Sister’s Punishment

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“You have got to be kidding me!” Amy thought to herself looking through her brother’s phone. “That fucking pervert!”

Amy was going to use her brother’s phone for a second to look up a recipe, however when she opened it up the first thing on the screen was a picture of her in the bathroom after a shower. The picture wasn’t great and just through the crack of the bathroom door but you could definitely see her. She wanted to do nothing more than to go beat the crap out of her brother and tell their parents.

Just before Amy text her mom her friend Madison sent her a text asking how she was doing. Amy replied telling her what she just found on her brothers phone and how pissed she was.

“Wow that’s nuts what a pervert!” Madison replied.

“I know I am so pissed off right now I can’t believe that fucking pervert would do that!!” Amy sent back to Madison

“What are you going to do about it?”

Amy told her she was going to tell their parents about it. Madison thought it was a good idea, however what would they do really? She pointed out that all they would do is make him delete the pictures and would take his phone away for a short time. If she was going to make him suffer then she should really make him pay for it.

“How do I really make that ass hole suffer then huh Madi?”

After some time Madison thought of the perfect punishment for a pervert like that.

“Make the little bastard super horny and don’t let him cum.”

“What?!?!?!?!?” Amy was shocked at what Madison was saying. “How am I supposed to do that?”

“Well he already thinks your hot. Just walk around in a bit more revealing clothing and anytime he tries to be alone to masturbate make sure the little fucker can’t. Give him the biggest case of blue balls ever.” Madison explained.

“Oh gross! You want me to prance around in basically nothing and let my pervert brother just watch me?”

Amy wasn’t too fond of the idea having her brother just watch her all the time. She told Madison there was no way that was happening and that she would talk to her later. The front door opened and in walked her brother.

“Oh hey sis I forgot my phone have you seen it?”

Amy didn’t answer at first and just glared at him.

“Woah ok then geez. Guess it’s that time of the month huh.” Amy’s brother laughed trying to get even more under her skin.

“Fuck off dude!” Amy said angered leaving to her bedroom.

Amy laid in her bed for the rest of the night debating on what to do. She wanted to make her brother suffer for what he did to her. Laying in bed she wanted to just go to sleep but every time she closed her eyes she felt like her brother was staring at her. For some reason the more she thought about it the more she thought about her brother masturbating to pictures of her. Before long she herself was playing with pussy thinking about her brother jacking off. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, she was just as bad as her dumb brother. Before long Amy orgasmed and it was one of the best orgasms she had had in awhile.

“Ugh gross.” Amy thought to herself about what she had just done.

Getting up from her bed Amy decided to change into her pajamas and just go to sleep. While changing her clothes she looked at her door to make sure it was closed. In doing so she looked at herself in her closet mirror. She turned a few times and really inspected her body. Lifting up her breasts then letting them drop and bounce a little bit.

“You know I am pretty damn sexy.” Amy turned around to look at her butt and tried to perk it up a bit. “Could do some squats and work that out a bit maybe.” The more Amy thought about what Madison had said the more it motivated her to work on her body and maybe do a little teasing.

Making up her mind Amy decided she was going to take Madison’s advice, from this day forth Amy was going to do whatever it took to give her brother blue balls day in and day out. The thought of it turned her on even more, she felt sexy and full of power.

The next morning Amy decided to leave just her pjs on till she had to get ready for school. Leaving her room she saw her brother sitting at the table doing some homework.

“Nows my chance.” Amy thought to herself.

Quickly going back to her room she was going to put something on that showed a bit more skin. Her pajamas were a bit loose on her, but perhaps that would work. Amy got on her hands and knees really quick and looked in the mirror. She was able to see right down her shirt, almost to her nipples.

“That should be good enough for the little pervert.”

Leaving her room and heading over to the dinning table she looked at the clock. The time was 9:20, she knew he would have to leave in the next ten minutes or so. This meant he would have time to get a hard on but not enough to actually relieve himself. Amy started breathing heavy getting nervous about teasing her own brother. She was still angry with him and thought for a moment he didn’t deserve to see her like this. Starting to get angry czech couples porno at what he did Amy almost went over and slapped her brother, however she remembered the plan to make him not just feel a bit of pain but actually suffer.

