Sexual Feelings Ch. 06-07

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Looking at Oliva, her sky-blue eyes fixated on me. My sperm dripping down her slightly upturned nose. Another trail from the corner of her mouth down to her chin. Her elegant hands are a mess since she held them before her mouth while she was couching.

Her gaze drift to her hands and back to me.

“You could have warned me.” She sounds calm like what just happened was the most normal thing to her. She brings her hand toward her mouth, using the tip of her tong to cup up my sperm. She swallows and licks her lips. While doing this she keeps her eyes fixated on me. It’s a pretty arousing sight, acting like she did it a thousand times. I know it’s an act, only 2 days ago she gave her virginity to me and she lacked the skill of giving proper head. None the less the whole performance was porn worthy.

“I’m so sorry Olivia. It just happened so fast.” A lie, I definitely wanted to cum into her mouth, I’ve even held her down onto my cock. Nonetheless it was unintentionally I pushed my member down her throat when she placed her hands beside me.

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t taste bad.” She winks. God that girl is amazing.

“I’m going to call it a night, I need a shower and some sleep.” That said she gets of the sofa and walks to the stairs.

“I’m going to watch the news first. Do you mind if I sleep next to you?” Although we slept together the last 2 days, it was always after being completely exhausted from having sex. I don’t know what she’d think if I just assumed, I’d sleep next to her.

As she turns around, I see a big smile around her lips, highlighting the small dimples at the corners of her mouth. Her eyes twinkle. “Not at all.”

the news showed the daily update on the virus, gave some more info on how the lockdown would continue and some more updates about the virus in other countries. There were no sport reports since everything was cancelled. I get up and walk to my room, as I enter, I see Olivia is already asleep. Her damp blonde hair is, as always, in a tight ponytail. My cock stiffens while I think about how I could use it to pull her head back while fucking her from behind. I push down my sweatpants and pull my t-shirt over my head. Naked I lift the sheet and notice she’s wearing her loose shorts and a baggy t-shirt. I crawl into bed next to her, into a spooning position. I place my hand on her hip, sliding it underneath her t-shirt, up to her breast, her firm perky a-cup feels amazing in my hand. I knead them, feeling her nipple harden against the palm of my hand.

“hmm Jack; I’m tired.” her voice does sound sleepy. Not willing the push my luck a second time today. I just snuggle up to her placing my still hard member against her butt, resisting the urge to hump it. Keeping my hand on her breast I try to fall asleep.


I wake up as the first rays of sunlight shines through the window. It’s early and Jack’s still asleep.

We’re spooning and his arm is underneath my shirt. A warm feeling washed over my body. It’s so cute how he’s holding me. I place my hand on his hip and feel he’s naked. A slight blush appears on my cheek although I don’t know why. my hand slide down and I feel his member. Its way smaller than last night and I realise I’ve never felt a flaccid penis. curious I turn around. First on my belly and then onto my other side, this way his hand stayed on my body and I’ve created some space between us. I could use that space to look in between. it’s about 3 inch and I’m surprised. Last night I’ve would have guessed it around 6 or 7 inch not to mention how big it felt when it was inside me. I take his member in my hand. It feels soft. I squeeze gently, it’s enjoyable to feel the resistance build with every squeeze. His member growing in my hand until only half of it fits my hand. Its rock hard on the inside but the outside it still feels soft and squeezable. Jack moans, I let go of his member and get try to get out of bed softly.

As I move backward and hear him speak.

“you should finish what you start.” His voice playful, he’s looking straight at me. I start to blush as I realize I’ve awoken him. I feel his hand on my ribcage, he gently pushes me on my back. His hand traveling from my side to my belly, caressing it.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” His hand continuous his travel down to the waistband of my shorts.

“I don’t mind.” His fingers creep under the waistband, I feel his fingers travel over my mound. The top of his finger touches my clit. The touch makes me instinctively try to move my hip but it’s prevented by the matrass. My legs slightly open and I feel his hand cupping my pussy. I gasp and grab hold of his wrist, I turn away from his grip. Pushing my hip backward I feel his finger slip through my labia. It sends a shiver through my body.

“Jack, not now. Lilly will wake up any moment.” I see the disappointment clearly on his face and I almost feel sorry for him. Although I want him to continue, I know I’m right. I gently kiss his lips and whisper in his ear. escort kartal “I’ll make it up this afternoon.” I make sure it sounds as seductive as possible.

