Sister wants to Get Pregnant

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All persons in this story are over 18 years old. No behavior in this story is endorsed, this is just a story.


Karla woke up smiling as her alarm rang its 6am alarm. 19 and full of life, her dark brown hair flowed across her pillow, her pale skin almost as white as her sheets.

Karla felt the nipples of her 32D sized breasts harden as she had a very special thought. Her older brother Ben was in the next room to her sleeping still. The rest of her family was all still asleep and would be until around 7-7.30ish. Plenty of time for her to enact her plan.

She arose from her bed, her breasts falling gloriously across her chest as she did. She quietly picked up the red bra and panties from her bedside table and got dressed with her first deadly layer of weapons. She then picked up her little black nightie next to them and got dressed with her second layer of weapons.

Ready for the fight she planned on winning, she tip toed out of her room slowly closing her bedroom door. She tip toed to the next room and quietly opened the door.

Lying there fast asleep was Ben. 20 years old and a big lad. Built like a truck wall to wall muscle, but Karla knew exactly how to bring down men like him.

Karla tip toed over to his bed. Thinking about Ben’s big, veiny cock inside her filling her with exactly what she needed and knowing she would carry that inside her in front of her family without them ever knowing. These thoughts got her a nice wet patch in her panties and she rubbed herself under her nightie.

Sliding her fingers underneath her panties to her she slid her finger between her pussy lips covering her fingers with her lovely wetness. The scent of which would drive any man over the edge of sanity.

Taking her finger out of her panties she bit her lip and climbed onto the bed straddling Ben. Ben stirred and slowly opened his eyes looking up at his younger sister. Her pale legs either side of his waist, her plump ass sitting on his boxers. Her breasts ready to burst out their bra and nightie neckline as she looked down at him with a look a woman only gets when they desperately need male seed.

“W-wha-” Ben began confused.

Karla’s wet hand dashed towards and clamped around his mouth before he could make another sound. Karla smiled as she watched Ben breath faster in surprise breathing in her wet scent from her hand centimeters away from his nose.

“Shhhhhhhhh.” Karla put a finger against her lips.

Ben became more and more docile as her wet scent took effect on his body and the monster in his pants began to stir under Karla’s supple ass. Ben’s eyes glided over the black nightie, it’s neckline plunging revealing pale breast flesh. The sides of the nightie tightened towards her accommodating her curves, showing off her shapely hips. Ben’s monster stirred with heat as he fell for Karla’s first layer of weapons. Ben felt tingles of anticipation run through his body, his sexy little sister was sitting ontop of him all wet and wanton.

“Mmmmmmm.” Karla quietly moaned, as she began to grind her firm young ass cheeks against her older brother’s tented boxers. Karla pulled down the neckline of her czech gangbang porno nightie with her other hand exposing her second layer of weapons. A red bra and heaving breasts threatening to burst it. Her breasts bounced as she began to grind her brother faster. Ben was transfixed by his little sister’s supple bosom, round pale breast flesh bouncing above him, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. The hint of a brown areola appeared as one bounce sent Karla’s left breast almost out of the cup of her bra.

Ben breathed heavy loving each bounce and his hands rose and grabbed the dress of Karla’s nightie. Pulling it up Karla raised her hands and let her older brother undress her. The sight of her big pale breasts smooshed together in her straining red bra sent Ben’s tent hard up against Karla’s ass cheek.

“Awwwwe don’t cum yet big brother…” Karla whispered.

“W-We can’t be doing this.” Ben whispered back.

“Oh really?” Karla whispered back, turning to face away from him and bending over showing him her plump apple in her lace panties.

“Oh god.” Ben moaned, cupping one of his sister’s supple ass cheeks in his hand. The thrill of having such sexual tension between them surging through his spine.

Karla raised her legs and sat her ankles on her brother’s shoulders. Then crawled with her hands backwards til her chest sat just above his tent. Looking back at her brother and the 69 position she was now in, she grabbed the lining of his boxers and pulled them down, his monster erection sprung free.

“Ohhhh no no.” Ben protested.

Karla clamped her thick pale thighs around her brothers neck, locking her ankles together.

“Shhhhhhh big bro. You’ll wake everyone up.” She whispered with a wicked smile.

“N-n-no.” Ben struggled to say as his sister’s thighs choked him.

“Awwwe was that a no big bro?” Karla whispered, taking her bra off, casting it aside she settle her firm, big breasts around his meat pole. “Gottcha!” Karla thought.

“How about now?” Karla whispered, looking back at her brother as she began rubbing her breasts up and down around his cock. Ben’s eyes rolled back and she felt his breathing quicken against her ass.

Karla loosened her grip with her thighs, risking Ben crying out, but pressed her ass against his face to muffle any cries. Ben didn’t make a move or say a word. Unsurprising, she thought, who wouldn’t want to be smothered by his sister’s lovely ass. Karla wiggled her ass against Ben’s face and Ben’s meat started to pulse.

“Mmmmm that’s right bro, no one refuses your little sister, not even daddy or mommy.” She whispered looking back at him with a smirk.

Ben groaned into her ass flesh as his balls started to tighten with each stroke from his sister’s breast flesh.

“Uh oh, I just told you my secret.” Karla whispered placing a finger to her lips. “Am I going to have to choke you so hard with my thighs you forget any of this happened?”

Ben moaned into Karla’s ass and shook his head.

Karla giggle, “Mmmmmm good boy.” She whispered.

Ben started to struggle to breath, suffocating in his sister’s amazing czech harem porno ass. His hands shot up and grabbed at her ass cheeks and thighs trying to pull them apart.

