Secretary’s Day

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Marie’s first thought upon Mr. Wright’s entrance into the office was, Yummy. The new boss must have played football in college. Basketball, maybe. He was tall.

Marie adjusted her blouse as he passed her on his way into his new office, a massive cardboard box in his arms. She could have gotten up to open his door for him, but then she would have missed the spectacle of those massive shoulders straining against his sport coat sleeves. So good.

“Ms. Patterson?” Oh geez, he was looking at her. She felt a guilty blush rising in her cheeks. Had she been ogling him too obviously? “Would you mind terribly helping me with this door?”

She made a few sounds that vaguely resembled words and sprang to her feet, smoothing her skirt more than necessary as she went to open the door. Handsome and polite. Oh, she was going to enjoy working for this one.

“Ms. Patterson, are you very busy today?” he was asking her. His mouth moved in very sensual ways when he spoke. She was entranced. “Ms. Patterson?”

“What? Oh!” Awkward. “Please, call me Marie. I’ve never gotten used to being called by my last name.” Had that covered well enough? He wasn’t giving her a strange look or anything. Of course, now he wasn’t looking at her at all. He’d turned away to start unpacking his things on the empty desk. She wanted to do something to catch his attention.

She glanced down at her blouse. Buttoned up to her neck? What was she thinking? She flicked at the buttons and managed to open the top two before Mr. Wright turned back to her. He smiled, those blue eyes twinkling. Had he seen her little maneuver? If he was laughing at her, she’d–

“Then I suppose you should call me Todd,” he said, and now the smile he turned on her seemed to be kind, welcoming. He wanted her to call him by his first name. How…intimate. She enjoyed a little shiver of glee and then stepped toward him as he spoke again. “But I don’t think you’ve answered me. Are you busy today?”

“Busy? Oh…not terribly.” Understatement. She’d had nothing whatsoever to do while they’d looked for a replacement for that last bonehead, Graham. An administrative assistant was very little use without anything to assist or administrate.

“Perfect! Then you’re just the person to show me around this place. All I’ve seen so far is the conference room where they held the interviews. Well, and my office, of course.” He was so confident. But he’d have to be, wouldn’t he? To be an executive, and so young! He couldn’t have been over thirty. And she a dewy-eyed woman of…twenty-nine. Ish. Close enough, when she looked fresh out of college, if she did say so herself.

“I’d be glad to, Mr. Wright…Todd.” Oho, now there was a name that could be screamed. Come on, Toddy-boy, just give me the chance.

“Fantastic.” Todd flashed her a toothy grin and gestured toward his box. “I’ll just get settled in and then I’ll come out to meet you at your desk, alright?”

Marie nodded. She’d need that time to freshen up. What had she been thinking, wearing this fuddy-dud skirt on the day a new boss was arriving? Well, she thought he’d be a fifty-something internal hire, like the last two. Still, she should have had more forethought. Oh, if she’d realized how unbearably hot he would be, she would have worn her hair down today!

She made it to the ladies’ room as fast as her heels allowed. At least those were sexy. She’d just bought a pair that was at least two inches too tall for a respectable office setting, and she loved every inch of them. Mmm….just like she’d love every inch of–

The bathroom door slammed open and one of the execs from down the hall — ugh, that boyish hair, that pantsuit, could she be any less feminine? — ducked into a stall. Marie resumed her preparations in front of the mirror, loosing another button on her blouse and loosening the bun at the nape of her neck, rewrapping it more messily so that it looked a little bedroom-tousled. Visuals never hurt.

She slapped some color into her cheeks and bit her lips red. She had some lip stick in her purse somewhere, didn’t she? Gloss, maybe? She dug past half-empty packs of gum and wadded tissues and loose change, and victoriously whipped out a tube of escort bostancı cherry chapstick. Close enough.

She pulled her skirt up a little higher. There, there was a little thigh. She turned, smoothing the skirt down over her butt and checking it in the mirror. Oh yes, her backside had always been quite an asset. Marie chuckled to herself.

She could do nothing about her glasses, or her lack of perfume. She would just have to play the cards she was dealt.

Todd was just emerging from his office as she arrived back at her desk. “Ready?” he asked, and she nodded eagerly. She turned to walk ahead of him, putting a little extra swish in her walk. If he didn’t notice that, then he was blind. Or gay. Oh God, she hoped he wasn’t gay.

But ten minutes later, when she was bent over trying to unjam the copier so she could show him all the machine’s quirks, she caught him staring down her shirt. Bingo! Not gay. She grinned as she finished her spiel about toner and paper size.

And later, when they were standing in the elevator, and he stood so close to her that their arms were touching? Oh, he felt it too. He definitely felt it. They smiled and laughed shyly at each other when they made contact, and neither of them moved away. Marie was more than a little excited.