“Daddy?” Lilly’s sharp voice calling from her room. and I can’t help but smile at Jack.

“See? What would you have done if you were fucking me right now?” I look at him with a playful smile. and he sights.

“I’ll be right there Olivia! Daddy is in the bathroom.” I call back to her. Looking back at Jack I say. “Let’s hope she’s in for a movie this afternoon.” I wink at him and get out of the bed.

As I walk to lily’s room, I make sure my short is decent. the 5-year-old girl is already out when I get to her. We go downstairs and I prepare breakfast. By the time Jack is down Lilly is already eating. After breakfast we fall back into our daily routine. Jack’s off to his office to work and I entertain Lilly. We have lunch together and I clean up the kitchen. As the doorbell rings I dart towards the door. receiving the package with the clothes we bought yesterday. As I close the door and turn back to the living room, I see Jack come out of his office.

“Go on, try them on.” He says with a smile. “I’ll see if I can tempt Lilly for a movie.”

I can’t help but smile knowing what he’s after. I walk up to my room and open the box.

Unpacking it I choose my outfit. The lingerie set is the first one I pick up. Its red and laced. The bra cups are strapless and half transparent with a small bow tie in the middle. the solid patch will cover my nipple but everything above will show through. The same goes for the thong, the bands and backside are see-through lace while the patch covering the front is solid in the centre while the sides are not.

I pull of the lose shirt I used to sleep in and push down my lose shorts. I didn’t change this morning because I knew the package would arrive this afternoon. I untie my ponytail and jump into the shower. After a quick wash I start dressing myself. I put on the lingerie set and admire the sight. Sexy. I turn around and put on the dress. The dress is with a motive on it and tight fitted at the top with shoulders that hang loose over my arms. at the waist there’s a strap that’s used to highlight my body shape. From there it’s pretty loose till just above my knees. I look in the mirror again and I’m pleased with the sight. The bra slightly pushes my small breasts together giving them volume. I spin around making the dress lift in the motion. I’m pleased with the sight. I tie my hair back in a ponytail, put on my glasses and walk back downstairs.

As I enter the living room, I see Jack succeeded in convincing Lilly to watch a movie. Her eyes are fixed on the screen. Jack get up and looks at me, he licks his lips and I smile at him. I make a ‘come over here’ motion with my finger, Jack walks over to me and takes my hand. As I’m guided towards his office he says. “We’ve got about an hour and half. It’s her favourite movie so she’ll watch it to the end.”

“Perfect, all the time we need.” I say as I feel a rush of excitement travels through my body.

As soon as we enter his office it’s clear he’s not about to waste time. He closes the door. Right after locking it he slams me into the wall. The impact knocks the air out of my lungs and before I can inhale my body is pinned by his. I’m startled by his roughness, normally he’s always gentle and caring but the contrast in behaviour is arousing me. I feel myself getting wetter as he places his hand on my leg moving it up under my dress.

“I’ve been waiting for this.” His voice is full of lust. He kisses me, pushing his tong between my lips. I kiss him back. His hand is on my pussy, rubbing it through the fabric. I place a hand on his chest and break the kiss.

“Then take it.” I say with a shaky voice. I gasp as his fingers push onto my clit. Clearly in no need of further encouragement he pulls me away from the wall and pushes me towards the desk. My hips hit the desk a little too hard and slightly painful, the desk moves a few inches. I feel the cold hardwood of the desk against my chest as he bends me over it. His hand is on my back holding me down. I grip the side of the desk, as I hear the zipper of his pants followed by the unclasping of his belt. My dress is pulled up, he pulls my hips back a little to allow it to pass. He uses both hands to pull my dress higher while using his hips to pin me back into the desk. I feel his hard member against my butt. Roughly he pushes down my thong. Its barely down my ass when I feel the warm tip of this member against my moist labia. I feel the pressure increase as my labia part. A feeling of fullness overtakes me as he drives his member inside me in one motion. goose bumps appear on my skin as his hips hit mine, I’m pushed forward into the desk. A moan escapes my lips as I feel his member retreat, it’s followed by another gasp as Jack slams his hips back into my buttocks. The pressure in my abdomen is building as he is fucking me ferociously, making me moan and maltepe escort pant. I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his member sliding in and out of me. Suddenly I feel him grab hold of my ponytail. A sharp pain shoots through me as he yanks my head and chest of the desk.

