Sorority Pledge Ch. 03

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Chapter Edited by: ScarlettKisses


While Hillary Hansen-Sherlyn’s new friend and confidant-was in her limousine, speeding out onto the cape, Sherlyn nervously gripped the key card of the room she was heading for on the 16th floor of the hotel.

Sherlyn was still dressed in the little Bo Peep costume she wore during the auction. She had on a long lightweight jacket that hung down onto to her shapely thighs. This was to keep her scantily dressed body from attracting unwanted attention. She couldn’t see herself traipsing through the hotel looking like a 5′-8″, nicely breasted, little girl.

Less than 45 minutes ago she had stood on a stage, in front of hundreds of men, while they bid on her time. The winner was entitled to spend the night with Sherlyn, being able to do whatever he wanted to with her. Her body was his for the night. The only rule was that he couldn’t leave marks or cause the girl injury. That left a lot of things open as to what he could do.

Sherlyn was amazed that the man who won her favors was willing to pay $25,000 to a charity so that he could enjoy her company. She had submitted to the Sigma Epsilon Chi, a sorority, for membership, and as part of the vetting process, she had fucked a total stranger in a blacked out room, with four other sets of pledges fucking away. In doing so, she lost her virginity. Not physical virginity, she had taken that with a hair brush handle. It had simply been the first time she allowed a male to push his hard penis up inside her body.

Sherlyn, who was so full of ardor from all the wonderful foreplay her mystery partner had provided, was completely ready to let the unknown boy slip his manhood up inside her vagina when the time came. It made Sherlyn wonder why she had waited so long to give herself to a boy. The feelings of having Terrance, the boy she was with, up inside her tummy had been amazing to say the least.

When the lights had been turned on, not only did she find the mystery boy’s looks to be appealing, The fact that he was so gentle with her all the way through the love making, quietly asking her permission before doing things, endeared her to Terrance immediately. Before the sexual acts were culminated, Sherlyn and Terrance had made an agreement to date.

She discovered that Terrance was a match made in heaven for her. She was studying engineering and he was majoring in astrophysics. Terry was always so polite and considerate, but had a free and easy personality. Sherlyn could talk with the guy for hours and never feel the conversation was dull.

Better yet, the two of them could spend time together, in total silence, and feel perfectly comfortable together. What Sherlyn considered completely degrading, humiliating, morally corrupt situation, turned into a true blessing for the girl. She had come to love her Terry.

But, here she was for a second time, going to give herself over to another complete stranger. Letting him do who knew what with her body, having him violate her was nearly guaranteed. The only thing making it legally okay was only in the fact that she was willingly submitting to the acts that would be performed, all for the sake of gaining membership to the sorority.

Not for the first time, she wondered if membership in Sigma Epsilon Chi was worth what she had to put up with as a pledge. She considered the whole situation as though she was allowing herself to be raped, or at least coerced into doing unspeakable things. It was explained to her that she needed to do whatever was necessary to achieve her goals in life. This took ‘whatever was necessary’ to the extreme.

Too make matters worse, Sherlyn knew she was entirely out of her experience zone, with any of it. She just hoped that this new situation would turn out as well for her as was the case when she met Terrance.

Once on the 16th floor, Sherlyn scanned down the hall, watching the rising numbers pass by until she arrived at room 1623. She took a deep breath, bit her lower lip, and ran the card through the reader on the door. Her anxiety was about to cause her to flee, just before she heard the click and watched the indicator light on the door turn green.

Steeling up her nerves, Sherlyn pushed down on the handle and pushed the door open. The room was empty as she walked in. She breathed a sigh of relieve discovering her temporary reprieve.

The girl removed her long jacket, tossing it to the sofa in the spacious suite. She assumed her bid winner must have been fairly well to do if he could afford a room like she was standing in. It was a large suite inside a five star hotel, it spoke money.

What caught her interest more than anything was a massage table set up in the middle of the room. Several scented candles were burning and there was some soothing music playing in the background.

Sherlyn immediately noticed a hand written note on the table. When she picked it up to look at, it instructed her to disrobe and to lay face down on the table. There was a towel vivid porno she was to use to cover her hips and bum.

