Sex Object Ch. 02

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Standing in the living room naked, she was still a bit agitated over the previous experience, but asked, “Are you going to stay fully clothed or what?”


“I will soon be wearing much less, but all in good time.”

“What I’d like you to do now is go back and put on pantyhose. I’d prefer that it is the type that doesn’t have that cotton piece in the crotch area. Do you remember if you have any like that?”

Trish replied,”Yes, I think I do, but I’ll have to look. Does color matter if I have the style you want?”

“No, color doesn’t matter, but I would like the pantyhose to be transparent enough so that I can see and enjoy looking at your pussy through the material.” I announced. “Also, please wear them with heals.”

While Trish was back in our bedroom looking for the pantyhose, I removed all of my clothes except for the boxer shorts. When she returned to the living room, she noticed my shorts and said, “It looks like you are getting excited!”

Glancing down at the protrusion at the front of my shorts, I said, “Yes, I am! Anticipating you in that minimal attire and seeing you now in reality, there’s no surprise at the result! I am glad to see that the pantyhose seam is properly aligned with your navel straight down to your pussy lips. You are an incredibly sexy woman …… I couldn’t love you more! Please turn around and let me see how it looks from that angle?”

She turned slowly away from me and looking back over her shoulder asked, “Does this meet your criteria?”

I walked toward her and said, “Just a little adjustment needed to get the seam in line with your butt crack.” I reached for the rear waistband, pulled up and twisted enough to get the perfect alignment. Next, I also reached around to the front with my other hand and simultaneously pulled the waistband up both front and rear to assure that the crotch was up tight against her. Trish gasped and shifted her balance when I pulled up with some force.

I said, “You did very well Trish. The only thing that could be improved would be if the pantyhose seam had worked up inside your pussy lips.”

I gently turned her around by the shoulders until she faced me and I told her, “You are an incredibly sensual and sexy woman!” At which point I pulled her to me and kissed her in a very emotional and loving way. When I broke off from our embrace, I said, “Let’s go out to the patio and have some fun!”

To introduce our patio, that back portion of the house is ‘L’ shaped and a large concrete patio extends to fill in and make a rectangular extension to the house and patio. About one third of the patio is covered and under the covered portion is a wicker settee and table with two chairs. In the open portion is an awning covered swing with a woven mesh seat and back. Between the patio and an eight foot cedar fence kartal escort bayan is a flower bed. Beyond the patio is a large old maple tree that provides good shade and is surrounded by ground cover. A walkway extends beyond the patio to a bird bath and flower bed where it forks toward two storage sheds. The rest of the back yard is covered in a St. Augustine grass lawn. There are two water features, one placed on the house wall between two large windows and the other is a fountain composed of a spicket from which water streams down into a small catch basin and then flows down to a larger basin.

I held the door for Trish and led her into the covered area of the patio. I paused and said to her, “Today, I want to focus all of my senses on you, namely: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste and I want you to enjoy it as much as I plan to do!”

I wanted her to take a little walk so that I could enjoy seeing her move. I asked her to walk at a normal pace toward the bird bath and then take the walkway to the left to the shed door.

I then asked her to slowly turn around and continue back to the front of the bird bath. The pantyhose tightly held her derriere so there was no jiggle when she walked.

Back at the bird bath she paused and I told her, “Whenever you stop, please keep your feet shoulder width apart.”

She looked down and readjusted her feet as I had requested. I then asked her to shake her breasts. She looked a bit embarrassed at my request, but rotated her shoulders back and forth causing her breasts to do a corresponding sideways movement.

I said, “Trish, that is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy seeing your beautiful breasts shake like that! I want you to enjoy showing your body to me as much as I enjoy seeing you!”

She responded, “I’m glad you like what you see and maybe I’ll feel more comfortable if I know you are enjoying me.”

I asked her to take the opposite fork and walk to the entrance of the other shed, pause and slowly turn around. She did as I asked and then walked back to the front of the bird bath where she turned and faced me.

I said, “Don’t forget to stand with your feet apart ….. and shake your breasts again.”

She said, “Ooops!” and repositioned her feet shoulder width apart and gave her breasts a couple of shakes to the left and right, then smiled at me and asked, “Did I do that correctly?”

I responded, “Yes, that was very good, but please give them a few more really good shakes?” She grinned and did as I requested.

I motioned for her to come to me as I was standing just at the end of the covered portion of the patio. She stopped just in front of me, then paused remembering to position her feet. She looked back up at me and I asked her to place her palms flat against her thighs.

She looked at me quizzically escort maltepe then did as I asked. I reached forward with both hands and held her head and said, “Trish, you are an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman and I love you with all my heart!” Then I kissed her fully and passionately and she participated in the kiss. When I pulled away, she said, “I love you too!”

