Sleep Sex

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I’m quite active and versatile in bed. I like to take control and get physical. Bouncing up and down on a fat cock is deliriously nice. Making him squirt inside me and then just carrying on is simply divine. My man makes ludicrous sounds that almost sound like he is in agony but never tries to stop me. And then all his juices start leaking out of me and I just carry on squelching up and down until my buttocks and thighs are burning. Awesome!

But sometimes I get lazy. My man is quite happy to take over. But one night we were both feeling lazy but I wanted his thick, long cock inside me. I love it when I get so horny I just can’t stop myself and my mind gets a little hazy. It’s not something I do consciously, but all worldly worries just vanish and I’m drunk with desire.

This was just one such night. But instead of a hard energetic, pounding I just fancied a nice, long, slow shag with minimal effort. My man just lay there, fairly horny but lazy, too. I just couldn’t sit still. Playing gently and softly with his lovely big and floppy penis. I carried on playing for almost half an hour — half an hour past my bed time!

Lovely and warm, cuddled up in bed, whispering and cuddling and kissing, a big, burning hot cock in my hand. But I just wanted more. Hoping to get him more aroused so that he would take over I went down on him. But he never budged or took over. He usually did after I teased him for a few minutes. But another 15 minutes later he was not budging. There was no way I was finishing him off and then left, judging by his lazy disposition, having to fend for myself.

So I stopped my oral administration and chatted for a few more minutes. A solution had to be found; and found it I did! I gingerly clambered on top of him and wiggled my bum. His dick prodded eagerly at my belly, by legs, my bum. A few more minutes of kissing and cuddling and the tip of his penis was rubbing against my wet opening. Soon I had about an inch or two inside me.

It was like a gear stick inside of me. Most of it was still outside me so the slightest move made the bit that was inside me press hard against my wet insides. It was so moist and slippery I almost slid down it like a fireman’s pole. Before long I had about 7″ of thick, hard meat inside me. The pressure was amazing and I lay there, lazy and hazy, kissing him and whispering in his face how lovely what he was doing was.

I had about 3 lovely, warm orgasms the one more energy sapping than the previous one. At the same time it kept me aroused and eager for more. It was the weirdest feeling ever. I had enough energy to lift my upper body onto the palms of my hands to get a better angle — but not much else!

I placed the palms of my hands on his lovely thick pecks and pushed. As the curve of my vagina lifted, his penis pressed my G-spot. I dug my nails into his muscles and let out a sigh. It was a deep sigh, burdened and laboured and it dragged out of me unimaginable, pent up frustration. Total bliss!

Eventually I would fall down back on to him. My head would slump face down onto the pillow next to his. I would breath heavily for a few minutes keeping still. I could feel my wetness enveloping this, hot, foreign muscle inside of me. Then it would leak out of me soaking him and myself. Happy and satisfied my eyes would get heavy. But he had not cum — how terribly cruel of me! So he would start fucking me.

He would gently gyrate his hips and the warm sensation would illegal bahis fill my womb once more. Soon that would be spreading all over my bum and tummy area as he got faster and deeper. Eventually it would get me so aroused I would take over again. Dictating the rhythm I would angle myself in just the right way at just the right time. It was about 2am that I was enjoying a thunderous 3rd orgasm. I dug my nails into his shoulder admiring the marks I put into his pecks and biceps a few minutes earlier.

My head jolted backwards and my eyes rolled in my head. The contrast of the cold room air on my nipples was heavenly. And then as I slumped forwards again his warmth enveloped me again. It was insane! And heavenly! I buried my face into his shoulder and wrapped my arm around his neck. I combed my fingers through his hair and grabbed a tuft of hair. I pulled gently and whispered my intensions:

“I cannot move from here. Ever again! I want you to keep fucking me as best you can. I’m gonna sleep but I want you inside me!”

