Sexting Pt. 15

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It was early morning and Chip and Jennifer were gathered at the base Rec field with about a thousand other people waiting for the start of the Military Ten K. The Major and Jennifer signed up to see how their training was paying off. The Base band played the National Anthem and the crowd faced the flag and saluted.

There were announcements about the route and everyone was called to the starting area. A loud report of a small cannon sent the runners on their way. At first Jennifer was able to keep up with Chip but he got lost in the crowd. The group lengthened out and she found some other female soldiers to run with. Chip looked around and could not see Jennifer but they had made plans to meet at the flagpole if they got separated.

Chip finished the course just short of an hour and a half. His time would be emailed to him as he was carrying a timing chip in his sneakers. He walked around cooling off and taking sips of water. He made his way to the flagpole and sat on the ground stretching. He watched the finish line and saw a familiar figure crossing the line, about twenty minutes later. He jogged up and hugged his wife and forced her to cool down. He fed her sips of water and they walked to their car. Some of the participants were gathering for the race’s after party, but they decided to head to the townhouse.

They both were getting use to driving the BMW. It seemed to have the effect that Colonel Darr wanted. They were getting questions about how they could afford such an expensive car. The story that they came up with that it was bought at a seized property auction. “Did you see the daggers of envy we got from your friend?” asked Jennifer.

“I hate to admit it but it is really fun,” replied the Major.

They arrived home and both headed to the shower. Jennifer asked Chip to shower with her. Chip pulled her sweatshirt over her head and unhooked her bra. Jennifer pulled her sweatpants and running shorts down and stepped out of them. She got under the water stream and waited for chip to join her. She felt him start to wash her back and her legs. She turned around and Chip worked on her pussy and moved up to her breasts.

“Is there a woman in this room because you seemed to be excited, darling,” said Jennifer.

Chip handed the sponge to her and turned around presenting his back to her, “Your turn.”

Jennifer washed his back and grasped his cock and spun him around and went to work on his front. Jennifer kissed him and they both rinsed themselves off. Chip got out first and waited for Jennifer to exit and wrapped her in a towel. She exited the bathroom and went to dress. Chip stayed and shaved. He walked into the bedroom and found his wife naked stretched out on the bed.

“There is something we forgot this morning, and you look like you are almost ready,” said Jennifer.

Chip stretched out next to Jennifer and kissed her. They faced each other but Jennifer did not move to start intercourse. Chip tried to start but she indicated that she needed to talk. “Chip what are you views about children?”

“Do you want children, Jennifer?”

I went to see my doctor and discussed removing my IUD. It is about time to change it anyway. My biological clock is ticking and I would like a Shelia or a Sam Johnson-Connolly to attend West Point,” said Jennifer.

“Will our child have any say, maybe he or she will go Navy or Air Force,” said Chip

“Well if our child goes Navy Chief Dave would be happy, but no offspring of mine will go Air Force,” said Jennifer.

“You do remember that we are involved with an undercover operation,” said Chip

“This would be after we were finished with the Opp.,” said Jennifer.

“I would love to have kids, I am only sorry that there are so few grandparents around,” said Chip.

Jennifer moved closer to her husband and allowed him to kiss her breasts. She massaged his cock and was happy that it was ready for duty. Chip moved on top and she guided his cock in her pussy. He started to fuck her when Jennifer’s phone started to vibrate off the table. “That’s a real buzz kill,” said the Major.

Jennifer got out from under him and grabbed her phone. There were a lot of “Yes Ma’am’s” and “No Ma’am’s” in the conversation. Chip marveled at his beautiful wife, as she stood naked answering the questions put to her. “Half hour tops,” said Jennifer.

“Why am I thinking that I will not be spending the afternoon making love to my wife,” said Chip.

“I’m on call and I caught a case, darling I have to interview a soldier accused of assault. My boss want’s the interview today,” said Jennifer as she was pulling her uniform out of the closet. Chip found his sweatpants and a t-shirt and put them on and left to get something to eat.

Jennifer came in to the kitchen fifteen minutes later “How do I look, is my hair correct?” asked Jennifer.

“Put your beret on you are about to go outside you need a cover,” said the Major.

