Sister and Brother Ch. 02

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It had been over a week since my sister had found me at home dressed in her clothes and we had shared one of the most awesome sexual experiences. Since it happened, my sister hadn’t mentioned it once. I didn’t expect her to bring it up in front of our parents at meals, but she behaved as though nothing had happened. I almost thought that I had dreamed the whole episode. But with how vivid my memories were I knew that what had happened was real. I would have loved to bring the subject up with her but didn’t know how. I longed to be with her again.

One Friday afternoon I came home from college and found a box in my room. On it there was note. It was my sister’s handwriting and read “I didn’t forget about what happened. I know there is no way that you did either. I hope that it wasn’t the only time. If you need some encouragement, look in the box.”

I opened up the box and was greeted with what I was hoping for. I saw all the things I would need to transform myself into sexy woman again. I took everything out of the box and laid it out on my bed. These were different from what I had worn last time and seemed new. My sister had picked out a new ensemble for me. She had found a sexy red and black silk bustier with lace garters. There was a matching pair of bikini panties with it. There was also a similar styled satin chemise. Black lace top thigh high stockings would attach to the garters. My sister had also gotten me a pair of over the knee 4 ½ inch high heel boots. She had also gotten me my own make-up and manicure kits. She also included my own breast forms and a long wig. This outfit seemed a little sluttier than what I had worn last time and I was excited.

At the bottom of the box was another note from my sister. “We will have the house to ourselves this weekend. If you want to we can try to recreate some magic. I will be home at about 6, be ready and dressed by then. –Jen. p.s. I didn’t get you a dress. I didn’t think you would have it on for long.”

My heart was pounding in my chest. I couldn’t wait for six o’clock. But I had to get ready. I took a shower and shaved smooth again. Something clicked in my mind and I decided to shave my pubic area too. I knew that feeling my bare legs rub against each other was so sensual and such a turn on so I figured I would take it one step further. I wondered how my sister would react. For me the feeling was so erotic. This was going to be one special evening.

After the shower I proceeded to get my lingerie on. This was an outfit out of a sexy lingerie catalog. I had dreamed of wearing things like this. The 4 ½ inch heels made me a little wobbly at first but I quickly got used to walking in them. I loved the feel of the tightness of the leather of the boot on my calf, like they were hugging my legs.

My dick was safely tucked away between my legs but it was firm and oozing pre-cum by what seemed to be the gallon. I hoped it would stay put until my sister got home so I could present myself in my full feminine glory, without a bulging cock disrupting the image.

Since this outfit was sexier than the last I decided to go with a sexier approach tecavüz porno to my make-up. I wanted to look like a woman who was advertising that she was ready and willing to have a night of excitement. I didn’t want to look like someone who was looking to get paid for it. After applying the foundation and making sure there were no flaws in my complexion I applied dark eye shadow with black mascara and eyeliner. It gave my eyes a sultry look. I applied the blush slightly heavy so it was more noticeable than last time, but not so much that it was cakey. I finally applied hot red lipstick carefully. The shade matched the red in the lingerie I was wearing and the red fingernails I had also put on.

I carefully placed the wig on my head and adjusted it. It was sandy blonde and fell half way down my back. I left it as is without styling it, just letting it fall over my shoulders and down my back. I looked in the mirror and again couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I would have sworn that I was looking at the cover of a fashion magazine. Perhaps this was a bit of an exaggeration but the look was amazing.

I walked out of my room and into my sister’s. I looked in her full length mirror and was more amazed. I looked hot and sexy. Any woman dressed like this for her lover would be making a pretty clear statement that she wanted to be laid. I know that was the message I was trying to send.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was about 5:30. My sister would be home in about a half hour. I decided to get a little something to eat and drink ready for us. Cheese, crackers and some wine seemed appropriate. I got everything ready and sat on the couch and waited, drinking a glass of wine.

When I heard my sister pull up in her car I decided to go into my room so I could make a bit of an entrance. When I heard her shut the door I called to her, “I’ll be out in a moment. I made us a little something to eat and drink. That way we will have enough energy for later.”

“Sounds good. Don’t be too long.” She answered.

A few seconds later I walked out to present myself to my sister. She looked at me with what seemed to be a combination of awe and lust.

“You did a tremendous job, again.” She said. “I don’t think I remember you looking this good last time.”

“Well, I think it has something to do with what you gave me. This is one sexy outfit. Plus the new breast forms seem more natural and fill everything out better.” I replied.

“I saw it and I knew I wanted to see you in it. But that isn’t all I am talking about. The way you did your make-up looks great. Everything goes so well together.”

“Thanks. I was hoping you would approve.” I replied. “I do. Very much.” She said. “Have you been thinking about what is going to come soon?”

I nodded yes.

“Good. Wait here for a few minutes for me. I’ll be ready in a minute.” She said and went into her room with a glass of wine.

A short time later she called out, “Come on in, I am ready. Bring the wine too.”

I grabbed the bottle and my glass and went into her room. Standing across the room teen porno from me was my sister, dressed just like me. We were practically twins. I put the wine down and we walked toward each other and embraced. We kissed gently on the lips and she tilted her head back and looked at me.

