Sisterly Love Ch. 18

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I realize Howie has been spending a lot of time with his mother and not with Stephanie. Please bear with me, remember time-wise we’re talking consecutive days, not counting the rehabilitation from mononucleosis. His mother refuses to let him venture into the big city, sister or not, fearing a relapse and perhaps for selfish reasons as well. This chapter will rectify that problem and Howie will be reunited with his sister in Chapter 19. I promise. PW


We continued fucking through most of the night. When my dick went soft—it did eventually—I devoured her orally. And when I began begging for mercy, she broke out the heretofore hidden videos of her and Aunt Elaine gnawing at one another, and that of course roused my dick into yet another round of uninhibited sex.

I woke the following morning to a deafening screech in my right ear. “UP—UP—UP! I over slept, Howie … you’re late for school! I’m sorry—I’m so sorry. I forgot to set the alarm and you know … we went to sleep so late.”

I was already out of bed and throwing my pants on. I glanced at my mother still laying in the rumpled bed, my semen stains along with dried crusty patches of cum on her right breast and along her neck. I had a flashback of her laughing and telling me it was her first ‘pearl necklace ever’ in the early morning hours.

Her shift was torn almost in half. Did I do that? Yes, I seemed to remember that as well.

I decided to call her Rachel from then on—not Mom, or Mother, just Rachel. Of course in mixed company I would revert to the prescribed norm of Mom, but it was understood between us that we were on a first name basis since we were fuck buddies.

My mother stood up, pulled the tattered shift off and tossed it aside with a lewd laugh. “Well that rag’s seen better nights!”

“I … um, don’t know about you, Howie, but I feel better than I have in years!”

I managed a nod as I glanced about for my shoes.

“Fuck it, Howie …”

That got my attention. I stopped hunting for the shoe and looked directly at my mother.

“Look at you, baby,” she said with a knowing laugh. “No morning hardon. Must be the first time since puberty, huh?”

It was true. I didn’t have the usual morning urge to pee erection.

“Um, Howie?”

“Yes, Mom … I mean, Rachel?”

“Want to skip school today?”

“Hell yeah!” I replied as soon as I understood her question.

Rachel smiled and stretched, I watched as her facial expression changed and her hand went between her legs. She laughed, and said, “I should have known.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked suddenly alarmed.

Still laughing, she replied, “Nothing’s wrong, baby. I just had this … lovely sensation down there, you know, in my pussy. It’s still full of your semen. Even hours after your initial deposit it feels soooo good. I suppose its part of the process, you know?”

“What process? I asked. I was still a teenager after all.

“Procreation,” my mother said, simply.

“I impregnated you?” I said, clearly stunned by the news.

“NO—NO—NO! She said and started laughing. “Oh, if I could only tell someone about what’s going on with us right now!”

It took her several seconds to compose herself, and then she explained both statements to me. I recall being immensely relieved on the impregnation part; as for who she might tell about us, I admit to being more than a little curious.

It was Thursday, and if I missed school today there was an excellent chance I’d miss it the following day as well. My dick swelled up, we both noticed it at about the same time.

“Bathroom call?” my mother inquired with a knowing grin.

“Yeah,” I replied and headed off to urinate, and then shower and even shave. I was acquiring more stubble every day now.

Rachel opened one of her dresser drawers, reached inside and she thought about her son. Her fingers traced over the lingerie inside. A shiver ran down her spine as she touched the colorful satin and lace garments inside, the sinfully cool sensation of the erotic garments seeming to flow from her fingertips through her entire body. She reached down with her other hand and gave her puffy, well abused pussy a little rub, and thought how nice it would be to put on some of that sexy lingerie and give Howie a blowjob when he came back out.

With a wicked smile on her lips, she slipped her middle finger between her labia then brought it to her mouth and sucked wantonly as she savored the decidedly sinful flavor of their combined juices.

As she donned her sexiest nightie, she thought about how exciting it would be to tiptoe into the bathroom and slip her full bee-stung lips over his morning hard-on, sucking and sucking until he rewarded her with a nice creamy mouthful straight from the source.

She groaned in frustration as she once more looked at her phone, realizing how late she’d slept. With a resigned shrug, she called the school and made the necessary excuse to keep her son home for the remainder of the week.

