SOI: Club of the Sons Ch. 04

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I became good friends with a club member named Eric. I never could figure why he was a friend with Jerry in the first place as he did not have the alternative interests that many of Jerry’s friends had. He had an olive complexion which I had assumed him to be part Hispanic because of his Texan drawl. As I found out later that his father was an outgoing Texan but his mother was half English and half India Indian. It was in the middle of the spring semester when Eric asked if I would like to go on spring break with him. I told him that I would love to but I was low on money at the time. He said that would not be a problem as his family owned a condo on Padre Island and since his mother worked for the airlines, we could fly there free. Eric had an offer that I could not refuse.

Spring break arrived and Eric had the round trip tickets for the both of us. Eric and I drove to the regional airport and took a small prop plane to Indianapolis where we would catch a connecting jet to Texas. It was a short but bumpy half hour flight to Indianapolis and we were the only passengers on board.

After we were in the air I said to Eric, “Thanks for taking me along. Right now I would have been alone on campus for a week.”

“I glad to have you along” said Eric, “Of all our mutual friends; you are the only one that I would hang out with outside of campus.”

“Really?” I asked, “How come?”

“Some of the guys are really on a different level if you know what I mean” said Eric and I nodded, “It is a mutual interest that keeps me around them. I think you are the only normal person in the group who I can relate to or introduce to my family.”

“How about Mike?” I inquired.

“Mike’s OK” said Eric “But he is too cocky for me and I don’t get along with him that well.”

“I can relate to that.” I said, “Mike and I have been campus buddies since day one but he can get on my nerves. I understand.”

“When we get on the jet to Texas, you will get to meet my mother” He said, “She is a stewardess on our flight and will be staying with us on Padre Island.”

“Sounds great” I said, “I would like to meet her. You have never spoke much about your family with guys and have you ever…………”

Eric smiled and said, “Yes and you are the only one that I would invite to our party”

The plane landed and we had to hurry through the terminal to catch our connecting flight. We boarded the 707 and found that our seats were in first class. That was very unexpected and appreciated. Eric and I buckled up and minutes later the jet was taxiing down the runway. It was then that I first saw Eric’s mother, Gladys. I expected that she would look more Indian with a nose piercing and a red dot on the forehead but I was surprised. She smiled at us and waved while she was giving the safety instructions to the passengers. She was about five foot three with shoulder length black hair and thin. She had no body piercing, no red dots, and had a light olive complexion like Eric’s. I immediately fell in love with her voice as she had this soft British accent. The trip to Texas was very smooth and we received the best care. Eric’s mother made sure that we got our small bottles of liquor even though Eric was not czech taxi porno 21 yet. Eric made a quick introduction to his mother for me and she was glad to meet me. There was little further conversation with her during the trip as she was busy doing her job. The plane landed and we grabbed our carry on luggage while exiting the jet. We waited at the gate for his mother. All the passengers had exited and then a few minutes later, the flight crew appeared. Gladys departed from the flight crew with her roll about suit bag and joined our company.

Gladys and Eric hugged and kissed as they had not seen each other for some time. She was now free to talk with us and be herself. She insisted that I call her “Addy” as her friends do. Eric’s father would not be joining us as he had business concerns to take care of but he sent his love to Eric. We walked out to the parking area and took the shuttle to the long term lot. After finding Addy’s mustang, we piled our luggage into the trunk and piled ourselves inside the car. We drove towards Padre Island and made a quick drive through for some fast food along the way. As we approached the area, we were stuck in rush hour traffic caused by all the kids on spring break. It took about one hour to get within ten miles of their condo and two hours to go that last ten miles. Once at the condo, we crashed for the evening. Gladys had been on duty since five in the morning and was beat. Eric and I stayed up for about another hour but soon went to sleep early also. It was a great condo that they owned. It was on the twelfth floor with both bedrooms facing a great view of the Gulf. Eric’s mother had the master bedroom and we had the second bedroom with twin beds.

I woke up the next morning and after a quick shower, changed into my swimming trunks.

Eric had been up for awhile and brought up coffee and donuts from the quick shop down the block. We were drinking coffee when Addy came out of her room ready for the beach in this red bikini. She was very attractive and while she had a small chest, she had a great ass. Gladys’ ass was two small round globes that stood high up with no sag for her age. After breakfast, the three of us went to the beach and soon we were in with the large crowds of students listening to bands, playing sports, and drinking. Addy was very cool for her age and fit in with the younger crowd. After having fun most of the day, we decided to get some dinner at the local Mexican restaurant she knew about. We had great food there and we were still buzzed from the afternoon activities.

It was about eight in the evening when we got back to the condo. After sitting around the living room for awhile and watching some cable, Gladys excused herself to take a shower. She was in her room for about an hour when she came back to where we were sitting. I was startled when she took Eric and myself by the hand and led us into her bedroom. She was completely naked except for red fishnet stockings that went up to her hips and shaved pussy. I had never seen a shaved pussy in person before and was intrigued with hers. The smell of fresh perfume drifted between Eric and I as we walked with his mother into her room. defloration porno

She sat me down in a chair next to the bed and motioned for Eric to lay flat on his back in the bed. Addy climbed on top of her son in a sixty nine position. Soon I was stroking my cock watching Eric eating his mother’s naked pussy and she sucking his cock. After awhile, Addy was moaning while cocking her sons cock and Eric who had been rapidly tonguing his mother’s clit, now had his tongue between her butt cheeks. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and watched Eric. His hands had spread his mother’s cheeks apart and her rosebud was wet from his tongue work. Addy then moved aside and got up on all fours. Eric slide off the bed, handed me a tube from the nightstand. He stood at the end of the bed where Addy resumed sucking him. It was a tube of anal lube. I knew I was in for a treat as I had always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass but never had the opportunity until now. I was on my knees between Addy’s spread legs and applied the lube over my cock and on her rosebud. I was stroking my cock with one hand and gently was inserting a finger into her ass. It was warm and pleasantly tight on my index finger .

