Sin of the Father…

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Sins Of The Father and The Love Of A Brother

Lisa laid in the corner of her room, scared and in tears, her arms ached from being pulled behind her, and her wrists were burning red and still had the imprints of the rope that had tied them together. Her body was covered in her robe that had small blotches of blood and semen soaked into it where she placed it over her broken and abused womanhood. For two hours she cried from what her father had done to her that evening. The pain had eased from her womanhood a little bit but she could still feel the presence of pain in her vessel.

At the door, Jack tried to unlock the door so he could relieve himself of the frustration the lied within his pants.He figured his 18 year old sister was home so he knew he’d have to make his jerk off session discreet. As he ran to his room he saw a glimpse of something large and white huddled in the corner of his sisters rooms, he looked closer at the what he could see was a robe. Jack heard a slight sniffle and jack realized that is was his little sister. Jack rushed over to her and pulled down the top of the robe to reveal his sisters face. As he looked into her face he saw that she had a swollen eye and it was showing signs of bruising. He gently caressed her face with his hands to comfort her but she flinched at the touch of his fingers.

“What happened to you Lisa? Please tell me who did this and I swear to god I’ll kill the son-of-a-bitch!”

Lisa couldn’t speak because she knew that he meant it, ever since she was seven he had always protected her from the people the picked on her called her names or tried to start a fight with her. Lisa wished that Jack was with her when their father raped her because she knew that he would have been her knight and shinning armor.

As Lisa finally spoke it wasn’t without hesitance, ” Where were you… I was helpless here…he..he raped me after … I took my shower.”

“Who, who raped you, tell me please Lisa!” Jack tried to make her tell him but she wouldn’t respond to his demand.

He pulled her close to him to comfort her, but when she felt the erection the was under jacks pants she gasped in terror. She feared that her brother was going to use her body the same as her father had. Lisa furiously tried to pull away, nearly scratching her brother’s eye out but he didn’t let go and held her tighter. As Jack held her head to his chest and made hushing sounds to calm her down. Lisa lifted her head up from his chest and looked into the eyes of her brother and saw that he had tears running down his face, Jack didn’t see her looking at him because he had his eyes closed tight. She laid back in his arms for protection and comfort that her brother would be there for her. But why wasn’t he here when she was rapped by her father? Why couldn’t he protect her then?

“Lisa I beg of you to tell me who did this to you, please?

“It wa….it was Daddy.” Lisa said softly.

“What? You mean our father did this to you?”

“Yes, he did! Do you not believe me?”

“I believe you it’s just hard to imagine is all.”

“Ok, you better stay here I’ll be right back. Don’t worry you’ll be safe here.” Jack said as he ran from her room.

“Jack? What are you going to do?”

“Just going to deal with the old man, man to man!”

Jack left the house. He took his pair of brass knuckles with him and can of spray paint. Jack knew his father would be at the old bar, it was closed down 3 years ago but is still a hang out for pot smokers. He pulled in the drive way and just as he suspected his fathers beat up GMC was parked in the lot as well. Jack grabbed the rope out of the back of his Jeep Wrangler along with his old hunting knife, the brass knuckles, and the small can of spray paint. Jack walked up to the door and stood there for a few seconds listening. He pushed open the door and he saw his father lying on the small sofa smoking a joint. Jack ran towards him just as he father realitykings porno noticed him by the door and was about to offer the joint.

Jack picked up the joint and flicked it from the tips of his fingers into his father’s eyes. His father cried as an ember landed in his left eye. As Jack’s father got up, Jack slid his fingers into the brass knuckles. His father reached the sink just as Jack forced the metal into the back of his father’s skull. His father fell slumped over the sink. Jacked hurried to tie the rope around his father’s legs and arms. Jack had a horrendous time trying dragging his father into his jeep. When Jack finally got his father in the jeep he put his plan in to action.

Three hours later jack arrived back at his house. Lisa came running out of the house screaming about how glad she was to see him again and that she was worried that something awful had happened to him. Jack reinsured her that all was fine and that their father wouldn’t hurt her ever again.

That night Jack made dinner for Lisa. Just a small meal of sushi, chef salad, and chicken fried rice which happened to be Lisa’s favorite food, well that and chocolate ice cream. Thankfully jack had picked that up as well. He planned to make this night memorable for only the good things. Jack had even picked up her favorite movie from Blockbuster, along with four others that she liked or would like. The titles of these went from “An officer And A Gentleman”, “Backdraft'”, “Enough” “Maid In Manhattan”, “Godzilla” (the newest one from 2000), and a animated movie called “Tenchi Muyo: In Love”. These movies, the right food, loving care from her brother, and one other special gift that Jack bought from the jewelry store. But with these items alone weren’t what was going to make this night to remember.

