Seductive Distractions

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Big Tits

By the time Bran, Jake and I made it into the cinema, the movie had already started, and I could see a bunch of blank faces staring at us as we scurried into our seats. We planned to go to the cinema for weeks but kept postponing it because no good movies were showing. Then yesterday, after having a couple of beers at home, we decided to head down and watch their shittiest movie before going over to our local bar for some more drinks.

If you ever wondered what the definition of hunks was, well, they were the perfect explanation. Bran was taller, around 6’3, with broad shoulders and a well-formed chest. His pale skin was decorated with a few tattoos over his arms and legs. His hair was a light shade of brown, with the sides neatly shaved down to fade into his beard. And he only ever wore black clothes. Jake was a bit shorter and skinnier than him but could still tower over me easily. He had straight blonde hair that went past his shoulders when he let it down, but he mostly pulled it up in a bun. Clean shaved face and a small piercing on his left ear. Even though Bran clearly looked better than him, Jake had more confidence, and he was the one who first approached me at the gym.

He came up to me and asked if they could join in between sets because all the other benches were taken, and we all just made friends from there. Soon after, we were making plans for the weekends, and we quickly created this little trio friendship where we’d casually meet up for dinners, take-outs and parties. And yesterday was meant to be just that.

We were probably the last people to book tickets for that movie, and the only available seats were on the last row, but it didn’t really bother us. We sat down, placing our beers into the cup holders and shuffled down into our seats to find a comfortable position. Even though we didn’t miss much of the intro, I’d be lying if I said that I was paying any attention to the movie. I actually have no recollection of what it was about or any scenes that happened, for that matter. My mind couldn’t focus on anything that I saw on the screen because I kept getting distracted by the fact that I was sitting in the dark in between two of the hottest guys I knew. The same two guys that I’d been crushing on for the past weeks. A few minutes into the movie, I looked over to my left and locked eyes with Jake. He smiled at me, clearly tipsy and then placed his hand onto my knee. Squeezing it and sliding it up to my thigh.

My whole body was instantly covered in goosebumps. Jake barely even touched me. All he did was place his hand on my thigh, but fucking hell, my mind went spiralling at the speed of light, wishing that it was more. I smiled at him nervously and looked back to the screen, trying to wipe the fantasies out of my head. But he kept his hand there. His ankara escort bayanlar palm rested on the middle part of my thigh, and his fingers hanged loosely over my inner thigh. I tried to ignore it, but a few moments later, I felt his fingers slowly creeping up closer to my inner thigh and under my skirt. I looked back at him, now clearly flustered with all the thoughts that were running through my mind, “Just keep still,” he whispered.

I took a deep breath and swallowed my own spit that had pooled in my mouth. And without thinking, I spread my knees slightly apart from each other, giving him room to move his fingers further in. He gently traced his fingertips over my skin all the way up to my lips, and I heard him gasp when he realised that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I looked over to Bran, who was still oblivious to what was happening around him, and I felt Jakes fingers massaging my lips. Eagerly exploring their way around until he found my clit, and started to press his fingers against it. Slow, faint circles making it increasingly difficult to focus on the movie and covering my slit in juices.

Seconds later, Bran said something and turned his head towards me, expecting me to reply, but he could clearly see what was happening. I quickly grabbed Jake’s hand and tried to pull it away from me, but Bran stopped me. He leaned in on the other side, and said “let him continue. I don’t mind it”. I looked back at Jake in disbelief and then at Bran, both of them grinning with lust as I sunk into my chair and parted my legs even further. Jake moved his hand down my slit, covering his fingers in my juices and gently massaging me. Pressing his fingers in just enough to tease me and make my heart beat faster.

Suddenly I felt Bran’s hand on my other thigh, slowly sliding up and closer to my bare slit until he was pressing on my clit, and Jake pushed his fingers as far in as they could go. I let out a faint gasp, and neither of them moved. Allowing me to feel the fullness of Jake’s fingers and the pressure of Bran’s hand. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only was it crazy that both of them wanted me, but we were out in public. There were people on the other end of our row and people sitting two rows in front. But no one seemed to notice anything.

I could feel the heat rising in my core; I’d never done anything like this before. But I was certainly enjoying it. Jake started to move his fingers as best he could without making it seem obvious, and Bran picked up his rhythm, flicking my clit back and forth. It was becoming increasingly difficult to lay still and keep my breathing in order, but I tried my best. Both of them were acting so naturally as if this wasn’t their first rodeo. Then without saying anything, they looked at each other and switched their ankara esmer escortlar fingers. Bran wiped up my juices onto his fingers and pushed two of them inside me. His hand was bigger, and I could feel my soft pussy stretching around his fingers as Jake started to circle my clit.

