Seduced by his Niece

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Big Tits

Seduced by his Niece

Rod was at his brother’s house, invited for Sunday lunch. Every couple of months or so, he got a similar invite and it would have been inconsiderate to refuse. In any case, living on his own in a small downtown apartment meant it was a bit of a treat, food wise and, also, he got to see his delectable young niece Sophie, who was growing up way too fast.

At 36, he was a younger brother in a family that had always lived in the Chicago suburbs. Rod had a decent job as a fixer and problem solver for a thriving pharmaceutical company, operating in Illinois. However, his salary was nowhere near that of elder brother, Josh, who was a partner in a prominent City law firm.

The food, as always, was excellent; prepared, on this occasion, by their new French cook and housekeeper, Madame Raines. He always felt like a pauper when he came to visit, and, sitting down to eat in their Spanish style dining room, just underlined that feeling. They lived in Naperville, one of the better areas of Chicago’s affluent suburbs. And, it was a fine house, as befitting the high earning power of his brother and his wife. He a top lawyer and she a senior radiographer at Chicago’s Saint Joseph Hospital.

His elder brother, Josh, now 45, looked at his younger brother from across the table “Say, Rod, how did your holiday go. It was a hotel in Mexico, wasn’t it?”

Maggie, his wife, put down her fork and showed interest. She wanted to hear just how good he thought the hotel had been.

“It was just great,” he smiled. “Superb standards, good food, excellent beaches, everything you’d want, really.”

He looked up and smiled around the table. The Salter’s had 2 children from their long surviving marriage, a son, Hank, aged 20 and Sophie, only just turned 18.

Sophie, a blue eyed, curly haired, blonde, was a very pretty girl; growing up fast.

Rod couldn’t help having erotic thoughts every time he looked at her. And he was looking at her now. If his brother ever suspected what he would like to do with her?……

“We are thinking of having a vacation soon,” said Maggie, interrupting his thoughts. “Do you think we would enjoy that hotel?”

Rod shook his head. “Oh, I don’t think it would suit families” he replied. There’s a lot of nudity in and around the hotel and it seems to be encouraged.” As he said it, he tried to visualise her naked and posing sexily at the hotel ‘swimming pool. Now that would be something, he mused. At 43, his brothers’ lovely wife still had a great figure.

“Nudity did you say?” Cried Hank, bringing him back to reality, “hey, maybe we should go…….”

Sophie laughed at her brother. “Well nobody would want to see your puny little body, naked, that’s for sure.”

Hank threw his napkin at her.

“Hey come on you two, no fighting”………interjected Maggie….”if you’re finished at the table, you may leave.”

Then, after dinner, the three adults retired to the lounge and talked about work, politics and other varied subjects, before the subject turned to cameras. Rod asked Josh for his advice as he was thinking about getting something “state of the art.”

When Maggie went to talk to Madame Raines, Josh fished out some camera brochures and they began to go through them. Then, Sophie came in and sat opposite. And, as usual, showed a lot of her tanned, shapely, legs as she flicked through a magazine. Rod desperately wanted to look, but felt restrained. After all, her father was sitting right next to him, giving the benefit his expert knowledge on various matters. But, despite this, Rod still managed to have the odd sly look and was rewarded when she crossed her legs and showed just a glimpse of white panties. Then Josh was called to the phone and Rod took the opportunity to sit back on the sofa and admire the view opposite. For her part, Sophie kept adjusting her position and crossing her legs frequently, drawing his eyes to her legs like a magnet. Then, to his shame, she caught him looking. Their eyes met and he saw a little knowing smirk spread on her lips. Rod felt hot under the collar and was annoyed at himself for falling into her trap.

Soon after, Sophie left the lounge and re-appeared a couple of minutes later holding a camera and some photographs. “Do you like my new camera?” She asked, “I’ve only had it a couple of weeks. Daddy bought it for my birthday.” Rod examined the camera, which he could tell was an expensive one.

“It’s very nice,” he commented.

“Taken many photos yet?” He asked.

She produced a small pile and he went through them out of politeness. Most were of teenage girls, who seemed to be either dancing around, or just sticking out their tongues and giggling.

“Very good,” he commented, as he picked through them, quickly.

“A few were sort of spoiled,” she said, as she moved closer and picked one out from the back of the pile “Like this one I took of myself, where I cut my head off.”