Soon after the perfect dinner was fixed. Jack walk to his sister’s room to tell her that dinner was done. He got the answer he knew he would get which was “I’m not hungry”. He told her that she needed to eat or she was going to shrivel up into a leaf and be blown away with the wind. He knew that she would laugh a little and come down to eat. As she walked by him to go down the stairs Jack threw a blindfold around her eyes, which was a mistake considering the circumstances. She screamed out loud and tried to struggle but Jack hugged her around the waist telling her it was ok and it wasn’t what she thought and that he just wanted what he prepared for her to be a surprise. She settled down a little but still shaken up a little.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs Jack steered her ,by using her shoulders like a motor bike handle, into the kitchen where the table was set up for a romantic meal. Nice candle lights, top quality food, and slow music for calm a beast or a broken sister. Jack pulled out a chair for Lisa to sit down. After she took her seat he took of the blind fold slowly to let her eyes adjust to the sudden light if the flaring candles. As she saw what was laid out to her she began to sob. Jack notice a tear coming from her left eye. He reached out to remove this piece of sorrow from his sister’s cheek.

“What is the matter, have I fixed something that you dislike?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just you have been so kind to me. I don’t deserve a brother like you.” Lisa cried.

“No, your right. You don’t deserve a brother like me, you deserve someone who loves you and will protect you no matter what. That’s what you deserve and I’m sorry that I’ve failed my promise to you, Lisa”

“Jack? Do you love me? Will you protect me and you comfort me to your fullest ability?”

“You know what the answer is Sis.”

“Tell me then.”

“Yes, I love you. I will protect you and comfort to my fullest ability, but ,Sis, you know I have failed to protect you so why ask me this?”

“Don’t you remember that you said this before in the same words? I asked you to protect me to your fullest rip her up porno ability. You have. You couldn’t have known that our father would have done this to me. So you haven’t failed.”

“But I feel that have failed you. Can you ever forgive me Sis?”

“I already have and I know what you can do to further to comfort me.”

“What is that? What can I do to comfort you? I’ll do anything.”

“I knew you would. Jack, I want you to make love to me.”

Jack was shocked and felt weakened by her words. He thought he was about to pass out as he saw the room drawing darker. But it wasn’t the room. It was his sister Lisa rising from her chair, raising her hand , and placing it on the back of his head. Before he could think, let alone move, Lisa pulled his face towards hers. As their lips met Jack fell back into the chair behind him, for his legs had given out.

Lisa sat on Jack’s lap with her legs on either side of his waist. She squeezed them as she kissed Jack again, this time adding her tongue to satisfy her pleasure and arouse Jack’s. Lisa rubbed her firm ass on Jack’s crotch making him aroused and at the same time feel cramped as his pants tightened. She felt Jack’s tongue meet hers at last.

She felt true love for once in her life.

Jack made his way to her back with his free hands. He had his sister kissing him but what else could he do but grab two handful’s of her firm tight butt. As Jack gripped her ass he felt her gasp in his mouth. He never knew such pleasure existed. He felt a wetness on his trapped dick. He realized that his sister’s cunt was leaking with her love juice, so greatly that it was soaking his jeans and his boxers. With his left hand he reached for Lisa’s overflowing twat.

“You so wet, are you truly that horny for your older brother?”

“Yes Jack I am. I was saving myself for you but father got to me before I could even try to seduce you.”

“Seduce me? You don’t need to try to seduce me, I would do anything to make you happy. And I have saved myself for you. You have been in every fantasy that I ever had. I love you Lisa.”

“Do you really love me Jack? As a lover, as a sister, and as a wife”

Once again shocked. Jack could only say one word. “Yes”

“Then make love to me Jack. I want to feel your hard cock my penetrate my tight pussy.”

Lisa got up to let jack pull down his pants to bring out his monster of a cock. Being 10 inches long and 3 ½ inches wide, he was easily larger than his father had been. And Lisa knew it too. Now was the time that she gave herself to her long time love. Lisa helped her brother take off his pants, as she did his big dick slapped her chin leaving a small mushroom shaped red spot. She could see that he was much larger than she had once seen. It seemed to have grown since she had last seen it, three days ago. As she looked at it she drew her lips closer to it. Lisa gently kissed the swollen head as Jack moaned to his heart’s content.

