Sins of the Father Pt. 06

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Chapter Nine: Friday, July 4th, 2003, 10:00 P.M.

You know, we never did do any grilling that day. We were all too tired from screwing one another! So we ordered some Domino’s to be delivered to the house. (No! No one answered the door naked. We live in a nice section of AA.)

By now, we’d all gotten cleaned up and dressed in our respective night clothes. We stayed away from James’ stash of beer in the garage out of deference to the twins’ age (almost twenty-one) and the possibility that every adult woman in the house might be pregnant.

We had relocated ourselves to the dining room and the time seemed right for our children (and my husband) to explain themselves. I was all ears! Peter began by telling us about his mother’s letter to him.

“Mom, Dad… I’ve thought about how I was going to say this, but then I realized that I could just let Mom speak for herself. If you don’t mind, I’ll just read her letter. It’s really not that long, anyway.

James and I both nodded our heads and put down our food. Peter began:

“It’s dated: February 5, 1982. ‘My dear sweet Peter, It suddenly came to me last week that I’m not going to be around when you’re a teenager to say to you what needs to be said. Right now, you are only three years old and can’t understand. I’ve asked a good friend of mine to promise to give this letter to you on the occasion of your sixteenth birthday. That age seemed to me to be a good compromise between your ability to understand and my friend’s ability to hold on to something like this. (Basically, she said thirteen years was her limit, so here we are.)

‘So, now you are sixteen, and I’ve been dead and buried for a long time. If you remember me at all, it will be the most fleeting of images I’m sure. Such is life.’

‘But, it is because of life that I’m penning these words to you, my son. I must tell you the truth of your origins, for only two other people in this world ever knew: the man who delivered you is dead; your biological father is too honorable a man to think to burden you with this news. Therefore, it is left to me – your mother – to say what needs saying. And that’s perhaps as it should be; for I am ultimately responsible for the circumstances surrounding your birth and life.’

‘You were conceived at a Halloween frat party, Peter. I had intended your father to be this boy I was dating. He had good prospects, but I really didn’t like him all that much. On top of that, he was a middling lover at best. (Snicker, now, young man, but one day you will appreciate the importance of a partner who can ‘rock your world’!)’

“I want to tell everyone here that I actually did snicker when I first read that,” Peter interjected. He cleared his throat and continued.

‘I’m just going to say this straight because that’s how you deserve it: straight. You biological father is the same man you have probably always considered to be your father: my brother James. And, for that, I will always love him. He gave me you, Peter. Don’t for one minute hate him or be disgusted with him because you were conceived in incest. It is not (necessarily) the evil that most people consider it to be. Though, too often, it is.’

‘Now, understand this one thing: James never confessed this to me. I figured it out for myself. Please let me explain how I did that.’

‘After you and your sister were born – yes, Rachel is your sister! Well, your half-sister, really. Anyway, after the two of you were born, James was the one person your Aunt Patty and I could count on to care for the two of you. We couldn’t afford daycare, and James was a year out of high school. He gladly volunteered and we happily accepted. He has already been the best Dad any kids could have, and I just know he’ll be a good role model for you later on.’

‘Around your first birthday, I was really lonely because I hadn’t had sex for a long time and I really liked sex. Well, I went into James’ bedroom one night and I sexually attacked him. When his big penis went up into me, I knew he had been the one to get me pregnant. There was just something about the architecture of his organ that gave it away…’

‘Anyway, I looked at him with horror in my eyes and immediately jumped off him. I ran back to my bedroom and wept into my pillow in shame. I was very angry with James for a week – not speaking to him and doing all the worst things a woman can do to the one man who loves her.’

‘You must understand, Peter: it came to me one day soon after that my brother loved me. I knew this because he never once used his knowledge of what he’d done to tease, humiliate or gain advantage over me. I also knew he loved me because he loved you, my dear son! He will always love us both.’

‘I then confronted James, and he confirmed what I had deduced. From then, we have been frequent lovers up until last month when my cancer was found to have spread to my brain. It is inoperable and will kill me soon enough.’

‘I am not ashamed that you, Peter, were conceived in incest. Why? For the simple fact that so was I and so was my brother! We are both the product street blowjobs porno of two rapes forced upon our mother by her brother Thomas. (I go to my grave with you being the only other person in our family who knows this!)’

