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Hi, my name is Sue. I am 18 and a high school senior. My father’s name is Ron. My father is more my friend than my father and he is my running partner on weekend mornings. My mother had me when she was 16 and my father’s parents who were well to do, made sure this teen couple succeeded and raised me. Unfortunately, my mother passed away last year due to an unexpected aneurism.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, we run a 5 mile trail that is in a park near our home. We have done this every weekend since I can remember. As you can imagine, I’m on the track team at school. I’m 5’8 with long legs, straight black hair, dark blue eyes, and fair to good looks. My father is 34 and is 5’8 also. He is a good running partner for me but is a poor runner for a guy due to his height. After our run, we would sit on a blanket under a shady cottonwood tree, drink cold bottled water, and just chat. This beautiful Saturday morning in May was no exception. After our run, we walked over to our car, pulled a blanket and our water out of the trunk, and then walked to our favorite quiet shady spot.

“Here’s your water, Dad” I said as I took a draw of my own bottle.

“Thanks” said Ron, “When is your last track meet going to be?”

“Next Saturday around 10 am” I said catching my breath, “You are going to be there, aren’t you?” I knew he would say yes as he never missed any track meet I was in.

“My friend, Barb, wanted to thank you for helping her move the furniture into her room”

“I’m glad to help any friend of yours. Besides, the kiss she gave me was thanks enough”

chuckled my Dad, “I would have liked to have had another.”

“Be careful, Dad” I smiles, “She is a big tease!”

“I love to be teased to please” laughed my Dad, “Put a ribbon around her and give her to me for my birthday”

“Oh, that’s right! Your birthday is a few weeks away” I joked, “Tease or not, I don’t think you should plan on her being gift wrapped in your bed on your birthday morning! I do have to start thinking about getting you something. You are going to 35?”

“Yes, 35, getting old. Outside of your friend, Barb, I can’t think of anything I want” he said. “but you always surprise me.

“You not old! I proclaimed, “You look like you could be in your early twenties. All my friends think you’re a hottie”

“Even Barb?” asked Dad

“Yes, even Barb” I said, “But don’t get any ideas. You are all mine.”

My Dad laughed and said “You going out tonight?”

“No dad” I sighed, “I haven’t been interested in anyone since that asshole, Jim dumped me for the homecoming queen. I’ll probably just hang with my girlfriends this weekend.”

“Well, don’t go sour on men” said my dad, “There is a lot of good guys out there who will treat you nice Are you ready to head for home? I have to get started on the lawn sometime today”

We put our stuff back in the car and headed back. While driving home, I looked at my father and thought how lucky I am to have such a wonderful and cool dad.

The last week of school flew by and the last track meet finally arrived. I was scheduled to do two cross country runs and as always, my dad came along to watch. He was always proud of my performance regardless whether I came in first or last. It was really hot that day and I could feel that I was not up to my personal best. I was not happy being around Jim who was on the men’s team and seeing his new girlfriend on the sidelines. My team went up to the starting point and started to run as soon as the track pistol went off. It was a 15 K run and usually my best race. About half way through, I got really sick and started to throw up. The coaches brought me back to our school’s area and my concerned father came over. I wanted my father just to take me home so I can just go to bed. I was so sick.

My father, very compassionately, helped me to the car and drove home. After arriving, I went in my room, took a warm shower, and got into my bed. I was feeling so bad that I quickly fell asleep. After awhile, my father was concerned and went to check on me.

“Sue?’ my father quietly called through the bedroom door, “Sue, are you OK?

Hearing no response, Ron slowly cracked open the door to Sue’s bedroom. He could see that she was asleep and more. He just stared for a moment as he gazed on his daughter. Sue was laying on top of her bed wearing only some black lace panties. She looked very beautiful as her slim lithe body curled over a pillow and her long black hair fanned across the bed. Ron knew her daughter was flat chested but did not realize how beautiful her large round nipples were. Dad didn’t know how long he had been looking at Sue but he realized that Sue might wake up and quietly closed her door. The next day, Sunday morning, she was feeling better and father and daughter did their usual run.

After our run, we were laying on our blanket and my father said “I’m glad that you are feeling better. You know how I hate to run alone. Any idea what happened yesterday?”