She handed across a photo showing her posing in white panties and cut off at the naval.

Rod’s eyes nearly popped out as he stared at it.

“Jesus,” masaj porno he muttered inaudibly.

“You can keep that one if you want” she said, watching him closely. “I was going to throw it out anyway.”

“Sure” he said eventually and casually placed it in his inside pocket. He would drool over it later.

Sophie smirked knowingly. She had just known her uncle Rod would appreciate that one in particular. Now she would do some more sexy ones and torment the life out of him. She would enjoy doing that…it would be fun. Maybe, she could pop one or two in the post without even saying who they were from. At least she knew now that he would appreciate them. She had seen the way he looked at her……….

Later, Rod hadn’t got a mile down the road, when he stopped his car somewhere safe and got out the photograph. He looked at it for a long time…………then drove on. It had milked his favourite fantasy; which was him, getting his hands on her superb young body …..

That night, he lay in bed and wanked himself silly as he gazed at the same photograph. If he got his way, the fucking little tease was going to get it…. good and proper. And, before she was very much older. But, deep down. he knew that a fantasy was one thing, the real thing was altogether different. The consequences of which would be…..well….. unthinkable.

Then, a few days later, just when he had got her out of his mind, he found a letter on his door mat. He opened it up to find a photo of a young girl coming out of a shower, who just had to be his niece. It was similar to the one she had given him on the Sunday; no face, just a girl and her panties, albeit, different panties. She was wet and so were the panties. “Oh fuck” groaned Rod.

Then, on a weekday night, after he had got home from work, he got a call from Maggie, his sister in law.

He wondered what she wanted, as she took a while to get round to the purpose of the call. She was a talkative person, who was always inquisitive as to what was going on in his life. Usually, he gave very little away. However, eventually, she got to the point. Sophie had had her 18th birthday, a week or so ago, while he had been away in Mexico. But, apart from a small party with one or two friends, she hadn’t done much to celebrate.

She explained that Josh and herself had planned to take their daughter out for a family meal to celebrate. However, Sophie, herself, had wanted to do something a little more grown up. So, between them, they had come up with the idea that her Uncle Rod could take her to a restaurant instead. “Josh and I would pay of course” she hastily added. “And Sophie is agreeable, which is a wonder in itself. It will give her the chance to wear her new dress in a more sophisticated setting. And, of course, we know that you’ll take good care of her and watch what she drinks etc……, what do you say, would you do that for us?”

Rod was flabbergasted. They wanted him to take Sophie out? He couldn’t believe it. What could he say?

Taking a gulp, he managed to say “yes, of course I will” and arrangements were put it hand.

The next Saturday, he arrived at their house about 7.00 p.m having made reservations for a table at a nice but not too expensive restaurant in the City. Maggie and Josh were there waiting for him with large grins on their faces. Apparently, Sophie, was getting dressed and would be on her way down soon. As the three of them waited, they passed the time with small talk. Josh patted him on the back and told him how much he appreciated Rod giving up a Saturday night to take his daughter out for dinner.

Then, before he could say anything else, Sophie, herself, appeared. She looked amazing, coming down the stairs in a lovely blue cocktail dress. Her make-up, expertly applied, made her look several years older than her 18 years. It wasn’t quite a mini-dress, but, showed enough of her well shaped legs for anyone to see what a fine pair she had. Rod gulped and felt his heart beat faster. Could he really be trusted with this exquisite young female?

“Don’t be too late,” warned Hank, as he ushered them out of the door.

As he drove, Rod kept sneakily glancing at her legs in the passenger seat. She was showing a fair bit of thigh and it was enough to make him hot and nervous. Luckily, they were soon there and the head waiter was showing them to a nice little corner table. Rod slipped him a ten dollar note in appreciation.

Then, they were shown the menu and Sophie deliberated over it for some time, before saying,

“Why don’t I let you order for me?”

“O.K.” murmured Rod and chose a lasagne starter and a chicken salad.

“Are we going to have some wine?” asked Sophie, hopefully?

“Certainly not,” retorted Rod. “It’s a soft drink for you, whether you like it or not.”

“But, I’m 18 now,” pouted Sophie, “just one little drink, surely. After all, I’m allowed one at home, occasionally.”

“O.K.” hissed Rod, backing down, “but DON’T tell your folks.”

