S’épanouir Ch. 01

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The sky was blue, a touch of cloud on the horizon. Life was in bloom and…

Jadyn stood at the terrace. Her fingers absently picking at the dry cracking white paint of the ornate cast iron railing. Her mind was elsewhere as she looked out over the small French village through her “Audrey Hepburn” sunglasses that she had bought especially for her trip to Europe. The wind made her short paisley print sundress dance about wildly as she stood there and thought of Brock.

Brock King had been her boyfriend all four years of high school. They met when they were both nerdy freshman and instantly hit it off, that’s why Jadyn was devastated when after her senior prom night, Brock decided to tell her he was going away to college and that they should quit seeing each other. Jadyn had worried all through high school that Brock would dump her, especially when he started getting into sports his sophomore year and soon became very popular. His senior year, Brock could have been king of the school if he wasn’t always second fiddle to her brother Priest.

Priest was different though. He was the “IT” guy on campus. All the girls wanted her brother and they would befriend Jadyn temporarily to try and get to him, but Priest was always aloof and spent most of his time with a book. He could rarely be found unless you looked in the library, and few knew where THAT mythical place was. Some thought he might be gay or misanthropic, until his junior year when he came back to school dating “THE NEW GIRL” Anastasia, A.K.A “One of the hottest chicks on campus.”

“There were a lot of broken hearts that year.” Jadyn mused.

Why was she thinking of her brother. She wondered. Maybe because she felt that even though he was her twin, she was always in the shadow of her “Great brother” the “Sports star”, the “Honor roll leader” and for that matter the shadow of her older sister Caprice as well, who had her Mother’s stunning beauty and who had just happened to be; “Thee; hottest chick in school.” Jadyn pondered this. “Yep, I’ve always been in the protective shadow haven’t I? I need to figure out what went wrong with me and Brock” Jadyn thought to herself. “I need to fig…”

“Quit moping!” came a voice from the shadow of the room.

Jadyn sighed but did not respond.

“I said quit moping, sad sack!” came the voice again.

Jadyn turned and lowered her glasses to look over the top. She peered into the shadowy room to see her sister Capri (as she preferred to be called) sitting in a large overstuffed tan chair that was situated between the beds. Her bare feet were propped up on an ottoman and she had a travel book in her lap. Jadyn pulled the ebony hair that played in front of her face aside and responded.

“For your information Grumpmiester I’m not moping: I’m brooding.” She said smiling, trying to mask her distress.

“Brooding, moping blah blah blah. Quit it! I didn’t travel all the way to Europe to look at your ass “BROODING” out a window all day, and for that matter all the way here on the plane as well.” Capri chastised.

The truth be told, Capri didn’t mind looking at her sisters ass. She had been watching the way the sun silhouetted Jadyn’s legs through her sun dress and marveled at how her little sister had grown up. Capri had been away at college for a year and inspired by the flirtatious nature of a female restaurant owner back home, had almost jumped at the chance to have sex with a girl in her dorm that merely showed an interest in her. It was an awakening when she discovered the pleasures that could be found from another woman.

Capri eyed her sister now, and mentally kicked herself for not saving her little sister from that jerk Brock. She was about to tell her sister that Brock wasn’t worth the aggravation when Jadyn spoke.

“Oh no; on the plane: yeah that was moping. I was bored.” She said with a wry smile as she walked towards Capri and threw her glasses on the bed.

Jadyn slid into the chair next to her older sister and put her head on Capri’s shoulder. She rested her hand on Capri’s stomach as she absently traced the image of the evil cat face on Capri’s black “Hell kitty” T-shirt. For Jadyn there was nothing sexual about this act. It was not uncommon in their youths to find all three siblings cuddled together on a sofa or bed. Priest had outgrown this before high school and that disappointed Jadyn, but she still relished the closeness she shared with her older sister.

Capri however, sucked in hard as Jadyn slid in next to her. She knew that in a million years she would never “put the moves” on her sister, but she wished now, that she had more than just her black and white striped panties on to cover the building moisture. She couldn’t get past how stunningly beautiful her sister had gotten in the tuzla escort course of one year.

“So; ‘Cappy’ where did you plan for us to visit?” Jadyn inquired.

Capri laid her ebony haired head down on the top of her sisters as she said.

“Jade, you know Brock was a jerk… right?”

“Oh Cappy, I don’t want to talk about Brock right now. He wasn’t a jerk; you just didn’t know him like I did.”

“I knew him well enough that he hit on me my senior year.” Capri shot back.