I couldn’t believe the words I was uttering and his response was even crazier. He let me calm down a little then started. He moved back and forth at a gentle steady pace. I was exhausted and my eyes were so heavy. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I felt myself floating in the air. But there he stayed for another half hour and so did I. I was almost completely motionless but for the slightest of hip moves when he was thrusting in. This allowed his full 7″ to vanish inside me. It was so lovely and warm inside me. His strong arms mauled my buttocks or rubbed my back sensually. Occasionally he would cup my head gently as he sobbed into my ear. The most sensual and delirious lullaby.

But I could not sleep — nor did I want to! Occasionally he moved a little bit more in one direction or another and the wetness that was constantly leaking out of me would become all too apparent to us both and it just turned me on even more. He would also sometimes fiddle gently with my soaking wet bum hole sticking a finger in gently and the half-dream I was in would rudely assail my senses. Eventually — heaven only knows what time it was — he grabbed my buttocks hard and pulled me down hard as he thrust. His thick 7″ stood erect inside and pushed my life essence outwards. Then he twitched a couple of times and exploded! Gosh did he explode! I started sobbing in his ear as he just growled — furiously.

Now I could feel his cock swell up a little bit more and spit out loads of warm goodness. It splashed on my cervix and flooded my insides. It was insane but in my half-sleep, I felt it flooding my insides — not just my vagina — but my colon (causing my insides to twitch in response to his twitching), my stomach (filling me with his wholesome produce), my lungs (drowning me in an angry ocean), and my brain (assaulting all my senses at once).

Totally exhausted I clung to him, feeling him relax, his breathing slow down and steady and then I was asleep!

I had an amazing 1-hour sleep. The strangest of dreams that felt as real anything. For a brief time I was in a place that reminded me of Venice, floating down the canals. The gondolier was my man who smiled at me as he guided the gondola to a house. There was no one around but felt I had to enter the house. Once inside, sex-robots, designed for multiple penetration of every orifice attacked me and molested me — but it was deliriously sweet. Once I had been used and illegal bahis siteleri all my holes forcefully abused for several hours, I was kicked out of the house again.

I was naked and bruised but with a big smile on my face. It was dark outside but my man was patiently waiting for me in the gondola. Only now the houses were teaming with people at the windows and the bridge had crowds of people all waiting for me. They cheered as I came out and carried on shouting and leering.

My man took the gondola a bit further down till we got to another house that I felt compelled to enter. Once inside I was met with dozens and dozens of the most gorgeous women imaginable. Some had such exotic features that almost looked alien. They proceed to pleasure me in the most sensual, delicate and sensitive (in stark contrast to those vicious robots) ways imaginable — and then some! Hands, tongues, finger tips, and other body parts some which I do not even have names for all were there for my pleasure. All the while my own body parts (girls straddled my thighs and pleasured themselves, my feet were buried to the ankle inside some other persons’ vagina, my tongue took turns in lapping a clit, or a bum whole or vanishing inside various lascivious creatures and my fingers were acting similarly on some insanely beautiful creatures) were being used to bring to a gushing, screaming climax several other ladies!

Eventually, I could take no more and they all vanished. I managed to stagger to my feet and wobble outside. I was soaking from their orgasms and was on all fours (I felt too unstable standing). I crawled back into the gondola and this time the houses were full of people who I now recognised. Family members (even ones that are now deceased) and friends and work colleagues. They waved and laughed at me for a few minutes while my lover took the gondola to another house. Again on fours I crawled inside.

This house was empty save for a massive white cloud that took me up and I floated on it. I was all alone, and I floated on the cloud. As I did my arms grew and my fingers to twice the length. My tongue grew to over 6ft long and I started pleasuring myself in unimaginable ways. In one instant I had my entire hand up my vagina, apart from my thumb which was about 4 inches long and all the way up my bum hole! My tongue had also managed to curve round and poke its way into my bum hole with my thumb! It managed to snake past my chubby 4-inch thumb and delved much further about 6″ or 8″ inside me tickling me deliriously, making my crude blunt thumb appear much stronger.