“Yes sir,” said Jennifer as she kissed escort kartal him.

Jennifer grabbed her beret and placed it on her head, Chip adjusted it to regulation. “We will continue the discussion when you get back,” said Chip.

“And other things,” said Jennifer.

Chip walked out with her as she got into her Prius. They kissed and he watched her drive away. Chip went back in the kitchen and checked the list of errands that they were going to tackle. All required Jennifer’s attention and so he was off the hook. He gathered some paperwork from his brief case and decided to work on that while he waited for her to return.

Chip heard the garage door open indicating Jennifer’s return. The clock on the desk indicated 15:00 that meant she was tied up for five hours. Chip braced for her wrath, when she came looking for him.

“Chip get down here! Your wife wants a kiss,” commanded Jennifer.

Chip came down the stairs and embraced his wife. He kissed her. She kissed him.

“Sorry darling, I am just a little steamed, I had to interview two soldiers. Do you remember the Corporal that I sent to your PT sessions?” said Jennifer.

“Yea seemed like a nice guy when he stayed out of the bottle,” replied the Major.

“Yes he’s here doing some kind of training and he and another guy got in a fight. He got the worst of it. He’s in hospital; the other guy is in the stockade. The really bad thing is that O’Malley is defending the guy in jail. Next week will not be fun,” said Jennifer.

“Are you done for the day? Or will your phone go off again?” asked the Major.

Jennifer got behind him and slipped her hands into his sweat pants. She snuck a peek down his front. “Give me a few minutes to get out of the uniform, darling and we can restart what ever we were doing,” said Jennifer as she kissed him.

“Have you had any thing to eat?” asked the Major.

“Vending machine food,” Jennifer called back to him.

She changed her mind, and Jennifer walked back and grabbed his arm and marched him up to the bedroom. She went into the bathroom to undress and soon came out naked. The Major had stripped off of his clothes and walked up to his wife and kissed her. Her brownish, blonde hair was free to cascade to her shoulders. Through out their relationship she kept a full muff of pubic hair that contrasted with her light skin. Jennifer’s breasts were not porn star full but stood out from her body terminating in light pink nipples. The only adornment was the wedding band and engagement ring. She was about to speak when he covered her mouth.

He led her to the bed and placed her face down on the bed. “Please don’t say anything,” asked the Major as he began to pull on the skin around her neck. He worked on her back beginning at the neck and finishing at her feet. He asked her to roll over and she turned facing him. “I know that you are crying out for action but wait,” said the Major.

He continued to massage her feet and moved to her legs, finally reaching where her legs come together. He opened her legs and was rewarded with a view of her fully engorged pussy. He kissed it and then positioned his cock at the entrance and slipped inside. He moved up and kissed her lips. “Am I to do anything?” asked Jennifer.

“Just relax and enjoy,” said the Major.

“Oh I can do that,” said Jennifer.

The Major kissed her again and began to move his cock in and out of her pussy. Jennifer wrapped her arms around him and crossed her legs pinning him in position. Even with his movements restricted he continued to move his cock in and out of her pussy. Chip arched his back and felt his cock explode.

About fifteen minutes later they both came to their senses. Chip roused himself and went to the bathroom. Jennifer followed. Chip was dressing when she came out. “Why don’t we go up to the lake house?” suggested Jennifer.

“You’re not going to get another call-out?” asked Chip.

“Captain Jones has the duty now. Besides we have a meeting with Colonel Darr tomorrow. We can get a jumpstart.”

They both packed a few items to have at the lake house and put them in the back seat of the BMW. Chip got in the driver’s side and they took off. On the way they stopped at a café that they frequented when going to the cabin.

It was night when they arrived at the house and since the property was away from town, and there was only a single wall light by the door; there was a carpet of stars in the sky. They put their stuff in the bedroom; Chip went around turning on fans cool the place. Jennifer walked into the kitchen, and poured two glasses of whiskey, walked out of the kitchen and handed one to Chip. Jennifer and Chip sat in the living room drinking. She finished her drink and went into the bedroom. Chip walked around the house checking the doors and turning the lights off. He entered the bedroom, and they embraced. Jennifer was almost finished getting out of her clothes. He flipped the light switch, and shafts maltepe escort of moonlight came through the windows. She finished taking her clothes off and climbed on the bed. He climbed next to her and kissed his wife.

