Sex Therapy with Dr. Bank Ch. 1

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My grandmother had just passed away, I had recently changed jobs and was under a lot of stress working 75-80 hours a week and I hadn’t been with a woman in quite some time. I was depressed. I was 25 years old and I felt like my life was over. I wanted to die. Fortunately, my friends and family noticed what was going on and got me some help. Help came in the form of the beautiful and sexy Dr. Bank. God was she gorgeous. I’ll never forget the first day I walked into her office. My spirits were lifted almost immediately.

“So what seems to be the problem today?”

“I don’t know. I just feel like I no longer have a reason to live.”

“That’s so sad. Why do you feel like that? From what I can see from here, you have a lot going for you. You’re quite good looking. Do you workout?”

“Yeah, I workout. But it doesn’t do me any good. I’ve lost all interest in sex.”

Even as I said this, I couldn’t help but notice that Dr. Bank had very large, perfectly shaped breasts. She was wearing a tight blouse that accentuated their fullness and shapeliness. She was a thin woman. Mid 30s. Curly dark brown hair that was partially draped over her shoulder, ending just above her nipples.

“Oh, that’s a sign of a major depression. We need to get you on some medication right away.”

After discussing the different drugs available and the potential side effects, we decided to go with Effexor.

“Now, this drug can have some sexual side effects. So you be sure to call me right away if you notice anything different.”

“Thanks, doctor. I’m feeling better already,” I said as I left her office. As I turned to close the door behind me, I spotted her therapy couch. It looked quite comfortable and I couldn’t help but think how much I’d enjoy fucking Dr. Bank on it one day.

About a month went by and the Effexor appeared to be working. I was starting to feel much better and found myself regaining interest in sex. I started fantasizing almost everyday about Dr. Bank. But then I made a horrible and extremely scary discovery. I couldn’t come. Not a drop. I could get as erect as a 2×4 but I couldn’t discharge any of my manly fluids. After a few very scary minutes, I remembered that Dr. Bank had warned me about this. I called her office immediately and made an appointment for the next morning.

I arrived at Dr. Bank’s office before her receptionist. Dr. Bank was just putting on a pot of coffee as I walked in. She had her back turned to me and I couldn’t help but stare at her lovely ass. She dropped a napkin on the floor and as she bent over at the waist to pick it up, her skirt rode up on her ass a little, exposing enough of her flesh to get me immediately erect.

“Good morning, Dr. Bank,” I called.

I startled her and she jumped a little. She turned towards me and clasped her hand across her large chest.

“Oh, good morning,” she replied. “You gave me quite a fright just then.”

“I’m sorry. Am I early?”, I asked. “Should I leave and come back?”

“Oh no, don’t be silly. Sally, my receptionist called in sick. So I’m just a little razzed this morning. Come on in into my private office so we can talk.”

I followed her lead. At the time, I couldn’t be certain but I could have sworn she wiggled her ass at me. What happened next would prove that she had much more than wiggling her ass in store for me.

“So, you said on the phone that you’ve been experiencing some side effects. Can you describe for me exactly what happened?”

“Well, I’m not exactly sure how to say this. It’s quite embarrassing. But I can’t…umm…. Ejaculate.”

“Hmmm, quite interesting. How long have you been on the medicine?”

“About a month.”

“And when did you first notice the problem?”

“Yesterday. I called your office right away. I was very scared.”

“Understandably so. And were you with a woman when this happened?”

“No. I don’t have a girlfriend. I was…umm…. kartal escort bayan Pleasuring myself.”

“You were masturbating? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”


“And this had never happened before?”


“Well, it certainly could be the medicine. But we usually like to see more than just one occurrence of the side effect before we starting altering the medication regiment. Especially when talking about masturbation, it could have been any number of factors. You could have been preoccupied, it may have been too hot or too cold in the room, or maybe what you were fantasizing about just wasn’t enough to get you off.”

“Oh, that definitely wasn’t the problem.”

God, just hearing her talk about masturbation was making me horny.

“Would you mind masturbating for me now?”

Stunned, I replied, “I’m sorry?”

“Masturbate for me so I can make a better diagnosis of the situation.”

“Right here and now? In front of you?”

“If you don’t mind. I really need to closely monitor the situation personally in order to rule out any other causes. I have some Playboys and maybe a Penthouse or two if you’d like.”

“Yes. That would be great.”

She opened up one of her desk drawers and pulled out an obviously well-read copy of the March 1999 Playboy.