When I thought that Addy was ready, I removed my finger and placed the head of my cock against her rosebud. My cock met with some resistance at first but then the head of

my cock popped in. Addy let out a small gasp and let go of her son’s cock. I very slowly

push my cock into her ass as far as I could while Addy groaned and hung her head down.

I was still for a minute and enjoyed the pleasant feeling of her sphincter tight around my cock. Addy started to let out squeals of joy as I started to pump my cock in her ass. She resumed deep throating Eric except for an occasional moan of orgasm. My cock had never felt so good being in her ass and I knew that I would be cumming soon. I wanted to pump her fast and hard but kept a gentle slow steady rhythm going. My cock felt bigger than I ever was before and I pushed forward, cumming in Addy’s ass. My head rolled back in a hard orgasm and after a minute or so, my cock easily slipped out. I moved off the bed and onto an adjacent chair. I continued to watch Addy suck her son until she rolled on her back and Eric moved onto the bed between her legs. Eric placed Addy’s legs over his shoulders and I was getting hard again watching Eric slide his cock into his mother’s naked shaved pussy. Eric’s cock disappeared into Addy’s pussy and then he started to fuck his mother. He was pumping her hard and fast while Addy moaned in pleasure and rolled her head from side to side. I stood next to the bed to get a better view

of the action when I felt Addy’s hand grab my cock. She started to jack my cock hard and fast while Eric kept up his fucking. When Addy started screaming, “fuck me Eric, fuck your mom” I came in Addy’s hot hand and then Eric came. Then Addy came with an orgasmic scream that sounded like it was from a wild animal.

We rested as our bodies were limp. Gradually the three of us got up and grouped into the shower of the master bedroom. Eric turned on the water to where the room was hot and steamy. doktor ofisi porno It became a mutual soap and grope, removing the sweat and stuff from our bodies. While in the shower, Addy gave me a look deep into my eyes and with the hungry look, asked me to do her one more time. She took me by the hand and led me out of the shower with her. We dried each other and went into the bed room. She had me lay on my back in bed and Addy was kneeling beside me. She was massaging her hands on my cock and as it grew hard, she lovingly stroked it. When I started to ooze some precum, she straddled my hips. I watched as her naked pussy lips rotated around my cock head and then watched my cock disappear in her pussy. For a woman who had been royally fucked already, Addy was very tight. I reached around her and grabbed an ass check with each hand as she started to ride up and down my cock. I looked over to see Eric sitting in the chair watching us and stroking his cock. Addy enjoyed her sex as she was riding me with her eyes closed but had the biggest smile of pleasure on her face.

Her riding got more intense as I spread open her pussy lips and rolled her clit between my thumb and forefinger. It was very enjoyable to play with her naked pussy and there was no hair to hide the view. The next thing I knew, Eric was standing on to the bed over me with one foot on each side of my chest. He was fucking his mother in the face while she was riding my cock. Looking up to see Eric ass and balls was not what I wanted to see but I enjoy watching him push his cock deep between his mother’s lips. Soon I saw

Eric’s knees bend some as he pushed his hips into Addy’s face and I could see the movement of her throat swallowing her son’s cum. Eric climbed off the bed as Addy ground her pussy into my hips which met with an up thrust of my hips as I came. Addy rolled her head back and screamed in orgasm like she had done before. She rolled off me and laid on the bed exhausted. She had a drop of Eric’s cum on her chin and my cum was slowly oozing from her naked pussy. Soon all of us were asleep in Addy’s bed.

We wake up with the sun shining into the bedroom windows and the telephone ringing. It was her airline calling. She had to go into work and replace a stewardess that was sick. Reluctantly for all of us, Addy cleaned up, changed into her uniform, and packed her bag.

She looked so sexy in the flight uniform and I wondered how many mile high adventures she had. Eric and I drove her to the airport to catch her flight. She told us to keep the mustang while we were on the island and when we returned back to Indiana, just leave it in the long term parking there. She would take care of it as soon as she could return. She gave us some very nice kisses and told me that I was welcome at their home anytime. The last I saw of Gladys was her smiling and waving to us before she went through security.

Eric and I had fun on during the remaining days of spring break. We hung out on the beach, drank, listened to the bands, and screwed some college girls. They were not as much fun as Addy. Spring break was over and we flew back to college. Strangely we did not share our adventures with the rest of the Club of the Sons members. I think Eric wanted that way and I respected his wishes. It seems that he had sex with his mother and father since he was a young teenager. Eric and I stayed close for the remainder of the school year and kept in contact for awhile after I graduated but never did get a chance to visit Texas and see Addy again.

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