Then latin sex tapes porno unable to contain her horniness any longer, she went into the bathroom and found me sitting on the toilet. “Am I interrupting anything?” She inquired with a lascivious smile.

“No,” I answered as I flushed the toilet and went to get up.

“No, sit there a minute,” she said, placing one long lean leg on the edge of the bathtub and letting the nightie ride up exposing her pussy lips only inches from my face.

The smell of sex both prior and that yet to come hung in the air.

We could both smell it.

“Howie, I called the school and told them you weren’t feeling well. They were very understanding. You don’t have to go in until Monday.”

Her eyes were fixed on my cock as the words left her mouth. I watched as she licked her lips. If her eyes told me anything it was that she was starving for another round of sex. She gave me a sexy teasing smile, a reassuring smile, a c’mon fuck me smile—followed by her uttering the words: “I loved having you inside me last night. I loved every part of it.”

Figuring it was my turn to say something flattering, or complementary I mumbled something like: “Oh gosh, Mom, you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.”

As I spoke my fingertips moved up the inside of her sinfully soft thigh. The smooth warmth caused my dick to throb with a need that was met when her hand reached out and slowly squeezed the first drop of precum from it. I moaned and tried to reciprocate by leaning in and placing a light kiss on her puffy, wet vaginal lips.

It was her turn to moan with need.

Reaching out, I clasped her ass with one hand to draw her closer. In retrospect it’s kind of funny for she had to hop on one foot when I did it to avoid falling into or against the tub as she had the other leg on it to show her pussy off to me. Once she regained her balance she moved closer and straddled me as I sat on the toilet.

“You put it in, Howie. I want to watch you do it,” my mother said in as husky a voice as I’d ever heard her use. Seconds later she was drawing in her breath, saying: “It—it’s kind of tender … so go slow. I’ll get used to you in a minute through.”

Thinking she was serious about me hurting her with my dick, I inserted my middle finger first.

“Ohhhhh,” she groaned as her legs fall further apart and tilted her hips up to allow my teasing finger easier access to her dripping snatch. “Howie, that feels so good.”

“Do you think the tenderness might have anything to do with my pounding away at you last night?” I inquired innocently.

“Ohhhh yesssss,” she whispered breathlessly into my ear.

I stirred her pussy with that middle finger.

“Oh Christ!” Mother gasped.

“Mmmmm, you’re nice and gooey in there, Mom, I mean, Rachel,” and I punctuated my words by spinning the embedded finger in a slow tantalizing circle, stirring the warm creamy fluids inside her.

Rachel sucked in her breath before slowly smiling at me and whispering, “And why do you think that is?”

“Um, if you were a car I’d have to say that I’d filled your tank, hmmmm?” I think I had a kind of Cheshire grin on my face as I replied, then rubbed my buried finger firmly along the roof of her vagina.

“More baby—give me more!” Rachel croaked wickedly.

I added a second finger and really began working her over. It occurred to me that I had another hand and brought that into play as well, wetting that index finger in the entrance of her glistening pussy and then using it to tease her clit as it began peeking from its accustomed hiding place.

That alone brought a moan from deep within her throat. “Ohhhh, you’re soooo good at this!”

She was compelled to reach out with both hands and grasp the top of the toilet to assist in scooting her closer to me as I squatted on the toilet. I put the fingers in her cunt to work, plunging them furiously in and out of her now frothing opening.

“Oh Howie, I’m going to … C-C-CUMMM!” Rachel’s body convulsed through a scorching climax.

I kept my fingers sliding firmly along the soft folds of flesh inside her pussy while the fingers on the other hand tormented her clit. I had her moaning continuously, her legs quivering and flopping in and out as she rode out her release. I frigged her until her bucking, jerking body came to a halt, and only then did I withdraw my fingers.

“Wow!” I exclaimed on seeing the gooey mess between Rachel’s widely spread legs. Her eyes followed mine, zeroing in on her raw looking labia and inner thighs, both of which gleamed with milk-like juices.

“I better clean this up for you,” I said, and carefully helped her stand so I could get to my feet. Then I scooped her up in my arms and carried her back to the bed and laid her down with her legs hanging off the bed’s edge.

“Howie … what …?”

I dropped to my knees between her wantonly spread legs and I’m sure my eyes were sparkling with lust and desire.

Rachel lezbiyen porno was touched and said, “Howie, dearest … you don’t have to. It’s so messy. Let me take a shower first.”