“Here. This is one of my favorite issues. The centerfold has an absolutely gorgeous body.”

I unzipped my jeans and dropped them and my underwear down to my ankles. I was naked from the waist down. I thought I heard Dr. Bank gasp but when I looked up she appeared to be composed and acting very professionally.

“Go ahead, whenever you are ready.”

I started flipping through the pages, looking at the pictures and reading some of the cartoons. But my mind was obviously distracted and it was hard to concentrate. Here I was about to masturbate in front of this gorgeous woman. But her only interest in me was for medical evaluation. I started stroking my cock, slowly but rhythmically. But I couldn’t get erect. I was too freaked out about what I was doing.

“Are you not capable of getting an erection?”

“No. I can get erect. At least I could yesterday. I’m just a bit nervous, I guess.”

“There’s no need for that. Is there anything I can do to make this easier for you?”

“Well, you could leave the room,” I deadpanned.

“No. Sorry. I need to watch. But here, let’s see if this doesn’t help ‘put you in the mood’.”

She started unbuttoning her blouse, slowly. She unbuttoned the top four buttons and pulled her shirt open. I could see she was wearing a black lace bra. Her tits were fighting to break free of the constraints. I prayed that they would win their battle.

“Does that help?”

Unable to speak, I nodded my head slowly. I picked up the pace with which I stroked my cock. Finally, it started to come alive and began to grow as my hand pumped up and down at a faster and faster pace.

“Oh, progress. So good to see. Would you like some more help?”

“Oh yeah,” I grunted. But I’m not sure if it was in response to her question or a verbalization of the immense pleasure I was feeling.

Dr. Bank undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and removed it. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Slowly, she slid the bra straps down her shoulders until finally her magnificent tits were free. They exploded from their constraints with tremendous force. They looked like car air bags going off in the split second after a hard impact.

“Oh my God, they’re so beautiful!”

“Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself. What do you have there? About seven inches?”

“More like nine. Maybe you need to take a closer look.”

“Yeah, maybe I should. I need to study your mechanics to see if they could be causing the problem.”

Dr. Bank kneeled down in front of me and moved her head to within a few inches of my rock-hard escort maltepe cock. I could feel her warm breath blowing on it.

“You’re right. It does look much bigger down here. Do you feel any sensation like you’re about to come?”

“No. Nothing at all. I could do this all day and nothing would happen.”

“Try loosening your grip and alternating your pace between fast strokes and slow ones. Here, let me show you.”

Dr. Bank grabbed my cock. Her hand was cold and the sensation jolted throughout my entire body. She started pumping my cock up and down. God, it felt so good! I thought I was going to pass out from too much pleasure.


“Nothing. But please don’t stop. It feels so good.”

“So your capable of enjoying the sensation of me giving you a blow job. But you still can’t ejaculate. Very interesting. Let’s try advanced therapy.”

Suddenly, she slipped my cock into her mouth. Oh God, if I didn’t come in that instant, I wasn’t going to come at all. But I wasn’t about to tell her that. She seemed intent on exploring my problem to its farthest reaches.

She gave an excellent blow job. She could take almost the entire nine-inches into her mouth. A couple of times I heard her gag reflex kick in but she didn’t let that stop her. She continued to slide my pole in and out of her mouth. She rolled her tongue all around my cock, licking the entire shaft over and over again. She pulled it out of her mouth and blew lightly on the tip of my penis. She then took just the tip back into her mouth and sucked on just it. I was delirious with pleasure but still felt no signs that I was about to come. And I wanted to. Believe me, I wanted to. I wanted to drop a huge load all over her face and on those big, fat titties.

“Still nothing?”

“Nope. Nada.”

“Well, I’ll be damned. I’ve given a lot of blow jobs in my time and I’ve never had this much trouble getting a guy to come.”

She paused for a few seconds, she seemed worried.

“Well, I’ve never done this with a patient before. But I really want to find out if you’re truly incapable of producing semen. I want you to fuck me.”

I thought to myself, “I must be dreaming.” But I knew I wasn’t. The sensations were all too real. And besides, I could see her right there in front of me. I didn’t need to pinch myself. Besides, if I was dreaming, I didn’t want to wake up. Instead, I reached out and pinched her tit.

“I’ll take that as a yes?” she cooed.

“Oh baby, you bet ya I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck you until the cows come home.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for. But remember, there’s nothing personal between us. I’m just a doctor performing a routine physical examination. That’s all.”

