Storm Damage Pt. 05

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help. My stories are much better because of his advice.


Chapter 15 — Lisa

I sleep great for a change. I wake up to Lisa coming home. She turns the lights on because it’s still dark enough inside the house. My eyes are open, and I see a small grin on her face as she sees Carla in bed with me, spooning on my side.

I whisper, “She’s just watching over me, making sure I get my sleep.”

Carla’s eyes are still closed, but she also whispers, “Hunter screwed Wendy, Danni, and then him and dad DP’d mom. I’m making sure he gets some sleep, come, get in bed for a few hours.”

From the look on Lisa’s face, she thought that was an excellent idea. She surprises me when she strips naked. I expected her to stop at a bra and panties.

Lisa whispers, “Make room for me in between unless Carla wants the floor.”

Carla moved a bit, and I did as well. Lisa squeezes in between us. I bring the thin blanket back up and over us. We have a small oven of body heat going. Lisa reaches for my hand and brings it to her breast. I massage the breast for her, and she moans. I can feel Carla doing the same thing with Lisa. Feeling Lisa in bed with me, her warm, soft, naked flesh cuddled up with me, makes me hard.

Being as close-packed as we are, having my large fully aroused cock is a problem. It’s between Lisa’s legs, pointing up past her bubble butt. She reaches around and pushes it through her legs, and my head is resting on Carla’s ass. Carla adjusts, so it falls into her crack. Lisa is no help; she is bucking her hips, so my cock is skimming across her pussy lips. She is making her lips rub up against my rough cock with the bulging veins.

I help by moving my hips back and forth. That action gives more friction to Lisa and more depth for Carla. Lisa moans and then takes the initiative. She rolls me on to my back and then moves her body, so it is over mine.

Carla is frustrated and says, “Awwwwww.”

Lisa is between my legs on her knees looking down at me. It’s like she has an internal debate. What a fantastic body she has. She grabs my cock and pulls it towards her and away from me. It’s almost flat now as she pushes her body forward and spears herself with my cock. She continues moving forward so that my cock is now straight up, and she continues forward some more, so she is on my chest with my cock shoved up into Lisa’s glorious pussy.

I love that feeling as I slide deep into her hole. She pushes herself forward and then back while on her hands and knees. That’s a very efficient way to fuck a man, minimal energy. Not as dramatic as cowgirl but easier on a nurse that just worked a twelve-hour shift. I can see it in her eyes, she is worn out. There is also a twinkle in her eyes at the enjoyment she is receiving from me. More specifically, from my large cock that is thrusting up into her body as she glides back and forth.

I use a hand to move a strand of hair to behind her ear. Wow, she is a pretty woman. Her breasts are hanging down some due to gravity and size. They gently bounce forward and backward as her body moves. It’s not a jarring movement, they move elegantly like a ballerina would, a measured sway of taut flesh. On the tips are hardened nipples with a rough patch on top. All these things a brother should not know.

I do know them, and I enjoy the sight tremendously. Her body turns me on. I love the supple lines of her body, the slim structure, and the softness of her skin. I want to kiss her and tell her how much I love her, but she is out of reach. She is watching my reactions, and I am sure I have a huge smile on my face because she does as well. We are like a reflection in a mirror.

Lisa is playing games with me. She will speed up and then slow down, only to speed up again. It’s hard to help when she does that. I don’t mind her taking the lead, but a person can only take so much. I think she is baiting me to take control.

I don’t disappoint her. I roll us both over, so she is on her back now. I am up straight on my knees, making it possible to pick up her body and drop her in doggie position. I know she loves when I show off my strength and manhandle her body like that. She always moans and giggles. This time, my placement is a bit off, and she is half over Carla which surprises both women.

Carla doesn’t mind one bit. She smiles now that she can be involved. Carla gently fondles Lisa’s breasts, teasing them. I then feel her fingers down by Lisa’s clit. She is lightly caressing the little protruding bean to enrich Lisa’s enjoyment. For my part, I use a faster pace, so she gets lots of pleasure. I don’t go too fast, or she will orgasm. I don’t want that; it stops the fun.

