Sister-in-law Comes to Stay

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My wife and I were newly married and bought our first home a good forty minute drive away from our home town. It was a big move and we both still worked in our home town and so drove the long distance everyday. It was a little inconvenient but for the price we paid for a brand new home and land package we were very happy with what we had got.

It wasn’t long before Christmas when we got a call from my wife’s sister saying she’d gotten a job near our house working Friday to Sunday each weekend for a company which hired out small machinery for the weekend renovator. “Sure we’ve got plenty of space!” Trish, my wife, said over the phone “I’ll get Rob to pick you up when he comes home from work on Thursday. OK, Bye!”. She sounded excited as she explained the situation to me and made sure I would pick her up “Don’t forget!” she warned me with her finger.

So there I was, driving home on Thursday afternoon glad my working week was over for another week. I worked Sunday to Thursday managing a camping and fishing store and Thursday was my favourite day of the week. Two days off to look forward to and Thursday night was the night Trish and our Neighbour, Sandy went to Bingo so I’d have the whole place to myself. I’d stop for take out on the way home and pop the top off a cold one. Then I’d put some of my favourite music on and sing out loud while I walked around the house naked….

Damn! I hit the brakes and pulled over to the side of the road and waited for a break in traffic to make a U-turn. She told me not to forget! I was about three quarters of the way home too so it was a good twenty-five minutes before I was pulling into Trish’s mother’s driveway to pick up her sister.

There she was sitting on the front steps with a pair of largish bags and her chin in her hand. She didn’t look impressed at all. I got out to help her with her bags and as I approached and said hello she just rolled her eyes and flipped her fringe away from her face before storming toward the car. I just shrugged as I picked up her bags and turned around and drank in the view in front of me. There’s something about how a woman walks when they’re upset that gets me. The purposeful steps add something to the natural wiggle. All I could do was admire the way her hips swayed and her tight cheeks bounced in her tight little white denim shorts.

As she got to the car she let herself into the back seat. It was something she always did. Probably because of the car. I picked up a near-new X-Type Jaguar with all the bells and whistles very cheap at a Police Auction. It was a great looking car in Piano Black with Chrome trims, twenty inch chrome wheels and dark-as-dark-can-be window tint against a champagne leather and wood grain interior. It looked to be worth a lot more than it actually was but I’ve found that it impresses everyone who doesn’t know better which is almost everyone.

After putting her bags in the boot I jumped in the driver’s seat and buckled up. As I turned on the car I adjusted the rear view mirror so I could see Tia in the corner of it while still being able to see out the back. She was a gorgeous girl with dark brown skin, typical of her South Pacific Islands origins, with a dark chocolate coloured crown of medium length hair, painstakingly styled to to fight its natural curls and her eyes were almost feline, big, dark pools with beautifully long lashes designed by nature to lure a man in until he could believe he was close enough to touch her organically plump and tender lips. My cock was beginning to swell before I had the car out of the driveway.

The Drive home was uneventful except for a call from my wife – Damn Bluetooth hands-free! Tia heard the whole conversation which consisted of Trish chastising me about forgetting Tia after I had been warned not to and reminded at lunch time. I could see Tia laughing at the whole situation quietly in the back seat through the mirror. I didn’t mind so much though. Trish never truly got upset with me – it was more like a mother telling off a child for sneaking an extra chocolate after dinner rather than a proper couple’s argument. The other reason I didn’t mind was the dimples I could see on Tia’s cheeks when she laughed.

It was at that point she finally noticed me smiling at her in the mirror. She blushed and looked away looking slightly embarrassed. “What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“Nothing!” She said back “Why are you smiling at me?”. Just like an embarrassed school girl – well she did only actually finish school a couple of weeks before.

“Did you know you get these little dimples when you laugh?” I said pointing to my own face where her dimples would appear. She flushed red and fake hospital hastane went quite. I turned my attention back to the road ahead.

Because I had forgotten to pick Tia up the first time through, it meant that the second time down the highway was busier with peak hour traffic. That would add anywhere up to twenty minutes to the trip home. I could feel the weeks exhaustion seeping through my body as the highway came to a stand still. The single lane may as well have been one ridiculously designed car park for all the progress we were making. I could feel myself drifting off to sleep so in an effort to stay awake I opened the window. And the heat out there made me close it straight back up again. I stretched as well as I could in my seat and turned the radio on to help stimulate my mind to keep me awake. I looked in the mirror to see what Tia was doing to kill time and all of a sudden I didn’t need to look anywhere else for stimuli to keep me awake.

She sat against the door with her feet up across the back seat while she tried to look out the windscreen to see what the hold up was. She was making her own task difficult with her head bobbing along to a song she was hearing through her head phones though and she seemed completely occupied. What I found most interesting though was the fact that she’d loosened up her shirt a bit by undoing a couple of buttons. From the angle I had I could see well into her shirt and could see very clearly the silky smooth skin of her well shaped and proportioned breast and the Black under-wire bra she was holding them with. The bra had a satiny pink ribbon threaded through the lacy part of the bra up the top and came together in a nice bow in the centre.

