She Was From England Ch. 1

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I was in San Francisco for the weekend, visiting some friends of mine. I have a buddy who’s going to film school out there, and I drove out to see the latest project he was working on. After the student film festival wrapped itself up we were walking up Lincoln Ave towards my buddy’s apartment. My friend was bitching to his girlfriend about how pretentious most Film students are and I was looking forward to sleeping on the couch. I’m six feet tall, not a small man, and his couch is not accommodating.

“It’s not that I dislike any single one of them” Said my friend “I just hate them all as a group.”

We crossed 21st street and I turned my head to look into the bar on the corner. While fumbling for a cigarette out of my pocket I locked eyes with a short-haired brunette on the other side of the glass. I thought I recognized her, and kept walking. Then I paused.

“Who the fuck shoots a digital film in black and white anyway?”

I turned around and looked back into the bar. It was Seri Loughman. Seri was a girl I knew from my studies in England. She’s a foot shorter than me with large brown eyes, full melon sized breasts and a round, plump ass. We’d gone out for drinks a few times in London and she told me that she fancied me, but she had a boyfriend at the time, so nothing came of it. And now there she was, running out of a bar in San Francisco. Seri is short for Serendipity, of course.

“Oh my god, Jason, I’m so glad to see you” She ran down the street and we wrapped our arms around each other. I snuggled my face into her neck and breathed in her scent. She pressed her hips into mine and I felt a stirring in my crotch.

I looked at her again and she brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. Her hair was short and clipped back from her ataşehir escort face, showing her long smooth neck. Her skin was fair and light, contrasting with her dark brown eyelashes.

“What are you doing in town?” I asked.

“I just moved here a week ago, I got a job with this firm in the City.” He accent was so crisp and British.

We chatted around the usual subjects, and she invited the three of us over to her place for drinks tonight. So we followed her up the block and into her apartment. Her place was still full of cardboard boxes and packing peanuts. Her roommate was there, milling about in the kitchen. We sat on the floor and drank duty free scotch. Other people came and went, friends of her roommate. By midnight a fair sized apartment party was going on.

I found myself in the hallway, waiting for the bathroom. Seri walked past and we looked at each other, she brushed her hands across my stomach and stepped into her bedroom. I followed her in. She shut the door and we looked at each other. She ran her tongue around the inside of her lips, absentmindedly.

“So, are you seeing anyone right now?” She asked.

“No, are you?”


I leaned into her and put my hands on her hips. She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled my lips down to kiss hers. We kissed lightly at first, then I pushed my tongue lightly into her mouth and she opened her lips up wide and sucked it in. I kissed down her neck, biting lightly. She pressed her lips to my ears and I could feel her breathing increase as I started to unbutton the front of her shirt. Her hand grabbed my belt and pulled my crotch into hers.

“I’m really glad I ran into you today” I said.

“I’m going to shag your brains out tonight, you know that”


He kadıköy escort bayan hand started in inch into the waistband of my pants and I remembered that I had to pee. I kissed her again and broke away.

“We should get back to the party”


Back in the hallway was my friend, standing there with his coat on.

“Hey, we’re probably taking off soon so…”

“Well, I think I’m staying here tonight” I told him.

At that he made his thumb and forefinger into an ‘O’ and vigorously thrust his other finger in and out of it.

“Thanks Mick, very grown up”


The rest of the part was a drag. I didn’t know anyone and wanted them all to leave, very soon. Finally Seri gave up on trying to get people to leave and just grabbed my by the wrist and dragged me into her room. Back in there we mashed are lips into each other, breathing heavily. I ran both my hands into the back of her pants (trousers) and kneaded her ass. She bit my lower lip and ran her hands through my hair. I picked her up off the ground and she wrapped her legs around my waist and laughed. I pushed her back up against the wall and ground my crotch into hers, feeling her squirm against my dick through our clothes.

We stayed like that for some time, grinding against each other and kissing. My cock was rock hard and throbbing against her. I would push it into her and she would squirm and writhe in my arms. Then she put her feet back on the ground and pushed me down onto her mattress, climbing up on top of me. I pulled her shirt up over her head, and ran my tongue down over her chest, drinking in the smell of her sweat. He breasts were large and smooth, soft white globes of flesh. She reached back behind herself and escort maltepe unclipped her bra. I pushed it aside and softly ran the palm of my right hand over her nipples. She shivered.

“Oh god Jason, I’m so fucking wet.”

Seri rolled onto her side and started tugging at my belt. I helped her undo it and she unbuckled the fly in my jeans. Slowly, she reached inside and felt my cock through my shorts. She began to slowly stroke my dick up and down.

“Are you going to fuck me with this?”

“Yes, oh god yes”

“Promise me you’ll fuck me with this cock”

“I promise”

“oh god I want you to fuck me so bad”

I sat and looked at her. She was panting hard, holding one hand on her breast and the other on my dick. I kissed her lips, moved my wet mouth down to the valley between her breasts. My hands worked at her trousers, pulling them down. She arched her back so I could pull them completely off of her, her panties too. I looked down at her naked body, her trimmed pussy looking up at me, her chest heaving with her breath. I kissed her ankles and calves, I traced my tongue down to her inner thigh, inhaling the smell of her pussy. I blew softly across her outer lips and she gasped. He clitoris started to poke out at me. I softly placed my lips against her opening and slowly started to work my tongue into her. Her pussy was so wet, it was like drinking the juice of a peach. She shuddered and ran her fingers through my hair.

I picked up the pace, running my tongue over her vulva and clit, keeping my hands on her ass to help spread her cheeks. Her breathing increased to a pant, she moaned and gasped for breath.

“Oh god that feels so good, oh Jason, Jason I’m going to Cum, of fuck yes, fuck me with your tongue, oh god, I’m CUMMING OH FUCK I’M CUMMING SO GOOD!!”

She screamed and wrapped her thighs around my head, she thrust her pussy into my mouth and I held on to her waist. I felt her relax and looked up.

“Pretty good,” she said, “Now roll over cause it’s my turn.”

End of Chapter 1

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