Shared Wife Ch. 01: Jack

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I love my husband very much, for everything he does for me, and for everything he allows me to do.

Bill and I have been married for eight years. We met while attending the local community college. I was studying bookkeeping and office management. Bill was studying tax preparation. Early on in our relationship we discovered that we were a great fit for each other. We liked the same restaurants, movies, music, and the same clubs. Even our friends told us what a well matched couple we were.

I was attracted to Bill for his easy going style, his great sense of humor, his fabulous smile, and how he always was trying to please me. I think he was attracted to me because I’m very attractive, I have a sexy body, and I’m smart, all in one package. I’m blessed with a beautiful face, a sensual smile, emerald green eyes, and long wavy auburn hair. I’m tall, 5’10”, with a great figure, 36D, 25, 36, and long legs.

And the sex has been incredible. I know that I have a body built for sex. I love to have sex for long periods of time. And Bill, while only having an average sized cock, knows how to use it to pleasure me, and he has incredible staying power. He can bring me to multiple orgasms in various positions before he has his own release. None of my other boyfriends, and I’ve had many, have come close to his abilities to pleasure me sexually.

Soon after graduation we got married. Bill opened his own tax services business. I became the receptionist/office manager for a local insurance agency. We have a comfortable life and a nice house. And we agreed to wait on having children.

– – – – –

My husband loves to tell me how sexy I am, and he frequently shows me how horny I make him. He literally shows me by strutting around with his erect cock fully visible. He knows that many men desire to have me. However after we got married, I haven’t really considered having sex with anyone else. Like any man, Bill looks at other women. However, I’m certain he is completely faithful to me.

Almost daily Bill encourages me to buy sexy outfits and wear them in public, especially around his business clients. He loves to show off his sexy wife to all his clients and friends. He also loves the sexy lingerie I buy and wear under my work clothes, or things I wear at home without anything else. And I have some slutty outfits I won’t even tell my friends about.

Bill loves to take photos of me, with me dressed up, or in casual clothes, or in sexy lingerie, or in a slutty outfit, or totally naked. I get a rush posing for him and he gets a thrill photographing me. I sometimes wonder if he enjoys taking photos of me more than having sex. Okay, not really. Often our photo sessions are the start of foreplay before we have seriously intense, hot sex.

Bill and I talk frankly with each other about sex, our likes, dislikes, and limits. I love having him eat my pussy and fuck my pussy. It can be gentle loving, or hard pounding sex. We use many sex positions; him on top, me on top, doggie style and others. We mostly have sex in our bed, but we also have sex in the living room (the ottoman is a great sex device), on the dining table, or in the kitchen. We’ve had sex in the car, and sex in public bathrooms when nowhere else was quickly available. It’s all good as long as we both have great orgasms.

I feel a need to be in control. During sex, this would generally mean I am on top. However, and this may sound counter-intuitive, I feel I am in control when I allow him to fuck my pussy as he pleases. I only insist on feeling his love for me, and having orgasms.

And I love giving oral. I love a hard cock in my mouth. Again, I must be in control. I decide whether sucking cock is just foreplay to make him hard, or whether I want him to cum in my mouth. I have even trained my gag reflex so that I can give an awesome deep-throat. But I will not allow a forceful face fuck where he holds my head and plunges his cock in and out of my mouth and down my throat. I once had a very bad experience with an earlier boyfriend who did this to me and I pledged to myself I not would allow that again. I’ll give blowjobs. I’ll do deep-throat. But I must be in control.

One more thing about me giving oral. If he is going to cum, I like to feel and taste his cum in my mouth, rather than down my throat. I am a cock and cum slut. I usually prefer his cum inside my pussy, or inside my mouth. But I also accept cum shots on my body, just not in my hair.

Other limits of mine are no anal (no one has, or will be inside my ass) and no bondage. Again I must be in control of my own body. Bill understands and agrees to my limits.

Another of our fun, erotic activities is me being his sexy, dressed up, model and then stripping down slowly for him. He especially likes taking sensual photos of me while I masturbate in front of his iPhone camera. I know he loves to watch me fuck myself with my favorite dildo. He tells me that he imagines it is some other man having his way with me. This role play makes Bill so horny, his cock ataşehir escort swells so big and hard. And then we fuck like crazy.