Amy walked to the other side of the table her brother was sitting at and asked what he was doing.

“Just some homework Amy, It’s due today and I have to get this done before I leave.” He said focusing on his text book.

“Let me see it.” Amy said taking the text book and sitting down across from him.

She sat there looking at the text book and knew exactly how to solve the problem. Amy got up from her seat and reached across the table to grab his pencil and note book. This time however she stayed bent over the table rather than sitting down. Working out the problem Amy decided to make it look hard and erase a few things then write it right back down.

Moving her eyes only, Amy looked at her brother who was staring right down her pajama shirt. She had him right where she wanted him. With every movement her arm made to write the answer down she could feel her breasts swaying back and forth. Before long she started to feel her panties getting wet. In trying to tease her brother she started to feel as if she was teasing herself as well.

“There you go.” Amy said handing everything back still bent over the table.

Amy’s brother took back his school supplies and thanked his sister for the help. Packing everything into his backpack he saw he still had about five minutes left before he had to leave and would still make it on time.

“So anything else you need help with bro?” Amy asked trying to distract him.

“Not really just going to get everything ready then go.”

Sitting back down at the table Amy picked up her phone and started browsing the internet. Glancing over at her brother who was just sitting there awkwardly she felt like she had him. With just a few minutes left he didn’t have any time to go and cum, so he just sat at the table with his hard on straining in his pants.

“I’m just gonna head out now and get to class a little early.” He said grabbing his bag and getting up.

Once he stood up Amy saw a bulge sticking out of his pants. Amy bit her lower lip getting slightly more aroused knowing she was the one who caused it. She watched him as he left the house making sure he didn’t take a detour to the bathroom or his bedroom. Once he was gone Amy let out a deep sigh.

“Fuck, I didn’t think I could do it.” Amy thought to herself. She had such a rush teasing her brother, the sheer thought of getting caught. Not knowing what he was going to do or say just had her blood pumping.

Amy was hornier than ever from being such a tease that right at the table she started to play with her pussy. All she could do was think of her brothers dick now and how she could tease him more and more, but most importantly make sure he didn’t cum. The thought of her being such a tease pushed her over the edge making her finish.

The day went on and Amy was more concerned about how she could be a tease than anything else. She had a small taste of power and wanted more. When she got home from school she saw her parents sitting at the living room couch and decided to join them. A few hours went by and the sun set. Amy’s parents called it a night and she did too.

The next morning Amy woke up very early. She knew her brother would be up early for school so she decided to beat him to the punch. No one would be home besides her and her brother so this would be a great time to be a little tease. Looking in the mirror in her room Amy put on a sports bra, some yoga pants and a tank top. Going to the main room Amy put on some workout music. If she was going to be teasing she wanted to have the best body to tease with.

When her brother finally woke up and left the bedroom he saw Amy doing some squats. He didn’t mind the view so he went to grab some cereal and start his morning. Amy had been working out for about half an hour now and was string to work up a sweat. While her brother was eating she took off her tank top to show a bit more skin. She knew he was watching and started to get a bit wet. When she got ready this morning she made sure not to have any panties on because she had a plan.

After another 15 minutes Amy turned off the music and started to stretch. Looking around and playing dumb she pretended to have trouble and asked her brother for some help.

“Hey can you help me stretch really quick.”

“What why should I?” He asked making it sound like he was annoyed that his sister was asking for help even though he really wanted to help her.

“Because I hurt ok. So please come over here and help stretch your sister out dang it!” Amy didn’t realize how she had phrased her sentence till after she said it.

Hearing what Amy said her brother decided to get up and go help her out. On his way over Amy noticed that he already had a hard on. She bit her lower lip thinking about his dick.

“Ok czech estrogenolit porno what do you need me to do?”

“Stretch out my legs.” Amy said laying on her back and lifting up her left leg. “Just put in on your shoulder and push slowly.”

