Stepdad Carl Pt. 02

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Carl walked out of the bathroom as he turned I saw his cock was rock hard and ready for action, he went to his room and stroked one out. I got out of the shower and headed for bed, I grabbed a porno mag, there was one guy in the one magazine who looked a bit like Dad, his body similar, his facial features somewhat similar to Dad’s but his cock not as impressive as Dad’s, but I stroked thinking of his huge cock.

A few days later Dad was up early his usual, he made us coffee and a light breakfast, he came to wake me up, I was naked like I always was, my cock rock hard and ready or action. Dad gently knocked and opened the door to find me nude, hard, and dripping precum. Not being a prude I did not cover up, Dad stared at my rock hard cock, I laid there my hands laced behind my head, slowly trying to wake myself up.

“Get up Son I made us coffee and breakfast.” Carl said still looking at my twitching penis.

“Thanks Dad.” I said as I sat on the side of the bed.

I got up grabbed a pair of underwear slid them on and pulled Dad into a hug. The man’s cock was arching in this trousers, there was no hiding that.

“Picking up some porn mags today son anything you would like me to get you?” Dad asked.

“Dad honestly I want a mag that only has guys in it, two guys touching each other, sucking each others cocks, maybe even some anal action in it.” I said to him.

“Really you want to see that?” Dad asked me.

“Yes of course, two guys playing with each other sounds so hot. Dad I think I might be a bit gay or possibly bisexual. I hope that is okay with you? You won’t kick me out will you?” I asked scared of his response.

“Son I love you no matter what, if your gay then be gay, it makes no difference to me I love you for who you are not what you are.” Dad said hugging me.

After breakfast I got in the shower, Dad came in as I was about to get out.

“Leaving now son, have a good day, Love you.” Dad said to me.

“Love you too Dad, have a great day.” I said as I pulled the man into a hug, my cock quickly reacted to him being so close to my naked body.

“Someone’s Birthday today, what would you like for your Birthday Son?” Dad asked me.

I knew what I wanted, but it was not like I could ask the man if he would have sex with me, let me hold his huge cock, lick the tip swallow all I could swallow, taste his wonderful cum I so wanted in me now could I? I asked myself.

“Dad honestly I would like something with just you and I, no party, just you and I, maybe a birthday cake, I don’t even need a present, just your company.” I told him.

“Okay Son thought you might want your friends over for a party and such, but its your birthday so you should have it your way.” Dad said to me.

Dad left I could see he had his own plans for my Birthday, school was just another illegal bahis long boring day, I looked forward to the last class to end so I could head home. I walked in the house, I expected Dad home but he was not there yet, I imagined overtime or something. I went into my room stripped putting on a pair of loose boxers.

I would get through this homework I had to get done so I had the night to spend with Dad. I heard the car pull up, he came in the house right to my room.

“Hey Tommy can you stay in your room Son? I don’t want you to ruin the surprise I have planned for you.” Dad said smiling.

“Okay Dad but you really should not have gone through the bother of it all, I just wanted it to be you and I.” I said to him.

“It really is just you and I son, I just want to make it’s special for you is all, you only turn twenty one once it should be memorable.” Dad said rubbing my shoulders.

Dad went to unload the car he made load after load of things he had bought to make my birthday special. It took him a good half hour to set it all up, he had pizza for dinner, the kind I liked, a birthday cake, three gift bags with presents for me. Balloons, decorations a bottle of champagne, he had it all.

I got showered and dressed for the occasion, dress slacks, button up shirt socks and dress shoes, I felt like I was going out on a date of sorts. I knew a long time ago I was so infatuated with the man I called my Dad but he really was my stepdad so I could have feelings like that for him. Dad came in my room to get me, he too was all dressed up dress pants white shirt tie the works, he looked so handsome.

“Close your eyes Son, I want you to see it all at once.” Dad said putting his hand over my eyes.

I loved the smell of him, his cologne, his natural body odor, I wanted to lick the man head to toe, my cock jumped as his hand on the small of my back guided me to the dining room. He had the room all decorated, cake, pizza, balloons streamers, Birthday banner. I stood there in awe at what he had done for me, I would be in tears soon.

“Dad I can’t believe you did all this, its so perfect in every way, how did you know?” I asked him tearing up.

“Your Mom told me what you really wanted for your Birthday, no party, just us three, now just us two.” Dad said tearing up.

“I love you so much Dad.” I said as we hugged each other.

“Love you too Son so very much.” Dad said to me.

“Okay lets eat, did you got me my favorite pizza?” I asked him.

“I sure did, lets eat Son.” Dad said to me pulling out my chair.

Dad poured us some champagne, we clinked our glasses, toasting my eighteenth birthday.

After pizza I opened gifts the man had bought me, a pair of jeans I so wanted, a matching tee, gay porn mags I had asked for. The third bag was from the sex shop in the illegal bahis siteleri downtown district, the man bought me some sexy underwear, lubricant, condoms, massage oils.