The 18 year old shrugged her shoulders; it looked like a nice start to the evening. She had never had a massage before, so she was still a bit antsy. As she reached around to unzip the back of her short dress. Sherlyn pulled her dress up over her head, leaving her in a lacy bra, her little girl panties, knee high white stockings, and her oxford shoes. She kicked off the shoes and sat on the sofa to pull off her stockings. She reached behind her and unlatched her lacy racy bra so she could pull the uncomfortable thing off. Standing in the middle of the room, she reached down to her waist and pulled off the only remaining piece of clothing, her panties.

She looked at the round donut looking thing on the end of the table; she assumed correctly that she should lay face down with her face in the cradle.

Feeling exposed in the spacious suite, Sherlyn quickly moved to the massage table and awkwardly climbed onto it. In the right position, where her face could fit into the face cradle, she reached back and pulled the fluffy white towel out over her nicely shaped hips and butt.

Sherlyn laid face down, letting her long brown hair fall down to one side of her head and the cradle. She willed herself to relax. The room temperature was warm, which was nice, given her state of undress.

She knew when her companion for the evening came in, that she wouldn’t really be showing him anything, even with her being naked on the table. Her areole and nipples, which were hard and protruding at the time, were out of view underneath her body. The towel hid her bum and her pussy.

Sherlyn was momentarily startled when she heard the door click, followed by its opening and reclosing. She felt herself flush as goose-bumps formed all over her body. Her intimate parts may have been hidden, but she was starkly aware of her nakedness.

She heard a quiet padding of footsteps and felt a presence standing by her. She felt a warm hand as it was laid upon her back. The man just left it resting between her shoulder blades for well over a minute; in a way his touch calmed her.

The hand was withdrawn, and she smelled a distinct scent of roses from a source under her face. The man said nothing, as Sherlyn distinctly heard the sounds of the man disrobing. She was so tempted to look up and see what her host looked like. But, she decided not to spoil the moment. What had occurred up to then had a defined erotic feel to it for the girl.

Sherlyn listened. After a moment, she was sure the man was done undressing. She had no idea what he had in mind. Would he climb on the table with her? Would he massage her as she suspected? His intentions were hidden.

The man moved down by her feet and he reached under her ankles and lifted her legs up. She tensed; she heard the man whisper to her, “I want you to totally relax your muscles, let me do all the lifting and the moving of your body, okay?” As he was talking, he placed a large cylindrical pillow under her lower legs, having her feet curling around its circumference. Sherlyn willed herself to relax every part of her body.

The man sounded like he opened a bottle of lotion or something. Then Sherlyn heard him working his hands together with something that sound very wet. Finally, she heard a voice to her side that said, “Okay, Sherlyn, all you need to do at this point is relax and enjoy yourself.”

Sherlyn hummed a response. Then she felt the man’s warm hand, coated with what she could only guess was oil of some kind. The hands began to glide up and down her back, spreading the oil out onto her skin evenly as he applied a moderate amount of pressure. Then she felt the warm hands wrap around the back of her neck as the man worked the oil into the muscles there. Where Sherlyn’s long brown hair was hanging the way it was, it avoided getting oil on it and instead pushes it out of the way carefully.

So far, so good, thought the girl. The pressure of his hands on her bare skin had been really nice. As the man positioned himself halfway between her neck and her hips, she felt what she suspected was the man’s penis brush up against her elbow, confirming for her that the man was indeed as naked as she was. She blushed.

The man whispered, “Tell me if I’m pressing to hard. I’m going to be looking for and massaging out tense muscles. A tolerable burn should be okay, but we don’t want it to become uncomfortable, okay?”

Sherlyn croaked out “Okay” into the face cradle.

The man started by folding her towel back half way down her bum. She was sure he could see the top half of her butt crack, but was relaxed enough at this point that she didn’t mind. He began making long sweeps up and down her back all the way down onto the top half of her bum. The gliding of his hands felt divine.

He seamlessly went from long strokes up and down her back and sides, to pressing his woodman casting porno thumbs against both sides of her spine, slowly sliding them down to end over her coccyx. Then it felt to her like he used his elbow to repeat what he had done with his thumbs, only he was able to add more pressure.