I could feel my cock swelling as I watched her chest with one eye while watching the road with the other. A few times I almost ended up crashing while being distracted by the view in the mirror. At some point she pulled her head phones out and instead put her head against the door and closed her eyes to have a nap. My dick hit full mast as she stretched, arching her back and pushing her chest further out of her half opened shirt as she tried to get comfortable. Her hand rested between her breasts for a few heart beats before slowly drifting down, pulling her shirt with it exposing her right breast fully to me. I felt like whipping it out and rubbing one off right then but the thought of it leaving a stain on the leather changed my mind.

It was dark by the time we’d gotten home, after stopping to pick up some burgers on the way. Trish and Sandy had already gone and all I could think of was how my Thursday night ritual would never happen again. I felt like I’d lost a big part of my life. Not even having my wife’s little sister prancing around the house could make up for it. After all, every other night of the week I had Trish there and she shared much of the same features of her little sister but where Tia was more beautiful in the face (Trish herself is far from ugly, though) Trish has a set of tits any man would be proud to have on his wife and most are jealous of.

So Tia and I sat there in the living room eating our take-out and watching some TV. I was catching up with the sports news and then planning to watch the MotoGP race I had recorded from the graveyard hours of Monday morning before Trish got home but suddenly the TV went blank and the DVD Player’s welcome screen appeared. Tia was sitting on the floor in front of the entertainment unit loading the DVD player with god knows what ungodly chick flick. “Not a chance in hell, Girly” I pointed at her with the cable TV remote “Thursday is my night. I watch my sports news, then I watch my race” she swung around looking mildly offended “Oh, come on, please?” she pleaded “I haven’t seen this yet! You can watch the race after!”

“Nope” I rebutted ” By then, Trish will be home and I won’t get to watch it”

“I’ll make her” Tia argued

“Not happening” I stood my ground “Besides, I’ve got the remote for the DVD player anyway”

Tia scuttled across the carpet towards me in a flashed and begged again “Please, Rob” she said “I really, really want to see this!”

“What can you be so desperate to see?” I asked curiously

“Cruel Intentions” She pouted

“What?” I was dumbfounded “That movie’s old as. You haven’t seen it?” She shook her head.

“Trish said it was really good!”

I laughed at that, knowing what Trish’s taste in many things were. I guess that made me a lucky man then.

Suddenly Tia went for the DVD player remote, nearly snatching it from my grip. I managed to hold on but she had a firm hold of the other end sticking fake taxi porno us in a tug-o-war. I refused to give in, though. My Thursday was already taken from me, I wasn’t about to give away my MotoGP too!

We struggled, twisting and turning the remote, pulling and pushing, trying to make the other person yield. Before I knew it Tia was on the couch with with me continuing the fight.

“I have ways of winning you know” she said to me in a crafty voice

“Oh yeah?” I replied

“Yeah” she said as she threw one leg over my left thigh, her knee pressed firmly against my groin. I was stunned by that move. My mind suddenly filled with thoughts a man shouldn’t have about his Sister-in-law. I felt the remote slip from my hand and an instant later I could feel her weight lifting off my thigh. I reacted instantly and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back onto me.

She just smiled and waved the remote at me. I didn’t care though. Once again that evening my cock began to swell in my pants. My hands fit so nicely around her slim waist and the weight of her on top of me drove me wild. Finally she noticed what was going on. Either by the look in my eyes or the bulge in my pants or maybe both, she realised what I wanted and went red.

“What about Trish?” She asked softly

“Trish loves us both, doesn’t she?” I asked her and she nodded

“And we love her, right?” I prompted as I unbuttoned her shirt. She nodded again.

“Then it’s OK because we’re sharing our love for her” She nodded again and started rocking her hips back and forth as if in a trance, rubbing herself against my thigh. Something in the back of my mind told me how sick I was, the way I justified this act of cheating and the way I manipulated my wife’s sister into the act as well but the heat of the moment had me firmly in its grip and although I could hear myself telling me to stop, the voice was distant and the lust was strong.

I had her shirt open and pulled her body closer to me. My lips met the soft skin of her torso just below her bra. I could feel her grinding harder against me supporting herself with her left hand on my right shoulder as her right hand dived down the back of my shirt rubbing my back with just the right amount of nails applied. My hands explored her body and what they found sent surges of excitement through my mind. The softness of her coffee skin balanced by the tautness of her eighteen years young body drove me to the edge of madness and back again. My mouth explored her bust and my senses were filled. Her body moved like silk between the firm grip of my arms, My skin tingled as her finger nails struck the most sensitive chords through my hair and scalp, The salt of her skin was an endless smorgasbord of desire and the smell of her perfume reminded me of an old high school girlfriend who had taken my virginity and gave me the greatest school year of my life. Our ears were full of the sound of our laboured breathing and the intense sound of our own heartbeats.