‘Thomas was sent to prison for the violence he forced upon your grandmother. He died there in a pool of his own blood and guts… writhing in agony… everyone (including the guards) watching and not helping, because they all knew what he had done. That was the only real justice the Michigan justice system dispensed on that terrible man! May he rot in hell!’

‘Contrast that, however, with the love my brother and I share… the love (though deceptive at first) that brought you into this world.’

‘So, there you have it, Peter. Share this letter with whomever you feel comfortable sharing it. I hope you will at least share it with your sister, Rachel (whom, up to now you thought of as your cousin). She needs to know when the time seems right to you.’

‘All my love,

Your Mother'”

“That’s it, folks. She added no postscript,” Peter said.

James and I looked at one other, shell-shocked. It was obvious as day that he had never been told he was the product of an incestuous union. Then a smile crept over his face and he began to laugh. He laughed so hard tears were streaming down his cheeks and he fell to the floor.

When he finally got hold of himself, he got to his feet and said:

“The sins of the father are passed down to their sons to the seventh generation! I guess it’s really true.”

“True or not, James,” I said, “you have to explain to me why you had an on-going relationship with Abigail for a year instead of with me?”

“Patty, I’m not going to lie to you… I had known for years that you had feelings for me. I also had feeling s for you, but Abigail asked me not to say anything to you. I think she knew long before her diagnosis that she had cancer. She never actually said it to me, but I think she wanted me for herself while she could still enjoy sex. The last time we made love, she told me to take good care of you. I took that as her giving me permission to marry you.”

“Well,” I responded, “that explains why she and I stopped having sex. I just chalked it up to her and me being too tired from work…”

I really wanted to ask my husband more about those early days in our marriage, but thought that many of those questions might be better asked in a private setting, so I decided to switch gears as it were:

“Ok, kids, spill your beans!”

Peter was the first to speak even though I could tell Rachel wanted to as well.

“Well, Mom. I told Rachel about the letter and let her read it for herself later that night of my sixteenth birthday. You know how we were back then…”

“Inseparable!” chimed in Sarah.

“Still are,” added her twin. “Joined at the hip…”

“Speak for yourself, Rambone!” Peter retorted. “You fuck Rachel just as much as I do when we’re both around her!”

“Kids, let Peter continue…” I said.

“Rambone?” my husband asked no one in particular.

“It’s something I started, Dad,” Rachel explained. “It has to do with his ramming technique with his fat cock. I don’t know how it is for anyone else, but he makes me feel as if I’m being pounded by a fencepost!”

“Same here!” Sarah confirmed.

“Oh… ok…” my husband weakly said.

“As I was saying,” Peter continued, “Rachel and I had always been close. After we read my mom’s letter, we got to talking about sex between siblings… incest. It got us really turned on, and we made out in my bedroom for two hours.”

“Oh, my God, Peter,” I exclaimed. “Did you two start having sex at sixteen?!”

“God, no, Mom!” Rachel replied. “We wanted to, but we were too scared to actually fuck. Instead, we made a promise to each other to lose our cherries together on our eighteenth birthday.”

“Is that why the two of you went out on your ‘date’ that evening?” my husband asked.

“Yes, Dad,” Peter responded. “We went over to a friend’s house. They were up north at their summer cottage and I had a key so that I could feed their cat.”

“Peter and I screwed ourselves silly for more than three hours, Mom,” Rachel added. “I knew, then, I was hooked on his ‘Jedi Night Saber’, as I call it. Hardly a day goes by that it isn’t stabbing me deep and coming in buckets!”

You would have thought my daughter was a drug addict the way she was swooning over her brother. Then I realized that she was an addict… to sex!

My husband began to laugh… chuckle, really, and I asked why.

“Patty, she stole your line! Rachel, your mother calls my cock her ‘Knobby Wand Kenobi’! I guess you both have a Star Wars fetish!”

Everyone laughed at that, including me. Then Sarah took over the tale.

“Dad, Mom,” she began, “when me and Jimmy turned eighteen, Rach and Pete showed us the letter and told us what they’d been doing. Then, because you had to work and dad was gone at the Art Fairs, they watched as Jimmy and student sex parties porno I fucked like rabbits for the first time!”