No, I want just enough speed to keep her excited. Lisa is having a blast. Her body moves as I push in and pull out. I am using illegal bahis a long stroke to increase her pleasure. OK, I admit it, our pleasure. She fits like a snug glove. Not too tight and not too loose, it’s perfect. Of all the women I have been with, Lisa is the best. It’s more than just sex with us. I know it isn’t because we were close growing up, but it’s tangible, I can feel it.

Thrust in and pull out, repeatedly. I can’t describe the happiness with each lunge. I love the feeling of my cock sliding into her body. I love the pressure and heat against my member as it glides into her body, lubricated with her own juices because he finds me attractive. Her body shudders from Carla’s rubbing her clit. She is too far ahead of me.

I speak to Carla, “Slow down on the clit, I need to catch up.”

Carla moves both hands up to her breasts, she lightly sucks on a nipple. I see where this is going, I speed up. I need my actions to be at the forefront of her brain. I move faster and use my muscles to slam in harder than I have been.

Lisa is yelling, “Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes! Harder! Yes! Yes!”

I can see the end is near, I roll my hips even faster. I am a machine slamming into Lisa. She has now lost the ability to talk, only random mumbling come out of her mouth. She is fighting for her breath. My oh my, does she look fantastic like this. The feeling for me is incredible. I am pushing away the urge to ejaculate. I want this feeling to continue forever.

I can’t keep up this effort much longer although I sure wish I could. Lisa’s scent has been strong all along. I can now smell Carla; she is excited as well. That surprises me, she isn’t getting much from this. Does she care for Lisa or is she happy for helping make me happy? Either way, she is enjoying herself, and that is why we are here. I could say, “Lisa, I love you.” However, this is a much better way of saying that.

Lisa is near the end; she is primed to explode. Her eyes are getting wider, and her grunting is increasing in pitch. I try even harder to slam into her with more force. I am grunting with each thrust. My sweat is dripping on Lisa and Carla. My hands slip off her hips, I grab her harder and pound her more fiercely. I am close. I start to scream in joy as I announce my impending orgasm.

Lisa knows I am going to blow, so she stops holding back and wails loudly announcing her orgasm. Lisa grunts hard, and I feel her vagina grasp me hard. I am inside of my sister, and I can feel five salvos of cum shoot up into my beautiful sister. Lisa collapses on Carla as her body gives out. My hand is still on her back, she is taking long slow breaths, but her heart is racing. Her pulse is powerful, so it’s easy to feel.

As time moves on, her heart rate slows, her breathing returns to normal, and her eyes are closed. She fell asleep. It’s early but too late to get back in bed. I decide that a shower is a better idea. I go upstairs and turn on a hot shower. It’s not long before a fog appears in the shower. I am standing in the shower for a while and realize that my legs are shaking. I feel weak and worn out. I decided that I better sit down on the chair that’s in the shower.

I can’t move, Carla is there. She is looking up at me with a wicked grin on her face. She knows she should not be here. However, the smile is soon gone as my legs quiver. She moves around me and all but pushes me into the chair to sit down.

I am a naked twenty-two-year-old man in the shower with a beautiful and naked eighteen-year-old woman, and it’s the next thing out of her mouth that is weird. Who would have guessed?

Carla looks at me sternly, “Listen here OLD man, who do you think you are?” Rhetorical question. “Some eighteen-year-old stud that can bed four women a night and then look for a fifth? No, you’re an old washed up guy that needs to take care of himself. You’ve been in the hospital twice now. You better not make it a third. You’re weak and spending too many calories.

“You need to grow up and settle down. Make something of your life. I won’t be around to take care of your sorry ass forever. Those vampires will suck you dry unless you change your ways. That’s a magnificent cock. You use it superbly. You gave four women one a hell of a night. You’re not going to marry any of them. How would Gail and Pauline feel if they knew what you did tonight? I’m going home. Think about what I said. It’s time you graduate from high school and become a man.”

She left me sitting on the chair, unable to chase after her. She quickly towels dried and then leaves me. I hope she put her clothes on first.

Chapter 16 — Graduation

It’s been four years since the storm came through. The city has rebuilt a lot of the buildings that were damaged and some that were destroyed. We’re all together still. The company is a wild success. I have over a million dollars in the bank, and everyone else is also doing very well. In the last week, I have attended four graduations. I flew a lot illegal bahis siteleri of miles, but I am very proud of Vicky, Carla, Gail, and Pauline.

