Stepdaughter Watches Ch. 02

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This is chapter 2 of what will be the continuing true story of my relationship with my stepdaughter, Ashley.

I encourage you to read the first installment to gain beneficial background info.

Many thanks for the feedback from the initial chapter. Enjoy.

All persons are 18 or older.

My stepdaughter, Ashley, and I never spoke about what happened that night, but over the next few months we developed a kind of code – it went like this…

Ashley would casually ask me what her mom and I were doing over the weekend and if I answered by saying something like, “Nothing really planned. Saturday night we’ll probably just hang around the house and watch a movie after dinner,” then Ashley knew that I was telling her that her mom and I would be watching a movie in the living room again and I would try to make sure we put on a good show if she wanted to watch from the kitchen doorway.

Invariably, on the designated night, I would see movement out of the corner of my eye again and turn to find her watching us.

My wife, being a bit of an exhibitionist, had been easily persuaded to expand our movie watching to porno flicks on our ‘movie nights’.

It really got her juices flowing to think that we might have to suddenly stop fucking AND straighten ourselves up AND

pause the movie AND

switch it to another channel, all before we were caught by whichever of the girls we thought we heard stirring.

She had no idea that we were already putting on a show… and something about the unspoken agreement between me and Ashley told me to keep our secret between us.

As these events were progressing, it was also becoming more and more common for me to find Ashley asleep naked on her bed with the covers pushed down and her vibrator lying either on the bed next to her, between her legs, or sometimes on the floor next to her bed.

Clearly, her sexual awakening was in full bloom.

I, upon finding her in this condition, had continued to enjoy the sight of her young, firm body… her exceptional perky 34c titties and the perfection of the curves of her body – all seeming to lead to the seduction that was her delicious pussy.

I had only occasionally lightly touched her tit or gently closed my lips around her nipple for fear illegal bahis of disturbing her… But I had become quite adept at stroking my cock while I stood next to her.

I would usually catch my cum in a washcloth or in my hand, and on the last few occasions, I had held my cum filled hand over her pussy and let it slowly drip down onto her puffy pussy lips.

Seeing my fresh cum drip onto her pussy was always enough to make me hard by the time I got upstairs, allowing me to carry the images of her body with me as I ravaged my wife’s sweet pussy or ass.

Yes, I have truly become a pervert… and I’m ok with it. LOL

On one night, I was surprised to find her naked body face down on her bed – a position I had not seen her in, but had fantasized about ever since the first time I saw her in a bikini from behind.

In short, she has a world class ass.

I was mesmerized by its perfection. The exceptional curve of her ass as it transitioned from her upper thigh to its peak and back down to the small of her back…

She was lying so close to the edge of the bed that her right leg was dangling over the edge of the mattress, giving me a perfect view of her swollen pussy lips and her ass. It also allowed me to step up next to the mattress and stroke myself from a position that was almost directly over her ass.

I stroked my cock extra hard that night, and rather than catching my cum in my hand, I let it fly – landing in the cleft between her ass cheeks – and watched as it slowly oozed down onto her pussy.

It was fucking incredible – well, ok, it was incredible for me. Not so much for her, but that was about to change…

Returning now to the Saturday night peeping-Ashley event that escalated our secret…

The porn flick my wife and I were watching that evening was a torrid, multi-partner, production that included a considerable amount of anal sex – always a turn on for both me and my wife. She’s one of the few women I know who can have an orgasm while I’m fucking her in the ass.

Unbeknownst to my wife, I had purposely selected this movie because I had decided to give Ashley an extra special treat to watch that night… Me fucking her mom in the ass.

My cock was fully engorged in my wife’s incredibly wet and warm mouth when illegal bahis siteleri I noticed movement in the direction of the kitchen doorway.

This was what I’d been waiting for.

I stood up and had my wife rise with me. She was facing me, with her back to the kitchen and I placed my hands on her hips and guided her backwards to the end of the couch. I then moved around behind her – lifting her skirt and pressing my slippery cock against her lacey panty covered ass as I gently pulled her back a little further.

I positioned her at the end of the couch and, putting my right hand between her shoulder blades, I firmly guided her down until she was bent over the arm of the couch. I then lifted her skirt again, flipping it up over her ass.

My wife knew what was coming… she lifted her hips off the armrest just enough to permit me to pull her panties down her legs and over her feet.

My stepdaughter was caught off-guard and almost fell backwards when I tossed my wife’s panties at her as she watched us.

I instructed my wife to reach back and spread her ass cheeks for me as I grabbed my cock with my right hand and angled my body position to give my stepdaughter the best view of me easing the head of my cock into my wife’s soaking wet pussy from behind.

This was the first time Ashley had such a clear view of me fucking her mother. Up to this point, she had only seen her mother suck my cock, jerk me off or sit on my cock and gyrate on my cock as we enjoyed the action on the screen.

Now, she could clearly see my cock as I pumped it in and out of her mother’s pussy.

The shiny wetness of pussy juice coating my cock with each stroke.

Ashley was wearing a robe and moving to the end of the sofa also afforded me a much better view of her and I could see that she was rubbing her clit into a frenzy with one hand and pinching her nipple with the other. Her mouth was open and her breathing was heavier (and louder) than it have ever been during our previous encounters.

I picked up the pace of my fucking her mother and grunted and groaned with each stroke to help mask the sound of Ashley’s heavy breathing and her barely audible moans.

After a few minutes of working my wife’s pussy, I slowed the pace and lengthened my strokes. canlı bahis siteleri My wife reacted with long, deep moans.

I looked over and saw that Ashley was focused intently on our show, then I leaned over and let a long line of spit fall from my mouth onto my wife’s ass and used my thumb to work it around the outside of her backdoor.

Looking my stepdaughter in the eyes, I eased my thumb into my wife’s ass.

Ashley was entranced by the vision of my thumb disappearing into her mom’s ass.

I could tell she was getting more excited by the second.

After slowly fucking my wife’s pussy with my cock and her ass with my thumb, I pulled my cock completely out of her pussy, and removed my thumb from her ass – only to hear her whimper in disappointment as I left the cavities of her body momentarily empty.

Her whimpers turned into a deep throated moan when she felt the head of my cock press against her ass.

I hesitated and looked over at Ashley. Her eyes were huge with anticipation.

She looked up into my eyes and nodded her head up and down excitedly, encouraging me to press on and invade her mother’s ass as she watched from only six feet away.

I could smell two distinctly different aroma’s in the air – each of the agitated pussies in my presence wafting their own unique signature.

I pressed my cock deeper into my wife’s sweet ass, her sphincter ring closing on the shaft of my cock after the tip passed through. I gradually picked up the pace – never taking my eyes off of my stepdaughter as I sawed my cock in and out of my wife’s ass.

Ashley’s eyes were glued to the sight of my cock pumping in and out of her mother’s tight ass.

I watched as Ashley’s face flushed and her lips trembled as her orgasm overtook her. Her mouth was open as if she was going to scream, but no sound came out.

It was a beautiful sight, disturbed only by the sounds of her mother’s moans as her own orgasm convulsed through her body.

It was all too much for me and my cock erupted deep in my wife’s ass. I pulled out and finished shooting my cum all over her ass – all the while watching my stepdaughter.

Spent and exhausted, I fell forward against my wife as my softening cock eased out of her ass, leaving a trail of cum.

I glanced over and Ashley had disappeared.

Once again, I knew my relationship with my stepdaughter had escalated to a new level, and I couldn’t wait to see what lie ahead…

Stay tuned for the hot tub adventures…

Cuming soon.

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