“I czech harem porno don’t know” I said, “Maybe the heat, maybe I had some 24 hour virus but I’m much better now”

“Some of your girlfriends called to see how you were, so you need to call them back today” advised my Dad,” I think Barb wants you to go to Six Flags this week.”

“OK, I’ll call them. The Six Flags thing is our school picnic” I said

“Sounds like fun” said my Dad, drawing on his water bottle, my Dad continued “ Sue, I need to apologize to you”

“For what?” I asked

“Well” my father said sheepishly, “I was checking on you yesterday afternoon and I didn’t know that you were undressed when I looked in your room.”

“DAD, don’t worry about it! I exclaimed, “I’m OK with that and you have no reason to be embarrassed! I know that I have seen your butt and stuff and I’m not embarrassed”

trying to sound very liberal and cool, I said, “You are lucky I was wearing panties, I usually sleep in the nude. Do you sleep in the nude?”

My Dad smiled and with his face slightly red, he said, “I do now and then. When your mother was alive, both of us used to sleep in the nude all the time. Well, if you OK then I’m OK” Then he joked “but no peeking!” We both laughed and went back to our small talk.

I called Barb back and we made plans to go Six Flags that Friday. She would pick me and we’d go to her house then drive to the amusement park. I let my father know of my plans and he just wanted me to carry the cell phone in case of an emergency. I told him that I would leave around 9:30 in the morning and be back around 11 that night. Friday arrived and after my father left for work I got a call from Barb. She was sick and our plans were cancelled. I decided to take an easy morning and maybe hike the Tyree trail in a national forest close to us. I took a hot bath, shaved my legs, and gave my pussy just a streak of hair cover. I dried off and went naked into our basement to look for a special blouse I wanted.

I was looking through a double clothes closet next to our family room when I heard the back door open and heard my father call out “hello”. I froze. What is Dad doing home early? I panicked and went into the closet and closed the door. I thought to myself “now what?” Do I be a cool liberated women and casually walk past my dad and say “hi” in the nude? I guess I was not so liberated as I just stood in the closet an thought maybe I had some jeans in here that I could put on.

Before I could start searching, I heard my father’s footsteps coming down the stairs. The closet door was louvered and I could peer out and could view our family room. I was shocked to see my Dad walking into the family room in the nude and carrying a laptop. He plugged the laptop into the phone jack, set the laptop on the coffee table, and started to keystroke the laptop. I wondered why Dad was not at work and why was he nude, working the computer.

Next thing, Dad did was to start stroking his dick. He was masturbating to internet porn. I have been with a few guys who had dicks that were average (I guess) about 6 or 7 inches but my dad had a full ten inches. Wow, I had never seen a dick that big and was fascinated as I watched my Dad put some Vaseline on his hand and massage the length of his shaft. Soon, an hour had passed and I was getting tired of standing in the closet. I probably would have loved to touch myself watching this but I was trying to be quiet and my bare feet were hurting on the concrete floor. About another 20 minutes passed and I started to wonder how long could he jack himself without cumming? Then Dad bucked his hips into a wad of Kleenex. He dismantled the laptop, picked up his jack off materials, and headed up the stairs.

Finally, I breathed a sigh of relief. I quietly stepped out of the closet and thought, “WOW”. I heard the upstairs shower start to run. I grabbed the blouse I was looking for and ran back upstairs to my room. I dressed as quickly as I could. I went to the living room and waited for my father to finish his shower before saying anything. His laptop was lying on the coffee table and I looked at it, thinking what was he looking at? Hopefully the water would be running for awhile, I booted his laptop and went to look at his history log. The laptop finally went through its’ setup and I keyed to his history file.

Being very curious and nervous, I finally opened the right file. Some of the sites, Dad visited was some routine porn sites but as I scrolled down the file, some of the sites were incest sites and a few were dad and daughter sites. Hmmmmmmm, my father has a bit of a dark side! The water stopped running and I shut down his laptop and put it back where I found it.

I called through the bathroom door, “Dad is that you?”

My father called, “Hi honey, I got sick at work and came home.”

“Are you OK” I asked.

“I’m fine now” said my father, “I thought you were are Six Flags?”