“Why are we both so calm?” asked Jennifer.

Chip did not respond, but hands found her nipples and began to play with them. He kissed her.

“Ok why are you still dressed?” asked Jennifer.

Again Chip did not respond but his hands found her butt cheeks and massaged them. He again kissed her. He then moved to her cleavage and kissed, He moved to her navel and kissed, his nose nuzzled the hair on her muff. Finally his tongue found her pussy.

“Ok again why are you still dressed?” asked Jennifer.

Chip did not respond but got off the bed and dropped his pants and underwear. He crawled up to position his cock in front of her mouth. She kissed the crown and manipulated his shaft. She pushed him back indicating that she wanted it in her pussy. Chip was fully erect and he easily slipped in to her warm love hole. He leaned down and kissed his wife. Her arms encircled his back.

“Just in case I don’t tell you enough I love you,” said the Major.

He began to move his cock in and out of her pussy slowly and deliberately. Jennifer held him controlling his actions. “Slowly dear, make it last all night,” whispered Jennifer.

Chip moved is cock in and held it in that position. He then eased it out almost all the way out, and waited before moving in again. He kept that pace up for what seemed forever. Every time he moved in their lips found each other’s. Jennifer was able to rotate putting her on top. She got off and replaced her pussy with her mouth. “I have wanted you to suck me all day dear, thank you,” said Chip.

Jennifer’s tongue explored his cock while substituting her mouth for her pussy. Her hand slipped down and manipulated his knick-knacks gently tugging first one side then the other. She felt his climax coming and using her hand she clamped on his shaft. “You do know that that hurts, darling,” said Chip.

“I don’t want you cumming just yet. I have more stuff planned,” replied Jennifer and she remounted him and began to ride his cock. Three or four strokes later she got off and again sucked his cock. She mounted him again and road him three or four more strokes.

“Major Connolly I will tell you what ever you want to know, you want to know my every conquest I will tell you but please let me climax,” said the Major breathlessly.

“No, darling not quite yet, but I will take you up on the true confessions,” said Jennifer. She again took his cock in her mouth. She applied pressure on the shaft again. Jennifer batted his hands away from her, and the Major was reduced to slapping the bed, due to the glorious pain.

“It was Barbara Person, she was a neighbor about three years older than I was. She had a pool and allowed me to use it. One time I came over and she was sunning, she was very beautiful,” Chip continued to squirm every time Jennifer manipulated his cock.

“Sounds like you were getting to the good part. Keep going darling,” said Jennifer.

“Is this one of your interrogation techniques?” asked Chip.

Jennifer put the tip of his cock in her mouth and used her fingers to stroke the shaft. Chip tried to get out of her grasp but couldn’t. “Continue your story,” said Jennifer.

The Major took several deep breaths “Your stalling, darling,” said Jennifer as she applied pressure to his shaft.

“She invited me in to the pool and I swam and splashed around until she got in the pool and swam toward me. I remember her breasts they were full and her pussy had just a little tuft of hair just above her labia. She caught up with me and put her arms around me and asked if I had ever been with a woman before? She pulled my suit off and let if fall to the bottom of the pool, I said no and she slipped her hand to my cock and began to massage it. She maneuvered around and directed my cock in her pussy, ” said the Major.

Jennifer positioned herself to mound Chip again. She slipped his cock in her pussy and leaned and kissed him. “You tell the truth, darling she told me the same story at the wedding. Do you want to cum in my mouth or my pussy, darling?” asked Jennifer, as she manipulated his cock. The Major began to move his cock in and out of Jennifer’s pussy and he suddenly felt the release as his cock shot a wad of cum into her pussy. They kissed and held each other until Chip fell out of Jennifer’s pussy.

The next morning the Major dropped a roll of jogging clothes on the sleeping Major Connolly and he leaned down and kissed her. “Rise and shine, darling it’ 06:30. Let’s take a walk around the pond.”