Jadyn stirred at this and looked into her sisters Ice-blue eyes to see if she was lying. She had heard rumors about Brock cheating, but refused to believe them. She figured the rumors were girls’ vain attempts to gain her confidence so she would set them up with her brother, or attempts to hurt her because she wouldn’t meddle in her brother’s love life. It wasn’t to spite the girls that she didn’t meddle; she didn’t even meddle when Priest showed an Interest in “Sage”, a girl on her swim team. Priest begged her for a week their freshman year to introduce him to Sage and Jadyn refused. Thinking back to how easy her junior year was with Priest having a girlfriend, she kind of wished she Meddled. “Why again was she thinking of Priest?” She thought to herself. Capri Just gave her proof that Brock was cheating and she was thinking of her brother. Jadyn made a mental note to call home and make sure everything was okay. She had an uneasy feeling about her twin.

“You never told me that.” Jadyn muttered, a tear forming at the rim of her beautiful indigo eyes.

Capri reached out with a thumb and gathered the forming tear on it. She held it in front of her sister and stated.

“This is why. I knew it would hurt you.”

“You could have at least told me before I slept with the jerk.” Jadyn said as she slumped her head back on her sister’s shoulder.

“YOU SLEPT WITH BROCK THE JOCK!?” Capri screamed in surprise.

Jadyn looked slightly embarrassed. She had not mentioned that she had actually slept with Brock until now, but she was close enough to Capri that she thought she could talk about it.

“I… I had sex with him once”…”on prom night” Jadyn responded meekly.

“WHY?!” Capri shot back. An odd look, more of surprise and curiosity than admonishment.

Jadyn looked at her older sister and would probably have ceased the conversation right then, if it wasn’t for the non-judgmental look Capri was giving her.

“Well, I did date him for four years.” Jadyn reminded. “School was almost over, I was eighteen and it just seemed the right thing to do with all the trouble he went through for prom.”

“Jade; Brock spending a little money on you isn’t a reason to give up your virginity” Capri counseled.

“It wasn’t just that.” Jadyn said thoughtfully. “With all the flirting at “Michaels” and “Funshopping” with Mom, I was curious to fi…”

“Nuff said” Capri interjected.

“You too!?” Jadyn questioned excitedly. “Is that why you gave up your virginity? Who was he, some guy at high school, some guy at college? Didn’t it hurt like Cerberus’s backside? I don’t know what all the fuss is about.”

Jadyn had a ton of questions for her older sister, but the look of embarrassment on Capri’s face slowed her questioning to a standstill.

“Sorry Cappy, I guess this is, new territory for conversation. I’m just curious to know, does it get better?”

Caprice stammered “well… uh…”

“It’s okay Cappy you can tell me, I’ve been dying to talk to someone about it. I have soo many questions.” Jadyn said trying to coerce her older sister into the conversation and give her some insight into the world of sex.

“I’M STILL A VIRGIN!” Shot from Capri’s mouth.

Jadyn was stunned; she thought she had just heard her incredibly beautiful older sister, who never had a shortage of dates, or a lonely weekend for that matter, just tell her she was a virgin.

“Wha…what?” Jadyn managed.

Capri’s face was red as she meekly said. “I’m; still a virgin… Technically.”

“Technically?” Jadyn repeated with a look of confusion on her face. “You’ve either had sex or you haven’t, masturbation doesn’t count, I’ve done that; a lot.” She smiled.

Capri’s face was even more red as she stumbled over her words. “I’ve had sex… Just not with… A man.”

“APHRODITE’S TOILET!” Jadyn exclaimed using the code she and her sister had developed when they were younger because their Mom was anal about cussing. “You’re a lesbian?” Jadyn unconsciously moved her hand from Capri’s belly.

Capri, hearing her younger sister still using code for “Holy Crap” smiled a little and was relieved not to see a judgmental look on Jadyn’s face. She was aware however, that Jadyn wasn’t sitting quite as close.

“Well, I don’t know.” Capri responded slowly “I don’t think I’m a lesbian, I mean I’m interested in guys. It’s just that listening to Michael flirting at the restaurant, I got curious.”

Michael was a beautiful Japanese girl that flirted like a “Geisha” and owned a Sushi bar tuzla escort bayan their family frequented.

“But.” Jadyn piped in. “All the guy’s you dated in High school, you never got curious with them?”

“Of course I did…” Capri responded. “… It’s just that: well, Mom raised three of us on her own and never dated, we never knew our Dad. A-holes with girlfriends were always asking me out. Cerberus’s backside! Even Brock asked me out. I just didn’t trust men enough to give myself to them.”

