Squire Gilbert , Family Ch. 05

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Now you have to realise that I was seconds away from cumming in my sweet chambermaid’s mouth. Her eyes were somewhat glazed and looking up at me as she mashed her tongue into my hole along with two of her slender fingers.

Above her another set of eyes, along with a big lecherous grin, looked down on my face of utter surprise and shock.

“Good morning Sister Beth.” My brother John laughed down at me. “Young Sarah here made the mistake of leaving her rear undefended, a desperate mistake in battle, don’t you know, ha ha.”

“Oh my gods … aaaah …aaah .. I’m going to cummmmm nnnnnnnnrg!” Was all I could manage as my primal urges overtook any sense I had. I heard Sarah gurgle as she was drenched in more juices than I’d ever thought possible for me to produce.

“Mmmmm Mistress aah ..aaah Beth, that was a aaah .. oooh .. aaah good one.” Smiled Sarah a few moments after we’d both recovered a little.

“Sarah, has that brother of mine lodged his big cock in that nice tight pussy of yours?” I ventured.

“No Mistress, oooh …aaaaah .. Your bother has chosen to take me aaah aaah .. anally this morning.”

“My godfathers, Sarah. Does that not hurt?”

“Aaaah …oh .. at first a little sometimes but .. ooh oh .. I think Master John has used some .. aahhuug ..tallow to ease the passage.”

“And a very fine and ..uuh … uuuh .. tight passage it is too. Care to observe Sister Beth? Come under here and have a closer view.” John smirked indicating under Sarah’s raised behind.

I was in the highest state of excitement I though that a person could be in. The thought of seeing my elder brother’s cock buried deep in my chambermaid’s arsehole intrigued me and brought a further tightness to the knots in my belly.

I swivelled around and, with Sarah’s co-operation, wormed my way under her shapely body. I felt her stiff nipples and soft breasts trace over mine and down my moist body until I could look up at her glistening vagina. Above, my brother’s prodigious tool was mostly hidden from view by Sarah’s gripping anus. Lust overcame me.

I reached up with one hand and clasped my brother’s jangling testicles. With the other I ran my fingers through the folds of Sarah’s dripping cunt lips. Both parties above me gasped and groaned as I played with their sex.

“Master John, … aaah … aaah .. fuck my tight hole … nnnrg … Oh mercy your little sister has her fingers in my cunt … nnnrg ….. aaaah … Oh gods I’m going to cum.”

“Yes my sweet little Sarah. I can feel her fingers playing with my prick and she has her other hand around my balls. Uug oooh .. and I do believe that was her tongue playing on my cock just illegal bahis where it meets with your excruciatingly tight little arsehole.”

“Yes yes Master … oooh … John .. I can feel it too .. aaah ..aaaah … here I cum … nnnnnnnrnnnrrrrrggghhhh.”

“Oh yes Sarah, cum on the end of my cock and drip your cunt all over Sister Beth’s face. Gods you are so tight.”

“Keep fucking her Brother John,” I heard myself cry through mouthfuls of Sarah’s heady love juice. “Fuck her, make her cum again, John.”

“Anything for my little sister. Have some more Sarah, take this.” He roared as he thrust his cock deeper still in the chambermaid’s rectum, pounding her into my bedsheets.

I watched as his cock slid in and out of its tight glove, the skin wrinkling slightly on the down stroke and stretching on the up as Sarah’s tight hole fought to keep it in place. The skin around her pucker pulled obscenely in and out with each movement as my fingers continued to pump in and around her swimming cunt hole.

“Dear god .. noooo” Her cries were muffled by the bedclothes, “no more … ooooh ….grrrrr … I can’t take it … oh my … oh my … I going to cum again … noo .. nooo … ooooh .. aaaah ….. nnnnrrrrgh.”

The poor girl fair near collapsed on top of me as her orgasm drained the power from her body. My brother waited patiently for her to calm before extracting his soiled member from her anus. It left her hole gaping wide, teasing me to dip my tongue in and sooth her. So I did.

She groaned deliciously as I made a meal out of slowly licking around the stretched muscle until slowly it closed about my tongue. She fell to one side her breath rasping in her throat and I was left staring up at my lovely brother’s hard manhood.

I reached up and clasped my hand around the shaft and slowly ran my fingers the length of it and back again. John groaned in bliss as his little sister slowly took control.

“Mmm, I wonder what this would feel like in my tight little cunt, Brother?” I mused aloud.

“Ye gods, girl. Twas less than 12 hours since that Father took your virginity and now you suggest your Brother to fucks you. What have we done? Have we opened Pandora’s box.”

“No, Brother silly. Just my box. Now let me see what a cock tastes like that’s been in a chambermaid’s rear.” I teased bending the cock towards my mouth.

“No wait Sister .. ooooh gods.”

His protest was too late as I tipped back my head and took a good 4 inches of my Brother’s stiff prick deep into my mouth. Curling my tongue I lapped at every available inch while keeping a little suction, remembering all that I had witnessed of other more experienced illegal bahis siteleri members of my family. I couldn’t stop from thinking momentarily that many of the more experienced would have insisted on removing the tallow first – ever tasted tallow?