“That’s also the day Peter and Jimmy tagged-teamed Rachel to see which one could get her knocked-up. You see, by then, they had already gotten married in secret in Ohio.”

“Is that right, Rachel?” I asked.

“Sure is, Mom. My brothers tied me – standing – to a cushioned pole, secured my high-heeled feet apart, and deposited no less than ten loads of cum into my sweet pussy over a five hour period. I was in a continuous state of orgasm. Sarah also fucked me with a strap-on dildo that we still use on each other. After they all had their way with me, they carried me over to my bed where I laid quivering for over an hour. From that point on, not one drop of sperm left my body!”

“As far as I’m concerned, every girl should get pregnant by her stud brothers… if she has them… or by her father, if she doesn’t! To hell with boyfriends! If it isn’t incest, it can’t possibly be good sex.”

“An interesting opinion, dear,” I said, “but one not likely to be shared by too many mothers!”

“But, you’re ok with it, Mom,” Sarah said. “Why?”

“I’m not sure, honey. Maybe because I’ve always been someone who liked kinky and risky sex. Anyway, incest doesn’t seem to have produced any deformed members of our family, so…”

“So, we’re cleared to keep fucking each other?” asked Jimmy.

“Yep!” his father, responded. “Until our dicks fall off, I guess.”

“Ok,” I continued, “so that takes us up to March two years ago when you twins were in your junior year of prep school. When did you decide you wanted your brothers to impregnate you, Sarah?”

“Just a couple of weeks past my nineteenth birthday, Mom. I think it was in early April and I told my sibs that I was going off the pill so I could get pregnant before Jimmy and I went off to Europe. That way, my belly could get bigger away from your prying eyes, Mom. Sorry to deceive you…”

“I completely understand, honey.”

“Peter and Jimmy gave me an entire weekend of orgasms – kind of a repeat of what we did to Rachel, only I’d say more like fifteen hours over two day… but no luck. So, Jimmy was on his own the next month, and that’s how we know he’s the father of both kids.”

“Sarah, do you agree with your sister’s incest ‘philosophy’?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy! Incest is most definitely the best. I’ve even converted four of my friends from school… Beginning in our senior year, we had these rituals where the five of us gathered with our brothers to watch each couple fuck bare-back at the height of each girl’s fertility. It was soooo hot, Mommy!”

“We’ve even made movies of all our fucking. We’ve cleared about $120,000 so far, just Jimmy and I. It would have been more, but we were away, you know…”

“Don’t any of you kids worry about getting pregnant?!”

“No! That’s what we all want. We’ve all borne children by our brothers. My friends Janice and Susan, in fact, each have two children by their older brothers! That’s all part of the film series: taping sibs screwing from conception right up to just before delivery.”

“A few months later, we have another, non-sex segment showing off our babies so that the world can see that incest between brothers and sisters produces kids just about as healthy as any other coupling. That’s another reason why Jimmy and I came back: we want to get pregnant, again, and we want to make a video showing off Abigail to the world.”

We continued to talk for another hour or so and then went to our respective beds with our respective spouses. I don’t know about anyone else in our home, but as I lay in bed listening to the fireworks going off in our neighborhood, I couldn’t help but think how puny they sounded compared to the fireworks my family had set off inside our home that evening.

And that was just the beginning! What we did the next day was to watch Sarah and Jimmy’s ‘home’ movies from off their website. Saturday turned out to be a repeat of Friday, only more so. But, it’s Sunday that I next want to talk about!

Chapter Ten: Sunday, July 6th, 2003, 10:00 A.M.

By Sunday, my husband and sons had constructed a pole gizmo in the garage so that I could experience what my daughters’ had gone through. Unlike them, though, I had at my disposal some extra stimulation. Of course, we recorded it. Here’s what you would see if I allowed anyone other than my family to view it:

First, I should mention that there were three cameras filming me enter the space my men prepared. In the movie, I am led in, blindfolded and naked except for a pair of cherry-red high heels and a matching red bustier with a half-cup bra that pushed up and out my already considerable chest. Within this well-lit space I am completely in the dark.

My son Jimmy (dressed at first) leads me over to this metal, wood and padded contraption. It has a metal framework from the floor up to where it’s attached at the garage rafters. Near the middle, the frame opens submissive cuckolds porno to allow space for someone’s head to easily pass through. Those particular poles are padded with some kind of plush carpet-like material, and there is a padded headrest at the base of the opening.