Vicki is pregnant and married to a very nice young man. Not at all what I expected. He is a geek. Smart as hell, he will probably be running our IT operations in a few years. Not as handsome or athletic as I would have expected. He is a very nice guy, and in the end, that’s what made him stand out. He wanted Vicki for her mind and not her body.

Pauline is dating a lawyer, one of the many that we employ. This guy I don’t like. I see no long-term future with him. He’s one of those guys that shows off how rich he is. That will wear thin soon. He is fit and works out, so he does have that going for him.

Gail dated a lot in college but couldn’t find the right guy. She was popular and did very well in school, graduating third in her class. She went to parties and probably drank too much. Her current boyfriend is Mister Average. Nothing terrible, I don’t dislike him. He just doesn’t excel at anything either. I think he is more of a placeholder until something better comes along.

I spend some time with Heather. She is working hard to get the four girls married off in hopes that she can get me back again. Nothing subliminal in her efforts, she is like a bull in a china shop. Doubt it will ever work.

And then there is Carla. She did well in school but never went to parties and didn’t date much. She stayed the same quiet, shy girl that I remember. She did a grow a little taller, her hair darkened a few shades, and she put on a few pounds although most of it is on her chest. Her hips flared and are better looking than ever. I am amazed that she didn’t date more.

I still play with the three women of the neighborhood. I listened to Carla and slowed down a bunch. I realized that I was burning the candle at both ends too much, just like she said I was. I see Wendy and Danni far more than Mandy. That’s ok because the love of my life is my sister. We share her bedroom although I shower and change in my room, so it looks used.

We are like a married couple, especially on her off days. We go places and hang out together a lot. I am back to my hobby of making furniture as my work schedule was cut back by the advisory board two years ago. They think I was working too hard. Pffft!

Tonight, Lisa has called a small meeting at our house. She laid out clothes for me to wear, my black pinstriped suit, and cologne. On her orders, I had my hair cut today, and I took a hot shower before I dressed. I look good in a suit, matched with a red striped tie, and cufflinks. I love the gold pocket watch that hangs from my vest. Malcolm gave it to me as a gift. I can’t possibly imagine why I need to dress up, but I am, and we shall see where this goes.

When I go down the stairs, nobody is there. Ok, nobody I was expecting is there. Standing by the door is the chauffeur for Gail’s parents. He has a top hat for me which fits perfectly. Geez, I look like the Monopoly game guy. I am only missing the handlebar mustache.

He escorts me to the car, and it too is empty. There is a bottle of Champaign open, and a single glass is poured. I drink the beverage as I am driven downtown to a night club that we fixed up about three years ago. I remember this place because we came here often after work as a group. Good music, great food, and a nice mix of people there.

I am escorted by the delicious hostess in a skimpy outfit that does nothing to hide her fabulous body, to a back room that is used for private parties. Lots of lights and a dance floor with a private bar. Standing in a line are Mandy, Danni, Wendy, Vicki, Carla, Heather, Lisa, Gail, Pauline, and Tina. Each one is dressed up in a 1920’s ballroom dress, and their hair is made up and curled. In other words, there are ten gorgeous women dressed up for a fancy party and they are all looking lustfully at me. The hostess leaves me with a big smile on her face.

It’s odd, but for such a high-tech establishment, they are playing music from the 1920s. Tina steps out of line and puts out her hand for me. I take it, and she leads me out to the dance floor. We start with some slow dancing around the dance floor. She body is close to mine, and it’s nice. The next song is quick and fast, there is less hand contact and more grinding. Heather cuts in and the music is back to a slow waltz where she holds me close, and we glide around the dance floor. The music changes to quick and fun, Heather matches the music.

For two hours we dance, and each woman gets two songs. I am pretty sure all the songs were trimmed, so we didn’t dance all night. Carla only wanted songs to slow dance with my arms around her. Vicki has sore ankles, so she took off her shoes. Wendy was the wildest as we did the fast dancing. She had my hands on her breasts, not her hips. As you might guess, I liked the dancing.

Off to the side is a large table that sits twelve. They canlı bahis siteleri draw dominos from a bag to determine seating arrangements. I thought that was rather clever. I almost think it is rigged because Lisa and Tina end up next to me. We have a fabulous dinner with an impressive wine that Tina picked out. I learned long ago; Tina knows her wines.

