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The water is slightly chilly when I first turn on the faucet and test it with the back of my hand. I pull the knob on the tub faucet, and the water pressure is transferred to the shower head above. I’ve left the tub stopper in place, so it will continually fill up as I use the shower. You know, there’s only so much hot water to be had in these apartments. The bathroom fan is also left off so that the heat and humidity of the shower will permiate the entire room.

One last check of the door. Locked. I live alone, and yet I still must have the door locked. Old habits die hard, I guess. In any case, it helps keep every last ounce of heat in. I love turning my bathroom into my own personal sauna. My candles are lit, and already the combined heat of them and the shower is beginning to fog up my large mirror. I decide to turn off the main bathroom lights. I have enough candles going that there is low light to see by. My eyes may have to adjust a little, but oh well. The mood is better with low light.

I feel like I’ve been stranded sexually for a week now. My man is away on business, and I’m feeling so pent up that I might explode. I told him I’d wait until he got back, and not pleasure myself, but I’ve decided that’s a promise I just can’t keep. I’m going to die if I don’t get off…and soon.

I remove my robe very slowly, tracing my fingers along my collar bone as I slide it off my shoulders. I watch in the mirror and feel my nails scraping gently along my tanned skin. I can feel the goosebumps forming on my arms. When I reach my shoulders, a shudder passes directly down my spine and through my legs, igniting the fire within me and adding more goosebumps to my entire figure. I find myself biting my bottom lip. My eyes feel slightly heavy as I focus on the feeling of my nails upon my upper arms.

The fabric of my robe gets a little caught up on my erect nipples as it begins to glide further downward. I have a nice, shapely figure, and my 34C breasts are at full attention now as they are revealed from beneath the cloth. I inhale a deep breath of the steam-filled air and watch in the mirror as my chest rises and falls in time with my breathing. A few more breaths and all I want to do is massage my rock hard nipples and pinch them, but I must delay the pleasure. It’s the teasing that makes it good.

Finally, I just drop the rest of the robe to my feet and stand admiring my own body. I believe everyone should take the time every now and then to check themselves casino siteleri out in a sexual way. If I can feel sexy in my body, I’m sure to project that in the bedroom. That’s my theory anyhow.

Looking at my cleanly shaven pussy, I want so badly to rub it, feel it, and grind it until I scream. But no. Not yet. There is time. I just realized the mirror is nearly halfway covered in a fog, and my shower is still running. Don’t want to waste the hot water; it’s time to get in.

Keeping an eye on my curves in the mirror as I turn for the stall, I’m entranced by the candlelight flickering upon my backside. It’s so erotic to watch the pale orange glow dance with the shadows of toned muscles and bodily curves. If only my man was here. I would love to watch that candlelight play upon his abs. On his chest. His arms. Everything. Oh, how I want him right now.

Lifting my leg over the edge of the tub, I can feel the telltale slickness of my own aroused sex between my thighs. Just thinking about my man, the candlelight, and the heat within the room, I’m already so very turned on. Another shiver runs the length of my body as my foot enters the water that has accumulated in the tub. It’s so warm. A warmth flows up and through me, burning within. I feel like I’m melting inside, in a wonderful way. Placing my other foot inside I move toward the misty raining waterfall.

I have no idea just how long I’ve been standing here. I already feel so relaxed and warm throughout. The water is streaming endlessly down upon my brown hair. I’d like to say it was some lovely caramel color or as dark as the night itself, but it really is nothing special. Nothing extraordinary, but it suits me well and I am satisfied with it.

I watch as water droplets run off the ends of my hair and down my chest. Some roll down the slopes of my curving breasts and out of my sight. The lucky ones pile up on the end of my nipples and one by one take a dive. Others still take the more direct dive between my two girls. I close my eyes for a second and imagine myself as one of those drops of water, tumbling and sliding down my sleek body, heading straight for my mound. The warmth there must be ten times that of the water itself, and I can imagine myself as that drop of water, being turned into steam in one sheer, intense moment of absolute pleasure upon reaching the folds of my burning pussy.