Jadyn considered her experience with Brock and an understanding took root. Her hand gradually made its way back to Capri’s belly. “So what’s it like, I mean with, women?” She queried.

“You first.” Capri urged “You said it hurt like Hell when you had sex with Brock?”

“No, actually I said it hurt like Cerberus’s backside; and I’m telling Mom you cussed.” Jadyn said in jest.

Both girls giggled at the remembered threat from their youth’s.

“So it really hurts?” Capri probed again.

“Well; it really hurt when he first put ‘it’ in me, but after the initial pain it started feeling okay I guess and then it was over. Brock pulled out of me really quickly and came on my belly, it was kind of gross, but also kinda fun to watch, I remember smiling and thinking that ‘I’, made that happen. I mean, I went home and masturbated thinking about it, so I guess it was okay.”

“So, your turn!” Jadyn urged.

“Well…” Capri searched for her words. “There were three girls, at different times.”

“WOW! …Three!?” Jadyn interrupted. “You’re like Ahab’s wife.” Jadyn said smiling

“Do you want to hear this? And I’m not a Jezebel; I just got a little slutty is all.” Capri jokingly defended as she put her head back down on Jadyn’s and closed her eyes while she remembered details. “I’ll tell you about the first girl, her name was Gia Prescott. She was your typical half Italian ‘Bombshell’…”

~ ~ Capri sat on Gia’s dorm room floor, her back against Gia’s bed. Gia lay above her, her nose in a book as the two went over their notes from class.

“I’m gonna grab a water, you want one?” Gia asked as she got up.

“What kind?” Capri asked.

“Hmmph, I don’t know ‘Rich girl’… bottled.” Gia teased as she made her way to the small refrigerator.

Capri blushed. “Yes… Please.”

“So what do you think of Professor Adams?” Gia queried as she handed a bottle of water to Capri.

“I don’t know, she seems tough, but fair.”

“No silly…” Gia shot back. “…What do you ‘think’ of Professor Adams? Isn’t she hot? I heard her name was Eva. You get it? Eva Adams? I’d like to try some ‘Original’ with her, if you know what I mean?” Gia stated doing an impressive Graucho marx.

Capri was wide eyed with a look of shock and frozen in mid sip as she listened to Gia.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never had sex with a woman.” Gia stated as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Capri still wide eyed and with the bottle to her lips shook her head no. This, causing her whole upper torso to turn with her head.

“OH! You so gotta try it. It’s tons better than playing with yourself and you don’t have to deal with unshaven buffoons or pregnancy. You’ve at least thought about sex with women. Haven’t you?”


Capri halted the story as she adjusted her seat and explained a few of the details to Jadyn. “So I told Gia about Michael and explained that I had thought about what sex would be like with another woman. The waters soon became beers and we started flirting. Flirting became touching which turned to kissing. I let Gia explore my body and as her fingers made contact with my, ‘You know what’; she told me she wanted to shave it…”

~ Capri sat on the edge of the bathtub naked with her legs spread. Gia sitting in the tub held a razor outstretched. Capri was shivering, but not from the cold or nervousness. She shivered from the excitement she felt as she gazed upon the beautiful, wet, naked Italian girl in front of her. Gia placed a finger over Capri’s hooded clit to protect it as she worked the razor over the surrounding area.

Capri’s breathing became erratic as she tried to lean back, but had no where to go. She could feel her pussy growing more and more wet with each stroke of the razor. Gia dipped a glass into the warm water of the bathtub and poured it over Capri’s freshly shaven pussy as she smiled.

“Now you see, that looks good enough to eat.” Gia said as she gently brushed some water from Capri’s smooth inner thighs with the flat of her hand.

Capri looked down at her freshly shaven mound and it looked oddly foreign to her. She remembered as a little girl looking down there to see if pubes had started to grow yet and now she had just had another woman shave them off. Gia stood up in the tub so her shaven mound was eye level with Capri.

“Look, we match.” Gia stated aloud.

Capri looked at Gia’s pussy as she asked. “Is mine really as pretty as yours?”

“It’s beautiful. And once we get rid of these tan lines it escort tuzla will be even more beautiful.” Gia said admiring her work.

Capri stood up and thanked Gia. Gia reached between Capri’s legs and gathered some of Capri’s nectar and brought it to her tongue.