After several long deep elbow strokes, he began to working with his fingers and thumbs against her back muscles in a circular motion, this was followed by cross body strokes that started at her shoulders, and proceed down across the top of her bum. Then he began tracing muscles in her back with his thumbs. She felt him apply a deeper pressure and could feel him gliding over knotted muscles all along her back. He slowly worked this way, surveying her muscles from her neck all was down onto her upper butt.

As his fingers and thumbs plied themselves into her muscles, Sherlyn felt the man’s penis brush her elbow several more times. He wasn’t engorged, but he wasn’t flaccid either. She was able to process the sensation as being erotic as opposed to being intrusive.

Her masseuse finished his survey by wrapping his hand down over her hips and working his fingers and thumbs though all the various muscles there. That’s when he started working on the knots he found, one at a time. He sorted through her kinked muscles in her upper hips and lower back; he slowly made his way back up her body until he was back at her neck.

He would rub over a knot, gauging the amount of compression to apply based on her reactions to the pressure. With really stubborn knots, he would apply a pressure to it with his thumb or fingers as he gently rocked his hands. He would bring it to point of just under painful.

The ache Sherlyn could feel would spread out and away from the point like the wonderful waves of an orgasm, she felt like the moderate burning sensation felt sublime. The knots would slowly release and allow the man to increase the pressure, all but pressing the offending muscle into submission.

Once he reached the top of her shoulders, he went back to applying broad strokes up and down her body again, this time adding in her naked sides as a target to glide his hands over. His fingers brushed over the sides of her ample breasts. It was easy enough to do considering the way they pooched out with her weight lying on them.

Sherlyn was proud of her ‘C’ cup round globes. Her daddy used to tease her by telling her they were just right, that they matched her shapely hips. Just having him talk about her boobies made Sherlyn blush and giggle. He told her that any more than a handful was a waste anyway – her daddy had big hands.

Before moving on to her arms, the masseuse ran his thumbs down the sides of her spine yet again followed by him using his elbows a second time; he went down one side of her spine and then down the other. He was finally convinced he had chased away the lion’s share of knots.

After he was satisfied that her back was as loose as it was going to get, he massaged her arms, then her hands, and then each individual finger. He made sure he spent a liberal amount of time on each appendage. It felt so nice, Sherlyn felt herself melting into the pad on the table.

The man announced in another whisper, “Okay I’m done with your back and arms, now I’m going to do your legs and gluteal muscles. I can pull the towel off one side giving you a modicum of modesty, or if you don’t mind, I’ll just remove it.”

Sherlyn giggled nervously, “You’re probably going to see my bum later anyway, right?”

The man chuckled, “Yes, I intend to, but I’m leaving it up to you as to what I see and when.”

Sherlyn, feeling so relaxed, told him, “You can take it off.” As soon as he did, her nakedness in front of a naked man came back to the forefront of her mind. He oiled up his hands again and started making long strokes up and down her legs, distributing the oil as he did. Once her legs were oiled up, he started at her ankle and made a long stroke up her entire leg, he seemed to be tracing lymph channels as he did the long stokes came up her legs, over the cheek of her butt, up her back and then down her arm.

Then he made more long strokes with his fingers wrapped around most of her leg, compressing 3/4s of its circumference. As his hands slowly moved up, he pulled the hand sliding up her inner thigh out just missing gliding over her pussy by an inch or two. Then his hand would move back up onto her cheek. As he tugged on her butt cheek, she could feel her pussy lips pull apart, and they would snap back together again as he moved back down onto her leg.

The man explained, “I’m giving you a tantric massage, meaning that I will be making contact with your intimate places. The purpose is for you to relax and connect with your inner spirit. It is also designed to be erotic and pleasurable for you. So if you have an erotic response, that’s perfectly alright. Are you okay with this?”

Sherlyn giggled nervously türkçe alt yazılı porno again and said, “Well, with what we’re supposed to do this evening – tonight, I don’t see what it will hurt.” To reassure herself, she asked, “You’ll stop doing something I don’t like if I ask you to, right?”

