Sex Overdrive

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I was an unusual boy in an unusual family. I noticed that ever since I was little, I was different. At age 10 or so, I noticed that every time my mother and my sister and I would go out, all they we would hear would be catcalls. My mother seemed to be the hottest women around. At age 12 or so, when my friends and I started really liking girls, I couldn’t help but blush and get mad when one would inevitable say, “Dude, your mom is soo hot!” I would usually punch them after that, and we would get into a short play fight for a while. As if that was bad enough however, my sister seemed to be turning into a knockout too. You see, my mother Jenna had adopted us when she was about 25.

By then, I was already 9 years old and my sister was 10 years old. So technically, we now lived with our aunt, but since mom died, we’ve always called her mom. She was married to a rich lawyer for a while, but divorced him after she caught him cheating on her. We now live more than comfortably off her job and his monthly checks. Now, just a little over 30 years old, my mom is incredibly beautiful. She has the body of a 25 year old, she is slim, about 5′ 9″, but with gigantic, enormous, springy, 42EEE tits. I didn’t know this till recently, and even though I had known they were huge, they still surprised and shocked me. She has long shiny black hair, that’s quite lustrous and likes to curl around the cleavage of whatever top she’s currently wearing. She also has nice firm thighs and arms, mostly from working out every day, and from years of dancing and gymnastics.

My sister Aimee looks a lot like my mom, so much so that today, at age 19, most people think them sisters, even with their different hair colors. My sister seems to want to follow in mom’s footsteps. She is a gymnast and a dancer, and she has one of the most incredibly bodies I have ever seen. She is young, lithe, and slender, and you can bounce a quarter of any part of her body. She has naturally blonde hair, and likes to wear it in a ponytail a lot. She also seemed to inherit one of our main family traits cause her rack is incredible! Her huge 36DD tits stick out proud and perky from her relatively small frame.

And then there’s me. At age 18, I’m captain of the soccer and track team. I am about 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. To look at me, I’m not very thick, but extremely well muscled and fast. I too am unusual in certain respects however. When I was about 13, I noticed that my penis was a lot bigger than the other boys. Most of them had about 3 inches or so, but I had 6. I also started jacking off then. I noticed that a lot of jism would shoot out. Not because I had really big balls or anything (although given they were proportional to my cock) but because they produced sperm at an alarmingly fast rate.

Now, at age 18, my cock is 11 inches long, 4 inches wide and I shoot at least 10 spurts of cum when I ejaculate. The only side effect to my extreme potency is that I’m generally horny all the time. As soon as everyone started noticing my family, I did too. I couldn’t help but get a huge hard-on every time id see my Aimee and Jenna doing a dance routine in their tight spandex. Or on hot days when they would put on bikinis and lounge around by the pool. I would retreat to my room and blow load after load every time this would happen. One day, my mom dropped one of my sister’s bras in my room while doing the laundry; it looked like something out of a “Victoria’s Secret” catalog. I got so hard thinking about her huge rack I jacked off right into the bra cup. I filled that cup to overflowing with cum. Then I ran downstairs, rinsed it out, and put it in the washer before anyone could find it. Every day, I would have to jack off at least 3 times thinking about my sexy sister or mom, just to keep from going crazy. Id jack off once in the morning after I woke up, once after running home from school, and once again, right before I went to bed. It was a little hard to do this without getting caught, but I managed for a while.

Unknown to her kids however, Jenna was extremely sexually frustrated. She czech sharking porno had an extremely high sex drive, and ever since her divorce, she has been sexually frustrated for years. Often, she would have to masturbate her hot, juicy, clit upwards of 3 times a day, just to keep from going insane. She dated around a bit, but none of the men she’s found could satisfy her insatiable desire for cock and cum. She had even tried women, and loved getting her pussy eaten out, but even they would lack the stamina she needed. It was getting especially hard for her now that her kids were grown up; she could tell that Ben was quite the stud and that Aimee was the hottest girl in her school. Fortunately, Aimee was in college right now, so it was just her and Ben.

One day, she got home from work early, and thinking the house to be empty, went upstairs to lie down, relax and watch some TV. It was a pretty hot day, so all she was wearing were tight faded jeans, and a tight tank top that barely restrained her mountainous tit-flesh. As she climbed the stairs she could hear a muffled banging. She decided that Ben might be home after all and decided to go check on him. As she approached his room, she noticed that the door was open a crack. What she saw inside shocked and surprised her. Ben was lying down on his bed with his huge cock pointing straight up in the air. It rose from his cock curls like the huge cock tower that was his namesake. It all stood proudly at attention, and even from over there, Jenna could tell that his huge head was throbbing and pulsing obscenely. Ben was feverishly jacking his cock with both hands, grunting and groaning the whole time. Jenna’s nipples immediately hardened and pressed through her top. Her cunt soaked through her panties almost as fast. Before Ben could cum, she ran to her own room to masturbate. Quickly she stripped out of her clothes, pulled out her largest vibrator, and had one of the most intense orgasms she had had in her life.

