Staying with Aunt Jannie Ch. 05

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We spent that magic day together. Nicky was very tired but cheerful, and felt very confident by my side. He talked about anything that he wanted without being too shy. I actually found some of the stuff he said quite interesting, though I don’t remember if because they were, or just because I liked him and therefore anything he had to say to me was received with full devotion. I made him a nice dinner that night, and we stayed until late watching movies and chatting. We hugged and gave warmth to each other all while we watched, not really caring at the cinema, but just enjoying each other’s company. I was the first one to start nodding from sleep, and I would wake up several times and find him kissing my head once or twice, and gently caressing my scalp with his fingers and untangling my hair with love. This made me more sleepy and we finally left to rest. He tucked me into bed and attempted to leave the room.

“Where do you think you are going?” I asked surprised.

“You expect me to actually sleep in your husband’s bed, don’t you,” he said. He looked at me like he had known me since I was born and understood and predicted my every move. “Of course you do”, he said with a sigh and a smile, as if telling me I was a spoiled child. “I was testing you,” he said with a flirtatious wink. What a guy. He still had the charisma I had noticed in his infant years, only that it took some work from me to start pulling it out. He undressed and got into bed with me, and hugged my body under the sheets.

“I feel weird sleeping here, but who cares. It’s his fault,” he said in a ironic tone. I chuckled and thoroughly wrapped his body with my long legs and hugged him, pulling his smaller body into mine.

“I’ll finally know what it feels like to sleep with you,” I whispered to his ear. He then hugged me tighter for a few seconds, as if accepting my statement, or replying a “me too,” and we drifted into sleep.

The next morning I woke up a new woman. I stretched my arms and legs and took a deep breath of clean, warm air. I reached for Nicky but was gone. He left a note by the pillow that read like this:

“Dear aunt,

I made you some breakfast that will be waiting for you in the microwave. I will probably go to the library and hang out with some friends I made there. I’ll keep our secret, don’t worry. I want to miss you as much as I can so I can see you waiting for me when I come back, if it isn’t too much to ask. Yours,


“This guy… what’s up with the dry note, and the spelling of his full name?” I said to myself, a little pissed. “What was he trying to be, a tough guy? Acting like a play-boy or something?” I thought.

I was indeed disappointed that he wasn’t home, but decided to take the opportunity to distract myself from what happened between us. It had been a heavy experience the day before, and it was good that we spent this time apart. Maybe I could reflect about the incestuous situation, and plan how to stop it for the benefit of both. If my sister found out! “God forbid!” I said out loud, imagining what a scene it would be. I would be ruined as a person!

Scary thoughts like those kept troubling my mind while I got up and went to have some breakfast. But then I saw that Nicky had taken some time to prepare the meal. It looked abundant and tasty. He would have to get up very early to have enough time to do all of it, and still sneak out before I woke up. It was a nice detail to have with me, but not enough to make me forget his little escape. I was still mad.

So I went on with my day. I decided to shake the ugly thoughts off by going for a while to the gym. I thought I could think better afterwards. I even believed that I could stop thinking about Nicky if I did this, by distracting my mind with the workout, but I was wrong. In fact, the whole day was meant for me to think about him. Some stronger force from heaven (or hell) made everything in my path connected to him, or at least what he had done to me the day before.

Liking the idea of a little distraction, I went upstairs to change into my gym clothes. Then, when I picked a clean pair of yoga pants that I wanted to wear, I felt my vagina tingled with electricity. I immediately remembered him eating my pussy over the sweaty yoga pants. My heart beat got faster for a few seconds while I stared at the pants recalling that moment. güvenilir bahis I finally finished getting dressed,but already a little horny. I got to the gym and there I met Lisa, my long-time friend. She was about my age, young and beautiful as well, but just a little luckier. She had a really hot boyfriend who lived in our neighborhood and had tons of money. Most of the time we got together, as the sick, horny bitches we are, we would talk about penis sizes and orgasms, and she would tell me about her boyfriend, while I had to lie about how good my husband was in bed. We had been friends since college and had even shared some experiences here and there. However she kept on with her crazy sexual live while I decided to settle down and marry. So now she had a hot, rich boyfriend, while I had to stand an older, lamer husband, and had to fuck my nephew to release steam.

So we met there after some time without seeing each other, and we happily went along to do some cardio and chat. After catching up to some gossip and saying how good each looked to tone other and what not, Lisa started inquiring about my husband and talked about her own sex life and intimacies. She was as crazy as always, cheating on her boyfriend, doing threesomes here and there, orgies and what not. She said that some of them were with her boyfriend included and everything. He supposedly had a huge cock and was a sex beast. She narrated stories with detail and a blush of excitement in her face. From the time when she got double penetrated by two strippers in s party, to when she wore a strap-on to fuck her barely legal neighbor in the ass. I was jealous and a little aroused. She had such luck while I passed every day in my life horny as hell and wanting my husband to at least get a hard on. It was a little unfair for me to have to sit there and listen.

