Stone Butch Black Lesbian

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Right now, I’m kneeling before my sexy girlfriend Nicole Rhodes and I’m sucking her toes. We’re getting down in the bedroom and acting out of my hidden submissive fantasies. And even though I’m a Butch dyke, I’m perfectly comfortable doing that. My name is Mariel Saint Preux. A young Black woman of Haitian and British descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I’m openly gay, and I love White chicks. And I don’t think I’m the only queer Black woman who feels that way. Yeah, lots of Black lesbians and bisexual Black women have the same hidden desire for White pussy. I’m just woman enough to admit it.

I met Nicole Rhodes during my freshman year at Carleton University. The five-foot-eleven, blonde-haired and green-eyed, athletic young Englishwoman was desired by most of the men and some of the women on campus. And I was no exception. As it turns out, we were both queer young women, albeit from radically different backgrounds. I’m Black and she’s White, for one thing. My parents are conservatives and hers are definitely liberal. My father James Saint Preux is half Black and half White, born and raised in England, and he works as a police officer with the RCMP. My mother Joanne Saint Preux is half Haitian and half Ethiopian. She works as a schoolteacher at Saint Andrews Catholic Academy. Nicole Rhodes is the daughter of carpenter Kyle Rhodes and his partner James Lawrence, two gay men who adopted her when she was younger. konak escort bayan They raised her as their own. Yeah, we were different. Yet birds of a feather always find each other.

Nicole Rhodes changed my life. A lot of people didn’t think we’d go out together. I’m five-foot-eight, chubby and really dark-skinned, with short hair. I come off as Butch to most people when they meet me. Yeah, I am a Butch Black lesbian. Plenty of us out there in the world. Anyhow, Nicole and I hit it off. And our lives have never been the same. Interracial relationships take work. Especially interracial gay and interracial lesbian relationships. The gay and lesbian communities can be even more racist than the straight communities. Before I met Nicole, I thought all White lesbians were uppity, stuck-up bitches who thought the world revolved around them. They used to give me dirty looks in a certain lily-White lesbian bar in the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven.

Nicole Rhodes surprised me in many ways. I always found White women in general to be fake. They act like they’re your friend if you’re a Black woman but they say nasty things behind your back. I sometimes found myself attracted to them but left them alone because I thought they were all fake. Well, Nicole wasn’t fake. She was cool and open-minded. Not one to stand idly by and let her White female friends get away with saying racist things about minorities and people escort konak of color in general. I admired her honesty and strength of character. I didn’t think people like her existed. I’ve been through a lot of as a young Black woman living in the City of Ottawa, folks. It hasn’t exactly made me trusting of people.

Yet I was in love with Nicole Rhodes and she was in love with me. We moved in together after knowing each other for about five months. Our sex life sizzles, folks. She got me to try things I once swore I would never try. I’m a Butch woman. Like a lot of Butch lesbians, I am sexually attracted to femmes. And femmes are attracted to me. I’ve dated all kinds of women, including other Butch chicks. In the bedroom, there are certain things I just don’t do. I am okay with licking a woman’s pussy. I love eating pussy. I also like to finger my women and make them cum after licking their pussies and probing them with my fingers. Sometimes I use a strap-on dildo on my women. I love to put my girls on all fours, face down and ass up. That’s how I like to fuck them when I use my strap-on dildo on them.

Nicole loved it when I put her in this position before fucking her. I love to pull on her long blonde hair while slamming my strap-on dildo deep into her pussy. I also spank her surprisingly big and round White butt as I fuck her hard. I love to listen to her passionate screams as I really work her over konak escort with my strap-on dildo. Yeah, Nicole loved getting fucked by me. However, lately her desires have been changing. She’s been wanting to try different things in the bedroom. I love my woman. Believe me when I say this. However, I am Butch. There are certain things no Butch woman will ever allow a femme to do to her. At least, that’s what I believed. Well, that’s what I believed until Nicole seductively made me change my mind.

That’s how I ended up sucking on her toes and kneeling before her. And she didn’t stop there. She bent me over and spanked my big and round Black butt. Man, I can’t believe I actually let her do this to me. A Butch Black woman letting a sexy and surprisingly bossy White femme spank her butt. Well, I had to admit I was scared but really turned on. Later, Nicole did to me what no other woman had ever done. She got between my legs and fingered my pussy before licking it. I had never let another woman go down on me. It’s against the stone Butch code. However, it felt so damn good and I loved Nicole so much that I simply gave in. I was really scared when she brought out the strap-on dildo. Nicole kissed me passionately and told me to trust her. Closing my eyes, I nodded. Nicole raised my legs in the air and thrust the dildo into my pussy. It was definitely a night of firsts. I opened my eyes, and felt surprising pain and pleasure as I was penetrated for the first time. Nicole looked me in the eyes while gently fucking me with the strap-on dildo. My fear melted away. I wrapped my arms around her and silently urged her to fuck me harder. This Stone Butch Black Lesbian is getting fucked by a femme for the first time and loving it!

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