When I first started masturbating with my dildo in front of Bill, he would ask if I fantasize about fucking a young stud who is well endowed with a big cock. At first I was puzzled by his question. I feared telling him that I did have a fantasy of fucking a big cock. Eventually I got comfortable telling him these true feelings and was shocked to realize that this fantasy of mine was a major turn-on for him. So our role play evolved into me fucking myself with my favorite dildo I named Big Bob. He would tell me to fuck Big Bob until I climaxed. Often Bill would be so aroused that he would jack-off and spray me with his cum as I had my own orgasm. This was such a turn-on for both of us and we loved it.

– – – – –

The next big step in our journey of sexual pleasures began one day when Bill showed me a sex forums web site he had discovered.

“Look at this, Eve.” Bill said one evening while he called me over to his laptop. “There’s this site where people post amateur pics. Some are sexy and sensual. Others are just pure porn.”

I could see that Bill was excited about his discovery. “Show me what you found.” I was curious what aroused him. “What do you like most?”

We spent the next hour going through several forum threads, posts, and pictures. We were both a bit shocked by the erotic nature of the pictures people posted, but it was also arousing. I’ve always known I was a bit of an exhibitionist, and now I was learning that I was also a bit of a voyeur. I wasn’t surprised that Bill liked the photos of women in sexy lingerie or them stripping naked. These were very similar to the photos he took of me.

What I found most surprising was his reaction to a set of photos of men watching their wife have sex with another man. Bill had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it, a sure sign these images really made him horny. But even more shocking to me was that I was also aroused by these photos. Maybe I wanted to be that wife being fucked by some other man, while my husband watched.

I moved his hand aside and began stroking his cock. I went down on him and sucked him a few moments.

“Let’s go to bed.” He said as he pulled my mouth off his cock and led me to our bedroom.

We stripped naked and quickly got on the bed. Bill pushed me onto my back and got between my legs. He licked my clit while finger fucking my pussy to a quick orgasm. Then we fucked in missionary position, doggie position, and then with me on top in cowgirl. In each position I had an orgasm, but not Bill. He stayed rock hard and just kept on fucking and fucking. I was really aroused by his longer than usual stamina and how horny he was.

“That web site really got you excited.” I remarked.

“Yeah, that is so fucking hot.” He said as he continued to thrust into my body.

I was approaching yet another orgasm and I moaned.

“What do you think, Eve, about us joining that site and posting a few of your pics?” he asked.

After experiencing his sexual response to the sex site, I wasn’t surprised by the question.

“A few of my pics? Exactly which ones?” I asked. I was a bit curious about posting naughty pics on the Internet. I wondered exactly how much of me he wanted to display.

“You know I think you have a really hot body. Maybe just post some of you in sexy lingerie. Not really showing any private parts.” He responded as he continued to shove his hard cock deep inside me.

“Do you want to show my face? On that site, some ladies do, and some do not.” I inquired.

“Honey, you will be in control. You can pick the pictures to post. You can show as much, or as little as you want to show. And I’ll do any editing you want such as cropping or blurring.” Bill said.

The thought of posting my pics on the web was exhilarating. My pussy began clenching around Bill’s cock as I began another orgasm.

“Let’s do this. Open an account and select some photos you like.” I told him. Thinking about horny men looking at my sexy photos had my body tingling all over a powerful orgasm rolled through my body. My muscles were twitching, my pussy clenched his cock hard, and I was gasping for air. It felt incredible.

Bill was obviously pleased that I agreed to post photos. He came hard, jetting his cum deep into my well used channel. I collapsed onto him, exhausted.

– – – – –

Later that day Bill opened an account on that web site. He selected a few photos of me in lingerie, he blurred my face, and posted them. These posts drew immediate rave reviews. I was overwhelmed by the number of responses. Everyone wanted to see more, more pictures of me and pictures showing more of my body. It was extremely exciting and quite a rush.

I found myself wanting to post more, and show more. I was quickly becoming an online exhibitionist. The next day Bill and I were selecting more photos to post.

“Are you sure kadıköy escort bayan you want to show more?” Bill asked.

I had selected some photos that displayed my nipples and a couple that gave a full, uncovered view of my ass.

“Absolutely! This is so exciting. I love the replies.” I told him.

