up. She kissed her father on the lips and put her arms around his neck.

“Come inside of me now,” she commanded. He grabbed her by the waist, bringing her legs around his own waist. With one smooth movement, he removed his pants and plunged his stick into her hole.

The feeling of his dick entering her, was a feeling she had never felt before. The pleasure of being full made her moan. The pleasure of knowing it was her own father bringing this pleasure made her moan even louder.

“Daddy” she moaned. Her dad groaned hearing her moan in pleasure and he roughly thrust into her as a response.


I’m getting to wet and slimy writing this so I have to take a break with my daddy. I will upload the rest tomorrow…

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