Her masseuse replied, “Absolutely, I don’t want to do things for you that you don’t enjoy. Hopefully, you won’t even have to ask.”

Sherlyn sighed, “Okay then.” She sounded much calmer than she was. She just gave the man permission to touch her boobs, her pussy, and who knows what else. Her imagination could think of a several what else’s. Her anxiety level ratcheted up again.

The man started down at her ankles and worked his way up; He applied what he told her was acupressure to her knotted muscles as he found them. It was the same thing he had done on her back.

Soon, he was up working his fingers and thumbs deep into her glutes. He would also grab her shapely cheeks and just knead them, causing the beginnings of an erotic response from Sherlyn. Again, as he tugged on her gluteal muscles, her pussy lips would pull apart and snap shut again. Sherlyn felt several shivers of delight radiate out from inside her vagina.

Then he surprised her as he gently pulled her legs apart as wide as the table would permit. Then he returned to knead her cheeks. As he would tug on her cheeks, she could now feel both her anus and her pussy being tugged around secondarily to the massage of her bum.

Then he began to massage the area of her bum inside her butt crack, spreading her cheeks, running his thumbs up inside on both sides. She initially tensed, but relaxed again as she delighted in how nice it felt. Seconds later, she was even more stunned when he reached his fingers down and massaged around and over her anus. Then she felt a thumb directly against her butt hole, pushing on it, rubbing it in a circular motion, but with penetrating up inside.

She knew with her legs spread, that he could look right between her legs and check out her pussy lips, he could look right at her brown pucker to, that is when he wasn’t rubbing it. She was about as exposed as she could be without rolling over, of course the only thing he hadn’t seen at this point was her boobs. For the time being, he left her pussy lips alone, allowing her a brief break allowing her passion to cool a bit. His handling of her anus had caused Sherlyn to become quite aroused.

After thoroughly massaging her bum, each cheek, her crack and her anus. He washed his hands well, and came back to re-oil his hands. He went down to her feet and massaged her heals and instep, finishing up by drilling his thumb into the balls of her feel. All the tension in her body drained away from the attention he gave to her soles.

The man, with a smile in his voice said, “Okay, sweetheart, it’s time for you to roll over. Scoot down onto the table as you do.”

Sherlyn whispered out “Okay” as she complied. She rolled over, knowing the man was going to see everything now; he would see her breasts, her pubic hair, and her pussy. She was so relaxed, she really didn’t care. Her passion had grown to a level where she actually wanted the man to gaze on her nudity.

As she settled herself onto her back, the man moved the cylindrical pillow from her ankles up under her knees. Again, he position Sherlyn’s legs spread apart to the limits of the table. Since the table was three foot wide, it was a noticeable spread. She was unsure whether he did it for the view or for the access. From what he told her earlier about the type of massage he was giving her, she figured it was for both.

As the naked man moved up to her shoulders, she was able to see him for the first time. He appeared to be in his late 30s, maybe 40 years old. He was trim and fit, and he seemed to be completely at ease being naked. His penis hung down between his legs in a semi erect state, and it was nice looking as far as penises went. It was obvious to Sherlyn that he was enjoying the massage almost as much as she was.

The man smiled down at her and said, “Okay, things might get more personal from here on out. The goal is still the same, to find tension in your body and chase it away. Only with a tantric massage, this includes anything and everywhere. I will even massage the inside of your vagina with the goal of you achieving total relaxation. I know it don’t seem that way, and you may even have an orgasm, but I assure you that you will achieve a state of relaxation like you’ve never experienced before.

“Just to reiterate, if you become aroused, or you experience sexual release, it’s all totally acceptable, even encouraged.”

His voice was so calming, reassuring, mesmerizing. He was talking about touching Sherlyn intimately, invasively, and he was able to make her look forward to it, like it was a promised dessert.

As Sherlyn rested on her back, the man started to work on her neck. He held her head and worked it around until Sherlyn relaxed and allowed him to do all the movement without any input from her mind. Soon, she had her head laying off to the side, massaging its ropey muscles; he pulled tension out of her body with every stroke. Then he gently twisted her head around, turning it the opposite way, repeating his gentle massage.

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