Seeing His Mom For The First Time Ch. 01

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It was Friday evening, Kris and his dad were watching TV while Jill was cleaning up the dishes from dinner. Jim was sitting on the couch so Jill could sit next to him and Kris was sitting in an easy chair. As far as Kris knew, the plans for the evening were to stay home, watch some TV, have a couple of beers, and just relax. Kris didn’t have a date so he was okay with staying home.

“Doesn’t she have a great pair of tits?” Jim asked Kris.

“Uh, yeah, she does!” Kris replied, more than a little uncomfortably.

“I mean really, don’t you think she has a great set of jugs?” Jim asked again.

Kris thought for a moment and then said, “Yeah dad, she does have a great set of jugs!”

“And her ass, god it is so firm and soft, how do you feel about her ass?” Jim asked.

Kris was quiet for a second, not quite sure how he should answer his dad, after all, it was his mom they were talking about. Kris then figured he would see just how far his dad was willing to go with this conversation. “Dad, she has a great looking ass, but I would not know if it is firm and soft!”

Jim chuckled, he could see the discomfort in Kris’ face but he knew where he wanted the conversation to go because he and Jill had planned it all out.

Earlier that week, as they were laying in bed, Jill had told him that Kris had been spying on her when she was taking a shower or getting dressed and undressed. Jim was, at first, upset about it but given the tone of Jill’s voice, he was not sure if she was upset about it or turned on. When he asked her how she felt about her own son peeking on her, she first asked him not to be upset with her answer. Jim had agreed and then, when Jill told him it turned her on, he was surprised, surprised but pleasantly so.

“So,” Jim asked her, “Kris’ spying is a turn on for you, it excites you, you don’t want it to stop?”

Jill nodded, “I know it shouldn’t but for some reason it really excites me. Maybe what happened when you and I were kids is playing a role in my reactions but I have to admit, it does turn me on. What happened between you and your mom and me and my dad probably happens a lot more than we know. You spied on your mom and daddy spied on me. We know what happened as a result of that spying. Since the same thing is happening here, it is really exciting for me. Are you sure you are not upset or angry?”

Jim shook his head “no.” He and his mom had been engaging in sex since his teen years and he had told Jill about it. The night he had told her, they had fantastic sex, she wanted details and the knowledge that Jim had fucked his own mother had really gotten her juices going.

Jill had felt compelled to tell Jim about her and her dad. Her dad has spied on her and then things progressed to where the two of them had been having sex and continued to have sex even after she and Jim were married.

There had been a number of occasions over the past few years when she had asked him about the acts he and his own mom had performed. There had also been a number of times when Jim and his mom were alone, Jill knew they were having twitter porno sex and when Jim had come home, she had grilled him for details and their own sex had been wild and abandoned.

Jill had continued having sex with her dad and Jim ‘required’ her to report all the sexy details when she had come home after visiting her family. Jill had not yet shared her fantasy of having sex with Jim and her own father but now, with Kris’ spying, that equation had gotten a little larger. Jill knew, it the not to distant future, she would tell Jim what she hoped would happen and happen soon.

When Kris spied on her, she had found herself getting just as turned on as she had with her knowledge of Jim and his mom. She sensed that the fact she had told Jim about Kris’ spying, was turning him on also.

“Well,” she asked, “what do you think we should do? Sit him down and tell him to stop, yell at him, or…..” she let the question hang in the air.

“Or,” Jim asked, “or what?”

“Well, there are other alternatives,” she had said as she smiled at Jim. She moved her hand to his crotch and began to caress him. She immediately found that he was semi hard and knew the conversation was affecting him. As she stroked him, she said, “I can tell this is turning you on, do you think maybe we should see what might happen.”

As she began to suck his cock, he mumbled, “If you are willing, I know that I am.”

And that brought them to Friday night and the conversation Jim and Kris were having – although Kris did not have a clue that his mom knew what was happening.

“Honey, when you are done, could you bring Kris and I both a beer?”

“Sure babe, no problem, just give me a couple of more minutes.”

For Jill, that was the code that things might just take a very sexual turn with her son that evening.

A couple of minutes later, she walked into the den with three beers. Jill was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts, and a t-shirt with a bra. When she passed them out, Jim looked up at her, “You know, Kris thinks you have a great set of tits, don’t you Kris?”

Kris blushed a crimson red, Jill turned to face him, “Do you really think I have nice boobs?” she asked Kris. As she was looking at him, she cupped her tits and caressed them.

Kris stared disbelievingly at his mom as she rubbed her tits right in front of him. All he could do was nod his head.

“Come on,” she said, “tell me!”

Kris nodded his head but his mom shook her head, “Say it, do you think my boobs are nice?”

“Mom, I really think you have nice boobs!” Kris replied.

Jim was smiling, “Hey, he can’t really tell with them all covered like that! Kris, do you want to see them for real?”

Kris’ head whipped around, his mouth dropped open, he couldn’t believe his dad was saying that about his mom in front of her. His mind generated all kinds of possibilities of the outcome – his dad and mom could go nuts and literally beat the crap out of him; his dad was serious about his mom showing him her titties; her mom loved showing off and found it exciting to show xhamster porno off to her own son; or his parents had gone nuts.

“Well,” Jill asked him, “do you want to see my tits up close and personal?”