* * * * *

Things seemed different suddenly from then on. I didn’t know what was going on and I had no clue what was happening. All I knew was that my mother had somehow, impossibly, gotten hotter recently. She would come downstairs with only a towel on after her shower, looking for her clothes and sometimes bend over, giving me an amazing view of her stunning, perfect ass. Of course after this I would always excuse myself and get working on my “homework”. She began hugging me more often, complementing me on how “big and strong” I had gotten. I in turn returned the complements, often telling her how sexy, and perfect she looked. Well, all of this was driving my cock crazy, I had no idea what was going on but I loved it. I also new I HAD to have my mother, there was just no way I could continue living without getting that hot woman to fuck me. One day that summer, when we were lounging by the pool (Aimee wasn’t home) I knew my time had come.

Mom was wearing the sexiest bikini I had ever seen, it must have been knew, cause it had a g-string bottom and a tube top. The tube top strained and lurched with every step trying to contain her luscious tit-melons. I was in heaven. My mom was just sitting there when she suddenly said “hey Benny, can you come here a moment baby, I need you to put some lotion on me, I want to do some tanning.” Well of course I complied! I walked over there and she casually handed me the lotion saying, “start in the back”. I started on the back of her thighs and worked my way up, but hesitated at her perfect ass. She noticed this and said, “Its ok, were family, I think it’s about time we started acting more mature together anyway”. So of course I continued, I gently grabbed her but and rubbed the lotion in. Throughout all of this, I was having a lot of difficulty containing my growing slug of a cock. I continued working my way up her back until I finished that side.

“Good, now do the front, I want to tan topless, I hate tan lines” she said. Was this for real? I thought. I was in heaven, the only problem was, my cock was stiff czech streets porno as a board, it tented the front of my bathing suit like I had shoved one of those mini-baseball bats down there. Jenna had her eyes closed, so she didn’t notice however. So I reached out, and started rubbing lotion in, while gently massaging and caressing her body. “Mmmmnnn, that’s good baby, now do these please.” She said. She then took reached out behind her and undid her top. I almost blew a load right there; her gigantic tits were as smooth and perky as a 14-year-old girl’s. The nipples were about the size of quarters, and stood out an eighth of an inch. I could hardly resist the urge to reach down and suck them, so I squirted out a palm full of lotion, and gently began squeezing and rubbing them. I paid special attention to the nipples, making sure to keep them hard by tweaking them every once and a while. “Holy shit mom, your tits are fantastic!” I said. “Thanks baby, you really think so, they’re not too big?” She asked. “Of course not” I replied. Suddenly, she sat up quickly. As she did so, I watched in awe as here huge tits jiggled unrestrained. “Benny, you don’t have any lotion on do you? You’re going to burn without it. Here, hand me the bottle.”

I could only do as I was told. I gave her the bottle and she came by and sat down behind me. I shifted quickly so that I could hard my giant cock. She started doing my back, then reached around me and started doing my front. I could feel her enormous, supple, mounds pressed against my back. Her nipples seemed to be burning a hole in me.

“Wow Ben, you sure have muscled out well, no one can ever call you a boy again”

“Yeah, running track sure has helped me out a lot.”

At this point she was practically done, but without any warning, she reached down and pulled off my shorts. This caused my huge cock to pop out and almost hit her in the face. She gasped in shock. After a moment she said, “You don’t want any tan lines either, now do you?” “Of course not.” I responded. She rubbed lotion all around my cock and balls, and then dipped her hands in the pool to clean them off. “Oh my god baby, your cock is sooo big. Let mommy help you take care of that for you”. She then reached over and grabbed a hold of the base. Or tried to at least, it was so big that her fingers couldn’t even touch. Even so, she started to stroke the length up and down, hard, but slow. She leaned in close and kissed me real deep. It was harsh and lust filled. After a kiss like that, I could barely see straight. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Tell me honey, how many inches is it, I’m dying to know. I need to know how long something is before I shove it into my tight, hot, cunt.”

“I’ll tell you what, if you suck it, when I cum, ill tell you. How’s that?”

“Ooh, I like this, I was craving a hot bellyful of cum right about now anyway”

“You’ll get more than a bellyful all right.”