I looked at Jake, hoping that he’d turn around to look at me and then at Bran, but neither of them gave me their attention. They kept pretending to watch the movie as they went on massaging my pussy and fingering me, making me leak juices all over my thighs and onto my skirt. I had a thin lace bra on that night, and I could feel my nipples budding hard through the fabric, begging for attention. My chest was rising and falling, and my hips were sinking in further into the seat, trying to reach that last point of pleasure. Both of them continued to pick up the rhythm until I was basically begging to cum. If I could talk right there, I would have been moaning so loud that I’d wake up the entire neighbourhood.

I moved my hands over to their thighs and up to their zippers, where their hard cocks were bulging against their pants. The thought of getting both of them this hard out in public pushed me over the edge, and I bit my lip as a faint moan escaped through my lips. The orgasm took over my body, and I clenched onto their hands to stop them from teasing me any further. Jake leaned over and kissed my neck, and so did Bran returning their hands to themselves. I was still panting heavily, my mind blown by the earth-shattering orgasm I’d just had. I looked around, and none of the other people seemed to have a clue about what was going on, but I could see one guy looking in our direction. Maybe coincidentally, or perhaps he realised what was going on. Either way, he didn’t seem bothered and went back to his phone.

“Let’s get out of here,” whispered Bran as he motioned to Jake to get up. Neither of us questioned him, and we all got up and made our way out of the cinema. The hallway was empty. Everyone else was either inside watching the movie or out on the street waiting for the next one to start.

“You guys are insane,” I said, laughing as I started to walk down the corridor. But after taking a few steps, I realised that they were still behind me. I turned around, furrowing my brows into a confused look. “The bathrooms are this way,” said Jake pointing to the large family bathroom. He opened the door with a smirk on his face, and I walked in, with Bran following us and locking the door. Both of them stood by each other, their zippers about to explode as I hung my handbag onto the hook and kneeled down in front of them. My face close to their crotch, I opened Jake’s button, slid down his zipper and pulled his pants down to his ankles. Pressing my lips over his underwear, sincan grup yapan escortlar and then moved over to Bran and repeated the same motion. When I was done with him, I moved my lips over to Jake’s cock that was now proudly standing out waiting for me to taste.

I licked his tip and gently pressed my face closer to his crotch. Taking him all into my mouth and covering his hard member with spit. Then I moved over to Bran, kissing his cock, and slowly started to bounce my head back and forth while tightly rubbing my fist over Jake’s cock. Then switched to suck Jake’s cock, and rubbed on Bran’s. But before I could switch again, Jake grabbed a fist full of my hair and pushed my face in towards his crotch. He held my face there and started to fuck my mouth as deep as I could go, gagging on his shaft. A mix of precum and spit began to pool in my mouth as he kept on thrusting his cock in my mouth, making me lose focus of Bran’s dick in my hand.

“Don’t be greedy,” I managed to say as I pulled my head back and switched over to Bran. I cupped his balls with one hand and wrapped the other one around the base of his cock, as I started to suck up and down his shaft. Leaving Jake to rub his cock by himself. I wanted to tease him and make him grow impatient. And I wanted him to watch me enjoy Bran’s cock. I knew his ego would make him jealous. Bran wasn’t rough like Jake; he let me go on at my own pace, pleasuring him just the way I wanted to. He pushed my hair out of my face and kept his hips steady, allowing me to take him in exactly as far as I wanted.

But as I suspected, Jake was pretty impatient. He took my hand and placed it over his dick to remind me that he was there waiting for me to give him attention. I moved back and took both of them in my hands, rubbing their hard cocks and looking up at them. Jake had his hands in his hair, leaning his head backwards, and Bran was looking down at me, enjoying the sight that I had put on. I kept on switching, rubbing one and sucking on the other until Jake’s face started to scrunch up, and a warm load of cum shot in my mouth without warning.

I moved over and spat it into the sink, and went back to Bran, who was eagerly waiting for me. I took his cock in my mouth and looked up at him as I sucked from his base to his tip. Cupping his balls and enjoying the taste of him in my mouth. I had completely forgotten about Jake and gave my full attention to Bran, moaning and letting out breaths in between my sucking. I moved my hands over to his hard dick and started to rub both of them together while softly teasing his balls in my mouth. And then went back up to his cock. Sucking harder and faster, sloppier with every bounce, “I’m about to cum,” he gasped as I continued to move my head around.

Seconds later, Bran shot his cum in my mouth, placing his hand onto the wall to keep him standing up. I sucked every last drop of cum that came out of him, sat down on my knees and swallowed it all as I locked eyes with him.

“Should we go get that beer?” I asked, standing up to my feet and wiping my mouth with my hands.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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