She thought she ruined it when she made the stupid joke. She was telling Todd about the difficulties they’d had before all their old files were computerized, when she had to walk down three halls and a flight of stairs to get the tiniest bit of information.

“That would make it harder,” he’d said, and she’d replied, stupidly, before she had time to think–

“Yeah, but sometimes I like it hard.”

Oh. Dear. God. She did not just say that out loud. Todd flushed red and looked incredibly uncomfortable for a moment, and then he laughed, and all the twinkle came back, and for the rest of the tour, they touched more easily, and they were comfortable like they knew that soon they would be old friends, although neither of them acknowledged it.


Todd had been her boss for three weeks before It happened. It was the single most thrilling thing that had ever happened in her twenty-nine(ish) years of life.

Todd was working late on his first big project for corporate. He’d enlisted Marie’s help, supposedly because she had been around for projects like this long before Todd had come along, and she would have the expertise he needed. But it wasn’t her expertise he watched when he thought she wasn’t looking.

Marie had to ignore it; if she acknowledged it, he would feel he had to stop, and any opportunity of seeing that delicious body out from under all those layers of cotton and wool would be gone. They had to come at this sideways. They had to approach It without looking at It directly. They had to fall into it as if it was the only inevitable end to their work association, they had to mutually trick themselves into believing they hadn’t seen It coming.

Marie knew it was the beginning of the end when Todd spilled his coffee on her blouse. She was glad he didn’t use that most banal of cliches, the “let me get you out of those wet clothes” line, even though all she wanted him to do was rip her shirt clean in half and throw her down on the conference table.

She had bemoaned the fact that it was her favorite shirt. Yes, she owned four more almost identical to it. Yes, she’d played it up a little. Yes, she realized that he had a spare shirt and coat hanging on the back of his door in case of emergencies. Mmm…all she wanted to say was yes, yes, yes, all night long. She wouldn’t say no to anything that came out of his mouth.

He’d offered her his shirt so she could rinse the coffee out of her own, as she’d known he would. She had come back into the office with his white silk shirt mostly buttoned over her black lace bra. She’d tucked it back into her skirt, of course. Musn’t be too loud, or she’d scare the fish.

She just absolutely marveled at how soft the shirt was. Wasn’t it soft? She couldn’t get over how soft it was. Where did he ever find it?

She playfully rubbed the sleeve of it against his cheek, as if it wasn’t his own shirt that he’d ümraniye escort had on his body probably a dozen times before, and knew exactly how soft it was. He didn’t know how soft it was with all her softness underneath, and that’s what he was thinking about now, she could tell. She could see it in the way his eyes followed the rise and fall of her chest beneath the silk. That black lace has a way of drawing the eye.

Oops! Was that her pen on the floor? They should really get back to work, shouldn’t they? She bent double to pick it up, using her favorite asset to draw his eyes down and raise his…ahem…up. And ye Gods, was that a shudder she saw out of the corner of her eye? Was Hansel picking up her bread crumbs?

She turned around slowly, twiddling the pen in her fingers. A few locks of hair were falling around her face now, freed from the loose bun. Her glasses had slid down her nose and she was looking up at him with her lips just a little open and her eyes wide and trusting and a little mischievous because she could see now that he wanted just what she wanted and all that was between them suddenly was heatheatheat–

Todd’s arm was around her waist and his other hand was gripping the back of her neck and his lips were merciless against hers and she loved it. He snapped her to him like a pair of magnets and she moaned a little in her throat when she felt him hard against her leg. Did I do that? In her head, she giggled, but on the outside all was motion and electricity and a whirlwind.

She didn’t remember leaving her feet, but there she was, lying on her back on the conference table just like she’d imagined it only minutes ago, only the shirt he ripped off of her was his own, and her skirt was gone just as fast. She did hope he hadn’t ripped that. It really was her favorite.

No more thought — Todd was moving with animal ferocity to put himself between her legs, dragging her to the edge of the table. Her fingers couldn’t move fast enough to get all his shirt buttons undone; impatiently, he ripped his way out of it. She melted when she saw those arms come rippling out to plant themselves on either side of her head like steel pillars, and he was bending to kiss her again, hot, searching.

For all his impatience, his tongue moved slowly in her mouth, twisting and tickling her tongue, running along the insides of her lips. She tried to push hers into his mouth, but he was having none of it, and his tongue conquered hers in every way.

Her hands ran up his sides and came to rest against his chest; she reveled in the tension and strength she found there. Oh, she was swimming in excitement, and she hoped he wouldn’t mind when he finally got around to taking off her panties that he could probably wring them out.

