Soapy Wet

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This valley is hidden away, secluded from the concerns of present day life. I hike into it anytime I need to recharge my batteries, to escape the noise and the harried rush of the city, and this past week seemed to drag on forever, long and hard. I need the peace and tranquility of my valley; a serene weekend alone with absolutely nothing to worry about. Looking down from the crest of the trail, I can see the valley spread out before me, a deep emerald, cut in between two black mountains . Towering pine trees stand guard ringing the valley, majestic soldiers of the mountains, stoic and tall. In the distance I can make out the delicate aspens swaying to the music of the wind as they follow the bank of the seething river cutting it’s way across the valley floor. Picking up my pack, I start down the trail.

It has been a long hot trek, but it felt good; I feel strong and quickly descend into lush green valley below. I want to set up camp as soon as possible, then hit my favorite swimming hole to remove the salty sweat and grim from my body. Life is good, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Putting up the tent, collecting firewood, setting up the fire ring is done quickly; I know my way around this place like the back of my hand. With the chores behind me, I walk down the slope towards the river, my soap container in hand until I reach the swimming hole; a place where the river comes around a bend, slows to a crawl, and pools gently beneath a huge boulder bordering one side and a small sandy beach on the other. With the afternoon heat beating down on my body the water looks very inviting.

Pulling my hat off, my blond hair escapes confinement to cascade down my back, my boots and socks are tossed next. I pull my t-shirt over my head, unhook my bra, freeing my ample breasts, and man does that feel good to set them loose. I run my hands over my nipples feeling them harden illegal bahis beneath my fingers. I reach down to unbutton my jeans, sliding them over my hips to the sand, my white lace panties following. I stretch my arms up, arching my back in pure enjoyment. I can feel the sun heating my body, the hot grainy texture of the sand between my toes, a slight breeze kissing the tops of my nipples and I savor each feeling with relish.

I’m not one of those people who slowly wades into the water, trying to get used to the temperature, not me; I take off at a run and dive head first into the crystal clear blue water, scattering the trout before me like silver bullets. Oh my gosh, this is a close to heaven on earth, I am sure. I float on my back, letting my golden hair spread out around my face, my rose bud nipples protruding and hard. Looking up, I can see an eagle soaring into the heights until the blue sky swallows it up, leaving only a tiny spec to view. Then I catch a movement out of the corner of my eye, and echoing the course of my horrible week, I realize I am not alone in my valley.

I stop floating and try to hide my body by swimming into the deepest part of the pool. Sure enough, standing on the river bank is a tall muscular man. He has brown hair, neatly trimmed beard, wide shoulders with strong arms; his hungry gaze follows me in the water.

Dang it, this body of mine. I can see his erection pushing out of his blue jeans and my body responds immediately with a rush of glowing heat. I can picture his strong arms wrapped around my tender body pulling me close, my breasts pressing against his hard chest, and his lips kissing mine. The image in my head is powerful, hypnotic; and without thinking I find myself swimming slowly toward the riverbank until my feet touch the gravely bottom. My nipples are hard and I feel the lips of my pussy begin to throb as I walk to the shore, illegal bahis siteleri the water falls from my body; running down my breasts and over my shaved mound.

He removes his clothes slowly and deliberately while I walk towards him, never taking his eyes off my body. I feel my breath catch and then quicken at the sight of his hard dick. Reaching down he pauses to pick up my soap container, then wades into the water until he is standing inches from my body.

My breathing is ragged as we stare at one another, not one word is spoken. Dropping the container to float in the water, he gently slips one hand behind my back, and lowers me into the water, at the same time surrounding my nipple with his lips, sucking and teasing first one and then the other. I react instinctively, arching my back, pushing my breasts against his mouth and moaning in sheer delight at the sensations his lips create over my body. Standing me back up he grabs the soap container and begins to wash my body, starting with my back.

He massages the soap on my back, taking care to reach down and spread my butt checks, his fingers slide lower finding the outer lips of my wet pussy; he cleans and explores every inch of me. Then he turns me around and pulls my back against his chest. I can feel his cock pressing against my soapy back, sliding back and forth as he massages the soap across the front of my body. When his large hands reach my nipples, I moan, grinding my ass into his dick, my head thrown back he nibbles down the side of my neck.

Reaching behind me I stroke the head of his cock, running my finger gently over his pre-cum. His hand make lazy circles across the front of my body, over my breasts, squeezing them before exploring the sensitve underside; then moving down to my crotch. He parts my legs to run his fingers lightly over my clit, my juices run down his hands and my muscle canlı bahis siteleri tighten. I lean into his hand, letting he touch and rub me until I am about to cum.

Panting, I pull away from him, I pick up the soap container and begin to wash his body. My hands stroke across his chest, down his arms until I reach his hands, making sure to lean my full breasts into his chest every chance I get. I continue cleaning him, gently soaping his hard shaft, reaching under his balls, and running my hand caressingly between his ass checks. His eyes watch every movement I make. I clean his legs and inner thighs, then come back up to stroke his dick, up and down.

Suddenly he grabs me and takes me into deeper water, rinsing both of our bodies off. His lips crush mine, his tongue darts in teasingly asking me to join him. Responding, I melt against him, moaning into the kiss while my fingers dig into his strong arms. I almost cum when he moves his thigh between my legs. I grind my hips in response almost crying in my need for him to take me.

Easily he picks me up, I wrap my legs around his waist and our lips meet again. He ravages my lips, now swollen and tender under his assault. Then kissing me deeply, he plunges his hard cock into my wet pussy. I throw back my head as he moves my hips up and down over his hard cock. He can feel my wetness and my tight pussy as his dick slides in and out of me, over and over again. My breasts bounce up and down as he fucks me harder and harder, like animals, rough, with a deep urgency in both of us. His cock slams into me, his body rubs against my clit until the intensity builds; I can’t take it any longer and I scream as I cum. That is all it takes to send him over the edge, his head goes back, his neck muscles tighten and he shoots his hot cum deep inside of me in pulse after pulse.

Our breathing slows, I slip my legs from around his body and he lowers me down to stand in the water. He kisses me deeply and without a word turns to wade to the shore. I watch him stop to put on his jeans and boots, then he disappears quietly into the shadows of the forest, shirt in hand, not looking back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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