Before I knew it her shirt and bra had disappeared along with my own shirt. Her breast were the benchmark for perfection in size and shape, a slight tan line defied her natural caramel coloured skin to me and each had a perfectly centred chocolate button for a nipple and I couldn’t wait to taste them. I took one gently into my mouth at first while I massaged her other breast in my hand. My thumb fiddled with her nipple for a bit before a changed my grip on her breast, taking a full handful and letting her nipple slip between my fingers allowing them to squeeze and pull at it while I massaged her tit.

With my mouth I applied suction, sucking away on her nipple, applying more and more suction, gradually until I felt her respond with a gasp. I maintained the suction on her nipple and let my tongue free on the tip, licking in circles and pushing it in and flicking it around. Her hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in closer indicating me to suck harder on them and I was happy to comply.

I came up for breath and immediately she brought herself down to me and our lips met for the first time. It was then that I knew I had underestimated how good her lips would feel. She managed the right amount of firmness and softness that I liked best without even trying. We kissed and kissed until my cock began to hurt. I stood up, still holding onto her and with our lips locked together, she swung her legs instinctively around my waist. I pulled at her denim shorts but didn’t get a response so I pulled them again and again, harder each time until she finally reached down to unbutton them. Finally they were off! My own pants soon followed and I family stroke porno kicked them to the corner of the room and sat back down.

With her weight back on my lap I could feel the heat of her pussy hovering over my throbbing dick. Blood gushed into my shaft in pulses and my cock bounced up and down, the head of it just managing to tough her wetness as it did so like a little dog jumping to grab food from its owners hand that is just out of reach. She pulled away from our kiss and smiled. She enjoyed knowing how much my cock was wanting her and indeed how much I was wanting her. I tried to lift my crotch up to slip in but she moved away, teasing me with that gorgeous dimpled smile. I wanted to be inside her so badly now it almost hurt.

Finally she lowered herself down. I could feel her wetness but had trouble finding her hole until she reached down and grabbed my cock. It felt incredible having her hand wrapped around my shaft and as she guided the tip into her pussy I entered a new world of sensations. Her heat instantly overwhelmed me. I could feel the softness of her lips enveloping the head of my cock moments before I felt the slight resistance of her vaginal muscles. They welcomed me in and took my head in almost instantly. She gasped for breath and giggled breathlessly before she lowered herself the rest of the way down my cock.

I could feel her around me like a living sheath, hugging me from within tighter than I had been in a long time. We kissed again for a few moments before I pressed my hips upwards encouraging her to ride my cock. She didn’t need much encouragement though before she was riding slowly up and down along the length of my shaft occasionally stopping at the bottom to grind her clit against me. We made love like that for about twenty minutes hitting each other’s spots, each of us on the verge of climax but neither of us willing to let it go just yet.

I took note of the time and realised that Trish would be arriving home in about an hour so we had to finish up quite soon. I let her ride me for a little while longer before I lifted her up with me as I stood. We kissed again as we fucked standing up with her legs wrapped around me for a few moments before I laid her down on her back on the couch. I buried my cock as deep as I could as I lowered my weight onto the couch with her and she let out a squeal as her body jerked away from me like she’d been given an electric shock.

“What was that?” I asked “Did you just come?”

“I don’t know” she laughed while catching her breath “It was so close though. That’s never happened before”

“Are you alright?” I asked genuinely concerned since I’d never seen something like that before either

“I’m good” she said to me as she grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her waiting vagina.

I slowly re-entered her and got to relive the tightness from earlier. She was till hot and very, very wet inside. I worked myself back and forward inside her as she held me close with her nails in my back. Our breathing got hot and heavy again and my thrusting got faster and stronger as we continued. Before long she was suppressing screams in my hear, sometimes trying to keep her mouth close and sometimes covering her mouth with her hand of using the couch to muffle her voice.

My own noises started coming out too, like a starving animal grunting and snarling. I was really ramming her pussy, my balls audibly slapping against her and made louder by her juices leaking down. Suddenly she let out a long scream which she tried to stifle using the hold-your-breath method, her head shaking side to side and her hips swinging violently and smashing against my own as I thrust my rod as deep as it would go. Her convulsions set me off and I could feel that familiar feeling in the head of my cock as I was approaching that magical moment. Only a couple of thrusts later and I was exploding deeply inside her still thrusting deeply though now slowly inside her. She was still moaning with every breath rocking her hips into me.

I lay there until I went flaccid inside her then pulled out and sat up. Tia was still breathing heavily but had calmed down enough to say “You came in me, you bastard”

“Sorry” I said to her “Have you got morning afters?”

“You’re lucky” she said and I sighed in relief. Dodged a bullet.

Trish got home about twenty minutes later. Tia had taken her movie to watch in Trish’s and my bedroom on the TV in there while I watched my race. Tia cam out to greet Trish and they chatted happily for about five minutes before Trish said “Oh, I see he still got to watch his race… What the? Rob!”

I looked up at her and asked “What?” thinking she’d noticed something that got us busted.

“Why’re you naked?” she asked as she and Tia went bright red.

“You know I have my ritual every Thursday night, Trish” I said plainly “No one’s taking away your Bingo, and no one’s taking away my Thursday’s either”


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