Self Love

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Alone, naked standing in front of the sink looking in the bathroom mirror, she is critical. Her gaze travels over her tanned skin with an inspecting eye. The curves of her shoulders and hips are smooth. Ok. Her collarbone protrudes but looks soft not sharp. Her breasts are small (always a source of disappointment to her) but her nipples are dark, large and very responsive. She lifts her hand now to rub them, pinching, twisting, and gripping each bud as it comes alive under her fingers. They ache and throb when she moves her hand away, screaming to be touched again – but she knows better – they are bad little nipples – they deserve to be bound. She reaches for the elastics and cruelly binds each of her hard nipples, cutting off some of the circulation and keeping them in a perpetual state of ache. The elastics act like a cock ring, keeping the blood in and making them constantly hard.

She stops for a moment to enjoy the sensation. The warmth travels from her breasts down an invisible thread deep inside to her center. Here, at her very core, is the control room for her sex. Here the ache in her nipples is transformed into pulses within her walls. She feels the moisture begin to drip. She smiles.

Her eyes resume their inspection. Her upper abs are sculpted and her navel is attractive with its gold ring and little initial. She quickly passes over her lower abs, not wanting to see the scar left there from a childbirth gone wrong. Not tonight. Tonight there are no kids. Tonight there is only her. Tonight she will make love to herself better than anyone has ever done. Tonight she will get exactly what she wants without asking, begging, or explaining. Tonight it is all about her.

She sweeps a glance casino siteleri at her pussy. She smiles. It is a cute little kitten. Her mound is smooth and shaven with just a small patch of blonde left over her button. She can see her clit peeking out from under it, pink and swollen it seems to be winking at her. She gives it a disapproving look, reminding it mentally that patience is a virtue.

She reaches for the vaginal plug on the counter. It is large and will fill her completely. The silk strap is woven into the buckle of the plug and it will wrap nicely around her thighs to keep the plug in her pussy no matter what she does. There is lube on the counter but she doesn’t need it. Not for this plug. The nipple rings have been doing a good job making her insides wet. She watches herself in the mirror. Spreading her legs and trailing a light finger across her little clit, teasing it, she positions the plug between her thighs coaxing open her slippery lips. She loves to see it enter her. As expected, when she pushes the plug up into her, it slides in easily with one hard thrust. She gasps but resists the urge to pull it out and thrust in again. This will make her come and she doesn’t want it like that tonight. She enjoys the feeling of being filled. She begins to wrap the strap in a figure eight around her thighs. Rocking her hips back and forth to settle the plug in her, she then pulls the strap tight to tie it. Again her gaze travels to the mirror. One hole full, two more to go.

The anal plug is smaller and narrower. This time she doesn’t reach for it at first. Instead, she opens the bottle of lube and pours its cool slippery contents over her fingers. She rubs them together to warm the liquid. Then slot oyna she reaches behind her and spreads her cheeks. She smoothes the lube over her entire crack then applies more to her fingers reminding herself how very much is needed to make it pleasant. When her fingers get closer to her hole she strokes lightly the outside. Circling and probing gently it seems to open to her. She pushes one finger in and the throbbing that has begun in her clit amplifies. Her ass is tight and it closes around her finger, sucking. She can feel the already inserted plug through the thin wall. Small strokes and another finger joins it’s sister. She pushes them in and out and begins to moan. This will also make her come and she doesn’t want it like this either tonight so she stops and reaches for the plug. She lubes it generously and rubs it warm too.

Her fingers slip inside her ass again, this time with ease and she knows she is ready. She turns around with her back to the mirror. She likes to watch this one go in as well. This time the plug is inserted gently, lovingly. Her ass is tender and needs to be treated with care. She needs to maneuver the plug to accommodate it. The feeling of being filled returns and she can feel the juice in her cunt increasing. Some of it escapes past the plug and onto her inner thighs. Both her pussy and her ass begin to contract around their prisoners and she knows that she doesn’t have much time. She quickly ties the strap of the anal plug in the same manner as the other tightly around her legs. She is full from the waist down.

Her clit is jealous of the attention she bestows tonight on it’s neighbor. It screams at her to give it some strokes, which she does for a few seconds but this only angers canlı casino siteleri it. Her clit begins to throb and quiver and she knows she must hurry if she is to get what she wants. She turns around to face the mirror again and almost falls over from weak knees as the two plugs rub together inside her with her movements. Now, for the last hole.

The Dildo is small. Probably too small but she doesn’t want to choke. Her family would be mortified if the cops found her like this – dead from her own kinky version of autoerotic asphyxia. The small phallis has been prepared with flavored lube. Mmmmmm strawberry. Her favorite. With her left had she opens her mouth and sucks on the rubber cock while her right hand drops down and strokes the insides of her thighs. Her clit jumps and she releases a muffled gasp thinking it will all be over in a few seconds but manages to keep her control. She lets her hands stroke gently the area around her pussy, sometimes coming in contact with the plugs and giving them a little nudge deeper inside her. She sucks hard. She moans mimicking the sounds of pleasure the imaginary man attached to the end of her toy would make in response to her sucking.

She lets her mind wander to a place where she feels free. To her sanctuary; where no-one judges, everyone needs and all is satisfying. She closes her eyes and on the black canvass of her eyelids she sees the images of lust. Men and women together in carnal need. She begins to rub her begging clit and lets herself go. She imagines fingers inside her, cocks inside her, tongues inside her, toys inside her, fists inside her, nipples inside her. She imagines that she is a well to drink from, to deposit into, to play with. The waves of orgasm sweep over her in succession. Strong. Powerful waves. She comes like never before. She rides the crests of each throb and feels in her core full and fulfilled. Her void, her emptiness is gone. She is whole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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