I was having orgasm after orgasm as my free hand pinched my nipples in turn. Occasionally it would stop poke two fingers down my own throat. There it stayed, finger-fucking my throat as I gagged and gasp for air. When I was unable to take any more my tongue would snake out of my bum and back into my mouth where I savoured my own delicious juices. It was totally inane. Then I would pull my hand out me vagina, fit the whole thing in my mouth and repeat — savouring every last drop of myself.

What felt like hours later, I floated back out of the house. Again my lover was there and I was now floating and glowing like an angel. Even so, I needed the gondola to get to the next house on my itinerary. Again I felt compelled to enter when I got to my destination. Here I found dozens and dozens of men waiting for me. Similar to the house full of women, they were all amazingly handsome, canlı bahis siteleri and perfect. Immaculate faces, perfectly chiselled bodies, and god-like penises. Again they seemed almost alien but I was turned on all the same.

Once more I was jumped on and the men took turns (sometimes several at a time!) in pleasuring me. Huge, gorgeous, hard, penises with think, angry veins humped thumped and pumped inside of me. Needless to say, once more I was reduced to a quivering mess as they made me climax several times. They climaxed too — repeatedly. They filled my every cavity with burning hot man-juices and every drop that landed in my mouth I gulped down hungrily. Eventually they all finished together coming on me. Every inch of me was covered in a most glorious bukake-type shower of spunk. It covered my face (I knew it was a dream because it didn’t sting my eyes!) my tits, my pussy and oozed out of me — well the bits I could not swallow.

When they vanished I knew what I had to do again. I walked back outside to find my lovely lover waiting for me. He cradled me tenderly and started kissing me and making tender love to me. At which point, dream and reality, sleep and wakefulness collided. I woke up, just as I had fallen asleep, on top of my lovely lover, with his member still buried deep inside me. My head had somehow ended up on his shoulder, almost on his chest and he stroked my head as he ever so gently thrust his penis inside me while I slept.

It was heaven. I think I had actually been woken by a little orgasm but the details get hazy. One thing is for sure that as I lifted me head to give him a passionate kiss I definitely came again. And his humping picked up speed. He held me tight pressing my mouth onto his and stuck his tongue in me. He let out a muffled groan and swelled up inside me again. I knew what was going to happen. It felt amazing as his seed washed away inside me. He kept on moving and his seed oozed out of me. It drove me insane with desire.

Renewed and refreshed I pushed myself upwards and started moving up and down on his lovely, long think penis. I no longer felt lazy so I almost jumped up placing a foot either side of him. A crouched on him and his penis yanked downwards. I bounced up and down and soon his penis — which had thoughts of softening after cumming inside me — was being worked hard by my pussy. It got hard and pressed viciously against my G-spot and I worked the angled to perfection.

My man was almost groaning in pain but it just spurred me on. I placed my hands on my knees and went for it. Slapping my buttocks against his tensed-up thighs and soon a warm froth was collecting around my pussy, my bum hole and his groin. It spelt heavenly and then it came again: He arched his back and the tip of his penis swelled up again rubbing hard my G-spot. The tip pressed hard against my cervix making me freeze.

He trashed about underneath me as he chucked what felt like gallons on seamen inside, making it spurt against my cervix and then sploshed about happily inside me. When he calmed a little I collapsed on top of him and then gradually rolled off him. He cuddled up to me in the spoon position and we fell asleep again in a more “normal” position. Once more, though, my dreams were anything but normal!

I was awoken by the feel of water splashing on my face. As I opened my eyes, my lover was yanking his cock furiously inches away from my only-just-woken face. It was already half covered in spunk and the last few spurts ended in my eagerly opened mouth. I hungrily swallowed and licked trying to reach the rest while he laughed at me.

I was a very happy girl and with renewed vigor we frantically shagged some more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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