Bill smiled a big grin and selected some more risqué photos. One photo was a close up on my crotch, covered in a small, sheer thong. My hand was inside my panties as my finger was partially inside my slit.

“Yeah, lets post that.” I told him.

That pic drew amazing responses. Everyone wanted to see more of me. And the more that people wanted to see me, the more I wanted to show them. I had become addicted to the thrill of being an exhibitionist.

– – – – –

As the days went by, I realized that I craved the feedback. I was aroused by the sexual responses. I was driven to buying sexy new lingerie to wear while taking photos. Bill and I had photos sessions two or three times each week. We would take photos while talking about how many strangers would jack their cocks at me. Bill was having a terrific time taking sexy and naughty photos of me. After each photo session, our sex was hot and intense. It was great erotic fun.

I was a bit worried that I was enjoying being the exhibitionist too much.

“Honey, are you really okay with me posting such revealing photos of my body?” I asked Bill.

“Absolutely!” he quickly replied. “I know this is such a thrill for you. And I love showing off my sexy wife. I love sharing you with others.”

His reply was reassuring. We both loved the process of taking and posting naughty photos of me. And the online responses made my pussy tingle.

My fan base of followers grew. Soon several hundred people were viewing my photos. I assumed they were all strangers and that no one recognized me. But how would I know for sure? I was posting more risqué photos, and even showing my face occasionally. It was a rush and made my pussy wet when I read the responses. So many guys were looking at my body. Many told me they were stroking their cocks and ejaculating to my photos. Several stated they wanted to fuck me. Some even sent me photos of their erections that they claimed I caused. I found myself wondering how I might enjoy larger cocks, having my pussy filled and pounded by their hard cocks.

Daily I was getting requests for specific poses. Some requested photos of my pussy after I had been well fucked by my husband. My fans wanted to see my wrecked pussy – swollen, wet, and very messy with my copious fluids and my husband’s cum. I also had requests for shots of dildos shoved into my pussy, the larger the dildo the better. And some wanted to see a real cock inside me.

“Can you believe these requests?” I asked Bill while reviewing the online feedback.

For some time I had desired to have a larger dildo, one that would stretch my pussy. But I was concerned that Bill might be threatened by that. Maybe these online requests could be a way to gain Bill’s acceptance.

“Yeah!” Bill replied. “A lot of guys want to see a big fat dildo or cock in your pussy. I must admit that the thought of that makes me horny.”

Which? A photo of a dildo in me or a photo of your cock in me?” I asked.

“It would be really hot to see a big fat dildo stretching your pussy tight.” Bill replied. Then he added, “It would also be really hot to see another guy’s cock in your fabulous pussy.”

‘What the Fuck!’ I thought to myself. ‘He wants to see some other man’s cock inside me?’ I knew Bill was perverted in several ways, but he had never expressed a desire to see me having sex with someone else. I decided to file that information away. I needed time to process that.

“So it would be hot to see my pussy stretched out by a big dildo?” I asked. “Should I go shopping for one?”

“Absolutely!” Bill responded.

– – – – –

At a local adult store I bought a good sized dildo. I wasn’t sure how large a dildo I could force into my cunt, but I decided to push my limits. I bought a dildo, that I named Charlie, that was 9 inches long and a full two inches in diameter, with bulging veins. Bill was amazed by the size of my new dildo. He appeared more excited than I was for me to try it. And he was eager to take photos.

I stripped naked and lay on our bed. I fingered my pussy and clit, making me even hornier, my lips swollen, and wet. I brought the head of the dildo to my slit. Damn, it was large. I wondered if I could take it. I added some lube to the dildo before I pressed the head to my slit again. This would be the largest object I had ever attempted to push inside my pussy. And over the years I had inserted many different objects into my pussy.

I felt my flesh stretch as it tried to accommodate the size. I was breathing heavily, trying to relax my vaginal muscles. I pushed a bit more, and the head of the dildo pushed inside me.

‘Damn, that is tight.’ I thought as I closed my eyes. It hurt. escort maltepe As my body adjusted to the large intruder, the pain turned to pleasure. I could hear my husband taking pictures.

“Fucking hot babe. Can you take more?” Bill asked.