He did as he was told lifting his sisters leg up, as he did Amy started to feel his hard dick press against her pussy through his shorts and her yoga pants. She couldn’t help but notice how big he was.

“Damn bro you’re pretty good at stretching me out.”

“Thanks, it’s not even that hard.”

Was he talking about his dick or actually stretching her. Amy’s heart began to race and now she was extremely curious at just how big her brother’s dick was. Once he stretched out one of her legs he put it down and did the other. Just like before Amy felt her brother press against her pussy and as he did she took in a deep breath and then exhaled.

“That feels good.” She said trying to control her breathing. “Just a bit further please.”

Amy was very flexible and could go a lot further than what her brother was pushing, she just wanted to tease him a bit more and really let his dick press against her. Pushing Amy’s leg even more her pussy was basically wrapped around his cock just separated by a few articles of clothing. She could feel her pussy was soaked, so much so that she could already smell her own aroma. After about 10 seconds Amy told her brother he could stop. She looked at the clock and saw it was already 9:30.

“Oops sorry, it’s already 9:30 you have to get going to class.”

“Fuck! Thanks a lot Amy I barely got anything done this morning I’m not even dressed for school.”

Any watched as her brother hurried around the house getting all his stuff together to leave for school. This had been even easier than she thought. Two days in a row and he was already putty in her hands.

This trend continued for the next couple days. Day in and day out Amy would tease her brother any time they were alone making sure to get him as hard and horny as possible. The only time she couldn’t control if he was cumming or not was at night when he was in his room alone. Lucky for her spring break was right around the corner and they were taking a family trip to the beach.

Amy was the one who had to take care of room accommodations. In doing so she made sure to only find two rooms each with one bed on different floors. Knowing they would be at the beach Amy went to buy a brand new bikini that was extra small.


Day 1 of 5

Two weeks passed and spring break was finally here. Amy and her family drove five hours from one state to another to have some fun on spring break.

“Remember kids this is a family vacation so let’s please try to do some things as a family this year.” Amy’s dad said looking in the rear view mirror.

“Yeah you guys are in college now and we know you don’t want to spend time with your parents but this might be the last family trip we do for a long time, so let’s make sure we have so good family fun.” Their mother added.

Amy already knew she would be having fun over the next week and it was definitely going to involve at least one family member. Once they got to the hotel Amy played dumb as if she didn’t mean to book two rooms with only one bed. The cost to upgrade was another $50 a night.

“$50 a night! No way dad we can use that money doing other stuff.” Amy said trying to convince her dad not to spend the money. “We used to share a bed as kids so what’s one week.”

“Well if you think it will be ok, then hell I’ll save $250.” Amy’s dad said putting his wallet away and getting the room keys from the front desk.

Once Amy and her brother got to the room Amy jumped onto the bed as her brother stood at the door. Getting up Amy looked at her brother who was just glaring at her.

“What’s going on with you lately?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” Amy played dumb.

“You have been walking around the house half naked and teasing me for about a month. Now we have a room with only one bed in it. Are you trying to fuck me or something?”

Amy was hoping to save this for another day but because the cat was out of the bag she might as well make it last the whole trip. Looking up at her brother she had a devilish grin on her face and walked up slowly to her brother.

“Listen here you little pervert. I saw those photos of me on your phone.”

“What the fuck? You went through my phone!?”

“Shut it.” Amy demanded as she pressed her brother against the wall. “I’ve already taken pictures of your phone you little prick. So I have evidence that you have been spying on me and taking dirty photos of me for some time now. That means if you don’t do exactly as I say this whole week I’ll show mom and dad those pictures you have on your phone of me.”

Amy felt so powerful at this moment. Her brother was stuck, there was now way out of this situation in which he won.

“So what do I have to do czech first video porno then huh, little bitch.”

Amy didn’t appreciate his attitude towards her. She grabbed his cheeks and squeezed real hard digging her nails into his skin.

“First off this whole week you will be my bitch.” Amy said squeezing harder. “Secondly this whole week you don’t get to cum, not once.”