“Awwwe your turning red big bro.” Karla whispered. “Let’s turn you blue.”

Karla squeezed her thighs together around her brother’s neck much harder, forcing her brother’s face deeper against her ass cheeks. No air for Ben.

Ben’s meat pole began to pre cum. The sheer excitement of what his sister could do to him sending volts of the darkest shades of pleasure through his chest, his heart thumping.

“Oh no no no.” Karla whispered slapping his balls. “No cumming big bro, your going to fill me up full of all your cum when i say so.”

Karla grabbed his balls and began to squeeze them.

“You going to hold on big bro?” She whispered.

Ben winced in her ass and finally nodded.

Karla looked back and saw Ben’s now blue face as his hands fell lifeless to his sides.

“Mmmmmmmmm, maybe I’ll let you live.” Karla whispered giggling.

Karla shifted forward lifting her ass off her brother’s face. Ben gasped for breath panting trying to catch all the air she had just deprived him of. His face fell weak against her left thigh as his breathing returned to normal. Adrenaline was now racing through Ben’s veins, he had never had such an intense sexual experience with anyone. Despite his numerous encounters with women as hot as his sister, only she had given him this, and he loved every minute of it.

“Hehehehe too weak to resist.” Karla thought.

She lowered her legs of her brother’s shoulder’s and turned around kneel beside him. She slid off her panties revealing her shaved glistening pussy wet for her brother’s meat. She threw one leg over his waist and straddled him, grabbing his cock and slowly lowered herself onto her brother’s 11 inches of monster meat. Karla whimpered as his cock parted her light pink pussy lips and stretched her making her move even more slowly as her tight pussy made him a very tight fit.

Ben growled as he felt his sister’s pussy slide around his pole. Karla began bouncing up and down riding her brother hard and fast wanting every drop of what he had for her and after her teasing, he had alot.

Karla bounced faster her lovely plump as making a nice squish squish squish sound against her brother’s legs as she pumped him. Her breasts bounced as her poundings got stronger and her brother’s body gave into her spell and began matching her, thrusting up underneath her threatening to throw her off. Ben gritted his teeth as he felt his balls begin to tighten as his sister strangled his cock inside her tight pussy. Ben wanted this thrill to last forever, trying desperately to hold on to his load.

Karla’s hand shot out covering Ben’s mouth just in time to muffle Ben crying out as he struggled to hold onto what his sister was going to take from him.

“Your going to cum inside me big boy.” Karla whispered.

Ben looked up and watched those innocent blue eyes and the light pink lips that fluttered as Karla gritted her teeth and flicked her hair to one side. Her pounding got harder czech sharking porno and harder and Ben felt his balls getting slammed by his sister’s ass flesh now. There was no more holding on, he was going to give in.

“That’s it sweetie, be a good boy and cum for your little sister.” Karla whispered smiling a sweet innocent sister smile.

“Uhhhhhhhh” Ben growled.

“No no no, your not holding it in big brother, your going to give me what I came for.” Karla whispered. Placing his hands on her ass, he instinctively squeezed it’s lovely firm flesh. Mmmmmm you’ll give in any minute now, Karla thought.

“That’s it big bro, squeeze your sister’s ass before you cum inside her.” Karla whispered encouraging Ben.

“Oh no…no no no no…” Ben hissed as it dawned on him his body was betraying him. His cock pulsed harder and harder…and there was no resistance.

Karla grinned and wicked grin a tossed her head back and moaned as she felt hot load after load explode inside her. She clamped down tighter and tighter with her pussy, milking every last drop out of this big boy.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh.” Ben sighed as his body gave into his little sister’s. He felt tingles shoot through his balls up his back. Each blow of his load sending further and further into ecstasy.

“Shhhhhhhhhh.” Karla whispered covering Ben’s mouth with her hand, her other hand on Ben’s balls squeeeeeeeeezing every last drop out of them. Her pussy started to tighten around his cock knowing she had just drained her brother of everything he had and he now was limp underneath her bringing her to orgasm.

She took her hand off her brother’s mouth and now covered hers.

“Uhhh uhhh uhhhhhhh.” She screamed into her hand quietening it. Her body shook as it freaked out from the sheer sensation of what she had just done. Milked her brother. His cock now pulsed inside her but nothing coming out.

After a few more pumps her favourite part was here. She slide off her brother’s monster and watched it fall limp, defeated out of her. She giggled at the sight, knowing one more man had succumbed to her amazing body.

She rolled off Ben and lay next to him quickly crossing her legs and holding them crossed with her arms. Making sure none of him escaped her. She needed every drop. She lay there on cloud nine feeling as though she was floating, all the tension in her body relieved in one single act. Her rollercoaster slowed down but the tingly giggly feelings she had inside her now would remain for a while.

Ben lay dizzy, unable to move.

“Awwwwwe bro did little sister just bust your balls?” Karla whispered giggling. “That’s it sweetie just fall into your post nut bust sleep, this was all just a really good dream.”

Karla slid her panties and nightie back on and collected her bra. She got some tissues from the tissue box Ben kept on his bedside table and wiped his cock leaving no evidence of her crime. She pulled his boxer’s back up and tucked him into bed. She stood up admiring her latest victim and still holding his cum still inside her walked out of his room, throwing her bra on her bed as she walked past her room to the stairs. She strolled down the stair to the kitchen.

“Hello Pettle.” Daddy called as she walked into the kitchen.

“Hello Daddy.” Karla replied, going to the cupboard for cereal.

She sat at the kitchen table watching her Mother and Father have breakfast as she held her brother’s cum inside her.

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