After the dessert and all the dishes are taken away, Tina stands up.

Tina says with a loud booming voice, (it was so loud they could hear her next door), “Thank you all for coming. We are here, celebrating the return of our four special young women. I rented this room myself. Lisa and I planned this party. We danced, we ate, we drank fine wine, now it’s time for this stud to … FUCK … US … ALL!”

All the women cheer. Yikes, all of them? Lisa smiles at my look, hands me a glass of water, and then a little blue pill. I don’t think I need to explain what that is for or why I should take it, do I?

I take the pill and wash it down. As I do that, I hear the music get loud and then hushed, someone just came into the room. It looks like the hostess again. She has a nice body and long curly blond hair. She has a small folding table with her for holding trays of food and one tray to put on the folding table. She sets up the stand, places the tray on the stand, and then motions for me to stand up.

She takes my watch off me and places it on the tray. She takes my cuff links off and places them on the tray. As the tie comes off, she licks me up the side of my neck. My tie goes to the tray. I am rock hard. She stands in front of me. She has massive breasts, and they are squeezed together in a pushup bra. I can see the tops of her nipples showing. She unbuttons my suit coat. She presses those massive breasts into me, kisses me on the lips, and then slides my jacket off one arm.

She dances around me taking the coat into her arms, and then wraps back around me, ending up in front of me. She takes the jacket off my second arm. She licks me across my chin and deposits the coat on the tray. Now my vest is being unbuttoned, and her breasts are pressed hard into my chest. Only three buttons and she is forced to pull away for each one. The vest goes on the tray.

Another kiss and her fingers dance along my arms, tantalizing me with the light touches. She stands behind me and pushes her breasts into my back. She reaches around me, damn those are long arms, and unbuttons the buttons for my shirt. The peanut gallery is now doing the stripper song. I am getting wolf whistles and cat calls. When she finishes on the buttons, she dances around so that she is in front of me and presses her hands onto my chest, feeling my fine sandy hair and rubbing my muscles.

She is impressed with what she sees. As she moves to a side, she pulls my shirt sleeve off my arm with her fingernails scraping my skin. Again, she dances and spins behind me, taking my shirt with her, and coming around my opposite side where again she takes off the sleeve and runs her long fire engine red fingernails along by burning skin. The shirt goes on the tray.

She attaches to my side, and her wonderful breasts are again slammed into my chest. With a dirty hand, she pops my belt buckle and spins next to my body so that her breasts whack my side and I lose my belt. That does not go on the tray, no, no, no. She loops the belt through the buckle and then puts it around my neck like a leash. Luckily, she never pulls it.

Carla comes over and removes it, getting boos from everyone. The hostess doesn’t mind her antics. She is in front of me again and squats to her knees. She unbuttons my button and then plays with the zipper going up and down a few times before lowering my pants in a flash.

I step out of my pants, and she stands up to put them on the tray. She has an astonished look on her face as she eyes my obvious cock sticking out of my briefs. My meat is fully covered, but he is bulging obscenely. The hostess stumbles in her dance, mesmerized by my cock. I’m not that big; this is a show for the women. She kneels in front of me and then pulls down her bra so her enhanced breasts can run up and down my cock. Ooooh, that feels good.

The women hoot and holler at my face as they know precisely what our hostess is doing to me. In the flash of an eye, my briefs are on the floor and my cock is between her breasts. She bobs up and down. On the way down, her mouth covers my cock.

It’s at that moment the DJ does a scratching of the record and the song changes to club music. Something quick and with a hard beat. The hostess is clearly disappointed. She gets up and plants a huge kiss on my face, leaving a beautiful lipstick impression on my cheek.

She shouts over the music in my ear, “My name is Brandy, ask for me anytime. Have a fun night stud.”

She raises her bra and shirt and dances off doing the moonwalk. That was cool. Each woman still has her domino. Lisa has another bag. The first domino pulled gets to go first. I am wondering, where are they going? While Lisa is sorting that out, Tina grabs me and pulls me over to the edge of the stage. Before she sits up on the side of the stage, she pulls off her dress. No panties or bra. Naughty girl.

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