I bet swingers porno your fine now I thought. I lied and shouted back “Barb picked me up but got into a fight with her mom. She was grounded for the weekend and her mother just brought me home”

My father came out of the bathroom in his robe and asked what I was going to since the park plan didn’t work out. I told him that I was going to hike the Tyree trail and be back for dinner. I kissed my father good bye and told him that he should get some rest.

I drove to the parking area where the trailhead is. The trail is about ten miles and after five miles the trail ascends to some high bluffs with a great view of the river. My legs

needed the workout as they were stiff from the standing on the cold concrete. While hiking to the overlook, my mind could stop thinking about that morning. I wondered if my father did this in the family room often. I ‘m sure that he has a lot of sex drive and probably came home a lot when I was in school. I loved the look on my dad’s face when he came as he had the biggest look of pleasure on his face. I can’t get his big dick out of my mind either. I love dick! I love to touch it, stroke it, suck it, and yes, get fucked by one. My dad’s dick was so big and I have never had one that big.

I knew that I had to have his. I arrived at the overlook and relaxed on a bench that had the best view of the river. The websites that my father was looking at was on my mind too. I know that people fantasize when masturbating and I have also. I dreamed of being with Brad Pitt while I was touching myself. No chance of that ever happening. I didn’t know if my father was just fantasizing about incest or was into it.

Also, I wondered if he fantasized about me or just enjoyed this kind of fantasy. He never touched in me anyway that was sexual or made any kind of direct suggestion. Honestly, the thought of fucking my father and his big dick was turning me on. The thought of some of my girlfriends messing with their parents is kind of icky but that is because their parents are not that attractive or are really old. I imagine that my dad is soft, gentle, and very sensual. After a long look at the scenery, I decided to give my Dad a real surprise birthday present. I started my decent back to my car. I thought that either he will be pleasantly surprised or shocked. If he is surprised then we will both get what we want. If he is shocked, then I’ll apologize and make the best of the situation and I’m sure that he will be understanding and supportive.

We were running the track the next Saturday morning. We did our usual routine and after our run, we were sitting under the shade of our favorite cottonwood tree. My father did not perform up to his usual run today.

I asked, “You were running a bit slower than usual today, dad. Are you feeling sick still?” I knew he was not sick yesterday.

“No” replied my father, “I just sore in my shoulders and back. Late yesterday I did some tree trimming, you know those branches that were hanging over the driveway.”

Yes, I did notice that now that he mentioned it. I moved my position where I was sitting behind my father and began to massage his shoulders. I asked “Does that feel better?” My father was not buffed up but had tight smooth muscles. He was so sexy to touch and tomorrow I would touch more than his shoulder muscles.

My father let out a few ‘oohs and ahhs” and said “that feels wonderful. Sue, since tomorrow is my birthday, lets’ celebrate tonight and go to our favorite restaurant. That is if you don’t have any other plans. Any birthday gifts for me?”

“Guilliannos!” I shouted, “I love that place! My only plans are to be with you, Dad.”

I wrapped my arms around his chest and gave him a big hug. Looking over his shoulder, I thought that I saw a rise in his running shorts but he quickly placed his water bottle over his shorts. “And I have a nice birthday surprise for you too!”

Later that afternoon, I was getting myself together for dinner. I decided to wear the slinky black dress that I wore to homecoming. Hopefully, my luck will be better than the last time I wore that dress. I found some pearls that my mother had which matched the outfit. My father called to see if I was ready and I stepped. I had my make up perfect with a bit more mascara than I normally would wear, black dress, black stockings, white pearl necklace, and matching pearl earrings.

“Wow” said my Dad, “you are so beautiful, so grown up.” He leaned forward to smell my perfume and said “Wow! Well lets go. We’ll be the hottest couple there.” We arrived at Guilliannios and I held my father around his waist as we walked in. We sat a table in a secluded corner of the restaurant. We made small talk throughout the evening and I flirted with my Dad more than I normally do. I even brushed my leg across his, a few times. The food was excellent and the service was superior. My father enjoyed his birthday meal and company. czech pool porno We left the restaurant and drove home. I held my father’s hand as we walked into our house. I told my father to sleep in tomorrow and we could run later in the day. I gave him a kiss that was about 2 degrees more than daughterly and said, “Sweet dreams, Daddy”

I woke up about 6 that next morning. It was my Dad’s birthday and he was 35. I went into the kitchen and made some extra strong coffee with Starbucks brand, his favorite. While the coffee was brewing, I went into my bathroom and checked myself in the mirror and makeup was good from last night and my perfume was still lingering. I quick brush of my long black hair and I thought, here we go. I poured the coffee into 2 special mugs usually used for café Brule and added extra milk into mine. It felt funny to be running around the house nude with my father in the house as I usually had on a night shirt or more on. I slowly pushed my father’s bedroom door open with my shoulder as I had my hands full.