“Aaahn!” The half upright position I’m in makes his cock brush past my g-spot with every thrust and the combination of pain and pleasure are pushing me towards an orgasm. My breath quickens, Jack releases his grip on my hair and uses both hands to tighten his grip on my hip, using them to pull me back as he trusts. I fall down onto the desk again. My pelvic muscles start to tighten and a warm tingling starts to spread through my body. I feel like I’m about to burst any second when he pulls out of me. Disappointed I whimper. “No don’t stop. Keep going.”

Jacks hands travels down my legs and I feel them being lifted. He turns me onto my back and lifts my legs higher. Using the motion to completely remove my thong. Tossing them aside he places my calves at his shoulders. Again, I feel his member at my entrance before he pushes it all the way into my body.

Again, I gasp and close my eyes. This position allows him to penetrate me deeper and I feel the tip of his member bumping against my cervix. The by now familiar feeling of pleasant pain as something hits this sensitive part makes me moan. as Jack starts to pull back, I hear him say. “I’m not stopping. I want to see your face when you reach your orgasm.”

As Jack build up the speed of his rhythm, he grabs my still covered breast and squeezes it. Both my hands grab his wrist pulling at it. I guide his hand towards my throat, I don’t know why I’m doing it but I like the roughness of it all. I look in Jacks eyes and see the confusion in them. I bite my lip and nod. His grip tightens and I feel how it becomes increasingly harder to breath.

The pressure in my abdomen is building, heat travels through my body. I try to inhale, unable to, I feel my body tense. My pussy clamps on his member, I hear Jack growl. The alternating feeling of fullness, the bumping into my cervix and the lack of oxygen overtakes me. My body starts to quiver, jolts of electricity shoot through me. I start getting convulsions all over my body as my orgasm slams trough me. Jack releases his grip on my throat, I feel him bury himself completely in me. I inhale sharply, the fresh air in my lungs makes my skin tingle. Unable to stop myself, I scream. Jack places his hand over my mouth, his member swells and pulses as his sperm is shooting into me.

We’re both out of breath and panting as he pulls out. I place my hand over my pussy. Gyrating my entrance. Partly to prevent his sperm leaking out of me, party to ease the burning feeling. I tighten my pelvic muscles as I lower my legs. Jack gently caresses my hair as I stand up. I lean over to kiss him. As he breaks the kiss he says. “That was amazing. I never guessed you’d like to be choked.”

“neither did I.” I giggle and feel some of our combined fluids trail down my leg. “Sorry Jack, I really need to go to the bathroom.” I kiss him again and walk up to the door.


Looking back on the lockdown, it wasn’t that bad. Olivia certainly was good company. Who would have thought that underneath that nerdy appearance was such a nymph?

My thoughts are broken as a mug of hot coffee placed before me on the kitchen table.

My eyes focus. I see Kate move back to the stove, while turning the pancakes she says. “What are you thinking about?”

“Olivia.” I reply. Kate turns around and looks at me questionably.

“That little minx sure did a number on you, didn’t she?” There’s a little smile on her face. Another reason why I love Kate this much. She doesn’t get jealous, or at least not if she knows it doesn’t threaten our relationship.

“No, I was just wondering how she’d be.” I replied

Oliva left about 3 weeks ago, the day after Kate came home. The traveling rules had loosened and we were allowed to travel between city’s again. She came to me in the morning, completely packed and asked if I could take her home. It startled me she looked eager to leave. She seemed happy to be here during the lockdown but she probably just missed her home. I drove her home and she got out of the car without even looking back. That did hurt a little at the moment.

“Then call her? Maybe invite her over? I’d like to get to know her.” Her voice gentle and sweet, even a little concerned. The thought had occurred to me already but we never swapped contacts.

“I haven’t got her number. I never thought of asking it.” I reply as I take hold of the mug and take a sip of my coffee.

“Typical. Then call her stepmom if you really want to know, I can give you her number if you like.” Kate places the pancakes on the table and Lilly is grabbing at them eagerly. Kate walks back to the counter and picks up her phone. My eyes follow her movement and I admire the sway of her hips.