“What the fuck!?” Amy’s brother was in complete shock. “Says who that I can’t cum? If I want to jack off I’m gonna jack off.” He started trying to regain some dominance in the situation.

“If you cum one fucking time this whole trip you little fuck, I’ll show mom and dad the photos I took. And I’m sure they will have some choice words with you and probably kick your ass out on the streets. No matter what,” Amy said getting right next to his ear, “I win and you lose.”

Letting her brother go Amy walked into the bathroom, shut the door and locked it.

“Holy shit!!” Amy thought as her legs and arms were shaking.

The entire time Amy was so nervous that she was going to break and not be able to do it but she did. Looking in the mirror Amy tried to breath and sat down. She was so excited by what she just did but had to calm herself down before going back out to the room to show her brother she was serious. Taking a few deep breaths she frontally got her body to stop shaking. Opening the door she saw her brother sitting on the bed staring right at her.

“Fine.” Was all he said.

“Excuse me?” Amy said still nervous but playing off that she was still in charge.

“Fine I’ll do it. Just don’t tell mom and dad okay, I’m sorry you’re just you know really hot.”

“From now on you will say yes ma’am when we are away from mom and dad, got it.” Amy said taking it a bit further.

“Okay… I mean yes ma’am.” He said obeying what Amy told him. “Can I go shower now?”

“You don’t have to ask what you can and can’t do idiot. Just if I tell you to do something you have to do it.” Amy explained. “Oh and leave the door open. I need to make sure you don’t just masturbate in the shower.

Rolling his eyes he got up and started to strip down in the bathroom with the door left wide open. Amy watched every move her brother made waiting for his cock to finally be revealed to her. When he took off his pants she was a bit disappointed to see he wasn’t hard. She knew before hand that he had a big dick and figured he was a grow-er not a show-er. Knowing she had only a week to torture him she decided to start now.

“Well I need to shower too so I think I’ll join you in there.” Amy said starting to take off her clothing.

Her brother couldn’t believe what she just said. Looking over he saw his sister taking off her shirt and pants. He could feel the blood flowing to his dick as he watched her strip down. Amy walked into the bathroom and let her bra drop to the ground as her tits were in full view for her brother to see.

“Well are you gonna hop in the shower or what?” Amy asked as she pulled down her panties getting completely naked in front of her brother.

Amy walked up next to her brother and grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it. He stood as still as he possibly could not wanting to make his sister stop for any reason.

“Damn bro… how big would you say you cock is, 8 maybe 9 inches long?” Amy whispered into his ear as she kept stroking his dick.

Walking to the shower Amy turned it on and began to clean herself up. Seeing the view of his naked sisters wet body Amy’s brother started to jack himself off. From the corner of her eye Amy saw him stroking his dick and told him firmly that he can jack off all he wants, however once he blows his load their parents would find out about everything. Hearing this once again he felt it best to stop masturbating and to try and ignore it.

Stepping in the shower with his sister all he could think about was fucking her. For years now he has wanted to fuck her. Here she was on a silver platter naked, wet and stroking his cock. The only unfortunate part was he had to be her bitch otherwise he risked losing everything.

Once the shower was done Amy decided to stay naked for the rest of the night. She knew it was to late to go anywhere so why bother with clothing, plus the more she teased her brother the more he would suffer. Amy felt his eyes watching her the throughout the whole night, knowing this turned her on like crazy. Not being able to fall asleep she decided to play with herself in bed right next to her brother.

“Seriously? You’re gonna finger yourself right next to me too now?” He asked annoyed already at this point.

Amy didn’t care she continued to finger her pussy and moan while staring right at her brother. Her pussy was so wet that you could hear it echo off the walls as she played with herself. Taking a risk her brother rolled over and tried to play with her hoping he could persuade her to let him fuck her and drain his dick from all the cum he had built up. Feeling her brothers hand on her breast was the last push she needed to orgasm. Knowing he was trying to get a little further, Amy stopped fingering herself and used her clean hand to stop her brother from touching her. Taking her pussy juice covered finger she placed it right under his nose rubbing it on his upper lip letting him smell her sweet pussy.

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