His thighs were pressing hers farther apart, bringing his body ever closer to hers. She fumbled at his belt, but he grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms up above her head, pinning them there with one hand while he slid the other under her bra. Ecstasy, when he rolled her nipple between his middle and index fingers. He pulled his hand out and snapped her bra open. Thank the stars she’d remembered to put on the front closure today. Would’ve been hell to wait for him to fumble at the back clasps.

The cold air of the office was a jolt against her nipples, and they hardened instantly. Waves of movement shook her breasts as she panted.

His grip on her wrists was becoming uncomfortable, but he was giving her plenty to distract her. His free hand slid down her stomach now to the elastic of her panties, his index finger catching in them and tugging them down, down, until her lower lips – Gracious, could he see how wet she was? She felt like she was positively dripping – were exposed to the air as well. He brushed his index finger over that spot where the crease began, and her back arched.

IneeditIneedhimIneeditIneedhim–Marie was losing the ability to think sensibly. Todd must have understood her silent mantra, or had one of his own, because he expertly threw open the buckle on his belt and kicked out of his pants in one movement, dropping his boxers in the next.

It was so surreal, his beautiful naked body, kartal escort bayan his erection standing impatient there between her bare legs…in the middle of the late-night office, windows wide open, door unlocked…Marie almost went over the edge right there, just thinking about it.

Todd released her arms to grab her waist and align her with his penis. She had a brief inclination to ask him to wait, to hold on a moment so she could savor this image of his nakedness pressing against hers, but then he was inside her, abruptly, sharply, almost violently, and she was overwhelmed with a barrage of feelings so contradictory she could only close her eyes and lay her head back, and make wordless sounds that said nothing and did nothing but release some of the pressure of the feelings.

Todd was not going to take things slow. He stirred inside her for a moment, fully sheathed in her body, and then he pulled almost completely out and pushed his way in again. So good, it was so good…it was beyond what she’d ever imagined. He was out of her again, and then in her, so deeply, so snugly, she could feel him stretch her with every thrust.

He kept a steady pace for several minutes, backing out and slamming back into her again. He was leaning back, staring down at the connection between their bodies. His thrusts were getting violent, like he wanted to watch his dick punish her passage. She wondered if he liked that.

She sat up, grabbing his shoulders so she could whisper in his ear, “I’ve been a very, very bad secretary. I think I need a spanking.” Todd’s thrusts stopped. Marie hoped she hadn’t overplayed her hand.

His hand wrapped around the back of her neck, pulling her close to whisper back, “I decide when you need a spanking.”

Oh, God. Marie felt herself tighten around him, still buried inside her. Could he possibly have known that was exactly what she wanted to hear?

He plunged into her twice, three times more, and then he pulled out abruptly, picking her up around the waist and setting her feet on the floor, her back to him. In confusion, she tried to turn to look at him, but he pushed her forward, bending her over the table while his knees forced her legs wider apart, opening her to him. Her footing was unstable; she was still wearing her heels.

When he pushed into her again, it was deeper than anything he had reached before, and she moaned desperately, grabbing tightly to the table in preparation for what she knew would be a wild ride. Todd did not disappoint.

The wet slap of their skin sounded with each thrust, and Todd was pumping away into her like the gigantic engine that could. There was a high-pitched keening sound in the room, and she realized it was her, short on air and desperate to make a sound and let Todd know not to stop.

The first fierce slap to her ass was a surprise. She yelped, and jumped, but Todd’s pace didn’t slow and the pleasure didn’t stop, and when another ringing slap stung the other ass cheek, she cried out in pleasure, not in pain. As the fucking continued, Marie lost the boundary between the two completely.

She could tell Todd was getting close when he pulled down on her shoulders with both hands, forcing himself more deeply into her than she had thought possible. The world was turning red; she would come soon, or explode, or both. There was too much pleasure for her little body to contain it all. As it happened, Todd lost control first.

He buried himself in her completely before he poured himself into her, filling her so, so completely. It was too much. Marie wrapped her legs around his and ground her ass against him as she rocked to orgasm, the radiating warmth rolling through her body again and again.

When it finally stopped, and she was left trembling in the aftershock, Todd pulled out of her with a slick, sloppy sound that made her want to come all over again, and started picking up his clothes.

“That was incredible.” Marie’s words were quiet as she fought to recover her breath.

Todd smirked as he pulled his pants on. “Will you put all these papers back in order before the meeting tomorrow?”

Marie stared at him incredulously, breathing more easily now. Was he really trying to talk about work right now? After that?

Todd’s smile widened and he scooped the papers into a cock-eyed pile, handing it to her. “In perfect order, or I’ll have to give you another spanking tomorrow.”

It was Marie’s turn to smile. “Yes, sir.”

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