“Just knowing you enjoyed it is thanks enough.” Gia stated as she smiled. The girls embraced and kissed. Gia quickly grabbed Capri’s hand and led her to the bed.

“I want to show you something.” Gia stated excitedly as she spread her legs and pulled Capri to the bed with her. “Put your pussy up against mine.”

Capri maneuvered closer to Gia and pressed her pussy up against Gia’s. She marveled at how sensitive her newly shaven mound felt as the heat from Gia’s body transferred to her own. Gia reached up and took Capri’s hands as she ground her pussy into Capri’s. Capri let out a gasp as she felt the waves of pleasure course through her body.

“Cool, Hunh? Who needs guy’s.” Gia stated matter-of-factly.

Capri simply bit her lower lip and nodded as she felt her Orgasm building. Capri teetered on the brink of orgasm for some minutes as Gia’s pussy teased her. Capri would feel as an orgasm started to build and then quickly subsided, started to build and then quickly subsided again. She ground her pussy harder into Gia trying to achieve the elusive orgasm. Gia let go of one of Capri’s hands and reached for Capri’s breasts. Capri tossed her head back at the newly added pleasure and reciprocated by brushing the back of her knuckles over Gia’s hardened nipples. Capri cried out in orgasm quickly followed by Gia as the two girls collapsed in opposite directions. Their pussies still pressed together, quivering in mutual bliss.

“I came three more times that night.” Capri said as she stroked Jadyn’s hair. I walked around the next day like I was bow-legged.” She giggled.

Jadyn listened intently as Caprice explained how sex between women worked. “So it’s basically like mutual masturbation?” Jadyn asked inquisitively.

“I think so.” responded Caprice. “Err… I mean I think it may have been the first or second time for the girls I was with, as well. I mean it felt really good, there was no pain, but it just seemed awkward. I will admit, it beats going home after, and having to frig yourself.”

Both girls giggled at how candid they had become.

Jadyn spoke first. “Maybe I’m a lesbian? Maybe that’s why I didn’t see what the big deal was with having sex with Brock. I mean if someone as beautiful as you can be a lesbian, then I could probably be one too… Right?”

Capri listened to her younger sister. “Did she really not know how beautiful she was?” she thought to herself. Capri being a “Psych” major started analyzing to herself about her sister. “She was kind of gangly growing up. She dated the same guy all through High school who dumped her after sex. Mom would never tell her she was pretty, that’s for sure. Aphrodite’s toilet! Jadyn has “Ugly Duckling” syndrome!” Capri was astounded at her natural psychiatric abilities. “I’m going to be an awesome psychologist!” she thought to herself. Capri then chastised herself as a very brief thought came to her mind. “You could help her discover if she was a lesbian… Whoa, where did that come from?” Capri wondered

“Well first of all Jady wady, have you ever thought about having sex with a woman before this conversation?”

“Probably; maybe briefly, umm, well no.” Jadyn responded.

“Then it’s highly doubtful you’re a Lesbian.” Capri stated

Jadyn seemed to take comfort in this news. When Capri saw her sister smile at this “Revelation” she was glad she didn’t listen to the little devil on her left shoulder. One hurdle down, now to tackle the “Biguns”.

“Now what’s this, ‘If someone as beautiful as you’… B.S?”. Capri asked excitedly. “You gotta know you’re friggin gorgeous, take it from me I’ve had sex with three beautiful women and none of them could hold a candle to you.”

“Yeah, right.” Jadyn responded, a faint red glowing on her cheeks.

“I’m totally serious; you could totally be a model.” Capri stated offering encouragement. “You’ve got the height, what are you 5’9″,5’10”?”

“5’11″” Jadyn offered. She had always been self conscious about her height.

“See? So you got that going for you. You have a killer body, a stunningly beautiful face and those fucking eyes are to die for.”

Jadyn did like the unique indigo color of her eyes. She thought they were the one blessing she had received.

Capri continued… “You’re twice as pretty as Mom and she’s beautiful.”

Jadyn interjected… “If that’s the case, and you look just like Mom, why wasn’t I; one of the hottest girls in school?”

“Well baby doll, you’ve always been pretty and then you grew up. You got rid of that dead weight Brock who used to threaten guys not to talk to you, and you filled out. I even know of a couple guy’s at the old school that wanted to ask you out, but never tried because they thought you were too pretty to be interested in them. Some people take a little longer to hit there stride. The fact that you don’t realize how beautiful you are makes you even more beautiful. Hell, if you weren’t my sister I’d fucking do you, and don’t tell Mom I cussed”

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