Brother John’s groans were testament to the success of my attempt. He started to ease more of his rampant member into my mouth until I felt the tip reach the back of my throat and started to gag.

“Oh my little sweet thing, I forgot you were a mere novice as yet.” He taunted pulling back a little.

I glared in defiance at his nut brown ball-sack, as I could see nothing else and forced his prick back down against my throat. Snorting almost violently through my nose I managed a further two inches into the tight confines of my gullet but alas could not sustain it.

“Oh Master John,” Sarah had recovered, “let me watch you take your sister. I want to watch your big prick stretch this tight little morsel. Oh please, please let me see it.”

Sarah ran her hand to my neglected cunt and slipped two fingers inside making me gasp around John’s hot shaft. The slurping noise that followed told me that she had licked them clean directly afterwards.

“Your sister is so wet and slippery, Master John, I am sure your prick will fair glide into her.” She whimpered sliding her digits back into my cunt and twisting them.

“I must say young angel that where your fingers are looks a tad inviting. How about it, Sister Beth, do you think you can take this piece of meat?” Leered my dear brother.

I let his cock slip from my mouth and wiped the dribbling saliva away with the back of my hand. Still impaled on Sarah’s fingers I twisted around to face my brother and lewdly spread my legs wide open.

“Fuck me, Brother. Stick that lovely big prick into my tight little hole and fuck me. I want Sarah to watch your cock stretching your little sister’s cunt wide open and I want you to spurt your hot cum deep into me.”

Neither Sarah nor I were quiet ready for the speed of reaction that my lust driven tirade had evoked. John, with cock in hand, lunged forward very accurately targeting the entrance to my vagina with the head of his dick. Sarah only just managed to get her fingers out of the way as John thrust most of his cock into my constricted tunnel.

“An officer of the Dragoons is always at a lady’s service and deadly with his rapier, dear Sister.” He laughed thrusting his cock the rest of the way into me.

“Dear heavens, aaah …aaah .Brother, I do believe you are bigger .. uuug … aah.. than Father in both length and girth.” I panted as he withdrew slightly and thrust canlı bahis siteleri again.

Sarah squealed with delight as she avidly watched brother and sister fucking with abandon inches in front of her. I reached up and fondled her breasts, lust once again taking over my actions. She leant down and we kissed deeply, our tongues mingling as her fingers sought out and gently pinched my rock hard nipples.

“Aaah, Mistress Beth,” she moaned breaking our kiss, “please finger my pussy while your brother fucks you. This is so perfectly dirty I need to cum watching you both.”

The mere thought of finger fucking my chambermaid to orgasm while John pumped his cock into me had me close to an orgasm of my own. I reached between her legs, my eyes pinned to hers, and cautiously slid two fingers into her sopping slit. Her face was a picture as I started to work them in and out of her.

“Oooh yes, Mistress, that’s right fuck me with your fingers. Master John please lean back so I can watch your lovely prick spearing your sister.”

John obliged and Sarah began to rock her self against my invading fingers moaning loudly as she got closer to cumming. So distracted was I that my own orgasm crept up on me almost by surprise.

“Fuck John, this is aaaah .. so .. delicious. Fuck, you’re going to make me cum … Oh John, dear brother … aaaaah ….ooooh …ooh .. ooh …I’m cumming all over your lovely cock … fuck fuck …aaaah .. nnnnnnrrrrrrrrrgh.”

As my body convulsed my fingers thrust powerfully into Sarah taking her over the edge as well. She gushed over my fingers, my hand and wrist.

“Oh gods, Mistress, … aaah … aaaaaaaaaahh .. fuck Mistress, you’ve made me cummmm. No don’t stop, don’t ….. aaaaah …aaaahhh .. and aaaagainnnnnn.”

“Ye gods, I can’t take all this girl cum,” My brother roared, “I’m going to fill you up little sister. I’m going to spunk in your lovely tight little cunt.”

“Yes, brother, oh yess. I want to feel your hot cum splashing into my womb. Cum inside me pleeeeaase.”

“Oh yes, Master John, let me watch you spunk up your little sister. Spurt your lovely thick cream deep inside her. Cum for us Master John, cum now.”

“Gods, you girls are uug .. incorrigible .. uuh .. uuh .. here it comes aaaaah.”

With a loud howl my brother forced his cock as deep as he could and I felt his cock pulse with each spurt of hot cream he delivered. My vaginal muscles tightened around his shaft as I came again.

We all collapsed in a worn out heap on the bed. My brother slowly deflated and slipped from my filled pussy and I felt Sarah’s fingers lazily play between my slick and dripping lips. Every now and again she would scoop her fingers into her mouth to suck our combined juices.

“Sarah, you really are a slut.” I remarked.

“Mmm good isn’t it.” She smiled and closed her lips around mine letting me taste my brother on her tongue.

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