The feel off her brother’s cock in her mouth was too arousing to be true. She was on the verge of cumming herself even though she hasn’t touched her soaking wet cunt. Lisa took in as much of her “big” brother’s cock, she loved it’s taste, he is most defiantly tastier then her father was. She took her left hand and stroked his cock into her mouth as she massaged his tightened balls.

Jack moaned loudly, saying how much this had to be a dream since it was too perfect to be reality. Lisa told her brother to enjoy it anyways. Dream or not.

Lisa moaned her perfect tone to further pleasure her lover, as she did he brother said he was ready to cum. Lisa stooped before he could and squeezed the hilt of his cock hard, knowing that would stop him from leaking his love juices anywhere, all Lisa wanted was to feel her brother make her his woman as he came into her willing and loving vessel.

Lisa got up and was about to lower herself on to her brother rus porno but Jack stopped her by taking his mouth to her love canal. Lisa loved the feeling, she never felt anything like it as he brother slowly and gently sucked her clit, while petting and teasing her swollen cunt lips.

“Please Jack, more! It feels so goood! Don’t stop!”

“I won’t. Just hush and let me do what I’ve wanted to do for so long.”

Jack continued using his skills on her love button and her vagina. He never heard a person scream so loud with pleasure as his sister came into his mouth. Lisa came so hard that her juices squirted into her brother’s mouth. Jack got up and leaned forward to kiss his new lover, he wanted to taste her lips again as she tasted herself on his.

“I think you taste good, what do you think?”

“I like the way you taste better.”

Jack lowered his face to her breast and nibbled on her nipple, she moaned in ecstasy.

Finally Jack helped his sister lower her tight hole onto his large rod. The two were a tough match as they struggled to fit unto each other. His sister didn’t help being so tight and Jack didn’t help being so large.

Jack stopped suddenly and announced that he couldn’t go through with this. Lisa asked why and Jack replied that he couldn’t hurt her while trying to get himself into her. With that Lisa forced herself hard onto his cock and she screamed in pain. She shook a little and regain her composer.

Jack looked at her, frightened. Why, he asked her. Lisa just said that she had to have him in her, that only his pain could cure the wounds that their father has given her. Lisa moved up and down her brother’s shaft to prove that she was willing to make love to her brother. As he tight vessel ran up and down her brother large member she moaned in pleasure as he hit every point of pleasure in herself.

Jack, overwhelmed, sat in the chair as his Sister gave herself to him. He ran his fingers across her smooth mounds, he suckled on her nipples as a small baby would. With his mind clearing and found his pace with his sister, he thrust in and out of her tight vessel so that they were now moaning and almost ready to scream in ecstasy.

Jack picked up his lover in his arms and took them both into a more comfortable place to lay. Not taking her into her old small bedroom but his own large bedroom with a new more soft mattress.

He laid her gently on her back, kissing her lips as he raised up. He began to caress her stomach and run his hands softly over her small, smooth, erotic body. Still thrusting hard, he moved up his pace as his sister began too. Knowing they were both close he wondered what to do.

“Sis, what shall I do? Should I cum in you or pull out before I do?”

“Jack, make me yours and make us has a family, I want you to cum into me. I want you to cleanse my inner walls of our father’s sin.” She lightly said has she pushed done hard now taking his every inch within herself.

Jack’s sister now huffing and sucking for air as she was nearing her orgasm. Lisa’s brother now slightly grunting and breathing hard through his nose as he held back and waited for his sister.

Lisa screamed as she came onto her brother’s cock. Her muscles clenched around his large member as her cunt now milked his swollen cock.

Having never felt such a climax, Jack, could no longer held his love in himself any longer and released all his long awaited love flow into his lover’s womanhood.

Exhausted they held each other, Jack still enlarged in his sister and not wanting to remove himself. He rolled over to reach for a glass of water, hitting the remote accidentally but in the end finally grasping the cup.

The TV turned on and the local news sprouted into color as the picture came on.

Jack held his sister around the waist and kissing her smiling eyes.

“In local news. A man was beaten to death as a man that had spray painted the words “I hate niggers” on his chest and pant legs. No one knows exactly who killed this man, and his identity remains a mystery as his body was badly beaten…”

“Jack, I love you.”

“I love you too, Lisa.”

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