Luckily for him, there were no questions asked when the meet suck and fuck porno wine waiter brought across the bottle of white wine and poured her a glassful.

After that, he tried to relax and enjoy his “date.” No one in the place seemed to be paying them any attention at all.

Like her mother, she was a good talker, asking him all kinds of questions about his personal life. Some he chose to answer, some he avoided. Then, he asked her about her forthcoming college life and interests which he knew included dancing and basketball.

Then he got round to the thing that had bothered him for the last few days.

“So, why did you send me that photo in the post?”

She blinked her beautiful blue and smiled, “What photo would that be, Uncle Rod.?”

“I think you know very well” he said seriously, “it was of a young lady wearing panties coming out of a shower.”

She shook her head. “Have you got it with you?”

He got it out of his pocket and passed it to her.

She tried to suppress smile before saying, “I can’t imagine who would send you something like this….

……Anyway, do you think this girl has nice legs?”

“They’re very nice” he conceded. “I know that, because they belong to you.”

Sophie gave a little smirk of pleasure and satisfaction.

“Oh well….I suppose I’ll have to plead guilty,” she said, spearing some salad with her fork……”I just did it to brighten up your rather dull life. You see, I know you like looking at my legs.”

Rod could only sigh in resignation. That was something he couldn’t deny.

“Sophie, do you imagine what kind of trouble there would be if your parents found out about these photographs?”

She cocked her pretty head to one side and considered this, as she cheekily picked up the bottle of wine and poured herself a large refill.

“But, they’re not going to find out, are they?” She said. “I’m certainly not going to tell them and I can’t imagine you will either.”

Rod shook his head at her coolness and carefree attitude. God she was so pretty, how could a man refuse this delightful creature anything?

At the end of the meal, she excused herself politely and went off to the rest room. Meanwhile, Rod looked around at the surroundings. It was a nice place with just the right sort of ambiance. Then he glanced at his watch. Fortunately, there was plenty of time yet before he would feel obliged to take her back home.

She was back to their table, not long after, a little smile playing on the edge of her lips. Then she leaned forward and shoved something into the top pocket of his jacket. It looked like a handkerchief, but, he had a funny feeling it wasn’t. Making sure no one was watching, he tugged it back out and looked at it under the table. It was a pair of skimpy pink panties. “What the….” He spluttered.

“I was going to give you another photograph,” she sniggered, “but then I thought……hey! Why not give the man something real for a change.”

“Are you crazy,” hissed Rod, looking frantically around to see if they were being observed.

They weren’t.

Sophie sipped at her wine, quite unconcerned.

Then he had a sudden thought. “Are these the ones you came here in?”

Sophie smiled demurely. “That’s for me to know and you to find out” she whispered seductively.

Rod fingered his collar. It seemed to be strangling him. He excused himself and made a quick visit to the bathroom. Splashing cold water on his face, he tried to cool down. Then, he dodged into a vacant cubicle and locked the door. He pulled her panties out of his pocket and held them to his nostrils breathing deeply. Dear God, there was an unmistakeable smell of pussy. The little minx had given him the ones she had been wearing. Knowing this, he composed himself as best he could and went back to the table.

“Those panties……” he began, as he sat down.

“You can keep them,” she said breezily. “I have plenty more at home.”

“Look, I don’t know what game you think you’re playing,” he said trying to make himself sound angry, “but I want you to know that…….”

“Oh I think you know very well, Uncle Rod,” she grinned, obviously enjoying having shocked him.

He tried another tack. “Sophie, you are only just turned 18.”

“But that doesn’t stop you lusting after me, Uncle Rod… does it?”

Rod groaned in defeat and looked at the ceiling. What was he going to do with her?

“If your Dad or Mom ever find out they’ll…….”

“Well, I’m not ever going to tell anyone”……she retorted, “because, it’s none of their effing business.”

Half an hour later, after coffee, they left the restaurant and made their way to Rod’s car. As they drove away, Sophie looked at her watch. “It’s early yet,” she said cheerfully, “why don’t we park up somewhere and…..get to know each other better.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Spluttered Rod.

“No, I’m just out of my panties,” she laughed. Then, she pulled her dress well up her thighs as if to confirm that fact milf porno and give Rod his first tantalising glimpse of bare thighs above her sexy stay-up stockings.

She chose that moment to tell him something else. “Also, I’m not wearing a bra. My firm young tits don’t need one.”