Lisa was looking really hot in her gym clothes that day. She was completely gorgeous, with her red hair gathered up showing her inviting white neck. Her stories and her looks made me a little uneasy. I was sweating more of the heat from inside than the slow paced cardio we were doing. I suddenly thought about Nicky. What was he doing at that time? Where was he? Each time that the word cock came out of Lisa’s mouth, I was picturing Nicky’s, not my husband’s. I was definitely getting a little wet, I could feel it. I didn’t like the idea of a pool of vagina juice showing in my gray yoga pants, but thinking about that happening was even worse. At times I felt that I was such a whore for liking public exposition, but that is a topic for another day.

Lisa kept talking, while I was silent. I listened to her and made expressions of disbelief several times and told her things like, “No! you didn’t! Lisa you are crazy!” She would laugh and keep going. She kept that up for a while, and when she had no more tales for me, she hurried to ask for my husband before she got bored. She asked how was he? How did he behave in bed, and if he was still worth getting married. In my head I answered the truth: same as always, bad, no; however, I just told her the complete opposite. I had to keep appearances with her, I couldn’t allow myself to be such a looser in my sex life compared to hers. Well, except that I wasn’t! After discovering Nicky, I probably had a better cock to suck and get fucked with that any she ever had. But how could I brag about Nicky, my nephew! I just went on and lied a little. I retold my experiences with Nicky as if he were my husband, and changed a few things here and there while I went on talking. Lisa looked like she believed me and we finished the workout together. In the girl’s restroom we got refreshed and took a brief shower right there, in separate cubicles. We finished and packed our things to go, when Lisa cornered me in a wall, taking the chance that we were alone, and kissed me briefly and softly on the lips.

“Don’t forget about me Jannie,” she said in a whisper, “it’s been some time since we had some fun. Bring your husband one day so we can do something together. I can get my boyfriend in too, in case you want to meet him.” She said this very close to my face, and then gave me a soft lick on the cheek and chuckled a little while backing off.

“I’ll think about it,” I said, touching my cheek.

We and Lisa had been together in the same bed a couple of times in college. Never again after that, but she sometimes would try to get türkçe bahis me to repeat those days. I liked Lisa, but those experiences hadn’t always ended well. I really didn’t want to share a bed with her ever again. I had enjoyed it, but I wasn’t really a lesbian. I guess I just liked Lisa, that’s all. Nicky’s dick was all I could think about now. Nevertheless, she had left me with my pussy on point now. I had to go home and refresh somehow.

I got home at noon and started cleaning around the house a little. Even though my house was so huge, we didn’t have a maid. I liked cleaning it myself so I could get distracted in my solitude when my partner was away. At that point my sister gave me a call.

“Jannie! What’s up? How is Nicky behaving? You guys getting along?” she said almost yelling, in a overly cheerful tone. I guess she was using a public phone and had to speak loudly to hear herself, wherever she was. I could see that she was having fun.

“Hey Sarah! He’s an angel, you know that. We are having the best time together. How about you guys?”

“He has always been my little boy! Of course he is an angel! Take good care of him Jannie! He is in a weird age, so keep an eye on him, OK? I trust you can listen to him if he needs any special attention. And don’t let him fool around with any girl and fall in love over the summer! ha ha,” said my sister, ignoring the “how about you guys?” part of my question, and concentrating completely on her “little boy”. She had no clue of the “good times” I had meant.

When we hanged up I had my heart racing. I was scared and allured at the same time. This secret was killing me. The forbidden fruit of our passion the day before was still spinning around in my head. I went to the TV and everything was romantic movies or shows, or other programs that had to do with angry couples filing for divorce. I was feeling horrible, and horribly horny too. I couldn’t stop thinking about Nicky. “Nick!” I said out loud. “Oh Nick!” I sat down in the couch for a moment feeling faint, and couldn’t help but to touch my pussy. It was dripping wet. My fingers felt slippery on it and I just massaged my clitoris, softly at first, and then slowly increasing the pressure and speed. Circular motions, up and down, squeezing it, pushing in and pulling out. I was stroking that bean with a passion, thinking of Nicky’s soft and hot tongue licking it as he had done before. I wanted to cum so hard. I kept it up faster and faster. I could smell the juices coming out. The couch was getting some of them too. I introduced my finger inside and touched my g spot. I moaned loudly and was even drooling a little now, fingered my wet pussy and some of the juices splattered and splashed around. The sound was getting me hornier and hornier and suddenly the little death came, with spasms and contractions. I came so hard I could barely breathe.