I open my eyes to find that I’ve placed one hand upon my thigh and my nails are playing a tune there to the pied piper slot oyna of my imagination. My other hand is massaging my head, taking in large handfuls of hair and scratching hard upon my scalp. I can feel the pleasure welling up within myself. Moving the hand in my hair, I bring it to my breast and begin rubbing and massaging it. Soft from the continual heat onslaught, my nipple immediately responds to the touch and assumes its former erect position. I scrape my nails around my areola and then pinch down hard on the nipple. I felt my stomach writhe with the touch.

I’ve needed this. I still need it. Now more than ever. He’s not going to be happy. Too bad. He’ll understand. Right now I need pleasure.

Grabbing the detachable shower head, I pull it down close to my chest. The water pressure is now intensified being so close to my skin. I circle the streams around my boobs and relish the feeling. There really is nothing to compare it to. Nothing else feels this way, exactly. Twenty or more small jets of water licking the outline of my girls, teasing and playing with them until they start complaining to my pussy to intervene. I’m not one to argue, so down the shower head goes.

Tracing across my flat stomach, the edge of the water reaches my sensitive areas. I let out an audible moan as I move it so slowly to its target. Mmm. Closer. So many little jets on my wet pussy. The world stands still while I focus on this feeling. My flower was in such a need for this April shower. It glows with a tenderness and almost numbing feeling while the water presses inward. As I move the head around, random streams come in contact with my clit and make me jump a little bit. She is so sensitive sometimes. Needy is a better word for right now, I think.

My legs are becoming slightly weak from standing while feeling all the blood rush into my pussy. I take a seat on the corner shelf of the tub and raise one leg to run the length of the tub next to me, opening up my flower for better access by my showerhead. I imagine my man is here kneeling before me, eating me out like he hasn’t had a meal in months. My free hand grabs a fist full of hair and tugs hard as I throw my head back in another loud, echoing moan. Oooh, it feels so good. Eat it. Oh, lick it good. More. Give me more, baby.

The water in the tub is getting too high! Shit. I reluctantly turn the knobs and the water flow stops from the shower head. Normally, I may have been quite upset, but my tub has jets. The master bathroom of canlı casino siteleri my place includes a full roman tub complete with water jets. That’s just what I need now. My man is done eating me out, and now I want his thick meat in me so bad. I push the button at the far end of the stall. ‘Click.’ It rumbles as the jets get going. A burst of air bubble escapes each of the five as they spring to life.

There are two jets on each side of the tub, and one at the end, used for back massage while lying down. Not tonight. Tonight that jet represents my man. I position myself so that the jet is aimed directly at my entrance. It still has a good distance to shoot, so the pressure isn’t intense yet, but that will change. The pulsing feels fabulous as it caresses the folds of my vagina beneath the water.

Sliding myself closer to the end of the tub, my legs are forced higher into the air, opening my up further for my lover’s full rod. Moans fill the room once more as the thick stream of water and bubbles assault my pussy. So good. So very good. Fuck me good, baby. That’s it. Mmmm, yes. Fill me up.

Trying to set my pussy completely over the end of the jet, I slip a bit. It’s hitting my clit directly! Head on! That’s too much! Oh God. Oh here it comes. All the waiting. All the pent up sexuality. It’s all coming to this. My fingers get that tingling feeling as my climax greedily steals every ounce of blood from the rest of my body. Every last bit of energy I contain is making a rush for my pussy. Holy shit. This is going to be a big one. I can’t even move away from the jet. It continues to pound my clit relentlessly as my muscles tighten for the pending explosion.


All at once I feel like my insides are going to literally explode. Writhing and twisting, I don’t care how much water I may be splashing from the tub. I may even be urinating. I can’t tell. All I know is I don’t want it to stop. It’s hard to keep my eyes open. Wave after wave. Concussions of heat, energy, and pure ecstasy flow from me.

The water is still sloshing from side to side in the tub. I’m holding on to the side so that I don’t drown. I don’t think I have the energy to stay above the water. Or what’s left of it. I must have kicked the drain open, and there’s water all over the bathroom floor. Aftershocks hit me again and again, slowly getting less intense. I have to remember to breathe. A thick fog now lies where the mirror once was.

I’m not sure what I’m going to tell my man. Maybe he doesn’t need to know. But I really want to tell him about the best damn orgasm I’ve ever had! Well, at least I was thinking of him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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