Shelby and Johnny Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Fun With Shelby and Shannon

Well, Shelby had to go back to Texas to face her troubles there with Jack and Cheyenne. To my surprise she was going to leave Shannon with me. We were to find a home here and Shannon was to ‘keep me company’ until Shelby came back. Shannon went out to go shopping so that we could be alone before Shelby had to leave.

We didn’t know how long Shelby would be gone as she had a lot to take care of. So I took her to the beach. A little secluded spot we used to go to and fuck. Our favorite pastime when we were younger. We found the place and it was still secluded. You had to climb over some rocks and wade thru some water then a little trail to a small cave. You could only be there for so long then the tide would come in and it was almost impossible to get out. Don’t ask how we know!!

We took our blanket and spread it out on the sand. I took off the sweat shirt and sweat pants I was wearing. I was wearing just my swim shorts underneath. I sat down with my legs extended and my arms behind me propping myself up. We had a portable radio and a cooler of beer. Shelby was wearing a baggy sweat suit. She turned on the radio and we talked a bit about what we were planning and had a couple of beers.

Shelby heard an old song we used to dance to. She stood up and started to move to the music. Then she started to strip. She reached down for the hem of her sweat shirt and slowly, tantalizingly started to pull it up revealing her tight tummy. She shimmied and gyrated pulling her shirt up teasingly. She kind of rolled it up to where the bottoms of her tits were visible. Showing just a hint of what was underneath. I saw the bottom of the fleshy orbs. She brought her shirt up higher and revealed a light pink bikini bra that just covered a bit more than her areola held by VERY thin strings that seemed to be straining to hold in her tits.

She gyrated sexily around me and threw her sweatshirt on my lap. Then she shimmied and placed one hand at her hip. She placed a thumb under the waistband of her sweat pants and revealed a VERY thin pink string and the flesh of her thigh. She was teasing me and I was loving it!

She pulled her waistband back up and stood in front of me, and wiggled her gorgeous ass at me. She took both hands and placed the thumbs of each under the waistband of her pants and pushed them down slowly. This time showing bikini panties that covered just a bit more than her ass crack, but not much more. She pulled her pants back up and did a little hula and spin. She then placed her hands down the front of her pants. She cupped her pussy and gave her hand a little shake. Then, placing her thumbs into the waistband, she slowly revealed the tiny triangle of material that covered her snatch.

My manhood was standing straight up. I made no effort whatsoever to cover up!

I knew where she was looking. I couldn’t take anymore and I reached out and pulled her pants down. I was looking right at her pussy. The only thing between me and pussy was that thin, very small piece of material.

It was light pink with very thin strings, I don’t think it was supposed to be used for swimming, a small triangle of material just barely covering her slit and disappeared between her nicely tanned legs and reappeared around a little more that her ass crack. I reached out and pulled her to me and put my lips to her pussy thru the thin material. I kissed it and reached my hand in between and moved the material to one side so I could taste the flesh within.

Feeling this, Shelby threw her head back and moaned. I ran my tongue thru her slit. Licking and nibbling her pussy lips. She spread her legs a little further apart. She was standing, straddling me. I placed my hands on her hips and lightly pulled her down slowly. I kissed her tummy and licked her navel. Pulling her down, kissing her flesh. She sat on my lap as I started mauling her beautiful breasts. I licked and kissed each orb and suckled on her nipples and ran my tongue around each areola.

Shelby was softly moaning and sighing. For now she kept her arms around my neck allowing me to savor her body and explore. I kissed up from her tits to her neck. I nibbled and kissed sending shivers thru Shelby’s body. I licked and bit at her earlobe. Then onto Shelby’s full lips. Shelby was sopping wet. I could feel pussy juice on my leg.

My “swimsuit” wasn’t actually meant for swimming either. They looked like swim shorts, but they were actually boxers. Shelby ran her hands down my back down to my ass, then took one hand and went to my waiting crotch. She felt my cock thru the material and to HER surprise found the fly of the boxers and a bare dick in there.

I reached down and moved the little patch of material away from her pussy and with the other hand pulled her ass toward me. Shelby reached down and ripped the panties off, tossing them on the cooler.

The tip of my cock found the entrance to her cunt. With each of us moving together we each felt the warm feeling of cock entering pussy. Shelby let out a soft, “Oooohhh” as I entered her.

We brazzers porno sat there for a few moments coupled together our lips locked together, tongues fighting with each other. I felt Shelby’s soft moans through our kiss. I slowly moved my hips up and out then, Selby did the same. I moved and stopped then Shelby would move and stop. We were in no hurry.