I didn’t directly answer but focused on shoving that large dildo into my cunt. As my pussy became aroused, it was easier to insert more. Soon I had half or more inside me. I began pumping the dildo in and out, trying to force a bit more inside with each stroke. The burn of pain I was feeling was turning more to a pleasurable burn. ‘Fuck, this is feeling good.’ I thought.

“Can you flip over onto your hand and knees? That would make better pics as the camera could see your pussy lips stretched around that dildo.” Bill was coaching.

Gingerly I turned over onto my knees. Reaching between my legs, I was able to pump the dildo into my pussy. Damn it was tight and felt so good.

“Fucking hot babe. So fucking hot!” Bill continued to say as he took more pictures.

I was now able to push most of the large dildo into my vagina. I was breathing heavily. I could feel sweat forming on my flesh. My body was tingling, indicating my orgasm was coming.

“OH FUCK!” I said while pumping the big dildo faster.

“Cum for me. Cum for me.” Bill said. He was obviously getting off on my show. I hoped he was getting some great photos.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” I was panting as I shoved the large dildo into my aching cunt. My pussy was throbbing like crazy. My head was swimming in pleasure.

The dam burst as I had my orgasm.


My body was shaking. My pussy was attempting to clench around the dildo, but it was stretch so tight, the effort only hurt. I pulled the dildo out and I dropped flat onto the bed. I lay there panting as my orgasm slowly subsided.

“Great photos, babe.” Bill informed me. Apparently the photos were more important to him than my orgasm.

Later that day Bill and I reviewed the photos he had taken. I had to admit that the photos of that huge dildo stretching my pussy were very erotic. We posted one on the online forum. the responses were quick and overwhelmingly positive. Over the next few days we posted several more photos from than same photo shoot. The fans loved it, and as always, I loved their feedback.

I had become an exhibitionist whore. I was addicted to posting naughty photos, and to the responses of my online followers. Bill was thrilled by how sexy I looked and the photos he took. We both got off on the photos I posted and the responses I received. There were so many men that wanted to finger me, fuck me, or eat my pussy. I wondered why it took eight years for us to discover this form of sexual entertainment. I thought it couldn’t get better, or at least it couldn’t without me having an illicit affair to have sex with another man. And I didn’t think I was willing to cross that line.

– – – – –

Then one day, things changed. Bill came home from his office with a serious look on his face.

“What’s up Bill?” I asked as I snuggled up to him.

“You remember Jack, don’t you? He’s one of my best clients.” Bill began.

“Sure. I know Jack. He’s actually quite handsome.” I replied, and then added, “Didn’t you tell me that he’s now divorced?”

“Yeah, that’s Jack.” Bill confirmed. “Today after we had our monthly account review, he spoke to me about something much more personal. He told me that he has seen your online pictures. He recognized you.”

“Really?” I exclaimed. I had been concerned that someone might recognize me in the pictures. It was scary, and it was exciting in an erotic way.

“Jack thinks you’re hot, really hot. He asked me how much I enjoy taking your photos. I told him that we have a lot of fun taking your photos.” Bill paused, then continued.

“Jack wants to know if he could join us for a photo session. He would love to watch, and maybe take a few photos. But it’s all up to you. You can say ‘No’ and he would understand.”

I was blown away. Jack wanted to watch? Even take some photos of me? The thought made my pussy quiver. This was incredibly hot. And I couldn’t believe I had these thoughts.

“And you would be okay with him here watching?” I asked Bill.

“Fuck, Yeah! It would be hot sharing this experience. But only if you want to do this. You can set the limits.” Bill responded.

It was obvious to me that he thought this would be erotic. He wanted to share me with others. I thought that was hot as well.

“I’m tingling thinking about this. But with limits.” I told Bill. “Jack can join us for a lingerie photo shoot, but only to watch. I guess it would be okay for him to take some photos. But I won’t be doing any nudity or sex in front of him.”

– – – – –

When Jack came over to our home the following Saturday evening he couldn’t thank me enough for letting him join us. He was very excited. I was really nervous. Would I show too much? Or flash something I didn’t intend for Jack to see? But this was also very exciting. My body was tingling in a sexual rush. My pussy was damp. I was certain he may notice that.

Bill and I decided that we would allow Jack into our bedroom for the photos, as that is where we have taken most of my photos.

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