Rod felt the car lurch to one side, as momentarily, shocked, he let his grip loosen on the steering wheel.

“Come on,” she urged, “park along that quiet road just up ahead. You know you want to”

Rod saw the turnoff she had in mind. It was a perfect spot for young lovers. As the car sped towards it, he wrestled with his conscience. Have sex in the car, any kind of sex, with his brother’s 18 year old daughter? He couldn’t do that, could he?

He glanced at her again and gulped at the amount of shapely leg now on display. It just wasn’t fair; she was putting temptation in his way.

He slowed the car and turned down the dark road. “Anyway, we do need to stop and have a talk,” he told her. “This is getting out of hand.”

Sophie smiled as she reached behind and undid the side zip on her dress. Then she slid it all the way down and off.

Peering into the darkness, she gave him further directions.

“Just another 50 yards up here and there’s a turnoff where we won’t be disturbed. It’s dark and very private.”

Rod did as he was told and she was right. It was a perfect spot, pitch black and well away from anything and anyone. The girl had obviously been here before with someone else. His heart was beating fast and the situation seemed so unreal. He was twice her age and she was his young niece. Just a few short years ago she had been a little girl. Now, however, she was approaching womanhood and tormenting him with her sex appeal and her delightful young body. She was practically naked now and he couldn’t stop staring………

Now he knew for certain that he shouldn’t have driven her to this secluded spot, because, lust was in the air and taking control of him. The temptation for sex with her was overwhelming. All he could do now was to make one last despairing effort to regain control. But, deep down he knew he had lost the battle.

“Now look Sophie, this has got to stop, if your parents find out they will……”

“Oh shut up and kiss me,” she breathed as she sidled up to him. “This is what you’ve been fantasying about isn’t it? So, let’s not waste any more time, I reckon we’ve got at least an hour.”

As he looked at her in the dim light, he could tell she was now naked apart from her sexy black nylons.

Having his attention, she just smiled seductively across at him, as slowly and provocatively, she started to peel them down her long legs……..

Afterwards, she leaned forward, her face inches from his, her lips parted for a kiss………..

Then Rod crossed the line and there was no going back. That first French kiss just went on and on, so intense, so passionate. Then his hand was on her firm young breast, savouring its firmness and toying with the nipple, as it sprung out hard as a little pebble. For her part, she unzipped him and, in no time at all, his rock hard cock was out and in his young niece’s hand. Slowly, her fingers worked him up and down, as his hand felt up her smooth, silky, bare legs and progressing up towards her pussy.

He had wanted to talk to her, to reason with her and head off this madness, but, he couldn’t stop kissing her soft lips, couldn’t resist the electric sensation of his tongue meeting hers and couldn’t stop his hand from exploring her legs, her ass and shapely young body.

Now his jacket came off and she wanted to go into the back seat where there was more room. As soon as they moved there, he quickly shed his trousers.

Within a minute or two, the intensity of their love making had risen to another level as the windows steamed up and his hesitating fingers delved into her vagina. A gasping Sophie, opened her legs and surrendered to his probing, as waves of sexual pleasure throbbed inside her young cunt. Then, the final step, as two naked bodies cavorted on the wide back seat. A flick of a lever and it folded down almost like a bed. Sophie was on fire with passion and Rod was crazy with lust. She started to buck and shudder as Rod, expertly, teased her sensitive clit, their lips firmly locked together in a never ending kiss. Sophie opened her legs even wider giving him complete access to her gaping sex. At the same time, she kept squeezing his rock hard cock to let him know in no uncertain terms that she wanted to be fucked. He was amazed how promiscuous and passionate she was. It went through his mind that if he didn’t take this opportunity to fuck her tonight, then, someone else, very soon would be in his shoes doing precisely that.

Rod knew, deep down, that he shouldn’t have sex with her, but now, he was like a truck out of control careering down a steep hill. He was now desperate to fuck his young niece. She was too gorgeous, too hot, too willing…..

Slowly, he manoeuvred his erect cock into her sex, and, secured entry into the entrance. Then, meeting no objection from her, he slid it all the way into her tight wet pussy. The girl gasped and sighed with satisfaction and relief. It was exactly what she wanted, and, not a moment too soon. Once in, Rod began to ease his cock in and out. as Sophie moaned and clutched him with a new ferocity.

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