We went at it in that position for quite awhile when I felt Shelby’s body jerk and convulse in orgasm. Her breath hot on my neck. She held on to me so very tight!

She whispered, in a dreamy voice, “Honey, THAT was INCREDIBLE!”

“Baby,” I said, “I’m not done yet!”

With that said I laid back. As I did I sank deeper into Shelby and she let out a gasp and a moan.

“AHHH ummmm! Sooo ggooood!” She moaned.

Shelby then started to move up and down on my shaft. I could see her tits gently swaying up and down. She leaned forward into me and kissed me passionately, muffling her moans into my mouth. She increased her tempo and I started to get that feeling in my balls. I took her by the waist and stopped her and said, “Not yet!”

I rolled her over and I withdrew. I peeled off my soaking “swim shorts.” Shelby was spread out before me so I assumed my favorite position. I placed my forearms under her knees and spread her out. Her legs in the shape of a big M. Then, I impaled my throbbing cock into her juice filled cunt. Shelby let out a little “Uhhh!” And a little girl squeal!

I started pile driving like a machine! I slowed then picked up the pace.

Shelby was sighing and moaning and going, “Yes! Oh yyes baybee! YES! Fuck me honey! Fuck me! FUCK ME! OHH!”

I really think most of the ships at sea heard her passionate squeals and pleas! She came with a crashing, splashing orgasm. I could feel the hot liquid rush over my impaled manhood then my own orgasmic release let go. It was like I shot at a dam and it broke open. I could feel her pussy gush against me and feel her shudder under me.

My seed was spent but I kept on stoking, letting Shelby ride out this most amazing orgasm she’d had in a while.

We laid in each others arms for awhile and her pussy muscles pushed my now flaccid cock out of her. We held on to each other awhile longer, kissing, caressing, and loving each other! I came back to reality when I felt the ocean water against our bodies.

SHIT! We stayed too long!

To get out of our little cave now, we had to wait for the wave to break then recede. As the water receded you had to run to the shelter of the rocks before the next wave came in. Then wait in that little shelter for the wave to break and recede then sprint to the beach before the next wave came in.

It was either that or lose our radio and small cooler which still had beer in it. We would have to swim into the surf about 200 yards to avoid the rocks then swim around and back to shore.

I sent Shelby first, just in case anything happened to her, I’d be able to help her. She made it to the shelter, waited for the next wave to crash and recede then climbed the rock and out to safety. Then I followed suit, it was a little hard carrying that little cooler and radio. You should have seen the looks Shelby got from the people on the beach. One poor guy looked a little longer than he should have and his wife or girlfriend smacked him!

I swear I heard groans when she put her sweat suit back on!

We sat on the beach and had a couple of beers and just enjoyed each others company. We then went back to our hotel as it was almost time to take Shelby to the airport. We met up with Shannon there and then it was time to go.

We got Shelby checked in and waited till the last possible minute before she went thru security to her plane. I really wished we could have walked with her to the gate, but you know how things are now.

I hugged and kissed Shelby passionately. I could have so taken her right then and there.

NAH! Too many witnesses!

I told her how much I loved her and if she needed me I’d be there as quick as I could. Then Shannon hugged Shelby and they shared a mind-blowing kiss. Several people looked on wide eyed seeing two gorgeous blondes in a passionate lip lock!

With tears in our eyes, we let Shelby go. We watched and waved until she went through security and disappeared into the humanity that was L.A. International airport. Shannon and I walked out hand in hand. I put my arm around her waist and she did the same and placed her head on my shoulder.

We walked to Shelby’s car that way. We got back to the car and got on the road back to our hotel room. Shannon sat next to me with her head on my shoulder. I could feel her tears and hear her soft sobs.

I said, “What’s the matter honey?”

“I’m just sad daddy. Sad for what’s about to happen between mom, Cheyenne and Jack.

He’s been, like, my second dad for so many years. I’ll miss him.”

I said, “Baby, I’m sure you’ll see him again once all this settles. It’ll be alright. It’ll be fine baby. It’s all going to work out, trust me?”

To castingcouch-x porno my surprise she answered, “With my very life!”

I said, “Hey, that’s your mom’s line!”

Shannon giggled, “Well, it’s mine AND moms’ now!”

I asked, “Since WHEN?”

“Since we,” She stopped and reached down and grabbed my crotch, then continued, “Since you gave me THIS! Believe it or not Daddy Dearest, you have TWO WIVES now!”

“Two, huh,” I replied. “How SO? And have you talked to your mom about this?”