“All the things I had hoped and wished for, thank you so much Dad.” I said standing and hugging the man.

“Okay Son Birthday cake time.” He said as he lit all the candles placing the cake in front of me.

“Make a wish and blow them all out.” Dad said to me.

I knew what I wanted but that wish would never come true, but one could always hope that maybe it just might happen one day. I quickly blew out the candles, cutting up the cake for Dad and I he asked what I had wished for.

“Dad if I tell you it won’t come true, either way there is no way my wish could ever come true.” I said quietly.

“So then tell me what did you wish for?” Dad asked me once again.

“Dad I can’t tell you this one, its to embarrassing.” I said to him.

Dad and I ate our cake, I am sure he knew what I had wished for, we cleaned up, Dad heading for his recliner.

“Dad can I try this massage oil out on you? I want to practice and I need a warm body to do that.” I asked him.

“How can I turn down a free massage seriously, where do you want me Son?” He asked me.

“How about your bedroom at the foot of the bed, then I can access most of your body that way.” I suggested.

The man was willing participant, once in the room he got on the bed face down. I had put on the jockstrap he had just bought me, my ass in full view.

“Dad I need you to take your clothes off, I can’t massage you with clothes on.” I said to him.

Dad still could not take his eyes off the jock he had bought me and my tight little ass. Dad got up without a word off came the shirt, then the trousers, socks, he stood there for a second then off came the underwear.

“Not like you have not seen me naked before Son.” Dad said to me.

There he was face down on the bed naked, his perfect body, the body I masturbated too so many times, I would now be able to actually touch him. I was nervous and anticipating a good outcome. Standing there in my new underwear only with the man I dreamed of, here before me naked.

I opened the oils and poured some on my hands, I started with his neck, to his shoulders, he was tight in the shoulders, down his back to his glutes, down his thighs to his knees, calves, then his feet, I worked his feet to loosen him up, also I had a perfect view of the mans balls, he kept them shaved smooth, his ass smooth as well, I wanted to slide my tongue along his butt crack.

I spread his legs so I could get in between his thighs, his balls laying there ready for action, I brushed them a few times as I worked his glutes, I got a soft whimper from him each time I did. I took a hand towel and wiped of the oil I canlı bahis siteleri had spread over his body.

“How does this feel Dad? Are you enjoying this? Did I miss any spots?” I asked him.

“Oh Tommy this feels so good you have no idea, I needed this so badly, think I actually bought the oil for me and not for you, and no you got all my stiff parts on my back anyways.” Dad said to me.”

“Dad I need you to turn over now I need to do your front for you.” I said to him.

“Not sure I can Tommy I have a bit of a situation going on here, things are a little stiff at the moment.” Dad tells me.

“Dad this is why we are doing this so I can get to your stiff parts, your aches pains, your sore stiff muscles.” I said to him.

“Not sure you know what I am talking about Tommy, it’s only one thing that is stiff hard, if you know what I mean.” Dad said red faced as he rolls over.

The man’s cock is rock hard, dripping precum all over. I stood there my mouth open my jaw dropped, my mouth watering my tongue licking my lips.

“It’s okay Dad I have seen your cock before, it’s all good.” I said to him.

I poured some oil in my palm getting my hands oiled up, again I started with his neck, shoulders, pecs. Working downward to his hips, bypassing his cock and balls, I so wanted to reach out and touch it, hold it, put my lips on it, slide my tongue through the precum accumulated at the tip. The mans cock hard had to be eight and a half by at least six maybe more, all I know is I was lusting over my Dad’s cock.

I went down his thighs to his knees, down his calves, to his feet, the man loved to have his feet massaged. My thumbs rolled over his arches, my fingers between his toes, I brought his foot close to my face, I had to feel it I wanted to taste it. My tongue licked his arch to between his big toe and the other one. Dad moaned as my tongue touched his foot, I wanted to do more but I was afraid I may scare him off.

Once I finished with his feet I worked my way back upwards, his legs spread open, me on my knees between them, I wanted the man’s cock, I needed it, I had to have it. My fingers went up his thighs my thumbs made contact with his balls once more, his cock twitched, more and more precum spilled out of the man’s huge cock.

My hands worked around his crotch, massaging his pubic bone, up his abs back to his thighs, again grazing the mans balls. I decided I had to take the chance, I had to try to take his penis in my hand then take it in my mouth. My hands went past his cock and balls then back down firmly grabbing his cock in my right hand.

“Tommy not sure you should be doing that Son.” Dad said looking at me.

“You did want my Birthday wish to come true didn’t you Dad?” I asked him.

He continued to look at me as I held his cock in my right hand, his cock pulsed, the man was so horny, he needed attention given to his cock, his balls needed draining. He slowly laid back his eyes closed as I slowly stroked his humungous penis. His cock poured out more and more precum, I had to taste it I needed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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