“That’s okay, Mom. I really want to do it. You really seemed to like it last night.”

“I … I did, but …”

My tongue was already touching her fiery warm flesh.


My cock jerked with excitement as the flat of my tongue began lapping up the cream she’d expelled from being fingered. I fixed my entire mouth to her gooey opening and sucked … a warm, messy mixture of bodily fluid flooded over my taste-buds.

I swallowed, savoring the varied flavors of our comingled juice. Craving more, I pressed my lips to her slippery labia in search of even more of the almost intoxicating fluid.

“Oh, fuckkk … Howie, that feels so good,” Rachel groaned as she looked down at my face between her legs. “Let me … UGH, there … no, not yet … UGH, THERE!”

She must have pushed down with her interior vaginal muscles and forced clotted globs of semen out and into my waiting mouth. Admittedly, I was surprised by this, especially the amount that came my way. Looking up at her I saw a sexy lascivious grin come over her face when I swallowed.

She giggled and rasped, “”That’s it, Sweetie; get that tongue nice and deep. Suck it all out—yes just like that. Eat Momma like a good boy. Get all that nasty cum of yours out of there. Momma likes that.”

I loved hearing her compliment me and tried even harder to pull more of the scintillating mixture of semen and womanly nectar washing onto his tongue.

“How’s that cock, Howie? Is it hard for me?”

“Yes,” I croaked.

“Good—Good—Good … now if … if you could just lick my clit …”

I quickly withdrew my tongue from her runny canal, my face awash with her creamy goodness. Her gripping hands pulled me forward and my lips slipped over the pulsing red tip of her stiffened clitoris. Using a gentle suction I bathed it teasingly with saliva as Rachel reached the edge and rolled over it, falling wildly into her next climax.

OHHH GAWWDDDD!” She crowed as the wave smashed into her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her hips bucked as she ground her mound up against my face. Her gushing, spitting cunt swathed my chin and neck with her discharge. She twitched and shook as she came. My pleasuring mouth never left her clit for a second as I continued to suck and lick at the throbbing red spire captured between my lips. After what seemed like a minute, the overwhelming sensations finally receded and she pushed me away—her clit was just too sensitive.

“Howie, that was fantastic,” She said as she grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to my feet. “Here, your face is a mess. Now it’s my turn to clean you up.”

Howie smiled to myself as her raspy tongue ran lovingly over my face, her lips and tongue lapping up her own sticky juices.

“I know you’re very tender down there at the moment, Mom, but I need to get off now,” and began to jerk myself off.

“Is—is that load for me?” she asked much like a little girl might ask about a piece of candy.

“Yeah,” I replied, still stroking, “It’s all yours.”

I smiled watching her exotic dark eyes follow my pumping hand, each slow purposeful stroke directed right towards her. I saw that beautiful tongue of hers run out and slowly circle her pouty lips as the glistening red eye of my turgid cock filled with pre-cum.

Oh yes, Rachel wanted it. She wanted it all. She wanted every last drop. And I wanted to cover her face with my white milky seed, I wanted to use my erection to smear it all over her face, hair and even rub some into her ears.

I pumped more vigorously. Her eyes took on a wanton gleam. A line of spittle began running from the corner of her mouth. I erupted. A thick, white rope of jism caught her just above the right eyebrow. Her mouth opened in surprise. A second rope jetted out and hit her on the bridge of her nose, temporarily blinding her as some got into the eye as well.

I squeezed the next two lines out and helped aim them toward my intended objectives—the chin and her neck. I placed a hand on her neck (not the gooey side) and brought the head of my cock to her ear and let the last fusillade go hitting the lobe mostly, but managing to get some inside the ear itself.

Satisfied that I was finished cumming, I wiped the remaining residue off on her mouth. I admit I was surprised that Mother allowed me to do this to her. We never talked of it, and I never attempted anything like it again. Oh, I did feed my cock to her mouth as it erupted on occasion, but that was what she wanted from me those times.


I had a nice long shower, and then mother and I had a leisurely breakfast together. After telling me to get dressed, we were going out, she disappeared into her room.