Shannon continued, “I love you so much daddy, I don’t want ANYONE else in my life but you!”

“Baby,” I replied, “You’re supposed to find a nice man. Get married, have babies. Not have an old pervert like me around. I’m getting older. You’re just starting out. Just like your aunts, you’ll find someone around your own age.”

“Daddy, I have found a nice man. I can have YOUR babies!

Daddy, you’re not old, just mature. You know what they say, the older the fiddle, the sweeter the music.

Besides, you’ll be that mature guy with the hot chick that everyone hates, because he has what they want. I couldn’t POSSIBLY be with anyone else after being with you. I want you! I happen to be IN LOVE with this old pervert!”

“As far as I know I’m the ONLY one you’ve been with. How do you know there’s no one else for you? You haven’t really dated. Besides, what would people say? You’re my Daughter for Christ sakes!” I pleaded. Then I started to feel guilty for having sex with her.

“FUCK ‘EM!!!” Shannon almost shouted.

“Shannon watch your mouth! You’re a lady and I won’t have any wife of mine talking like that!”

I didn’t realize what I said until Shannon replied, “You really mean that Daddy?” She asked.

“Mean what?” I replied.

“About not having a WIFE of yours talking like that? Am I your wife too daddy? Am I?”

“Well, I guess so.” I said slow and thoughtfully. ‘I just hope its ok with Shelby,’ I thought. I then figured it was just the moment and she would eventually forget about it.

Shannon stomped her feet and clapped her hands and said, “GOODY” just like a little girl that got a piece of candy. She lost herself in excitement and grabbed my face and kissed me hard. I almost wrecked. We went the rest of the way back with Shannon hugging my neck and rubbing my cock.

We got back to the hotel and I had to piss BAD! I went to the bathroom for relief. Unbeknown to me Shannon had other Ideas. She stripped down to her bra and panties and poured us both a drink. I came out of the bathroom and saw Shannon sitting in a chair with her sexy legs crossed in nothing but a sheer, light blue bra with front clasp, and matching thong panties, holding a drink in each hand.

“Like what you see daddy?”

My GOD!! I thought, YUMMY!

I couldn’t believe how much she looked like Shelby. That cute little hint of an accent in her voice when she spoke. A cute crooked smile. I walked toward her not paying attention to the bulge forming in my pants. I took one of the drinks from her hand and raised my glass towards hers and said, “To us, this old pervert with the smoking hot chick and her Mom. My two wives.”

Shannon replied, “Three if mom lets you nail Cheyenne. To US!”

She stood up and we clinked our glasses together and took a drink, then she sat back down. Shannon set her glass down and reached for my pants. She undid the fly on my jeans and to her surprise I didn’t have underwear on. My cock popped out right in front of her.

She took her drink and held the liquid in her mouth then put my cock into her mouth and swallowed her drink. She grabbed me by the ass and started bobbing her head up and down my shaft. She cupped my calls in her hand and sucked, slurped, nipped and licked.

I reached down and free those beautiful breasts of hers. I caressed her tits and gently pinched her nipples. I could hear her muffled sighs thru my cock.

Thinking about Shelby and seeing Shannon almost naked got my juices flowing. I peeled my shirt off, kicked my sneakers off and kicked out of my jeans.

After a little while I pulled Shannon off my cock and pulled her up to me. Our lips met and our tongues danced a lover’s dance in our mouths. I can’t believe how much like Shelby she was. I nudged her to the bed and gently laid her down. I spread her legs and placed her feet on my shoulders. I kissed each inner thigh up to her gash. I licked thru the fabric of her panties from the top of her slit to her asshole.

I could hear her soft moans and sighs of, “Umm! Ohh yes.

Yess daddy, take me. Ohh!

I moved the material of her panties to one side and started to lick and kiss the folds of her pussy. Teasing her as her juices were starting to flood my mouth. I could feel her body shudder, her breathing heavier. She was bucking into my face. I could sense her orgasm building.

Between licks I said, “Shannon baby, hold your orgasm as long as you can. Can you do that for daddy?”

She moaned in a dreamy response, “Yes daddy!”

I clips4sale porno could feel her legs shaking, her body quaking, her orgasm building. Her hands wrapped up some of the bed sheet and were white on them, pulling on them. I could tell by her hissing that she had gritted her teeth. She was shuddering beneath me.

I was feeling she could not hold on any longer, she was bucking into me and I went for the clit.

When I tongued it she jumped like a flame hit it. I held her firm and suckled the little nub. She went completely stiff for about 5 seconds, then her whole body shuttered and twitched. She shrieked in pleasure, “Ohh! Yes yes! Don’t stop, DON’T STOP DADDY!”