“No, it’s okay.” pendik escort bayan I smile at her. “I’m not that curious.” Kate laughs at this and walks back to the table. She sits down at the moment my fork falls to the ground. I get up to pick it up, bending down I glance up.

My position allows me to look up Kate’s skirt. Clearly knowing what I’m doing she opens her legs slightly. Commando, of course you little tease.

I’ve got a feeling of Deja Vue, the only difference is that Olivia was too shy to open her legs.

At least she was at the moment I was looking up her dress. The thought brings a smile on my lips. My mind brings up more memories. After I discovered Olivia liked it rough our relationship quickly changed.

I started groping her whenever I felt like it and she always seemed to encourage my behaviour.

It actually got to the point where whenever one of us felt the need we’d push each other down on to something and started fucking.

Memories of our last time flood my mind.


I walk to the bedroom to get ready for bed. The moment I enter my room I hear the shower Running. I undress and walk into the adjacent bathroom. Olivia is standing in the walk-in shower with her back to the door, soaping her hair. I silently close the distance between us. I grab hold of her tiny perky breast and she gasps in surprise.

I take her nipple between my fingers and gently squeeze it. A moan escapes her lips, she leans back into me. My other hand travels to her belly and I caress it, trailing down towards her pussy.

She sights and turns around in my arms, she places her arms around my neck and starts kissing me.

My hand cups her buttocks, she starts to put some weight on my neck and I trail down my second hand towards her butt. She lifts her legs, wrapping them around my hips. I feel the heat of her pussy radiating into my loins. I break the kiss and place her back against the wall. I feel how she’s grinding her hips into mine as her hand trails down my chest. As she takes hold of my member, I slightly lift her higher, she aligns the head of my now throbbing cock with her entrance.

She moans as I feel my member sink into her.

Olivia kisses me again and starts to gyrate her hips into mine. The intoxicating feeling of her soft inside brushing and clamping around my member is driving me wild. I start to mirror her movements trying to get more momentum.

Understanding my urges, she lifts herself off me, turns around and bends over. She looks over her shoulder, her eyes full of lust.

Aligning myself again I slide my member back into her. As I pull back another moan escapes her lips. I take hold of her hips, pulling her back while pushing in. She gasps and places her hands on the wall in front of her. Within seconds I’m pounding her with every bit of strength that’s in my body. It doesn’t take long before I feel the pressure in my balls start to build. I know I won’t be able to delay my orgasm long enough for her to reach hers so I just let go. I drive my cock as deep as I can and hold still as I feel the first rope of cum shoot out of me.


I’m brought back to the presents as I hear Kate’s voice. “Jack, are you going to stay down there?”


“Daddy; I already told you. I’m moving to campus. I’ve arranged everything, my loans are approved and the contract is signed.” Slightly agitated I need to explain it again. It’s not due to daddy I’m moving, but I just can’t live with my stepmom anymore. I’ve been only back slightly over 4 weeks and we’ve been fighting non-stop.

“But darling, why move there in the middle of the year? You’ve been commuting back and forward all semester.” He does look slightly hurt I’ve arranged everything behind there back.

“I just can’t stand is here anymore. You know that. And it’s not you! You also know that.” I stamp my foot on the ground nearly shouting at my dad. I instantly feel guilty as I see the look on his face.

“Can’t we work something out. You don’t need those student loans; you’ll be in depth for years.” The disappointment is written clearly all over his face.

I hug daddy tightly as I say. “I’m sorry, but my decision is made and everything is singed already. There’s no way back.” I pick up my last bag and place it in the back of the car.

“it’s not that far you can always visit me you know.”

“I know darling, I just think it’s a waste of money.” He walks over to the driver’s side and gets into the car. I step into my side and we start to drive towards campus.

We arrive at the small apartment on campus I managed to arrange. It’s not much but enough to live. The rent was decent too. Understandable due to the state the apartment is in, that’s probably the reason it wasn’t occupied yet and the owner clearly was happy he could rent it out. Some paint would do a lot and I’ve seen no structural problems at first sight. Not that I’m an expert in inspecting buildings, but I knew how to look for water damage. Plus, the apartment came fully furnished what saved me a lot of money.

As daddy helps me unpack the last box of my stuff it’s already late into the evening. I’m glad everything got a place and I look around. Pleased with the result some decoration did with the apartment I smile.

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