He was still asleep. I sit the 2 mugs on the night table, propped an extra pillow on his opposite side of the king size bed, and slid under his sheets. His sheets felt so comfortable and smelled of his favorite cologne. I picked up his coffee and reached

over him to give him a kiss on his cheek.

“Good morning Daddy” I whispered, ‘Its’ time to wake up and I have your coffee here’

My father sat up, readjusted his pillows, and took the coffee from my hands. I reached for mine and took a sip. My father was not completely awake yet to realize everything.

“Happy birthday Daddy” I smiled and rubbed my hand across his chest.

“Thanks honey” said my father as he took another sip of coffee. “Good coffee! This

is nice to get my coffee served to me this morning. This is one of those morning that we need to be more open with each other than normal. I slept in the nude last night and I don’t have anything on.”

“Well Dad, I’m naked too! We are both in our birthday suits for your birthday.” I whispered.

“My birthday present?” asked Dad

I put my coffee down and told my father “Let me move over and you can give me a hug”

I slid over to sit on my fathers lap with my back to his chest and wrapped his arms around

my waist. “I’m comfy now Dad” I said as I snuggled to him, “You”

“Oh very” said my father “This is very unexpected but very pleasant. After dinner last night, all I thought about was you. How grown up you were and how beautiful you are,

and now we are drinking coffee, naked!” I could feel his dick starting to grow under my lap.

“I can see you really are enjoying this” I laughed and felt his hands rise from my waist and over my breast. “That feels so nice”

“ Sue, I can’t tell you how often I have wanted to touch you when we have hugged and stuff” my father confessed, “Sometimes I would run slightly behind you just to watch your butt moved when you ran. I find you so beautiful.” He started to caress my nipples which started to harden. “Are you OK doing this?”

“Daddy, I have been dreaming about this all week. Happy birthday” I whispered.

I let the sheet slip to our waists. My father was breathing in my perfume as his hands explored my breasts. His hands felt so good as he paused over my rather flat breasts and

kneaded my large brown nipples. His dick was now fully erect and popped up between my legs. I slid the sheet completely off of us and I got my first look at his dick, up close.

It was so beautiful, a real ten inches, nice and thick, with the most perfect head I had ever seen. My hands started to lightly feel up and down his shaft.

“Hmmm, baby that feels good” groaned my father, “Hey, Sue, look I just woke up and that coffee is working on me. I have to pee.”

“OK Dad” I laughed. I rolled over on my stomach and watched my Dad head for his bathroom with his dick bobbing up and down. A minute or so later, I heard the water run and my father came out. He hadn’t shrunk one bit. He just stood by the bed for a minute admiring my butt. I smiled and rolled on my back. Dad climbed into bed and laid by me. He kissed me, at first very tenderly and then our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. His hands roamed over my body while my hands were targeted to one spot.

I returned to stroking Dad’s dick and felt his precum spread over his dick head. I was starting to get wet too and feeling very turned on.

“Dad” I said, “Sit back against the pillows. Time for your birthday blow!”

Dad sat back against the pillows and looked down to watch me, his daughter, run my tongue across his dick head. I run my tongue over his precum and let it stretch between my lips and his dick. Smiling, I started to suck and lick his dick head while pumping my hands up and down on his dick. I like to suck dick but I have never been a deep throater. I can only take it so far in my mouth and my dad’s dick definitely would not fit. His dick felt so big and thick in my hands. I loved to stroke it and occasionally twist my hand motion which gave my Dad an extra sensation. His head fit so nicely in my mouth as I sucked on it and could get about two more inches in. I looked up at my Dad’s face and he had the sweetest smile and gave me the most loving look.

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