She leaned over and started sucking. It was the best blowjob I have ever gotten. She was horny all right. Her right hand took off her g-string and started fingering her cunt; while her left jacked the 5 inches of cock she didn’t have in her mouth. This was the first time she had ever been this close to a cock this big and it was driving her nuts. She almost came just from sucking on it. Ben’s cock was oozing pre-cum at a steady rate, and she swirled her tongue into the piss slit and drank this up like it was the nectar of life. She loved the taste of cum, and to her, Ben’s was especially sweet, the sweetest she had ever had. “Now baby, I want you to blow a big load in my mouth, I’m really thirsty. Can you do that for me?”

“Ugh, yes, I’m gonna turn my balls inside out for you”

Ben’s cock turned as hard as a piece of steel in her mouth, and the knob puffed up till it was the only thing she could hold in her mouth.

“FUCK! I’m Cumming!”

Jenna tensed in anticipation; this was the moment she lived for and loved, the part where she would be rewarded for all her efforts. As he started czech super models porno to cum, it triggered her own orgasm, the first of many. The first blast was huge; it hit her tonsils and went right down her throat. So did the second blast, and the third, but Jenna was unprepared for the sheer volume of her son’s orgasm, even swallowing as fast as she could, he came and came. Eventually the cum overflowed her mouth and dripped down her chin, onto her huge tits, but Ben was still going. He hadn’t jacked off that day, so he was as full as he had ever been his whole life. Jenna pulled him out of her mouth and was amazed to see that there was still more. He had filled her belly with cum, but his cock was still spurting. A shot about 8 inches long hit her right across the face, and left a white streak in her hair, then she aimed 3 shots across each tit, and watched him ejaculate until it jism just barely dribbled out of him. She eagerly cleaned his cock for him, and gasped in awe as she realized it was still hard. The site of her cum drenched body had kept him hard as a rock the whole time. “That was the most amazing experience I have EVER had, she said. Look at me, I’m soaked. Not just my pussy either, but all of me. I’ve never seen this much cum in one place in my life. This is so fucking hot, you had better do me right here before I cum by myself.”

Ben just stared before responding. “Wow, you are the hottest women alive, It was incredibly sexy how you ate my cum. Besides, I might still be hard, but I wont be ready to go for a little bit anyway. Also, my cock is 11 inches long.”

Jenna’s eyes widened as she thought about just how much that monster would stretch her cunt. The biggest cock she had ever had in her was 8 inches, but that would be nothing compared to her sons.

“Oh, so you thought it was sexy when I did this?” Jenna then reached down, grabbed her still dripping breast, and brought the cum soaked nipple to her mouth. She sucked on the nipple, then lapped up the cum all around it. She then started to do the same with the other one. “Not many women have big enough breasts to lick and suck their own. But most men say they find it incredibly arousing to watch me do this, and I enjoy it too.”

By now Ben’s cock was standing at full attention again. “Well, are you ready for me to fuck you with this bad boy?”

“Am I ever, come here and give it to me like you gave it to all those little hussies you’ve fucked.”

She was on her hands and knees, ready for him to do her doggy style. He slowly sank his giant prick in her, inch by inch. “Baby, slow it down, your so big, I’ve never been stretched this much, or had it this good.”

“O my god mom, your so tight, tighter then those other girls I fucked.”

“Good, cause your never fucking them again, you hear me? If you have a load to blow, just come to me and ill fuck and suck you dry.”

“O god yes, that would be great.”

Then he started pumping her. In and out he sawed his huge cock. Her pussy gripped him like a vise. “Oh, Oh, Oh, baby, harder, harder” she cried. He gave it to her as hard as he could. Loud obscene fuck noises filled the back yard. Grunts and moans that got higher pitched as they went along. “Your tits mom, look at them, oh, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep this up.” “Oh, I see what you mean, when you fuck me like this they go out of control, do you like it?” He watched as her huge tits went careening into each other, he could barely keep from cumming. Then he grabbed onto them, and it was like trying to hold two bucking bronco’s together. He pinched her nipples and she panted in pleasure. “Pinch them hard! I’M GONNA CUM SOON, HOLY SHIT IM CUMMING!” Her cunt spasmed around his huge cock like crazy. Triggering his own orgasm. “I’M GONNA CUM TOO, HOLD ON”. “THAT’S IT BABY, CUM IN MY CUNT, IM ON THE PILL, GIVE IT TO ME!” He shot load after load of hot semen up her cunt. It felt like a volcanic eruption. This triggered another orgasm in Jenna that left her gasping for breath. He came like a fire hose, spurt after spurt, until it dripped out of her pussy, and formed a puddle. Suddenly, they heard the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway. IT WAS AIMEE! The scrambled into their clothes, and hosed down the patio just in time to welcome her.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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