“Yes honey!” I said. Every time I exhaled I said Nicky’s name, and I got my tongue around my lips as if savoring his juicy cock. My hips went forwards and back while I still massaged my cunt.

“Look what you have done to me!” I said to myself. “I can barely control myself anymore! Where the fuck are you? I need your dick, now!”

I was not satisfied, so I took my panties and everything else off and headed upstairs. In my room I had a few toys hidden in a secret spot, where I reached and got them all out. I then made a choice and picked a big rabbit vibrator. With a hand I massaged my tits, and with the other I slowly stroked my clitoris with the vibrating thing. My cunt was soon all creamy and delicious again. The juices were pouring out and making the bed sheets wet. Even the toy was all slimy now, and I had barely teased myself with its tip. I Shoved the thing in and started to violently masturbate. My god, I was feeling so good. The electricity going around my body was giving me all sort of sensations. My legs would involuntarily close to help my hand push deeper. I let out hot and strong breaths of air that fell on the boob I was massaging, and made me immediately want to suck my nipple and lick it and fill it with saliva. It tasted deliciously good. I was even biting it a bit, I felt like eating my own tasty tit. I kept going until I was feeling a I was coming hard again. The contracting pussy made my anus want to feel good too, so I put two fingers in it and increased the pleasure a little more. I finally came and the güvenilir bahis siteleri muscles in my vagina tightened and released several times while it spitted out all the salty juices. I spent about 20 minutes masturbating. I came a total of three times, and all while thinking of my nephew. I ended up exhausted and very satisfied, even though the vibrating plastic never felt like his cock. That little prick disappeared, and I had to do all this by myself because I was so damn lonely. I thought we had something special since the day before, and couldn’t explain why would he not want to be with me then! What could be so important?

I cooled off and went down. I took a swim in the pool for a while and tanned my skin too, sitting in the area that overlooks the city and relaxing. Our house, which I never got the chance to describe, was a three storied summer house that we had aside from the penthouse in New york and a beach house in California. However, this was our main place to live, since I liked it here so much, and never used the other two. We lived in a rich neighborhood, located in a hill. Our house being the one at the top of the hill, stands with a gorgeous sight of the whole city from the balconies in the back and the pool area. The other balconies of the house are located to the front and sides of the house, the former providing a sight of the streets, and the latter of the neighboring houses.

After I was done with the pool I went in and bored, went to read Nicky’s little note. Hours passed and I felt asleep while watching television. Until the bell of the door rang and I got up in a run to answer it.

“Where the hell were you!? I said.

“At the library, aunt.”

“All freaking day?”

“Yeah, didn’t you read my note? I wanted to miss you a little!” he said with some innocence, he looked like he was telling the truth.

“Bullshit,” I said cuttingly. “I was desperately worried for you! Thinking something could have happened, you know? What would I say to your mother?”

“Come on, nothing was going to happen to me. It sounds like you actually missed me a lot today.” he said, in a playful manner.

“Of course I did, and I had hoped you would like spent the day with me, I guess you just didn’t feel like it.” I said, not being able to hide my feeling of defeat and disappointment

“I’m sorry you couldn’t see me this morning by your side. I wanted to see you wake up and kiss you and touch you some more this morning, but I decided to wait into later in the day. The thing is, I could barely sleep all night. I was too excited thinking about what happened, and how close we got to each other. I never felt like this before. I watched you all night while you slept soundly, I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy! Before dawn I left bed and decided to see how the world looks after having sex with such a woman like you. I had a so-so day though. Yes, it felt awesome in a way, because everything I saw looked more colorful, and my life felt like it had a little more meaning; however, I kept wanting to see you again all the timee, naked if possible.”

Nicky’s speech calmed me the fuck down. He still didn’t had a good excuse for leaving me to masturbate alone, in fact, it was kind of stupid. However, his soft voice, that little manly speech, his handsome face, and the memory of his cock, all calmed me down. He was home now, and he was mine again. We hugged, and Nicky fucked me right there in the floor, in front of the half opened door. The feeling of his rock hard cock again in me was what I was waiting for all day. I longed for it more than I had ever desired anything. He fucked me as hard as the first time, and I came yet once more that day. I remember crying of happiness, without him noticing me. What had this kid done to me, I could not comprehend. He came all over my clothes and got some in my mouth. I drank his delicious milk and then sucked his dick dry. We kissed for at least a minute or two without releasing each others’ bodies. He sucked on my titties a little and then said that he would never leave like that again.


To my beautiful readers: Please go to my profile and look for the picture I have there. I thought of that girl’s attributes when creating Jannie, so if you have a lack of imagination, or want to see who I was thinking about when I created her character, it will be there for you. If not then never mind. Thank you for all the attention you gave this story so far. I greatly appreciate taking time to send any feedback, negative or positive. It means that you want to read something better, and every contribution is well received. Thank you all.

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