Bolted into the metal upright about two feet above the head opening is a matching metal cross-piece strengthened by corner braces bolted to the framework. In the middle of each crossbar is a heavy-duty, stainless steel ‘O’ ring bolted in place.

Into the floor of the garage, my boys had driven metal pins into the concrete about four feet apart from one another and about a yard away from the vertical pole. These served as the bottom anchor points for my fur-lined ankle cuffs.

As I watched the replay, Jimmy attached similar cuffs to my wrists and then climbed a small step-stool to link the cuffs to the ‘O’ rings by way of steel chains. Then he adjusted them until I was standing completely straight on my heels.

Peter (also dressed) then came into the frame and attached the cuffs to my ankles. Then he pulled each leg back to its floor anchor point and attached the cuff to it by way of a solid metal bar with clasps at either end. This had the effect of stretching me out so that I was almost on my tippy-toes. I had the sensation of falling and being unable to move at the same time!

On the screen, my sons leave and are replaced by my very naked and oiled-up daughters. They each hold in their hands containers of warmed oil which they proceed to pour all over me from head to toe. Then, using their own bodies, they proceed to rub that oil into my skin.

Then, it’s their hands… all over me… all at once. Their hands… pinching, caressing, probing my pussy and my ass. Then, it’s their mouths doing the same thing. I timed it. My daughters made love to me for over one hour! That was great, except… they never brought me to even a single climax!

I watched myself moan and shake in utter sexual frustration amid elegant and erotic foreplay. (My pussy gushed when I first viewed the movie!)

Two other things about this framework I haven’t yet described to you, dear reader: there were two padded seats built and bolted to it; one so that a person could sit on the other side of the head opening such that their crotch could be accessible to the restrained person’s mouth; the other so that a person could sit (upside down or normally) under the restrainee to gain easy and comfortable access to their genitals.

At this point, my girls attached strap-on dicks to themselves. These they proceeded to fuck my pussy and ass with – very slowly – over the next thirty minutes. Again, they would not let me cum. I was completely beside myself!

Then as I watched the replay, they walked off and took over the operation of two of the cameras. (I was watching a wonderfully edited version compiled from all three.) Then, my husband and his sons came into the scene, naked and sporting the biggest, stiffest erections I have ever seen on them!

Without warning, my husband comes up behind me and slams his cock into my quivering ass and pounds me through three quick orgasms. Meanwhile, Jimmy is feeding me his tool through the head opening. Mind you, the only part of their bodies touching mine were their dicks. When they both abruptly pulled out, my body was left literally shaking and my brain on the verge of passing out.

At this point, my nephew Peter gives me a drink of water which I gratefully accept. Then, Jimmy proceeds to rub my nipples with ice cubes! You can clearly hear me howl in painful pleasure. This goes on for two or three minutes until my tits have gone numb.

Then Jimmy climbs on the seat under me while Peter is behind me, and they both seek entrance to my cunt with their crimson cocks at the same time. I am so turned on at this point that I can feel only pleasure from their insertions. From a couple of close angles, you can see them establish their rhythm and spend the next thirty minutes dumping their creamy loads into me over and over again until I actually do pass out.

With my son and nephew still plugging me, my loving spouse comes into the frame and revives me, but does not release me. The boys pull out and immediately incestuous cum is dropping out of my wide open vagina in large, white globs. Someone brings a camera over and films it also gliding down my shaved, toned and oiled legs. Rachel and Sarah are filmed using their tongues to lick it all up and then transfer it to my mouth. As I watch the movie, it looks to me that I gulp down about a cup of the boys’ sweet and tangy sperm!

The cameras are turned off and for thirty minutes, I am given more water and now, also, some ‘real’ food. But the blindfold remains as do the restraints. I am exhausted and exhilarated at the same time!

For over two hours, I have been at the center of all this sexual attention. When the cameras come back on, we do it all over again for another three hours. By the time they take me down, I feel as if I’d run a marathon!

At that point, the blindfold was removed and I was carried into the house and up to my bedroom where I slept for six hours. When I awoke, I came downstairs to the kitchen where everyone else was, except for Sarah’s and Rachel’s children who had been taken over to Rachel’s friend’s home earlier in the day. I turned to my adult children and said:

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