She flooded my face with her juices. It came in spurts, (as cum always does), 4, 5, 6 shots in my mouth and up my nose as I was trying to drink it all in but couldn’t.

Her moans groans and cries were bringing me to the edge saying,

“Yes! Ohh daddy! YES! MAKE ME CUM DADDY!


I kept at her pussy until her orgasm subsided and she begged me to stop. Once she regained herself she attached her mouth to my cock. It didn’t take long before she was drinking down rope after rope of my hot man seed. She drank down every drop and kept going until I was limp.

We laid there side by side, panting in orgasmic bliss. My face drenched in pussy juice. IT WAS GREAT!!!

Shannon started going on my cock again, bringing it back to life. I took a while but once I was hard again Shannon had me lay on my back. She straddled me and impaled herself on my stiff rod. She started riding my cock. Her gorgeous tits bouncing up and down on her chest. She was moaning in pleasure when the damn phone rang. Shannon reached for it and I stopped her.

She said, “But it might be mom”!

I replied, “Honey, we’re just a bit busy now!”

Shannon just picked up and in a dreamy, sultry voice answered, “Hello.”

Then, in a giddy tone, “Hi mommy how was your flight? Good. Are you at your hotel yet? Yes daddy’s here but he’s a little busy.”

Shannon’s voice quivered when she said that because I moved my hips. “Right now he’s, shall we say, stuck. Noo mom I’m in the middle of raping him. Thing is he’s enjoying it!

Yes I’m being a bad girl.

Maybe daddy’ll spank me later, I hope so!

“Yes I miss you too mom. We both do. He keeps calling your name when we do it.”

She looked at me and winked. As she’s talking I keep moving my hips making her voice quiver.

“There’s nothing wrong with my voice mommy.

Oh that’s because daddy’s cock is deep inside me, I told you I was raping him.

I didn’t think you’d mind. You told me to keep him company besides, that good bye kiss you gave me made me ever so horny.

Why don’t you join us?

Ok, here’s daddy. Love you mom!”

I said, “Hey cowgirl!”

A sweet voice on the other end said, “Hi, honey. I miss you soooo much. I landed safely and am at the Ramada here in San Antonio! Miss me?”

I said, “Shelby baby, it’s so good to hear your voice. I sure do miss you too honey.

You ok?”

“I’m fine,” she said. “And I’ll be fine. I hear you and Shannon are getting along well!”

“Were fine honey,” I said, “Shannon is doing a good job keeping me occupied. So good I may have to go to work to get a break!”

“Too much of a good thing?” Shelby replied.

“Not a chance!” I answered. “Shannon baby, slow down! We have all day for this. I swear Shelby your daughter just can’t keep from cumming.”

Shelby replied, “She’s your daughter too. Look I’m going to get settled in. You two finish up and we’ll talk later, okay?

HEY who started this one anyway? Not that I mind. Just curious.”

“Shannon!” I answered. “I went to take a leak, I come out and she’s sitting there in only her bra and panties.”

Shelby said, “Well I’ll leave you two to finish up. Maybe when I call later we can all have some fun.”

I said, “Sure honey. Call me later. I love you!”

Shelby replied, “I love you too honey! Oh, give Shannon a good spanking for me.”

“Why honey? What’d she do?”

Just tell her it’s because she didn’t get permission before she played with you.” She replied. “I’ll talk to you later honey. I love you. Bye”

“Bye honey, I love you too.” I replied. Shannon was waving to me and I exclaimed, “Oh! Honey, Shannon wants a word!”

Shannon took the phone as she’s riding my dick. “Hi Mommy!!!” Shannon squealed.

“Yes we’re fine. Really!

I promise I’ll keep him happy for you mommy.

But, Mommy?

Can I be daddy’s second wife PLEASE?

Please, please!

Thank you mommy, thank you SO much!

I love you too, bye.”

Once again the little girl in Shannon came out. She clapped her hands and said, “Goody, Goody I’m daddies’ second wife!” Shannon proceeded to ride my cock again HARD.

I took the phone again and said, “So I take it I’ll have two wives now?”

Shelby replied, “Play your cards right, cowboy, and you may have three!”

“Three!” I said, very surprised. “You mean Cheyenne too? REALLY??”

Bear in mind Shannon’s riding me and I’m trying to maintain my composure. Shelby picks NOW to talk. Shelby said, “I’ll work on it. You know Johnny. Way back I really wanted it to be you me, Jackie and Kelly all along.

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