I then asked her to slide her palms back to the cheeks of her derriere. She looked at me questioning my request and I responded, “That movement with your hands makes those beautiful breasts thrust forward. How does it feel to have your breasts out in the open? Can you feel the breeze caress them?”

She replied, “At first, it seemed a rather flagrant display of nudity, but the light breeze is rather stimulating and I’m enjoying it!”

I said,”Nudity is a term that could be substituted for naked. Do you feel nude or naked?”

“I’m not sure!” she hesitated to reply.

I answered, “While you still have your pantyhose on you aren’t really naked or nude, but you are pretty close and I expect to eliminate that last item soon.”

I reached for her nipples with both hands and gently touched each with my index fingers. I circled her aureoles with my finger tips a few times and asked, “Are your breasts sensitive?” She quivered and nodded yes.

I then said, “I’m going to take your nipples between my thumbs and fingertips.” I gradually increased the level of pinching of her nipples and heard her gasp. “I don’t want to hurt you, so please tell me if I’m pinching too hard.”

She nodded yes and said,”You aren’t doing it too hard yet, but my nipples are certainly becoming more sensitive and aroused.”

At which point, while continuing to pinch, I gave them a few shakes, both up and down and from side to side. I said, “I love your breasts and enjoy doing things to them! Now, I’m going to pull your nipples outward until I can’t hold them any longer.” As I pulled I said, “Don’t let me hurt you.”

About that time her nipples came loose from my grasp and sprang back in place, just as she emitted, “Ouch!”

I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause pain, but I love the way they spring back in place!”

Trish said, “It was OK, it didn’t last long and was just beginning to be uncomfortable. Also, I do enjoy the attention you give my breasts!”

I said to her, “Take your hands and push your pantyhose down to just below your butt cheeks.”

When she did that, I asked her to turn around so I could examine the results. I told her, “That looks great! Now that your derriere is free of the restraints, I want you to take another walk. Walk the same route as last time.”

She started off and I enjoyed seeing her butt jiggle a little bit with each step. When she arrived at the entrance to the pendik escort shed, she turned and proceeded to walk to the front of the bird bath. She paused in front of the bird bath and looked at me as if to ask what she should do.

I said, “Yes, shake your breasts again …… and with vigor!”

She grinned back at me and began rotating her shoulders back and forth producing that delightful breast movement.

“Beautiful!” I said. “Now walk back to me, but first lower your pantyhose further so that your pussy isn’t hidden.”

She did as I asked and said,”Did that fix the problem, or do I need to lower them more?”

I told her, “Looks good from here and I can now make out your vertical pussy slit.”

She began walking toward me grinning all the way giving the impression that she was enjoying herself.

She stopped just in front of me, adjusted her stance and asked, “What do you want now?”

I reached out, took both her hands, and led her over to the swing. I turned her to stand just in front of the center position and told her, “Now lower your pantyhose further to just below your knees and then sit down.”

Using both hands, she eased the pantyhose to just below her knees and placed her bottom on the woven mesh seat.

I then asked her, “Would you like a glass of wine now while we relax?”

She nodded yes and asked, “Can I have a glass of Riesling … if it is chilled or Chardonnay if not?”

I went inside and returned with a chilled wine glass of Riesling for each of us. I handed her the glass and said, “Here’s to us and an unforgettable adventure for my very sexy and lovable ‘Sex Object!” We clicked glasses and sipped the chilled wine.

Trish said, “It has been an exciting and unforgettable experience so far! I am naturally curious and excited about what you might have planned next!”

I set my wine glass down on the nearby table, kneeled down and reached for her left ankle. Lifting it, I removed the shoe and slid the rest of that pantyhose leg down and pulled it from her foot. After placing the shoe back on her foot, I repeated the same steps for the other foot.

I told her, “You are now very close to being naked as I promised. “For the time being, I’ll leave you with your heels on. While you are sitting, I want you to keep your legs apart so that I can have your lovely and very desirable pussy in view. Also, except when you are drinking wine, please place your arms on the back of the swing, keeping those lovely breasts out in the open for my view.”

She did as I asked, glancing down to check on the view of her crotch and adjusted her legs to a greater spread angle.

I told her, “You are so incredibly beautiful and sexy, do you have any idea of the effect it has on me?”

She glanced down at the growing bulge in my boxer shorts and said, “Perhaps I can see a clue.”

I set my wine glass down, quickly pushed my shorts down and stepped out of them. Standing up straight, I faced her with my very noticeably erect cock. Stepping toward her, I said, “Extend your hand palm up.”

(To be continued)

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