Half an hour later, Rachel breezed back into the kitchen, showered liseli porno and dressed for work. She’d chosen a black skirt-suit with a tight square-necked red sweater. The pencil skirt ended just a couple of inches above the knee, she’d left her legs bare—knowing the whiteness of her skin would look boldly alluring against the jet black skirt—not to mention the pointy-toed pumps with the 4″ heel she’d chosen. The sweater fit her slim-form very snugly.

“Well?” Rachel said with a smile.

“Definitely a top ten MILF,” I replied and meant it. “So where are we going, if not to school?”

“I thought we’d go to the Mall and get you a few things. After that … well, let’s play it as it comes. But I have a phone call that won’t keep. Give me about five minutes Howie; I won’t be any longer than that, I promise.”

So I wandered around the house, wondering what kind of clothing I would be trying on. I was thinking about a neat sport jacket I’d seen on television a few nights earlier and had my hopes up that my mother might be persuaded to buy it for me, especially if it was on sale.

My mother’s voice penetrated my consciousness: “I swear if he didn’t come down with mono, there would have been a tremendous scandal … no question about it.

“You laugh now, but I’ve seen him—it I mean. He’s at least 8″ long and thick … NO—I’m not bragging on him … well, I guess I am, but that’s beside the point. He was beating them off with a stick before he got sick! Two of them even got into a fight over him … at school no less!”

What was going on? I wondered.

What I know now, but didn’t then was that when a woman knows a man wants her, in fact, enjoys her, she wants other women to know it. Of course, she can’t yell it out in public for obvious reasons, but she can and will let certain other women of her circle know in various ways. One of which is to display her lover to them.

“Abby, are you having naughty thoughts about my son?” There was a pause in the one-sided conversation at my end, and then my mother laughed lewdly and changed the subject to someone’s daughter getting stood up at the altar.

Abigail Buchannan worked at the Mall. But I didn’t know that at the time.

Forty minutes later mother and I were walking into the Mall. My mother said she had to see about something in a dress shop and I mumbled that I’d be somewhere in the vicinity, having already spotted a good looking blonde my age looking in the window of the store two doors down from us.

I was halfway to closing the distance between us when a woman walked out of the store just in front of me. It was Abigail Buchannan, the very person my mother had been discussing me with before we left the house. I only knew her as a friend of my mother’s.

She waved to me, but I pretended not to have seen her and darted into the nearest store, a bookstore as it turned out. I was perusing the current bestsellers when I felt a light touch on my arm.

“Hello Howard, nice to see you again,” Mrs. Buchannan said.

“Hi, how are you?” I replied. In a no nonsense tone, Mrs. Buchannan said, “Follow me, please,” and left me standing there. Of course, I followed. This had all the earmarks of a prearranged assignation.

She turned and walked towards the back of the store, taking off her jacket as she went. I followed her around a flange wall of a display which would hide us both from the rest of the store. Her back was to me as I approached her. She wore a short dress, through which I could see the outline of her panties in the odd light of the store. I stepped up behind her and whispered, “Is there a need for secrecy?”

She did not even turn around and did not speak for a moment. When she did, I was taken aback. “What game are you playing?” She whispered angrily. “You act like you’re not …”

We both realized at that moment that the rules had not been explained to either of us.

“I think I understand what’s expected of me now,” I said, moving closer and slipping my hand underneath her dress and pressing it against her ass.

“Uhhnggh! She grunted, and pushed her ass back against my hand. I eased a finger into her crack and pressed the fabric of her underwear deep into it.

“Fuckkkk, you’re crazy!”

“No, I’m just an over-sexed teenager. Reach back and grab my dick.”

As she complied, her legs shifted allowing my fingers to reach her pussy. Then she bent forward and I pushed up at her. For a moment I felt her weight on my hand at the same time I glanced around to find saw my mother watching us. I pushed Mrs. Buchannan deeper into the corner; she did not turn to me. I put my other hand underneath her dress and pulled her panties down her otherwise bare legs. She shivered as I knelt next to her, running my hands down her legs.

“She can see us!” the alarm was obvious in her voice.

“Not to worry,” I said, wasn’t it she who set this up in the first place?”

“Just how old are you anyway?” Mrs. Buchannan gasped as I skimmed the panties down to her ankles. I quickly lifted one foot and then the other so I could remove her panties. She shivered again, her flesh trembling as I stood up again. I looked across the display. My mother was smiling at me and had her hand pressed against her cunt—but not under her dress like I had mine.

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