Jim looked up and her, paused for a second and then said, “Yes mom, I would love to see your boobs up close!”

Jill walked over to his chair and stood right in front of him. She slowly pulled her t-shirt off, revealing her lacey bra and showing lots of cleavage. Kris stared so hard it felt like his eyeballs were trying to pull right out of his head. Jill smiled down at him.

“Would you like me to take my bra off?” she asked him.

Kris nodded again and Jill shook her head, “No, you have to say it!”

“Mom, would you take off your bra for me?”

Jill reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and then slowly pulled the shoulder straps down her arms. She held the bra in place as she worked her arms out of the straps. Slowly, sexily and seductively she removed her bra, revealing her tits to her son. She looked down and saw that her nipples were hard and she could feel wetness in her pussy. She slowly leaned over Kris and placed her hands on the arms of his chair.

“Go ahead, touch them, she loves that,” Jim told him.

In a fog, Kris reached up, and put his hands on his mom’s tits. They were so warm and soft. His mind barely registered what was happening but he knew he did not want it to end.

“She loves to have her nipples pinched, go ahead and pinch then with your thumb and forefinger,” his dad told him.

Jill closed her eyes as Kris pinched her nipples.

“Pull on them, pull them down, she likes that too!” Jim told Kris.

As he pulled his mom’s nipples, he felt his cock hardening in his sweat shorts. Jill moaned as Kris pulled on her nipples and Kris felt his cock twitch.

“See, she likes that. But you know, we also talked about her ass, you want to see her ass?” Jim asked.

Kris nodded silently.

Jill, in a husky whisper, said, “Tell me!”

“Mom, I want to see your ass!” was all he could murmur.

Jill stood up straight, her tits jiggling slightly. She undid the button on her shorts and pulled the zipper down. She turned around and positioned herself between Kris’ feet. She looked over her shoulder, hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her shorts and slowly pulled them down over her hips and ass.

Kris was staring at his mom’s panty clad ass, barely a foot from his face. His cock was getting harder, if that was possible. Jill let her shorts drift down to the floor, stepped out with one foot, and with the other, kicked her shorts over to her husband. Jim was smiling a huge grin. As Jill watched, Jim adjusted his cock in his shorts and she knew he was getting as turned on as she was.

“Honey, he can only see your panties, not your ass!” Jim said.

Jill again looked over her shoulder, “Do you want me to take off my panties?”

This time, Kris knew a nod would not be sufficient. “Yes, mom, please take off your panties.”

“No,” she said, “you take xnnx porno them off!”

Kris looked over at his dad who nodded yes to him. Kris reached up, put his fingers into the waist band of his mom’s panties and slowly pulled them down. He was mesmerized as the whiteness of her ass as it slowly appeared, then the crack of her ass and then he could see the pinkness of her pussy. He pulled them down over her knees and she stepped out of them. As she had with her shorts, she kicked them over to Jim.

“Honey,” Jim said, “you need to give him a good look at your ass. So, I want you to spread your legs, bend way down and touch the floor.”

Jill looked over her shoulder and smiled down at Kris. She backed up so her heels were right against the easy chat. Then spread her legs about three feet apart, bent down and put her hands on the floor. Her ass was spread wide and she knew that Kris could see her pussy.

As Kris stared, he could see moisture glistening on her pussy lips.

“Go ahead,” Jim told him, “touch her ass, she loves having her ass caressed.”

Kris reach out, put his hands on her ass and let his hands slowly caress the cheeks of his mom’s ass. Jill moaned again.

“Touch her asshole, she really gets turned on by that, just use the tip of your finger and press lightly on her asshole.”

Kris kept one hand on her ass cheek. He extended one finger and placed it on the brown rosebud of her asshole. Jill quivered as she moaned because she was so turned on by what was happening. He pressed and released on her asshole as his other hand caressed her ass cheek. His cock felt like it would tear right through his shorts.

“You like this,” Jim asked him, “don’t you?”

Kris looked at his dad, “God, this is so exciting, yes dad, I love touching mom’s tits and ass.”

“Well,” his dad said, “there is one other part of her she likes having touched too, isn’t there, honey?”

Jill nodded.

“No babe, nods won’t do, you have to say it,” Jim said.

Jill looked at Kris between her legs, “Kris, I want you to touch my pussy, please baby, touch my pussy.”

Kris, over come by passion, kept one hand on his mom’s asshole and moved his other between her legs. The heat from her pussy seemed like it could scorch his hand. He clumsily put his hand on her pussy and could feel the wetness.

“Use your middle finger, press it between her pussy lips, you will feel a little nubbin. Rub it, that is her clit, she loves having it rubbed, don’t you honey?”

Jill nodded and said, “Kris, please touch my clit.”

Kris extended his middle finger, pressed it between her pussy lips and found the little nubbin. He began moving his finger back and forth over his mom’s clit and he continued to press his other finger on her asshole. His mom moaned loudly, hunching her hips back and forth, feeling his fingers on her clit. She looked over at Jim and saw that he was stroking his cock through his shorts. She then looked between her legs and saw that her son’s cock was straining against the material of his shorts.

She felt an orgasm building in her body. Being touched by her son and knowing that her actions were turning on her husband, she had never felt this turned on before in her life. As her orgasm flowed over her, wracking her body in spasms, she still managed to wonder, “What else might happen tonight.?”

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