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe she was being so cool and impersonal about this. Then she started laughing.

“Oh come on, big boy. I didn’t mean it like that. Of course I like you or I wouldn’t let you fuck me. I’d have you fuck a fucking blow up doll or something. But you’re hung like a horse and I’ll enjoy this immensely.”

She unfastened her skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor. She was wearing black lace panties that matched her bra perfectly. Soon, they joined the bra on the floor next to her desk.

She leaned back against her desk, propping her ass cheeks up on the leather edge. I walked over to her and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. My hands massaged her tits. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. I slowly started moving down her body, paying close attention to every detail of her gorgeous body. I wanted to kiss every single inch of it.

Finally, my mouth arrived at her breasts. She had long, thin nipples. They looked like tiny missiles ready for war. My mouth quickly won the battle, covering them as if to protect the free world. If they were going to launch free of her body, they weren’t going anywhere besides my mouth. I sucked pendik escort on one tit then the other. Moving back and forth rapidly, as if not to get bored with one by spending too much time on it.

My mouth and hands continued to explore the rest of her body. As my mouth examined her tits, my hand found its way to her pussy. I pushed open her thighs and began to rub her vaginal lips. I quickly inserted a finger deep inside of her and began to explore the inner crevices that formed her womanhood. She began to moan. Worried that somebody in the waiting room might hear us, I raised my other hand to her mouth and stuck a finger inside. She sucked on it as if it were a miniature cock. I started fingering her more furiously than before. She began panting uncontrollably.

“Fuck me. Fuck me now,” she pleaded.

I was more than ready to comply. I stood back up and scooped her into my arms. I carried her over to her therapy couch and my mind raced back to that first visit to her office and the thoughts that had run through my head.

I laid her down gently on the white fabric. The couch was long and comfortable. I grabbed a couple of pillows off the matching loveseat. I placed one behind her head and the other underneath her ass. I knelt down beside the couch and reached over and gave her a passionate kiss. My hands once again found their way to her tits.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” I asked.

“Oh God, yes.”

“Are you really sure?” I continued to tease her. “Doesn’t this violate some sort of doctor-patient relationship?”

“Just shut up and fuck me!”

I climbed on top of her. Our lips locked in ecstasy. She grabbed my cock and guided it towards her pussy. It pressed up against her vaginal lips, pausing for a few brief seconds before it completed the act.

“Oh God, give it to me, baby. Give me all you got. I can take it.”

Finally, my cock breached the crease and was inside her. It felt so good! Her pussy was tight and my shaft pressed up against her vaginal wall on both sides. I pumped slowly at first, pulling my shaft almost the entire way out before slowly pushing it back in. I alternated this with short bursts of rapid thrusts. My sweaty balls slapped up against her ass.

Then it happened. In the middle of one of my rapid thrusts, she came. Her pussy juices flowed out of her like Niagra Falls. My cock was covered in them. She screamed in orgasm. Her body writhed and her face twisted itself into a picture of pure ecstasy. But I still felt nothing. I was still hard as a rock but hadn’t ejaculated. I was physically exhausted though. I rolled off of her and took a seat on the loveseat.

“Oh my God, that was great!” she exlaimed. “The best fuck I’ve ever had. You were amazing!”

“I’m glad you liked it. But it didn’t really help me. I still didn’t come.”

“What? Oh yeah, I forgot about your little problem.”

“Little problem? What the hell do you mean by little, bitch?”

“Well, compared to the size of your cock, a lot of things are little,” she laughed.

“This is not funny,” I retorted. “I can’t fucking come. I’m not a man.”

“Oh baby, you’re definitely a man. No doubt about it. But listen, I know what you’re saying. Let’s cut your dosage in half and see if that doesn’t help. Why don’t you come back next week. I have something in mind that will really put you to the test. In the meantime, just think about how blessed you are. You can fuck any woman for hours on end and never have to worry about coming. You’re like a human vibrator!”

I stood up and got out my wallet to pay.

“Oh, there’s no charge for today’s session, honey. It was my pleasure. Truly, it was.”

I leaned over and gave her one more passionate kiss. I got dressed and she did the same. We were both sweaty as hell. She had a private bathroom connected to her office. She went in and splashed her face with water, combed her hair and brushed her teeth.

As I walked out of the office, her next patient, a middle aged man, was already waiting.

“Sorry our session ran a little over,” I said. “Once Dr. Bank gets going, she doesn’t stop until both parties are satisfied.”

To Be Continued…

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