Jennifer protested but the Major pulled her out of bed and exited the bedroom and waited in the living room. Jennifer joined him and they went outside. It was quiet and there was a distinct Texas hill country smell. They found a path that went around pendik escort bayan the house and followed the outline of the pond. When they reached the side opposite from the house the path moved away from the pond. They continued down the path as it took them away from the pond. It emerged in to a clearing that had a pavilion in the center.

“Did you know that was here?” asked the Major.

“I can count the times I came up here and I stayed near the house, so this is the first time I have see this,” said Jennifer.

The pavilion was becoming a ruin. It needed some TLC. They walked further down the path past the clearing. The path started to rise up a hill, when they reached the top they looked back and saw the pond and the house.

“The Colonel might have been right folks could have observed us,” said Jennifer.

The Major and Jennifer followed the path down the hill and around the pond back to the house. The Major went in the kitchen and started scrambling some eggs. Jennifer came in the kitchen dressed in a polo shirt and slacks. She finished cooking letting Chip change. She was eating when he returned. He leaned down and kissed her.

“Thank you dear, I was beginning to feel that you didn’t love me,” said Jennifer with a smile.

“When does the Colonel arrive?” asked the Major.

“Her last email said to expect to see her about 14:00,” said Jennifer.

“Do you have anything for us to do until then?” asked Chip.

“Just relax Chip, we will know something when we know something.”

“What was that little maneuver you pulled last night, I still think that you do not trust me?” asked Chip.

“Relax I was just having a little fun at your expense, besides like I said last night your old neighbor cornered me at the reception and told me the story. She then asked if you were still good in bed. You must have made a good impression.”

“She asked me the same thing about you. She was always a nosy bee- och,” replied the Major.

Chip went out to the living room and opened his brief case and looked over the paperwork. Jennifer cleaned up the kitchen, and thought about the changes that might come to their relationship. Jennifer was having second thoughts about the undercover Opp. Colonel Darr was not really giving them much information and Jennifer was beginning to think that they were be used some how.

Jennifer decided to explore the pantry and found a loose board. There was a cavity behind the board. In the space was an envelope. She opened the flap and spread the contents out on the kitchen table. One of the papers was the survey map of the property. She remembered seeing a copy with the paperwork that the lawyer passed on to her. There were several folded up letters included in the packet.

They both heard a car pulling up and Jennifer put the material back in the envelope and stashed it back in the pantry. The Major opened the door and Colonel Darr walked in dressed in her office uniform. Chip stood at attention.

“Relax Major, where is your wife?” said Darr.

“I am right here Ma’am,” said Jennifer as she walked in the living room.

“Everyone relax, I have to fly out this afternoon to a conference, and the meeting concerns the operation,” said Darr.

Jennifer was sitting next to Chip and Colonel Darr had taken the seat opposite them. Colonel Darr in uniform changed the vibe of the meeting. Previous sessions had been informal to the point that everyone had been naked.

“By the way congrats on your times at the ten-K. I was drafted on the organizing committee. You beat me Jennifer. You weren’t too shabby either Major Johnson. I digress. I got a call yesterday after the race with the news that the objects of the investigation turned up dead in Matamoros. Several of the agencies that were working on the project got cold feet and the operation has been shelved. Both ATF and the FBI don’t want to risk something going wrong and seeing a large quantity of military grade weapons flood Mexico, and possibly two Americans dead. So for now the project is canceled.”

“Do any of your contact know what happened?” asked Jennifer.

“Jennifer these people are not very nice. It was some kind of leadership fight one faction murdered the guy we were targeting. Who ever it was killed the leader and his family, wife kids, bodyguards and servants. From the reports I got the house they were living in was a bloody mess. Who ever did it wanted to send a message to the rest of the cartel members. It took a long time for the Mexican Special Forces to gain the trust of the cartel leader, and that’s been wiped out,” said Darr.

“Getting practical ma’am what would you like us to do with the Bemer?” asked Chip.

“For now enjoy it, the agency that lent it to us will want it back but just wait. Any other questions?” asked Darr.

“So when will you know when the operation is officially called off?” asked Jennifer.

“Do what ever you were going to do as if this thing never came up,” said Darr.

The Colonel rose off her chair and both Jennifer and Chip stood also. The Colonel extended her hand to Chip; “It was nice to finally meet you Major. By the way your wife has some interesting talents, she can pry information out of anyone.”

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