“Surprised?” she asked.

“Yes, pleasantly. We both look so hot. Maybe there are more surprises in store.” I answered thinking of my clean shaved body.

“Good. I have been dressed like this all day. I got so turned on. I was hoping you would be dressed and ready for me when I got home.”

“I couldn’t turn away an offer like this.” I said. “I have been thinking about last time almost constantly and hoping that it could happen again.”

“Me too.” My sister said. “Are you ready?”

“Way past ready.” I told her.

We pulled closer again and began to kiss deeply, our tongues exploring each other’s lips and mouths, dancing and flicking together, raising our arousal levels to extreme heights. My sister was gently sliding her hands lower and lower down my back, making her way towards my cock. I was caressing and fondling her tits with one hand and gently stopped her hand with my other one. I wanted to save the surprise of my shaved pubic area.

I led her to her bed and gently lay her down on her back with her legs hanging off the side. I eased up her chemise up a little and slid down her panties all while still stroking her tits through the silky fabric. With the panties gone I began to play with her pussy lips, tenderly spreading them apart to gain access to the rest of her love box. Her whole pussy was so moist. I knew she was incredibly turned on. I slid my thumb slowly over her clit and she responded with a moan and a squirm.

I brought my face down between her legs and began to lick and suck, slowly at first but then with more speed and gusto. My sister was responding my moaning and squealing with pleasure and delight. Her hips were swaying from side to side and I knew she was about to cum. Her moans got louder faster and deeper and her legs started to squeeze on my head again. “Oh god! I’m cumming! Don’t stop. Don’t stop!” she shouted out. I kept licking and teasing her clit and slid a finger into her ass once again. This pushed her over the edge and her hips bucked in the air. Her thighs were squeezing my head again but I didn’t stop licking or take my finger out of her ass. She was making noises like a crazy woman and he body kept spasing and quivering in pleasure. Her orgasm kept going on and on. Finally she relaxed and I stopped licking.

“Oh my god that was fucking incredible! I have never orgasmed like that before!” she told me. “I hope I can return the favor.”

She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me onto the bed next to her and rolled me on my back. When she reached down my panties she got a surprised look on her face.

“Is that what you meant by a surprise before?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Well I like it.” She said looking at me lustily.

The slight tough of her hand had my cock spring forth free. Now it was her turn to pull off my travesti porno panties and go down on me. My cock was rock hard and throbbing before her sweet lips even touched it, but when they did it felt like it doubled its size. My sister licked my cock up and down the shaft a few times and took my balls in her mouth.

She released them and said, “I like things shaved. It makes things even kinkier and everything is so soft.”

She took my cock completely in her mouth and sucked a little while she was massaging my balls. It only took a few second of this attention and I began to shoot my cum. She responded by pulling my cock deeper into her throat and sucking harder, pulling every drop of cum from my dick. I shot over and over for what seemed to be minutes and she just kept swallowing. The waves of pleasure were running up and down my body and I was trembling when I finally finished cumming.

“That was some load of cum.” My sister commented. “I didn’t know if you would ever stop.”

Our orgasms had worn us out a bit we rested for a few moments. But we were both still full of passion and lust and couldn’t stop now.

I smiled and looked into her eyes. “Ready for round two?”

“Absolutely. I love oral, but I still need that cock in my cunt.” She replied.

I didn’t reply but just went right into action. I stood up off of the bed and then moved her legs to the side of the bed. I took her ankles in my hands and lifted them to my shoulders and placed them there. Then I reached down and put my hands under her ass and lifted her up towards my still hard cock. My sister responded by lifting her hips and wiggling on the bed to give me better access to her wet pussy. I leaned forward a little and rubbed the head of my cock all over her pussy. She squirmed and squealed a little.

She looked me in the eye and said, “No teasing, I want you to fuck me hard, fuck me hard with that dick now. I need you thrusting that cock in my pussy”

I responded by pushing my cock deep into her cunt. She arched her back up higher to draw me in even deeper. I began to slide my dick in and out of her and she met my thrusts each time. After a few moments of this action she reached up and grabbed my hips and pulled me towards her on the bed so our bodies were pressed together. She dropped her legs from my shoulders and began to roll us over so she could be on top of me. I went along with the maneuver and my cock never came out of her.

My sister bounced up and down on my cock a few more times while I stroked her tits through her lingerie. Her pace began to quicken and she began to moan and breathe deeply. The muscles in her cunt were beginning to contract and squeeze my cock. We were both getting close to cumming again. I could feel my balls start to tighten up and my cock get bigger again. She probably felt my cock engorging because she let out a loud moan and lay forward onto me with her body quivering and shaking. My cock was pulsing again. We were cumming together, strong hard and long.

My sister spoke first after we caught our breath. “This is so incredible. Sex with you is so hot and amazing. I didn’t think anything could be like this.”

“You are so right.” I responded. “I know we left out something from last time but remember we have all weekend.”

“Right. Lets take a little break and then continue in a little while.” She said.

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